Training Under the Time-Space Master


Jynn, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: June 26, 2012


Having learned of the Time-Space jutsus through the archives of the Kirigakure Academy. Jynn had been trying to figure out a way to learn them, but unbeknowst to him, Emi had already scouted him out and wanting to make sure this is what Jynn wanted. She invited him to join her outside the village in an area where she knew they wouldn't be found. From there she teaches him, only after finding out how stubborn he is and once the dangers are instilled into him Jynn still didn't waver and thus his training truely began.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Training Under the Time-Space Master"

Outskirts of Kirigakure

Being predispositioned to advanced forms of abilities is something rare, even among shinobi. They are gifted and or sometimes cursed, with these special forces granted to them that may make them targets among foes. Emi Kawazoe knows this quite well as she feels she was cursed with these abilities that she has and wouldn't want to wish them on anyone, so when she was discovered to have them, she wondered why this individual would want them?

Annoyance aside, she decided to meet this person and maybe give him a piece of her mind before she started on this lesson in the outskirts of the Land of Grass. She thought this area was desolate enough to use space-time techniques and no one would be afflicted. Sigh. Finding a lone rock, she sits on it with a mug of tea to calm her nerves before she gets started.

Jynn wasn't anyone of importance, he wasn't even all that high ranked but in his journey to gain in strength and to have that extra bit of umph would help him. He's been in the villages archives and that’s when he gotten his first glimpse of something that really drew him in. There wasn't a lot per se in the technique, but there it was. Something about Jikuukan. He researched it as much as he could but then was pointed towards the only one person within the village who could possibly teach him. It wasn't until then after a few months that he received a scroll to meet in the Land of Rice.

Arriving at the location, he didn't know much about this woman, but still he wanted to learn these techniques and honestly right now for what he has planned he will need all the help he can get. Taking a moment to scan the area, Jynn narrows his eyes slightly as he sees the woman, "Emi Kawazoe?" he asks.

Emi didn't answer immediately. She was busy trying to finish her mug of tea. From the look on her face it was extremely bitter. The tea shared the same sentiments she had regarding this lesson in jikuukan. The mug was tilted back and downed quickly before it was tossed aside and fell into her bag. "You're the dope that wants to learn these techniques, right?" She asked with the lingering bitter expression, though it's unclear if it's coming from her or the tea she just finished. It settled well on her round face and bright features like her blue eyes. "Eh, anyway. Yeah, I'm Emi. Why do you want to learn these techniques anyway?"

His yees narrow slightly when the woman doesn't answer immediately, Jynn only watches her, still scanning his surroundings for a moment. He didn't like being called out in the middle of no where, but then again the teacher has her own reasons for wanting him out here and if the techniques are forbidden then this is the best place to be. "Excuse you." he says as he looks to her. "My name is Jynn, not dope." he says to her. "These techniques could compliment the skills that I already have and besides I'm trying to further my usefulness to the new Kage as well as become stronger as a shinobi."

"Yes, your name /is/ Jynn, but I /still/ think you're a dope for trying to learn these techniques. Honestly, there's nothin' special about 'em. They're the worst thing you could ever learn. Ever." Emi replied to him followed by a lax shrug. "Ever." She thought it bore repeating. "These aren't things that compliment techniques. They set you up for failure. They look pretty and appealing and then once you start using them, you realize how wrong they are and how wrong you are for ever learning them in the first place. Really, they're just all so bad." So much pessimism. "If you want to be stronger, I wouldn't learn these. Are you /absolutely/ sure you still want to learn them after all I've said?"

Jynn moves his hands into his pants pockets and stands there watching her, but as she spoke about him being stupid for wanting to learn these techniques as well as what could happen if he did. This does cause him pause for a moment but still even as he stands there listening, but still he had his own plans and needed to learn. "Why did you learn them and why did you agree to meet me out here if this is so dangerous to learn?" he asks. "I mean why even contact me?" he asks. "Even if I didn't learn from you, I would try to learn form someone else, but why you?"

"Because just like you, I thought they were shiny and fun!" Emi raised her hands into the air and wiggled them in mock excitement. "But then I learned how bad they were. I was and maybe still am a target for knowing these things. Being able to use space-time is something that people want to extract out of you among many, many other things. Guess who gets targeted first on the battlefield?" She thumb points to herself. "Everyone wants the one person dead who can screw with their sense of reality. I guess that might be something me and genjutsuists have in common," she shrugged. "But you're learning from me because I also just so happen to be the best at what I do. So, let's get this over with, yeah? I feel like sitting out here is going to trigger my demise." Rising up from her comfy rock, she takes a stance in front of Jynn where she then gestures to him saying, "Try and hit me."

Guess they do have a lot in common, Jynn thinking to himself as he listens to her. The first to be targeted…then a slight grin creeps up on his face. Though this woman is intriguing, at the information of her training him because she knows what she is doing and that she IS the BEST even better. A master who wants to know if her student is ready for the hardship of his life for learning this forbidden technique, if he is able to handle his life being snuffed out if he is caught unaware.

At the offer of seeing if he could hit Emi, he only grins. "I accept Sensei." he says as he lets out a long breath and allows his body and mind to clear. Then suddenly with no hesitation in his steps, Jynn flickers out of sight only to reappear in rapid succession throwing a palm strike towards her chest, followed up with an mid-air axe kick aimed towards her left shoulder then hoping that the others are enough to either strike or keep her distracted a double fist strike towards the center of her back.

Perhaps he hadn't realized it, but time had already been slowed down the moment he met her. In essence, he was having a conversation in the past. All that has taken place between the both of them has already happened, all the way up to the fight and subsequent misses the attacks had against Emi. When time was restored to its normal run, she was back on the rock enjoying another cup of her bitter tea.

"So, did you enjoy yourself?" She inquired. "I've been sitting here the whole time. She glanced up to the sky, "About…fifteen minutes to be exact. So, not too long. You want to try some of this tea? It's bitter as warp, but it does have some properties that can give you a good kick in the rear to get you going."

Blinking, he hadn't noticed any change of time at all, to him this was all happening as it did not sooner nor later. As he attacked and missed her, it was like his attacks went through her or just not timed right or anything. The effects of his Body Flicker Strikes which all should've been on target and possibly landed one hit didn't. But as he comes out of it and he sees Emi sitting back on the rock she was on when he first met her and she sipping what looks to be…hot tea? He shakes his head in utter amazement.

"I see." he says as he walks over to her. He nods his head at the offer of the tea, "Thank you." he says. Which is a first because normally he's not ever thanked anyone. Possibly due to no one ever showing him respect or him not getting even the most remote offer of respect. "To me everything happened as it did no time change at all." He waits for her to pour him some tea or give him some of hers. "When do we start our training?"

"And that's exactly how it's supposed to feel. That was the first part of your training. Understanding what it feels like to be under one of those jutsu. It's very hard to tell a difference in time. Experience /can/ help you break out of these jutsu, but it takes some practice to work with it. It's important to realize that you're not special and there are others like myself out there that may know these kinds of jutsu. So, it's important to know these techniques well enough to be able to endure them and dish them out." Emi explained.

"So, we can start now. I'm sure you're familiar with Jikuukan, but if I have to explain again, they're basically techniques that take advantage of space and time. Summoning jutsu, for instance, is a type of jikuukan. It's taking someone from some place and warping them to another through the use of contract scrolls and other such things. What you'll be learning won't be like that. What I did to you was slow down time. Would you like to learn that? Of course you would."

"Alright, so first I want you to be able to get used to operating in that kind of time. You don't want to use a jutsu where everything looks like a blur to you. Your mind needs to be trained to be able to get used to seeing everything clearly. Get used to expending the chakra. It's going to take a bit at first… So, repeat my same hand seals," she then begins to go over them slowly so Jynn can see and understand them.

Sitting down in front of Emi, Jynn takes in her words. He didn't have a whole lot to say nor ask right now. Emi is explaining everything for the most part to him, though he didn't want to ask something and it already be answered for him during her explanation. As she continues about everything he's experienced was supposed to feel just like that. He quirks a brow, "So I guess there are many ways Jikuukan can be used." and as he says that explains about the people needing to know how well the techniques work.

Grinning, "I would like to learn both actually. If I can slow down time and warp myself else where then that would be a great way to put my opponents off guard." he grins. "Though I want to master everything you can teach me so that I can create a new way or form of taijutsu." he tells her.

Taking a breath as she explains what he will be doing now, and as she goes through her hand seals, he begins to follow. "Getting my mind used to operating in that time. Either slow or fast." he says as he now tries to clear his mind and follow her hand seals.

Emi nodded. "Exactly. There are many ways jikuukan can be used, but I'm only going to teach you enough for you to get by and develop some of your own techniques." After Jynn successfully copied her hand seals, she nodded and said. "Continue doing them until you're familiar with them if you need to. I sometimes like to think of jikuukan similar to genjutsu except their application might be a bit more practical. Anyhow, slowing down time and warping yourself will both take some getting used to. If you expect to warp around, prepare yourself to feel shaken up." She grins. "Once you have the seals down, let me know. I'll teach you the rest from there."

Nodding his head, "I understand sensei, but I do want to learn everything that I can and if this will help me then I will do all that I can not to disappoint you." he tells her as he repeats the seals again. "My main concern is that I feel by you teaching me this, that I'm not to share this information or skills with anyone and only use these techniques when the need arises?" he asks. He didn't want to use these skills even in spars which meant all must be kept a secret. When she explains that he will need to get used to being shaking up due to warping and slowing down time he nods. "What would be a good way to steady myself after warping or slowing time sensei?" he asks as he repeats the seals.

"Bah, don't worry about disappointing me. I'm disappointed all the time," Emi shrugged. "But that's the basics of it, yeah. Use them when needed and don't tell many people about them. Part of being a shinobi is trying to keep as many secrets as you can. Not to reveal yourself too much." She continued with the seals until she felt Jynn had them down. "Granted, once you use the techniques, then people will probably figure you out, but that's why you have to be better than them so you can show 'em that you don't /need/ these skills to get by. They're like tools."

She then began to go over the usage of the jutsu that she used against Jynn. After flashing through the hand seals, she finished off and called the name of the jutsu, using it against Jynn just to allow him to figure out how the jutsu can be applied at various levels. As of now, she's slowed down time by a third, but whether he notices it will be key in moving on. "I want you to try and get used to all the time lengths, granted I'm only using some, but there's plenty more where that came from."

Shaking his head, "No. I will not be letting you down at all." he states to her. As she instructs him about the use of the techniques and the dangers of once they are used people will know he has them. "This is a danger that I'm ready to accept but I need your help and guidance in this." he tells her. "I will not tell anyone because frankly it's none of their damn business what I do." The seals were starting to become easier to do and he is starting memorize them and he bows his head to Emi as she tells him that they are merely tools.

As she goes over the usage of the skills, Jynn still is soaking in everything. When Emi goes through a new set of seals and called the jutsu, Jynn quickly looks around trying to figure out what’s going on or changing around him. "Alright lets see." he says as he looks around him, seeing if anything is speeding up or slowing down.

For Emi, things may not appear as if they've slowed down at all, yet there might be a way to tell. Once the jutsu is cast, anything on the shinobi is subjected to space-time. This will take a bit of problem solving. The time is five minuts before the jutsu is ended. In the meantime, Emi sits and meditates until Jynn is able to figure his way through the jutsu. If not, then she imagines she'll just keep trying until he does. Oddly enough, the answer to such a complex technique is fairly simple.

She has to wonder about this guy, though. She's always disappointed, but this one seems like he has a good grasp of reality. Perhaps because he's not like all the others she's met before. She'll have to wait and see before she can really make a judgement call.

Instead of rushing himself, Jynn is actually looking around him, feeling the wind about him. He slowly turns his head looking at the nearby trees to check the wind by judging how fast the leaves moved. He then focused his attention on Emi, watching her, looking at her clothing. If the jutsu is cast does it include her as well? He didn't want to fail her, it's something more on his way of learning, he's always pushed himself to go as far as he could, mostly having to learn a lot on his own. But this here is a honor, something he wouldn't have thought that would happen to him.

As he watches her, he begins to notice there is a difference in the time, a few minutes worth actually, but also he looks out to see if there is a difference in something else as well. Wanting to be fully sure of his answer, "There is a few minutes different. If I have to have the exact time, I would say four minutes difference."

Emi broke the jutsu and grinned. "Five minutes, but close enough. Still need some work on the jutsu, though." She admitted to him. "Remember, your entire body is affected by it and that includes any tools you might have on you as well." She hummed and pulled out a spinning top. "See this here? It's a good way to see through some jikuukan techniques. That's if you have the time to use it, that is. Since you'll never be able to use it in battle, you'll get to use it here. I'll show you what I mean. I'm going to set you in the jutsu and slow down time to the fullest effect against you. I want you to watch what will happen to this spinning top." She hands it to Jynn to use. "Alright, I'm starting the jutsu again. Be prepared," she smirked and flashed through the handseals to cast the jutsu once more.

Taking the top, he looks it over for a moment but at the same time listened to Emi as she spoke to him about having to need to know the exact time of everything because he will also be affected by time itself too. "Alright." he tells her. "So right now is just training me to be precise and aware of time at all times." he states figuring that’s what this training is all about. Though when she states she will slow down time to it's maximum effect he grimaced slightly. Nodding his head and looking at the top again trying to figure out how this will help him. Rubbing the front of his head a little, Jynn takes a moment to relax, "Alright, I'm ready." though Emi would probably tell that he is nervous.

Emi nodded and cast the jutsu at the end of her seals, slowing down time to its maximum effect. Of course, to him it'd all look like nothing has changed or all is normal, but there /is/ a way to see through it all and that spinning top is the answer. Granted, it's only able to be utilized in training unless he's skilled enough to use it in battle, but for now, training it is.

With him slowed down to the maximum of her abilities, she's able to move about freely without drawing any attention. She's not about to drink that tea again. She's had enough of that bitter junk. Now, she'll just sit and relax. Meditate… Besides, only one way to use a spinning top.

While Emi moved her hands through each of the seals, Jynn watched memorizing each hand seal until she spoke the words that started the seal. Like always it didn't look like anything was different. But from what Emi taught him, there /is/ always a way to see through the technique and now he is learning what those ways /are/. As the jutsu moves, he looks to the top and knowing how tops work, Jyn spins the top knowing that it should move around fast.

He didn't know what the maximum slowness there was, but he focused on his surroundings by listening, but his focus was the top.

The top spins, but it's spin is affected, specifically, the rate of the images spinning on the top. Despite it looking like it's spinning fast, the images on the top are moving slow enough to indicate something is wrong with time here. Now all that's left to do is break the hold of time. That is probably the most difficult part of meddling with these jutsu.

The mind aids in the perception of time. Time is considered an illusion all its own, but the mind needs time in order to keep order. However, there is a way to push the limits of the mind into helping to break the 'time illusion' that has been cast against Jynn. Yet, that will come at a later point. Once the jutsu is released, the spinning top rotates at it's normal speed. "Have fun?" She inquired.

Jynn watched as the top spun, it was spinning fast but he remembered Emi telling him, 'Everything including you are affected by the jutsu.' The jutsu has been used on him three times now and there really wasn't any feeling one would get being manipulated by time. As he watches the top, it's the images that are on top of the top moving slow enough for him to identify each of the pictures on it. Grinning a bit, this is the reason why Emi wanted him to use the top and honestly as he watches it, it would be hard to pull out to watch to see if he is being affected which means he will need to figure out his own way and honestly that meant he needs to be trapped in the slow time field to learn how slow the time is going as well as how much time is elasping outside of the field.

His mind still new to this type of situation wasn't really ready for all of it, but still Jynn continues to focus his attention because in a way it's like genjutsu now that he thought about it and also it's something else that Emi explained to him. Once the jutsu is broken, he grins a little. "Yeah it is fun, but…" he scoops up the top, " do I know how much time is going by, and how do I figure out when I'm being affected?" he asks. "There is no visible changes at start, but then again the more I train the more I will notice around me which would give me a clue."

"Time is an illusion or so it has been said," Emi shrugged. "But that doesn't mean to treat it like genjutsu, although I do believe they are the same in principle. Time is perceived differently by everyone. The mind is subjected to time because it's used to it. The objective of using jikuukan is to have your mind operate on a level that is unable to fall victim to these things so easily. What you're doing, for the most part, is training your mind to see through the illusion of time. It is very difficult to do because the mind always seeks to follow order, but you can't follow order when using the jutsu I showed you." She chuckles.

"Remember that space-time operates on a level of its own. It doesn't necessarily fall into order in the way we understand it. So, your mind has to follow suit if you hope to utilize these jutsu as well as defend against them. There are others out there like me, wherever they may be. So, be prepared to take whatever they can throw at you. What I just taught you was a time jutsu. I think you know enough of the basics to develop something on your own, now." She doesn't seem so negative this time around. "I think I'm about done here. I might see you later on down the road." She may even mean that literally. She didn't cast any jutsu on Jynn, but she did on herself and no sooner than she finished speaking, she'd disappeared out of sight.

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