Training Session In The Woods, Learning The Neccessary Skills For Advancement


Kaido, Tatsuo, Shinobu

Date: June 13, 2015


Kaido offers to teach a couple of recently graduated Genin the tree walking and water walking skills.

"Training Session In The Woods, Learning The Neccessary Skills For Advancement"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]

Kaido is here in the Genin training area of the Toshiba Forest waiting on Tatsuo and Shinobu. Both had expressed interest in learning some of the basic skills necessary to progress to becoming stronger and more complete shinobi. Kaido was more than willing, as he had always believed that knowledge and training should be shared with everyone. He makes one more check to make sure everything he needs to teach them is at hand and then turns to watch the entrance for his students arrival.

Tatsuo enters the training area with a bit of hesitancy in his step. He was wanting to learn as much as he could, pretty much as fast as he could. Yet he was still kind of uncertain about all of this stuff. It was different than he'd expected for some reason or other. But he did show up. After looking around a moment he found the teacher and walked over to the man, pausing a distance away to give a proper bow and all that. "I'm…Nara Tatsuo…" he introduces himself in a soft voice.

Shinobu's progress has apparently either been determined as 'needs extra help' or 'doing too well', considering the fact that her teacher at the Academy told her she would be training with Kaido for a bit. The girl approaches the training area with Kame clutched to her chest, looking a bit nervous as she peeks around. Eventually she sees two familiar faces, and she goes over, waving shyly and just watching. Kame yips a cheerful greeting. ~Hello!~

Kaido nods to the two as they arrive and waits for them to make their greetings and introduction. Conspicuous by their absence is Bolt and Bandit, although Doborou is here but uncharacteristically silent (for now). He waits for a few beats before he says, "A Nara huh? Good, you both are on time. Some of you may know me, I'm Inuzuka Kaido, my two nin-ken Bandit and Bolt are taking a much needed day off, so you won't be seeing them today. My tanuki summon, Doborou is over there and he'll help me demonstrate some of the skills I'll be teaching you. Either of you have any questions before we begin?"

The arrival of Shinobu catches Tatsuo a little by surprise and he turns to offer a small bow to her and Kame. "Hello Shinobu-chan. And Kame-chan." He gives them a little smile before turning back to Kaido. His dark eyes look around over to the tanuki with a curious expression, head tilting ever so slightly as he watches the summon. It's not something he's actually seen before, a summon like this. He's so busy studying the creature that he kind of misses what Kaido says.

Kame perks at seeing the Tanuki and immediately scrambles from Shinobu's arms to try and chase the Tanuki… Shinobu makes a handseal, 'trapping' both Kaido and Tatsuo in a genjutsu that would allow them to hear her voice, as well as translate Kame. When asked on questions, she shakes her head.

Kaido doesn't need something to translate Kami, but at any rate when neither have questions, he begins. Kaido looks both in the eys as he says, "Today we're going to work on some basic skills all Genin need in order to progress as shinobu, which is the ability to Tree Walk and Water Walk." Kaido pauses a few moments to let that sink in and then says, "It's an extremely useful ability, both in combat and for stealth purposes. It's also difficult to master and requires very good chakra control. To do the technique requires you to be able to manifest chakra and concentrate it on your feet to make them sticky, as in the case for tree walking, or repelling, in the case of water walking."
Doborou blinks as Kame tries to chase him and just moves out of her way and where he was standing, a pit trap opens up under her paws! Kaido ignores the antics of nin-pup and tanuki and focuses on Tatsuo and Shinobu and says, "Well, that's the basic theory anyways, and theory's all well and good, but you need to experience it yourself to understand." He turns and calls out, "Doborou, come here please, you're going to demonstrate the ability to Tree Walk for my students."
Doborou runs over and gives a cheeky grin and waves to the two and says, "So these are the two rubes that were sent to you, they don't look like much… Tree Walking huh? Ok, no problem!" With that he walks over to the nearest tree and Kaido says, "Now watch closely, especially his feet." And if both Tatuso and Shinobu watch carefully, they'd see Doborou's paws seem to glow slightly with chakra and then he slowly walks up the tree, sticking to the trunk as if his feet are glued to it. Kaido nods, satisfied, as Doborou turns and grins and waves at the two students.

Tatsuo looks back to Kaido when he continues speaking, remembering suddenly why he's there. He nods a few times while the man explains what it was they were going to be working on and then, when the tanuki was asked to give an example, he looked back to the creature. The boy blinks in surprise when he's called a 'rube' and he takes a small half step back before looking to the ground. He kind of misses the whole actual tree walking thing too.

Shinobu watches Kame leap over the trap, bounding across to try and nab the Tanuki when the lesson begins. She grumbles lightly and pads over to Shinobu, flopping beside her partner and watching Dorobou demonstrate. Shinobu's gaze has drifted to Tatsuo, and she gives him a tiny poke to try and get his attention back on the odd raccoon dog. Whether or not it's a good thing, most of the Tanuki's comments flew over her head and are easily ignored by her.

Kaido smiles and Doborou just shakes his head and mutters, "Such rubes, can't even stick to the tree at all…" Kaido gives his tanuki summon a look and Doborou holds up his hands, "Ok ok, geez, you really need to chill out, I'm only joking." Kaido just shakes his head and then says, "Ok, let's try something a little simpler. I want you to try and make your hands sticky with chakra and try to make them stick to the trunk of the tree. Don't use too much, or you'll break the tree."

Tatsuo is a little off kilter thanks to the yapping of the tanuki and his own internal uncertainty. His head ducks down even further as he considers his options…"Maybe I should…um…I mean I don't know if…I'm ready for this. Maybe I should do it…later…" he finally gets out, his voice barely loud enough for a normal person to hear. The Inuzuka shouldn't have any problems with that.

Shinobu wasn't really able to get the tree walking down, sliding off the trunk like she has some kind of slippery stuff on her foot. She wilts a bit at her own failure, glancing back to Dorobou nervously since he's the one that seems most likely to scold them or something. Then she glances back to the tree and tries to gather chakra into her hand. … Nope. Not there yet… Kame sniffs at Tatsuo, yipping, ~Don't give up! You can do it!~ Good thing Shinobu has that genjutsu active for Tatsuo, or the encouragement would be a waste.

Kaido shakes his head and puts a hand gently on the boy's shoulder, "If you don't do it today, it'll be that much harder for you tomorrow because you'll be thinking about how you couldn't do it until then. It's like trying to learn to ride a bicycle, if you fall off, you need to get back on and try again until you can do it." He smiles as Kame encourages Tatsuo and scritches her behind the ears, "That's right Kame, and you too Shinobu, you can do it. I believe in both of you and I'm willing to stay here and help you for as long as it takes for you to get it."

Tatsuo jumps a little when Kaido puts a hand on his shoulder but it does stop him in his tracks. He turns to look back at the man, chewing his lip nervously as he looks up into Kaido's eyes, then down to the ground. "Hai." Between Kaido and Kame he decides to try, but he very clearly keeps his gaze away from the evil tanuki. The boy approaches the tree again, putting his hand against it before starting to channel chakra through it. There's a slight cracking before he adjusts the amount and then…well it seems to have worked. A quick study.

Shinobu nods quietly, though she feels a bit guilty that Kaido is going to stay for so long… She's not that quick a study. The girl looks to the tree again, sizing it up… And her gaze just goes up and up and up until she's craning her head way back. This is IMPAHSIBLE! But Tatsuo is trying… So she needs to. The girl focuses her chakra to her hand again, but it continues to simply slide of the trunk if she tries to move it at all,

Doborou just sniffs at Tatsuo and says, "Teacher's pet…" and then puts a hand up to his mouth, points and giggles at Shinobu. Kaido grits his teeth and says to Doborou, "If you can't say or do anything nice, then go home and play with Bandit and Bolt. I'm trying to teach these two a very important skill and you are NOT helping. I /CAN/ rescind the contract you know if you keep this up and push me enough…" He glares at Doborou who sniffs and says, "Yeah yeah, fine, I know when I'm not wanted." He saunters off and *POOF* disappears, leaving the symbol a super kawaii deformed tanuki giving the V sign in the air before it too vanishes.
Kaido then turns and smiles as he sees Tatsuo manage to get it right, "Very good, now, next, try and keep the chakra stable and your hand stuck to the tree for a count of 30." He watches Shinobu and gently lowers her head to just look at the trunk, "Focus on what's in front of you, not what's ahead. You control your chakra, not the other way around." He ruffles her hair a bit, "You've earned that head protector, so don't think for a second you're inadequate."

Tatsuo's head ducks down again and he pulls his hand free when the tanuki calls him a teachers pet. "Am not…" he mutters under his breath, not looking up at the tanuki even when it leaves. He considers for a shot time, almost looking ready to just leave again, but finally he puts his hand against the tree once more and channels the chakra, causing the sticky effect.

Shinobu ducks a bit when her hair gets ruffled. People keep doing that! She doesn't actually have her forehead protector on, of course, as it's still in her pocket. Kame snickers a bit when Dorobou disappears. Serves him right! The pup looks over to the tree and puts her paws on it, sticking there for about twenty seconds before sliding down. Shinobu is still unable to actually focus her chakra to any specific part of her body, hand falling uselessly off the tree. Nothing 'sticky' about it.

Kaido nods at Tatsuo and says, "That's it, now next, lay down on the ground and see if you can do that same thing with your feet." He then leaves Tatsuo for the moment to go over to Shinobu, he chuckles at Kame and scritches her ears, "You got it Pup-pup…" Yeah, apparently Zankuro's nickname for Kame has stuck. He says to Shinobu, "Ok, here…" He takes her hand, puts it against the tree and sends his own chakra through her hand, so that she can feel how to make the sticky effect.

Tatsuo continues to chew worriedly at his lower lip, not seeming to notice that he's even doing it. "Hai…" he says again when Kaido instructs him to lie down and use his feet instead. The boy follows the instructions, putting his feet against the tree and channeling the chakra. Again the wood starts to crack until he adjuts, but now it's not quite sticky enough.

Kame yips happily, head pressing into the scritches, and she wages her tail a bit. Then she continues to try and make her feet stick to the tree. Shinobu looks to Kaido, at least understanding how to make the sticky effect through him. But when she tries it herself, she just can't get her chakra to flow to her hand properly. Wilt…

Kaido glances at Tatsuo and says, "Keep trying, I'll be with you in a sec." He focuses on Shinobu and rubs her back, "Easy there cuz… let's see if your chakra channels are blocked first…" He reaches out and with two fingers together on both hand quickly touches the various junctions of where the chakra channels are to try and unblock/snarl them for Shinobu with his med-nin skills. He moves back, "Ok, try it now."

Tatsuo doesn't say anything to Kaido as the instructor tells him to wait for him to come and help. He also doesn't want for more than a few seconds before he tries again, putting his foot on the tree and watching it slowly slip down. Part way there!

Shinobu focuses her chakra, really trying. It takes a couple more minutes before she actually manages the flow of chakra just enough for it to stick for a moment. Then she loses it and it slides down again. Pout… So close. Kame yips encouragement to both Tatsuo and Shinobu, tail wagging. If the pup could do it, so could her partner!

Kaido checks on Tatsuo and says, "That's great! When you feel confident, try walking slowly up the tree and see how far you can get!" He returns to Shinobu and says, "Easy… don't force it, just let it flow naturally, it took me almost 2 years before I managed to do this myself, all my classmates I graduated with managed to do it within a couple of days. I'm confident you can match that." He smiles at Shinobu, really encouraging her. The teacher in him really does shine.

Tatsuo seems a little more sure of things now, with his actual semi-success and Kaido's praise to help push him along. The boy takes his time though, trying to find the exact right amount of chakra needed to hold his weight so he doesn't slip off. It's all trial and error at this point.
<Konohagakure> Fox Tamer Soren wonders if anyone would be interested in a social?
<Konohagakure> Tatsuo says, "An ice cream social?"

Shinobu nods quietly and tries again, focusing her chakra onto her hand. This time it actually sticks! She even manages to keep it there for a few seconds. Shinobu half-expects it to fall to her side again, but it holds for the duration of thirty seconds, which is plenty of time. Kame yips cheerfully when both genin find success, showing off a bit of her own by standing about a foot from the ground on the tree.

Kaido smiles at both Genin, "Great, now both of you practice until you feel tired and then go rest. We'll come back tomorrow and see if you can repeat this again and then we'll move on to Water Walking, ok?" He pats the shoulders of both Genin (and a scritch for Kame of course).

"Hai, Kaido-sensei." Tatsuo does keep at it for a while and, after not too long a time, he's got the basics of it down. Of course he's only focusing on the task at hand. If his focus were to split or shift that might be different. Still, he accomplished it and, with a farewell wave, he heads home to rest.

Shinobu nods quietly and continues to work on trying to stick to the tree for as long as she can. Eventually, she runs out of chakra and stamina and just sort of curls up where she is for a tiny nap before she goes home. Kame rests next to her since Shinobu doesn't seem inclined to move, being all exhausted from training.

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