Training: Scroll Mastery


Renai, Ishino

Date: August 4, 2014


A training scene in which Doihara Ishino teaches Renai how to use scrolls.

"Training: Scroll Mastery"

Home of Doihara Ishino, Marketplace, Kirigakure

Marketplace [Kirigakure]


Ah, the bustle of the heart of the village; It's wallet. This is the village's main marketplace, where a variety of wares, goods, and services are traded and bartered. A number of stalls here are rented out and occupied by food vendors, most of which offer cuisine with distinct foreign influences and variety as they are manned by people who have brought their goods from outlying islands and distant nations alike to sell, and are attempting to earn a bit of extra cash for their time here.

Of the more local, permanent stalls, there are many. Their wares ranging from kaguya-done scrimshaw carved out of fish skulls and bone, to vegetables grown by other villagers and sold here, to a bit of fresh fish brought further inland than the ain market, if it is to be found in anywhere in the Land of Water, it is likely to appear here, in the massive marketplace within the land's shinobi village.




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West - (W) [Shippuu Avenue]

It's been raining. Of course. When is there a spring in Kirigakure that doesn't contain a fair amount of rain? At least it isn't hot as well.

The Touketsu girl walks through the streets of the Marketplace with a destination in mind. She's wearing some sort of poncho apparatus to keep her clothing and the backpack underneath dry. With strands of dark green hair plastered to her face, she really looks like something that crawled out of the ocean.

Upon arriving at Ishino's house, the kunoichi would knock and stand there flopping her arms a bit to shed water off her apparel.

That old man would open the door at Renai's knock, almost three seconds after she knocked. Well, she was expected. He would bow to her and motion for her to come, closing the door behind her once she did enter and offering to take the poncho. A gremlin, hopping from foot to foot, was there to meet Renai, waiting for her to be ready before escorting her to where Ishino was working at. The small workshop filled with all sorts of things that were related to those mechanics. The most recent one looking almost exactly like the diagram of the arm that Renai had given Ishino… wait, how'd he do an exact copy when he gave her the diagram back? Either way, he'd pause and look up from his work with a smile. "Renai-san."

Renai takes a few moment to shed the poncho, trying not to get water everywhere. She would remove her shoes as well so that she wouldn't track any of the nastiness outside into the house. Smiling to the gremlin waiting for her, she would follow the creature to Ishino.

Upon entering the workroom, Renai pauses to greet her sensei with a soft, "Doihara-sensei," and takes in the surroundings. She moves to inspect the mirror of her diagrams, "Nice. You've already gotten so much done." The girl turns to him and pulls her backpack off then, setting the heavy thing down on an empty surface.

Ishino smiles with a small nod in a greeting. Looking back to the arm, he'd reach out and touch a finger to a metal panel. The arm would move, a small jerk, then it'd actually shift, lifting to wave to Renai at just the wrist. Not enough support for it to lift higher. "I remembered a portion of the design. Not all of it. I still need that core component before I can put it all together too." He'd let up his finger, letting the arm relax again as he'd look to Renai. "So time for the training, right?"

Renai watches the arm move and giggles slightly. At his words, she flips open the bag and removes a folder, placing it near him. It's the original blueprints minus the list he gave her. That is in a copy she'll be taking to Sunagakure just in case.

"Aye. It is if you aren't too busy, Sensei." The girl removes some more supplies from the bag-scrolls and ink. She isn't quite sure that she got the right kind, but someone said this was it so these are what she has. Once everything they need is removed, Renai pulls her bag of books from the table and lightly nudges it beneath.

Ishino nods and would motion, pulling out his own utensils for the training. An easy smile given, he'd set the page down and carefully start in his flowing script that was precisely written just as most of his other work was done, he went through the partials of each seal. "Scroll Mastery is about learning and adding depth to a two dimensional object. Adding the third dimension allows the storage of any number of items in any location. How much chakra is used is how much can be sealed. As well as the symbols used to establish depth, breath and height of the scroll storage."

Once they begin, Renai's eyes fall to the writing as he starts. She studies it closely while her slender fingers work to gracefully unfurl a scroll. She nods to his explanation and begins to carefully mimic the symbols with a practiced hand. "What is the limit of how much you can seal into a scroll, Sensei? And does it actually go into the paper? Or is it more like.. transportation?" Her eyes are focused down as she works, glancing from his to hers constantly to make sure she's doing it right.

Renai listens quietly and emits a soft, "Oooh.." as though she gets it. She mostly does. The rest will come with practice and experimentation. She falls quiet as she continues copying the seals. The girl pauses when she is finished and looks over her work, committing each to memory. Her fingers smooth the edges of the paper lightly and she looks up to Ishino as if to ask, 'What next?'

Absently the idea of summoning is filed away in the back of her brain as something that deserves more study once she gets this down. Right now, she simply separates the concepts in her mind as to not confuse herself.

Ishino watches her finish her work and smiles with a nod. "Good. Now that you have the basics. Now you do application. It requires chakra paper to do this with." Ishino would pull a fresh sheet, different in make down and quickly run through that pattern for the storage. A kunai pulled from within his tux suit jacket, he'd place it on top of the seal. A touch of two fingers, that bit of chakra and *POOF* the kunai was in the scroll.

The Touketsu watches her sensei in study as he shows her the application. She looks over the supplies she was told to gather and finds what's supposed to be chakra paper. Expensive stuff. She'll have to eventually learn how to make it. It took her forever to find and she had to pay an arm and a leg and go find a missing cat for it. Either that or find someone reasonable..

She reaches into her pocket and rummages around for a moment, eventually producing a fishing hook and a bit of string. The girl looks down at it for a moment with a blank expression and then just lays it down. Whatever. She'll figure out where she got that later.

Renai's eyes look up to him as she mimics Ishino's action as if to verify that she's following correctly. When her fingers touch the scroll, nothing seems to happen. She looks down at the items and narrows her eyes slightly. The kunoichi clears her head and touches again and *POOF*.

Ishino smiles in response, watching patiently as Renai went through that routine of making the seal, adding a random item and the *POOF* of it working. "Very good. That's the basics of scroll storage. Now, to make an attack of it.. you have to be aware of how big of a space you scribed.. and half it." Ishino reached out and carefully changed one of the marks on his seal. Once done, he'd touch fingers to the seal, the *POOF* cloud having that kunai streak through it to slam into the roof, lodging there in the wood above. "There's a reason why I number my Senbon. So I can recover them and know how many I have to add for the space I use."

Renai scoots back a little when the weapons go sailing toward the roof. She blinks in surprise and then looks back to him with a grin. That could be useful. Very useful, indeed.

"Oh! OH!" The Touketsu leaps up excitedly and runs out of the room and through his house. A door can be heard slamming and seconds of quiet are heard as she seems to have gone outside.

Then a flurry of noise as the girl rushes back in and the sound of wet skin against flooring as she peels off her drenched socks. Moments later, she is back, rain spattered and with hands coated in, yes, mud.

Flopping down with the large bowl of soppy earth, she starts working on a new scroll.

Ishino raises a brow as Renai runs off. He'd pause, then chuckle with a small shake of his head as Renai came back in. Watching in curiosity, Ishino let her work, a gremlin coming up, then another coming and hopping onto that one's shoulders and a towel was handed up from the bottom to the top one for it to start toweling off Renai as she worked. "I could of got that with the gremlin, Renai-san."

The girl tries to stay still so the gremlin can dry her off, but she seems far too excited to be compliant. Mud has a remarkable capability of getting everywhere and she seems to be making just as much of a mess that's been cleaned.

Finally, she grabs the bowl and upturns it, dumping the mud out with a splat. Her hands touch the chakra paper and *POOF* Well, most of it is gone.

Renai bounces a bit excitedly and then does what needs to be done to release it. And an ungodly, unholy result of splattering mud ensues among her woops! of happy triumph.

Ishino watched, both brows raising as she only sealed.. part.. of the mud. A small shift of his feet and *SPLAT!!!* Everywhere.



Ishino walks in the door, the mud revealing that henge on Time Keeper that had taken his place. Looking around the room, he shakes his head slightly and Time Keeper holds up a toothbrush. "Well. It seems we have a bonus lesson, Renai-san. You now learn not to use that sort of substance within scrolls without getting it fully organized. You also get to learn how long it takes for you to get all the mud out of.. everything. With a toothbrush."

The Touketsu inhales deeply as she sees what mess she has caused. The girl blinks innocently and presses her fingers to her lips, "Oops.." Her head turns as she hears her sensei enter from the door. She grimaces and looks briefly back to TK. The Touketsu is quiet while he speaks and then she accepts the toothbrush with a frown. She -also- didn't think about the fact that she can't really manipulate mud in any form that would be considered effective. It actually /would/ be more efficient to use a toothbrush.. and a lot less tiring.

Sighing in resignation, she starts to clean, rising to her feet and deciding to work her way from the top down. "Sorry, Sensei. I let my excitement cloud my thinking. I've been worried about not being able to manipulate the earth in Sunagakure should I need to defend myself." Renai bows her head apologetically and goes back to work on cleaning some puppet parts.

Ishino raises a brow as he'd shift on his feet lightly. "Indeed. Well, please try to keep it in mind in the future. You can manipulate the earth. I've tested you on that. We'll continue with it too. But.. if you are going to use Mud.." He looks around. "Not in my workshop." He looks back to her with a small smile. "Agreed? I'll leave you to it then." TK would pull out his own cleaning tool to start helping clean out the puppets as well, the gremlins hopping about as they'd get the bigger bits of Mud. Ishino headed further into his house, musing contemplatively.

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