Training for effect


Taiki, Naru

Date: October 14, 2011


Naru finds Taiki training, they talk about ways to improve their edurance

"Training for effect"

Training Area - Genin [Konohagakure]

Taiki appears to be by himself today, save for the ever present nin-dog by his side. Though by his side really is a misnomer today. In fact, the two are currently doing… something. It looks very strange, but at the same time very much deliberate. The casual observer would see them running laps around the clearing, stopping and dropping for push-ups, then doing a tug-o-war match with a short piece of rope, followed by some very low-level ninjutsu. All this is done without stopping, and even during the tug-o-war strength doesn't seem to be the deciding factor here. Indeed both Shinobi and dog seem to be slightly winded. They haven't been doing this for long.

It would appear that another genin was on the same boat. A curious kunoichi was long raven locks of silky black hair quietly made her way into the training grounds. Brushing her black sandles along a dirt path as her eyes scanned the area to figure out what she might do today. She knew she had to train, lately she had been slacking… With a slight huff she begins to approach the traiing grounds more, her eyes catching sight of a familiar Inuzuka that she actually was quite fond of. " Taiki-san…?" She questioned outloud, curious of exactly what he was doing… though his nonstop movements definitely met he was training…

Taiki and Shinobu were aware of Naru entering the training grounds just as she did. Inuzuka ears and nose are fare sharper than most, after all. As the Uchiha calls out to Taiki, he looks over and waves enthusiastically, but he doesn't stop his circuit, at least not until he nears Naru. Finally he stops nearby and sits down to do some situps, talking as he does. One thing becomes readily apparent during this, he has a firm hold on his breathing, and he's keeping it as near normal as possible. This puts a strain in his voice as he says, "Naru'san! How are you today? Haven't seen you in a while, you doing well?"

For the moment, Naru simply observed him… His form and his habits… even withlist the conversation they were begining he didn't seem to want to budge away from his training, causing her to curl a light hidden smile as she simply looked up towards the sky before back down at the training couple near here. " I've been fine actually, since im feeing better I was hoping to kick back into some training again…" Naru states, crouching down just a bit to make it easier for taiki to speak with her. " How are you and the little guy doing? looks like a lot of training.."

Indeed no Taiki did not want to budge from his training. After another minute of doing situps (he wasn't counting, this was timed, not counted), he shifted to his stomach and started to do pushups. Still the breathing remained controlled as he continued. "Well, for the most part we're doing well, though we wound up in the hospital again after fighting a Kaguya," he remarked. In fact, Shinobu, who is standing on Taiki's back and jumping up and down in time to Taiki's pushups, seems to have his mid-section lightly bandaged. "My dad decided to get someone to help me through some training, but I got winded too quickly. Thus we've been told to we need some endurance training."

"Is that so? And a Kaguya?" Naru questioned, she by now had already stumbled into qutie a few Kaguya…each more annoying than the last.. Every time though she found herself exceedingly exhausted after her fights… " It seems like we both have the same probably… I'm very deiligent in what I do but for some reason it feels like im unable to keep up sometimes…You know?" She asked tilting her head. " These battles are becoming more and more intense as time goes on… i fear that one day I might get in way over my head… I need to train myself to fight against it…How…are your wounds?" Naru asked finally, shifting her gaze off to the side, there seemed to be a slight concern in her tone.

Just as Naru asks that last question Shinobu lands on Taiki's back the wrong way, causing the dog to, "YIP!" loudly and slide down to Taiki's side. The claws stuck the mostly healed wound on the Inuzuka's side, causing him to "YELP!" loudly as well. Both Shinobi and ninken fall to the ground in a heap, with a groan from the human and a low growl from the dog. Both stop what their doing and just remain where they are for the moment, though Taiki says, "I'm fine!" After a few seconds he chuckles and says, "This is about half the optimum level… doctors cleared this much… but since this happened we need to rest a few moments before continuing." Taiki did not miss the concern in the Uchiha's voice, so his words are as conciliatory as he can make them while lying face down on the ground in slight pain.

Naru couldn't help but grin a bit. She definitely liked his valor to train despite his bad condition, but even some others had scolded her from doing so when her body simply wasn't up to the task… She merely watches him for now before reaching out a hand towards him, " Haha, need some help?" She asked curiously leaving her hand offered to him. "It appears as though you might definitely need a break… Unfortunately i don't think I can watch you for too long though… I have some training of my own to accomplish speaking of which… How was the elemental thing going along?" She asked, rather randomly, as she crossed he arms. " If I remember right you were working on the lightning element? Which is unsual to have for your clan…"

Taiki looks up, then reaches and grabs her hand. His grip is about what you would expect, firm, but not crushing. He slowly gets his feet under him and starts to stand up, making sure Shinobu lands softly on his paws as he does. Once Taiki is fully erect, he lets go of Naru's hand and shrugs. "Oh, I'm not done yet, I'll be back to training soon enough. You can join me if you wish? It's simple really, running, doing as many pushups, situps, jumping jacks, and jutsu as you can in about two minutes, then back to running again. Form and whatnot aren't important, breathing and keeping going is. Really increases your endurance that way. As far as the lighting manipulation? It's going well, though it's taking a little more time than I thought. But that's okay, all good things take time." He chuckles for a moment as he runs his hand back through his hair. "Ninjutsu is unsusual for my clan as it is, but they've come to expect it out of me."

"Well i definitely can't wait to see what you are capable of when the time comes…" Naru speaks softly, helping him up in the process and neatly crosses her arms behind her back. It sounds like fun but very tiresome as well… I honestly don't think i have enough time to do "all" of that today," Naru insisted, " I did train a little bit today already, i was thinking about focusing on molding my own chakra or something like.. Perhaps that might be a way of boosting my internal reserves as well…" Naru states, thinking about thesubjet for the moment. Of course the power of chakra derives from ones own stamina…"

Taiki listens, then smiles and shrugs. "Any time you wanna train with me, feel free to look me up," he offers sincerely. He seems slightly disappointed about something, but its hidden relatively quickly. He then shrugs and says, "That's what the minor jutsu are for, producing, focusing, and strengthening chakra. It's all part of the total package, which is what this exercise is about. Your stamina increases as you put your body through more of its paces, refine

"I will keep that in mind… I've actually been wanting to get my knuckles dirty since my last fight but.." Her voice trails off slightly… For some reason that particular person seemed to have a lasting impression on her… Maybe it was because he had almost literally killed her… " Ah nothing to worry about I guess.. I just need to get back into the grove again…" Naru answered up, and soon she finally began to stretch her body, aching slightly from all the standing around. " I will keep that in mind… How about next time i see you around we can train or something… Especially since we both seem to be built the same…sort of," she asked with a light smile… It seemed like she was about to go on here way however..

Taiki does seem to catch the evaporating trail, but apparently decides against saying anything for one reason or another. Perhaps it is because he feels she may think he's intruding if he asks, who knows. Instead he simply nods to Naru's suggestion, then stretches a bit himself. "I should get back to the circuit. I have another two laps to go according to the doctors, and my clan needs me for something. They haven't said what yet, though that's par for the course. But some other time, I'd love to train with you."

Naru nods and offers him a slight wave of her hand, while bushing herself off she bows respectfully. " Hai, Well i will see you later then, Taiki-san.. I look forward to training with you, I still owe you one for saving my butt in the battle," She responds back, her smile still pearly, and once again she waves, first taking a few steps away before quickly heading out of the training camp… Perhaps looks for more suggestions before doing her own personal training…

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