Trading of Skills - The Meeting


Soren, Shuuren

Date: December 23, 2013


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Trading of Skills - The Meeting"

The Land of Tea - Daimyo's office

The afternoon of the meeting. Soren always had the butterflies at this point. It didn't matter how confident you were, or how sure you were of your skills. If you touched up the initial meeting, a potentially lucrative job could be thrown out the window, and as much as it had taken Soren to get a meeting with the Daimyo of the Land of Tea, he was certainly still far and long off of having the job. And with what his payment would be hopefully, it would be one serious contact here if it went south.
He sighed, taking slow breaths, trying to calm the mix of excitement and aprehension about this meeting, as he approached the office after being waved in. Ayame, as Fox pup on his shoulder, she smiles, and nods. "Relax. Even if he does come out of this hating you, you've survived worse situations!" she says with a small grin.
Soren glances up. "No I havn't. But thanks, the knowledge that you think I could survive an entire country, while in it's capital, infront of it's ruler, with no doubt a ton of armed guards, makes me feel just a little bit better." he says with a small smile.
"Oh… wait… it's that bad? Well shoot, you're probably gonna die."
… "Don't you have somewhere to be? A lesson from the elders or something? Get going." he says with a grin, waving Ayame off, who then poofs in a small blast of smoke. He sighs, closing the last few steps to the door, and knocking.

As normal, the Daimyo of the country would be found in his office. Were Soren to hear whispers around the palace area, he might catch rumors of an extremely dark feeling coming from the office, like an extremely dark presence. However, it would only last moments at a time. In the office, a map of the entire shinobi world is pinned up to the wall with many points circled and marked on it, a mixture of known and suspected Yakuza compounds and bases of operation.
At the knock at the door, Shuuren would look toward it while still facing the board still. "Come on in," he calls out before looking back to the board for a moment. After a few seconds, he'd finally turn toward that door the man should be walking through. "Welcome to the Land of Tea. How many I help you?"
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Soren took one last breath, before opening the door, striding in, his gait confident and determined. A glance is spared for the board, before glancing back towards the Daimyo. Shuuren. "Thank you. It's a pleasure, Shuuren-san. I am Asano, Soren." he says, giving a slight bow, while holding that overly friendly tone of his. "I'll try to be blunt. I've heard rumors that you've got some Yakuza problems popping up, and to be honest, I fancy myself quite the Yakuza hunter when I need to be." he says with a smile, and a tilt of his head, towards the map. "Judging from the map, and the fact that it's of all the nations… I'm guessing something major happened, and you're on the warpath. Right?" he says with a tilted brow. "Stop me when I've missed something."

Shuuren would offer a light bow in return, saying, "Nagamura Shuuren, as I see you already know." He listens Soren speaks, an eyebrow lifting slightly at the mention of the man calling himself a Yakuza hunter. "Major is putting it mildly," he says, his normally smooth voice rather stoic. "The queen of this country was taken right out of the palace by a formidable shinobi working for the Yakuza. She's being used as leverage for them to try to take control over my family's businesses that they slaughtered them to try to gain as well as this country."

Soren raised a brow. "Woah. Bunchy to say the least. They probably have something they think can tip the scales in their favor should something have went wrong. A single ninja does not, a country, deal with. Regardless. A bridge to cross when it comes to that. Do you know where she's being held? Or have any indications where to start looking?" he asks with a raised brow. He shakes his head. "I apologize, I suppose I'm getting slightly ahead of myself. As much as I would like to help you find and secure your wife, It's not my place until an arangement is agreed upon." he says with a shrug. "I feel for ya, but gotta think business first, you know?" his voice assuming a slightly relaxed tone.

"Those are things I'm working on," Shuuren replies with a glance back to the map. He then looks back to Soren, giving a nod. "Of course. I would expect nothing less," he says as he moves to sit down at his desk. "So, to come to me volunteering to take part in a war, you must be asking a rather high price or for something rare in return. Let's get that on the table, and I'll decide what profile mission involved in this that you'll assigned to fitting it."
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Soren nods. "Fair enough. I'll be blunt then. A scroll containing the technique for Kage Bunshin No Jutsu." he says with a shrug. "It's… honestly been a pain to try and find a teacher, and I've had even less luck finding a scroll… so I figure I need someoen with more resources at their disposal than I have to find one." he says with a slight grin. "Not that I have many resources." He says with a shrug. He shakes his head. "And ofcourse, in volunteering for this war, I'm not simply going to leave when I get my scroll. I will see it through to your wifes safe return atleast. Does that sound reasonable?" he asks with a smile.

"Ah, Kage Bunshin, quite a high level jutsu to request, but, given the circumstances and your willingness to join in on this war," Shuuren says, pondering a bit before placing his hands in a seal to cause a Shadow Clone to appear beside him. "I suppose I would be willing to offer you this as pay for a high level mission." It would flicker away for a few moments before appearing in the same spot again and placing a scroll on the Daimyo's desk. "There are conditions, however. This is war, a very nasty one at that. This will only end when those trying to overrun us have been annihilated, albeit that may only be one section of the Yakuza… The death count is going to be high in this one, and we not going to play nice. There will be a lot of blood on our hands, but the world will be better for it, and this country will be restored to order. Are up for that?"

Soren grins. "Show off." he mumbles for a moment. "I understand. And while I'm not particularly happy about the brutality, I will say this. There is a very short list of people I'm willing to just outright kill. Yakuza happen to be fairly high on that list. As are kidnappers. You will have my blade. Just point me at the compounds you want removed from the maps, and let me do my thing." he says with a slight grin. He looks at the scroll for a moment, before looking back up to Shuuren. "I'll take the scroll after I complete atleast one mission. After that, we can discuss if my assistance is further needed." he says with a nod.

"Well, I don't guide people to my vaults," Shuuren remarks with a slight smirk. "I'll send you to one spot I'm fairly sure she's not at first then. I want them to think they've outsmarted me. The next ones you go to will be far off as well, related compounds but far enough away that they think we're still far off and won't think they have to move her. By the time they realize we're circling them in, it will be too late for them to escape."

Soren grins a bit. "Wits, and skills. Your wife certainly got the whole package didn't she?" he grins. "Sounds good in theory. Two questions then. First, should I be worrying about prisoners, or information? Or you got that covered?" he asks. "Also… do you expect the compounds to be standing after I'm done…?" he says, scratching his cheek, looking just a slight

"Well, as long as she doesn't die in the process of this, I'd say she did," Shuuren remarks, chuckling a bit, though the humor if obviously a bit empty. "I don't care, honestly. They deserve nothing less than total annihilation. If the situation calls for it, level the place. If you should get any information in passing, that is all well and good, but there will mostly be grunts at these locations." After a light pause, he would place the scroll brought by the clone in a desk drawer, saying, "As for your first lesson in Kage Bunshin, consider a clone, yet, instead of only exerting enough chakra to make an only slightly functional copy, you're cutting your own chakra into fractions by each clone of yourself that you make." With that, he would withdraw a map of a region of the Land of Grass from his desk, grabbing a pen to make a mark on it before handing it to Soren. "Your first target. As you said, we'll continue your lessons when you return successful. You may very well be dealing with a clone of myself in this as I coordinate more strikes, but it will go no less smooth."

Soren grins. "Fair enough. I'll check the compounds to be sure first… but unless I find anything of note, I'll just level the place. Probably with them in it." he says with a nod. As the explanation comes, he looks very intent for a moment, his prosthetic coming up to stroke his chin. "Hmmm… I see…" his mind already working on how to adjust to make the beginings of the technique work. "Ok, so that's why it's so dangerous. It's such a heavy chakra tax, it takes individuals with amazing stamina to get it to work for them." he says nodding. Well, it certainly explained a few things. "Allright." he says, noting the distance, and running the numbers. "Give me a couple hours to prepare, and I'll be back in a day. Maybe two if things get hairy." he says with a nod.

"Sounds good," Shuuren replies with a nod. "Yes, and that's also why you can't create too many at a time, else you'll die." At the man's next words, he says, "Good. I'll see you then. If you don't have any more questions, you are dismissed to your duty." With that, he stands up and turns to look at the board again, thinking things over as he plots strikes around Soren's to close in on the Yakuza.

Soren smiles, and nods. "Good thing I have stamina to spare." he says giving a 'well that would suck' look for a moment. "Anyways, then I'm off. Good luck with the other strikes." he says with a nod, and a slight bow turning and heading for the door.

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