Training Day!


Moriko, Tsukiko, Daichi, Midoru

Date: Unknown (log received September 9, 2010)


Moriko offered suplimentary training in general Ninjutsu practice.

"Training Day!"

Toshiba Forest - Clearing [Konohagakure]

Toshiba Forest - Clearing [Konohagakure]

A circular opening at where when the moon is full perfectly shines and lights up this clearing. Surrounding this clearing are thick and tall trees with branches extending outwards. Further inside towards the center there are long patches of grass and several flat rocks one can sit on when resting. There is one single rock formations extending towards the west and back into the forest.

Animal life here are snakes slithering in the grass looking for squirrels or birds as prey while spiders can be seen within the tall grass and rocks. In the sky it is often that one or two eagles might be seen circling the area looking for rabbits. Finally, the rare deer comes here to feast on the grass while rumors of a predator lurking in this area is also known.

People involved: Moriko, Tsukiko, Daichi, and Midoru

It is a rather out of the way place, and Moriko's set up a rather large number of targets in this area of the forest. Maybe she thinks the tranquil atmosphere will lend better concentration for the focus of seals, who knows. still she's set up a rather large number of possible targets ranging from wooden dummies to large steel I-beams and stones here and there. She's also made sure to put up seals to make sure folk don't get hurt by stray jutsu. The girl glances around, hands on her hips then nods before grinning… "Sooo I wonner who the students'll be today!!!"

Midoru decided that he would be one of those students, the ironclad giant striding into the area with a confidence born of capability. His armor glinted from the light of the afternoon sun as he passed under dappled shadows, making his form indistinct as he moved, his black cape a fluttering distraction. He raised a mailed hand as he approached Moriko with an, "Afternoon." He took in the setup with a few quick flicks of the eyes, noting the seals, targets, placements, innermost trees, and the fact that the I-beams were made of steel. He nodded.

Tsukiko arrived soon after as well. Already a ninjutsu specialist, she was not so proud to think she could not be taught by someone with more experience. She pauses after the passes the seals and looks back at them. She gestures with her wind chakra, just to test the barrier and see its effect.

Mo's barrier of course is rather top notch, the wind simply being absorbed. Mo then grins cheerfully "The barriers, while not useful in combat do serve to stup upward of A-rank jutsu. Still I guess if y'were up to wanting to break it y'could." She says. "If given enough time. Anyhoo figured i'd help folk with Ninjutsu today, though if one wants maybe some taijutsu, still not my area of expertis

Tsukiko nods, "I wasn't questioning it. I simply had never seen such a barrier in action." She turns to moriko and bows a quick greeting. "Thank you for helping me improve, Moriko-san"

Mo nods "Well I'll try my best. Putting things simply though, I guess we'll start from the beginning. Ninjutsu is harnessing your internal energies or Chi, some call it Chakra to cause physical changes in the real world. This can be done through direct chakra manipulation or altering your chakra to take on elements. These are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Lightning, with a rather large combination of elements betwixt em. Personaly, I'm a Lightning and Air user. I've even come up with a reliable way to combine them. Though for those that aren't bent toward that, I'm rather familiar with other jutsu as well, including earth, water and fire. I can help one form the seals and might be able to help a person work with their elemental nature. I've put up warding boundaries and I've supplied a large number of targets here ranging from straw, to wood, to rock and even steel…"

Midoru nodded giving a, "Hello Tsukiko," to the girl before he looked to Moriko, listening to what she had to say. He nodded his head, slightly, more to himself than to her, after he had heard what had been said. He spoke up, then, saying, "I will not be using handseals, myself. I just want to refresh my memory on efficient chakra movement through the body, as well as it's conversion to the earth element. Got a little help for that?"

Tsukiko nods, listening. Intending to learn not only ways to improve her jutsu, but how to teach it to others. "I have skill in wind jutsu.. well.. you've seen that. But I also have a ninjutsu using mirrors. I.. well. am mostly wanting to improve my skills so i can be more use should the village be attacked again.
Moriko nods slowly, then glances to Midoru. "Okie, well lets put things simply, everyone starts some where. Nobody starts doing jutsu on their own without -some- means of focussing the chakra." she says and then grins. "So we can start with some simple seals to help you start moving some sand around, or loose dirt or rocks. Then as you get the hang for how the chakra flows you can use fewer seals, etc." She says and then nods at Tsukiko "Can help you with the wind, don't know exactly how you use Mirrors, would have to see before I could help."

Midoru nods. He had no qualms about being treated as a novice academy student, despite his knowledge of chakra and ninjutsu use. He recognized the benefits of a thorough reexamination, and even though his methods would be different, taking in all of the information he could garner on the subject could be nothing like a bad thing. "Which seals do you reccomend, Moriko-sensei?"

Tsukiko nods. "No one I have spoken to here seems to have ever seen the jutsus I use with mirrors. Should I demonstrate some of them?" She looks to Midoru, impressed with his humility in this before looking back to the sensei

Daichi feeling a bit restless heads to the Toshiba Forest for some training. As he arrives from jumping from tree branch to tree branch he notices Tsukiko and that crazy woman from before. Adjusting his flight speed he comes down right behind Tsukiko, hidding behind her slightly. "H-Hey Tsu…whatcha doin?" he peers over her shoulder to Moriko taking caution towards her.
Mo glances at Midoru. "Well ones to build of course the Earth Chakra, then of course something to internalize it. Again, it's just something of a focus… I use this for practice of the wind jutsu I use.." She says, then forms three seals. "Then the fourth to internalize it." Then there's a fourth seal, this a rat seal it seems and suddenly Mo moves to the left, leaving behind a ghostly after image. "See.. now I can do that without seals now, but that's what I went through in its developement…"

Tsukiko looks to Daichi, "it's ninjutsu training.. join us" She watches the handseals from Moriko carefully, then the jutsu itself. "Ah.. using wind chakra to move faster.. I do something similar with one of mine.. I'm not that fast though."

Daichi glanced at Tsu then to Mo. "..and SHE is teaching us?" Daichi asked while keeping a watchful eye on Mo. The jutsu she just used made her really fast, if she did something strange again Daichi wasn't so sure that he could get away from her. He glared and the took steps back that evolved into a run as he sprinted up a tree. "I'll watch for now….it would be a better learning experience if I watched." He waved to Tsu and glanced at Mo to she if she had noticed him.

"Good," said Midoru. Because he thought it was good. For good things are good. He moved off to the side to practice his good earth ninjutsu.
Mo blinks and then suddenly there is just this tiniest of flickers though she's still there talking? WHo knows, still someone taps Daichi on the shoulder and Mo coul dbe seen lenaing down and talking quietly to him. "And just what would be wrong with me teaching a class? Hmmm Mummy-san?" She asks and smiles cheerfully, then there's another flicker and the Mo behind Daichi just kind of evaporates into wind, meanwhile the other Moriko continues with her talking? "Anyhow, there's lots of things one can do with ninjutsu, for one, clones are one of the more common uses, elemental clones being among the more common higher ranking jutsu. However wind isn't too condusive to solid clones though… Earth can be used though as is water, one of the strongest is the scouting technique called shadow clone."

Midoru nods at this knowledge, accepting it as truth. The muscle along his upper body rippled and shifted, the nearly fatness man loosening the armor from within so that it popped out of place. He gathered it all up, wearing a thin cotton shirt above the armor that stretches from his hips downwards. It was placed with all care against the trunk of a tree and he sat down on the mossy earth at the edge of the clearing. "So tell me then," began Midoru as he began to go through seals, his gaze asbent as he looked inwards. "How does one form these elemental clones?"

Tsukiko doesn't notice the whispers to Daichi, though she did recognize that some jutsu was performed. by the time she turns back to look, the clone is gone again. She returns her attention to the lesson once more. "Wind does not make a solid clone, but I can from my mirrors.. much the same principle" She sits back and simply lisstens to the rest of the lesson

Daichi's spine tingles with fear as he dares to look behind him to repond to the tapping of his shoulder. He glanced back down to Mo "She's still down there…she's still down there." He looks back and to his misfortune it is MORIKO!!! As she speaks his mouth dries up and he begins to shake "N-nothings wrong with that he-he *whimper*-he?" As the double evaporated Daichi sulks "She's everywhere…" He drops from the tree and stands next to Tsukiko since hidding would be futile. Pale white he leans over to Tsukiko "I think I'll join you afterall." Daichi stares down at the ground hopping he wouldn't have to relive the "Mummy-san" experience.

Mo smiles cheerfully at Daichi. "Soo, lezze, to answer Midoru's question. The basic clone is done as thus." SHe says and forms a single seal and with very little visible show of straining suddenly half a dozen Moriko's appear around her. "However they're all well much like illusions." She walks over and pokes at one of the clones who calls out "Hey!" before dissapearing. "The long form of the seals is thus." She states and forms the three seals necessary to perform the clone, this time over a dozen appear after the other five dissapear. "It's a bit more powerful than just forming it short handed, but works all the same. This is air clone." she states and forms similar seals with two differences, suddenly half a dozen air clones poof into existance around her accompanied by a rather strong breeze. Now I've seen earth clones formed, and here's a book on em." She states pulling a couple out of a backpack. She tosses them to Midoru. "Okie these are the seals." She says and forms the seals slowly so they can be repeatedly. "However, I don't have the right chakra to form earth clones, and don't know uite how to master forming the chakra its self, just know how they're used and how best to form the seals. This is based on reading and observation mind you."

Midoru absently catches the books, plopping them down into his lap with a swift hand, the other one still in half of the seal. "Thank you," he murmured distractedly. "This will be helpful, I should think." He opened one of the books and put it in front of him, mentally reviewing the seals Moriko showed him.
He did the seals ten times in just as many seconds, hands blazing through them, listening to how his chakra stirred within his body as he did so. "Just how sturdy are these earth clones," asked Midoru, his chakra stirring within his body as he read the beginning pages of the books, hands blazing through those seals again.

Daichi waves skiddishly at Moriko. As the lesson progresses he is trying his best to pay attention. "S-so um are there anyother kind of clones that don't revolve around elements." he asked quietly as he didn't specialize and any ninjutsu element. Daichi remained staring at the ground. Daichi looked at her seals and wondering if he could combind that with taijutsu to make a new type of clone.

Moriko hee's "The basic clone and Shadow… However I am not familiar with the shadow clone, I don't know how to form my chakra for it, and well, even the Senju hasn't taught the Kirryu all their secrets. They're letting us develope our own." she states and then hmms. "Lookie here Daichi… This is basic clone seals." She forms them again, explaining what they are as she goes, then beams "You try Daichi." Next she looks at Midoru and grins "WOot, lotsa reading, this is good…" Mo then glances at Daichi again. "C'mere, let me show you somethin'." she says and beams.

Midoru gave an absent grin at Moriko's comment, "Actually…" He paused, hands moving faster through the constant string of repeated seals, the chakra stirring in the pit of his stomach. "…I was asking you, Moriko-sensei." He stopped making seals to turn the page, eyes roving across the print as his fingers contorted into rapid hand seals again. "I'm not going to find out that answer for a good number of pages, I'd think. Do you know how sturdy the earth clones are?"

Daichi shutters as Moriko speeks. "Um oh ok." He timidly perform the seals and makes a clone, simple enough. Daichi sighs as that went well. Upon Moriko's second request he stumbled back a bit. "Uhhhh" he was running an escape plan in his head but nothing seemed like it would work. Runnin out of time Daichi has no choice but to do as requested by Morkio. "O-o-ok…." he takes timid steps….more like sidesteps toward Moriko.

Moriko beams, then nods to Midoru. "It's like hitting mud really, heavy mud or rock, rather fragile if you put enough force into em.. Much like any other clone, however they can hit rather hard." She then beams. "Keep in mind, though, all clones are inherently rather fragile." She says and winks, then motions to a couple rope-bound boards. Y'familiar with focussing chakra into limbs at all Daichi?" she asks curiously. She then walks up to one of the rather thick boards and punches it normally, the thing rocking from the force and speed of the girl's blow. "Okie that's a normal hit right? Now this is what happense when one adds chakra to one's muscles… Keep in mind my clan when forming large amounts of chakra have to focus to keep it invisible, but in this case I want you to see." She demonstrates the girl's arm glowing in a kind of whispy blue fire as she focusses chakra around her arm and most imporatantly her fist. "See if you get as much chakra as you can into your arm, then focuss it to the point of impact of your hand or fist…" She states, then does a simple jab, the chakra moving forward then allmost exploding, along with the board, which is rendered flinders as it explodes backward from the force of the blow, a large cone of splinters and dirt behind the point of impact. "Anyhoo that might help ya Daichi, a bit of Taijutsu with ninjutsu added in, and even some slight medical knowledge mixed in… Think you can do that?"

Midoru nodded slowly, Moriko's words eventually reaching his mind through his haze of concentration, when he could spare the attention to it. He looked up to see the woman render the board to splinters. He nodded, appreciative of a woman who knew how to use her body."Well, then…"
He drew his chakra to himself, eyes moving back to the book in front of him, though he no longer saw the words that were written in them. "First attempt…" His hands flashed through the set of seals and sent his chakra coursing through his body and the molds. Next to him appeared a clone of the 6'10 man and he smiled slightly. He moved, taking a slow step forward before his arm fell off, shown to be well packed earth and mud. He stumbled another step forward, crumbling until he ended as a pile of dirt and stone. Midoru frowned, "First attempt a failure. Add more chakra to bind it together more firmly for increased cohesion."

Daichi stares at board after Moriko strikes it. He begins to sweat slightly "oh that…that was just *gulp* awesome." Dispite the fact that Moriko may be alittle…off sometimes she did make sense with the way she explained it. Daichi nods 'I think I have an attack like that, but if I combind it with medical ninjutsu…!!!! That would be awesome." Daichi with out thinking gets excited and moved a bit too close to Moriko in his excitement. Noticing the distance between him and Moriko has drastically decreased he jumps back a good 5 feet. "eh…ahem…interesting" Daichi began drawing chakra into his muscles like he normally does for his heavy soulstrike punch. "Similar to this?" he asked seemingly less frightened by Moriko at this distance. He glanced over at Midoru…"what is he doing?" he thought.

Moriko umms "Kinda, focus the chakra more at the end of your strike, kind of like driving it into your opponent, but aim the chakra just a bit on the other side of the target, strike through it…" She says and motions to a board. "Try." She then glances at Midoru. "Okie, Too firm, and it won't move at all, think of the chakra as molecules binding particles together, but keep it flexible." She says and then looks back at Daichi. "Soo have you an idea of what element yer affiliated with?"

"All things in moderation," agreed Midoru as he stood, stretching to his full height. He moved over to the tree where his armor was, handling it with care as he lifted the heavy metal and latched the etched iron shell onto his body, speaking as he did so. "My thanks for the lessons, Miss Moriko. It was good to have these things brought back to mind. It made sure I didn't leave anything important out of my thought process." By this time he had all of his equipment on and was standing up straight, shifting his gauntlets. He flashed a grin and said, "You work a little too much, but you're likeable. Good luck with your training, the both of you."
Composure and command suddenly wrapped about him like a cloak, his back straightening, his presence growing past his already formidable size. "Good day Miss, Sir."
He turned around just as another, younger person in armor stepped from the treeline, his words dying on his lips as he saw Midoru approaching. "Let us go, Mister Raion. What requires my attention?" The boy paused for a moment, taken off guard by his Captain's notice of him before moving to follow, legs moving swiftly to deal keep up with the long stride.

Dacihi waves off Midoru and looks back to Moriko remembering not to take his eyes off her. He raised an eyebrow at what she said and made a note of it. But he then looked at her with a confused look "Element? Like fire and water?" Daichi really had no idea what she was talking about. "Sorry I don't have clue what you are talking about." he says as he took a step back suspecting some sort of life threatening display.

Moriko oooh's and nods slowly… "Well most have some form of elemental affinity, be it earth, air, fire, water or lightning. I have adopted two, Lightning and Air… Even comboed the two… sooo y'don't know yer affinity?""

Daichi shakes his head slowly as Moriko explains. "Nope, didn't even know I had an affinity…" Daichi responed. He thinks back to the move Moriko pulled off before…he shutters from the feeling she gave him. Daichi shutters even more knowing that Moriko had two affinity things. "So how do I find out my affinity?"

Moriko ummms… "Chakra paper.. Just hold it up, focus Chakra into it and it'll give you a sign. IT'll wrinkle all crackly like if it's lightning, ball up if it's earth, split if it's air, get wet and limp if it's water or burn up if it's fire."

Daichi jumps up and down "Cool, soo where can I get this paper?" Daichi is a bit excited now, so excited that he overcomes his fear of Moriko, or perhaps forgot about it, and approached her. "Do you have some? Do ya?" Daichi is excited now. Finally I'll be able to burn stuff like Abel, or maybe I can shoot chunks of rock or lightning or create a huge wave of water and go surfing!? Daichi was imagining all the possibilities of learning his affinity.

Moriko laughs and wanders to her backpack, the girl withdrawing a piece of ordinary looking paper. "Here. Just focuss chakra into it." she says and beams cheerfully, the girl taking the opportunity move off to the side and practice a little on her own. She forms a few seals then makes almost a throwing motion. Suddenly a barely vissible scythe-like blade twirls away from the girl toward a piece of steal. There's a loud ringing noise and the sound of sheering metal but it doesn't cut all the way through, isntead just rips a chunk out of it as the technique dissapates. "And as y'can see I got lotsa practice I gotta do too."

Daichi takes the paper and smiles awesome. He looked as Moriko took a nice chunk out of the metal sheet. He grows pale with sickness "Looked pretty damn effective to me…" he whimpers. Daichi looks to the paper "Please protect me from that, please….." He concentrates his eyes focused on the paper. "What's taking so long?" He questions, the moment if full of suspicion as he waits to see what occurs to the paper. Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, which is it? He glared and to his surprise the paper splits down the middle. Daichi ponders to himself…."Which one is that now?" he thinks. He looked over to Moriko and then back at the paper "Oh no, please don't tell me…" he trys to force the paper back together, he fails obviously. He crumples it up and tossed it to the ground. "Maybe it was a mistake. Ummm Moriko, do you have another piece of paper?" he asked nervously.

Moriko laughs "That's air, but if you want." she offers another piece. "Try." she says again. Air is rather useful though Daichi, I can teach you a couple of my techniques once we can get you to split other'n chakra paper." she says cheerfully. "And I might be some semi-crazy battle hardened nin or something, I'm not a monster y'know." She says. "even if I like pranking folks.. Mummy-san." she says the latter is said with that n.n smile common to anime girls but with that also scary cheerful type forboding tone of voice. In the background there could even be floating etherial Oni-masks!

Daichi feels as if his eyes have just peeked into hell for a moment. His soul feels more losely attached to his body as if he could be spirited away at any moment. He saw the background of various kinds of Oni and thought he was about to join them in thier eternal suffering. Daichi glances at the second sheet of paper and it splits as well. Whimpering a bit Daichi loses all hope "So this is how it ends?" Daichi peers to Moriko "So you'd be willing to *gulp* help me with my affinity?" Daichi goes over all the happy thoughts he's had in his life before he signed a deal with the devil.

Moriko nods "Yup, sure would??" she says and smiles again. "What is it y'want to know? And no I don't kill eat or otherwise maim my students. I never let anything happen that I can't personally fix with medical jutsu." She says and then pats her upper chest with a fist "And I'm goood too!"

Daichi blinks 'Can she read my mind too?' he shrugs it off. Daichi glares "Oh I remember how good you are…" Daichi stated as he thought about Moriko's question. Daichi shruged "I dunno um can we start with something basic?" Daichi asked as he placed the paper in his back pocket.

Moriko umms "Ok remember how you split the paper? Take a leaf, start focussing on it to split it. If you do, yer doing good. Now this could take quite some time.. When you can split a leaf in your hand, work toward splitting a leaf on the table in front of you. Remember to focuss your chakra and think of it as a blade as my make the air move, move only enough so as you can make the cut, nothing more."

Daichi tilts his head "A leaf?" Daichi shrugs and finds a leaf, most of them have begun to rot away as the changing of the seasons came. But Daichi found a good one and concentrated on it. Nothing happened. SO he concentrated even harder. Still nothing happens. He decides that it must be the leaf "Stupid leaf…it must be broken." Daichi tossed it to the ground and found another one. He sighs as the leaf doesn't split. A little annoyed Daichi frowns and placed his hand on his katana "I'll show ya some concentration you little…"

Moriko blinks at Daichi. "Gotta do it through Wind Manipulation, using a sword isn't the way to go." She responds, then smiles cheerfully. "But think of the wind -as- a sword." She states as she tilts her head still with that smile. "Don't get frustrated, just try, Konoha wasn't built in a day, yer not gonna master Wind Manipulation instantly."

Daichi nods "The hell I can't! I'm gonna have this down by the end of the week even if it kills me." Daichi glanced at Moriko and thinks to himself 'Poor choice of words.' he feels that it's necessary to add the last part "of course I hope to servive this…." Daichi takes his hand off his katana and holds the leaf with both hands as if it would increase his concentration. "Common split, like a blade, like a blade." Daichi stares at the leave vigorously determined to make it split…..eventually.

Moriko laughs "It takes practice." she says and beams, "But that would be fine if you can master it by week's end, still just do your best, don't tire your self out too much!"

Daichi nods "Oh I'll master it don't you worry…" he glares at the leaf "It just takes a bit of hard work." Daichi heads off still focusing on the leaf. "Like a blade, like a blade, like a blade…" he repeats has he walks away. It doesn't look like he will be getting that rest tonight.

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