Treat Sekisetsu, or Die Trying: Daichi’s Adventures in Women Land


Daichi, Sekisetsu

Date: Unknown (log received November 8, 2010)


Guilt had plagued Daichi’s mind after his might and kenjutsu brought an devastating defeat to Sekisetsu’s door. Even now, he had been sitting at her bed side, doing his duty as a mednin even while away from Konoha. But just what was Daichi asking for when he decides to remain until the Kuroenko awakens?

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Treat Sekisetsu, or Die Trying: Daichi’s Adventures in Women Land"

Medical Center [Kusagakure]


The Kusagakure Medical Center is a very pleasant, restful-feeling place. While reasonably clean and orderly, it is not the sort of sterile, straight-laced institution that most hospitals are. It is, in fact, something halfway between an ordinary hospital and a greenhouse. The hallways are lined on each side with flowerbeds, and planters are hung from the rafters and nailed to the walls. Stone walkways, frequently and meticulously swept, provide easy transit through the building, and the roof overhead is glass, allowing natural sunlight to pervade. Sweet, therapeutic smells are everywhere, and the hospital is never short of herbs and other materials for their remedies.





Daichi had been at her bed side for some time now. He was feeling very remorseful for the state he put her in. He would run the medical checkups before the assigned medics did, when he could. He had set a vase of flowers. Well wilting flowers, by her bed side. Daichi would be sitting waiting for her to come to. He wondered how mad she would be.


Three broken bones, fractures at the clavicle, and the bottom two ribs. Bleeding, severe, and until care, over a pint had been lost. Four major cuts, with infection at the cut at her leg, though treatment has been received. These things, were suffered at the hands of Daichi as a result of this match. Now, mind you, these injuries had not been ones unusual to fights like this. Torn muscle, chakra exhaustion, dehydration.. such were the nature of the beast called war, and both he and the beast called competition, had been related as cousins in this life. Seki, had been treated, and was by this time, fine, though the only reasons for blood lost, were the last blow of Daichi, which along with blood lost and chakra exhaustion were reasons for a now unconscious Kuroenko.

The fight had been a bitter one. Though she fought fiercely, anyone who had known how much Seki had changed within the confines of battle, could atest to what had been her failures. She hadn't fought with that insight, and that mischievous mind she had been known for. She was overconfident, and she didn't have fun. These two things made for a unique lost. Even now, her dream had been repeats of the blows inflicted to her in the fight. Daichi's face, would be in her head, smiling. Sure, Meruin had done no different than this boy in beating her sorely, but at least he had the decency to not smile about it!! Daichi's smiling face, would cause her to heat up, burning the sheets of her bed. Before long, the girl, who had been sweating a cold sweat even now, would find herself widening her eyes, and sitting up with a scream!! "-astard!!!", would be said as she would look around clenching to the blanket, and wondering just where she had been.


Daichi would look too see that Seki's vitals were stable, the seemed fine and as she rose up and burned her sheets it would only bring ease to Daichi's mind. "Oh, you're awake, and you're ok. Thats good." Daichi said with a soft smile. He looked to be very worried aabout her, but she didn't seem happy to see him. Daichi would motion to the vase of flowers "Umm….er, ya like flowers?" He asked trying to make something out of this intense moment now. "Don't move around so much, you might hurt yourself." Daichi said. His eyes locked on Seki.

Seki eyes would seem to make there way around the room only a small bit before she would here 'his' voice. Thinking she was dreaming, the girl would rub her eyes once, and then and again, and then scream, "…Yoouuuu???!!", before her left hand would flick once, and whip infront of her. She had readied, all in one motion, three tags, hardened them with the command seal, and hefted them at Daichi, seeking to impale the boy with razor sharp paper.

Daichi would wince as the girl became wild, "Wait, wait, wait…." he says as he flails his hands. He catches one of the seals, it cuts his hand though. Trying too dodge in a chair didn't go to well as that same hand was it again. Finally getting tired of this he deflected the last with a quick motion of his katana. Daichi winces as his hand bleeds. He wraps up the wound as he looks at it softly "SO, how are you feeling? I know this must be…different for you." Daichi finishes tending to his wound "Let's not get violent in here, it is a medical center." He adds trying to prevent Seki from attacking anymore.

"Wait my collarbone!! What the plusle are you doing he-Owwww!!!" Yep… that broken clavicle had been acting up it seemed, enough for the girl would curl into a ball momentarily, as she would seem to be looking around for her large scroll. "…Grah! You put me here, and have the nerve to come rubbing it in my face??!!!!", would be shouted with handseals, as she would seem to be trying to prepare one of her fire release jutsu. The problem with that?? Well, one has to inhale when using such, and with her ribs broken, the more she tried to inhale, the more she would hurt.. She would visible wince, and cough out a burp of flame, burning her lip!

"Aaahh… Mwyy twungue!!", would be said as she would look to the boy, who even now was trying to talk to her.. She would look to a silver object at her bed side, still attempting to get some sort of weapon. Reaching for the bed pan, she would shout, "Gwet Owt!!", and throw it at him.

Grabbing the weapon Daichi frowns "I know…and I'm not here to rub it in. I just want to apologize…my actions were unacceptable and I beg your forgiveness…" Daichi said. He looks at Seki was harming herself at his expense. "Please calm down, you're not in any condition for this kind of action. Look at yourself. Burned your own tongue now?" Daichi was astounded at how worked up she was getting, he was the same way after she thoroughly kicked his bunyan. Daichi would continue to bandage his hand. His next words were soft "Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you were…you know…doing well." Daichi cuts the bandage and puts the roll away.


Hearing the next reason, Seki, who was now on her feet in the bed, getting ready to throw her IV pole, would snort.. And then chuckle.. and then laugh long and loud poking her finger mockingly at Daichi!! Looks like he had earned his way back into softy mode again! "You.. wanted.. to apologize??", would be repeated just for emphasis as Seki would toss her head back and laugh even more. She would calm down, and say, "Just like I thought.. You Bitch! You learned nothing!!~", would be said with a shout, as she would then just stare at him, dropping her hands to her sides.. Little did she know, how loose her hospital gown was. It would drop about her, leaving her undeveloped body, naked.

Daichi would stare at Seki as she mocked him, he would shake his head with a slight grin "No…I did learn something." He lifted his head and folded his arms, trying too look all wise and stuff now he even closed his eyes. "I learned a lo about myself in our fight. Call me a bitch, but after all the time I spent training…all the thoughts of revenge that dwelled within me faded at the sight of the monster I became. That is why…" he made the mistake of opening his eyes. A naked young lady stood before him, it was the first time Daichi had seen one outside of an anatomy book. Needless to say he was….compromised, his face turned a cherry red and his nose leaked blood. His voice grew shakey "Er….ehh..ummm ahhh…eeeeeek….gown…gown….GOWN!" Daichi says as he covers his eyes and points at Seki's gown, located at her feet. "Why does this kind of thing always happen to me?"

Looking to the boy as he tried to act all smug, Seki would look to the boy with an even more smug look, and cry out, "Nope!!! Baka!!! You dummy!!! You are still doing it even now!!" For some reason, the room began to feel just a tad bit colder, but Seki was so set on telling Daichi what she wanted, that even now the gown would sit about her ankles without notice.. "You are still going easy on someone!! Even after a fight!! You stupid Leafer!! You guys are so self righteous, that you go easy on your opponent, even after you've won!! Remember that day at the lake?? When you were trying to go easy on me, and were getting all beat up?? You lost then!! You won now, and even now you are still losing, you ignorant twit!!!"

Seki, even now, had been too busy wagging her finger, to nosy that Daichi, had been hardly paying attention. The stuttering would start, and then Seki would seem him.. pointing, and shaking like a leaf, turning red, and bleeding fountains at the nose. She would look down to him, and say, "What the coffee is wrong with you and why the corset is it so clicking co-…!!!!!… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yep… someone had found out.

Her gown would be snatched up and with that Seki would snarl and say, "You perv-!!! Get out!!", and if Daichi hadn't wanted to run now, she would have a Great Fireball attack ready to chase him out.. and probably obliterate the hospital room door in the process.

Opening his eyes he can see the fire ball coming his way "PIIIIIIIE!" he says as he makes a dash for the hall. Barely escaping the fire Daichi is pressed up against the wall outside of Seki's room. He can't see here but he can understand how she feels. "I'm sooooooo sorry, it just happened, I didn't have anything to do with it." Daichi say whipping the blood from his nose. "I-I just wanted to ask you something that's all." Daichi revealed


Looking to her blast singe and burn the wall of her room, Seki would be panting, and wincing hard as her ribs would act up again. The wooziness would kick in right about then, as her vision would double, and Seki would feel herself drop to her knees.. The chakra exhaustion. She still hadn't gotten better from it. She was weakening a bit, and she would see that she had been not so good at trying to attack at a time like this when she was still healing.. Seki would look to the boy's apologies, and say, "Just leave!!!! Go and do something else, Leafer, or the next time, it won't just be fire!!!" With that, she would throw a seal at the door, and shut it behind Daichi, before she would turn over and rest..

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