Tree Walking lessons at the lake


Amata, Taree

Date: June 22, 2014


Amata helps Taree figure out her problems with learning tree walking.

"Tree Walking lessons at the lake"

Mist Lake of Kirigakure

It was another bright day at the Mist Lake in Kirigakure, well bright
for being shrouded in mist. Making an early start of the day Taree
would try to keep up with her training. The water manipulation
training was going really well. With very little help, she was
mastering and making new techniques. Regretfully on the more normal
skills, she was still finding it hard to learn from scrolls.

Sitting at the edge of the lake near a small cluster of trees, Taree
would find herself scroll in lap studying the technique of tree
walking yet again. The poor trees all around her showing evidence
where her problems were located. The trees showing several tracks of
stripped bark running up them. It was to the point that Taree even had
several different sandals and shoes in a pile next to the scroll.
Sighing as she finished the scroll, she would methodically try again.
Thinking aloud, "Well at first your don't succeed. Try it barefoot."
Moving over to a fresh tree, Taree would prepare herself to attempt to
run up it.

Walking up to the lake with her hands behind her, she peers at the
girl as she prepares to move up the tree barefoot. She hmms as she
watches, tilting her head one direction then the other. She looks left
and right before looking toward the girl again. Moving to the side,
she settles on to a small rock, watching and trying to see what it is
the girl is doing for sure before she interferes.

Taree was long since past the part about yelling on the way up. Taking
a couple of quick steps to pick up speed, she would place her foot on
the tree and try to run up it. Three steps up the tree her foot would
start to slip. Twisting her heal at angle to catch herself, the bark
would start to stick to her feet. Peeling off the tree as she takes
another three steps before coming down. Landing in a soft crotch,
grumbling under her breath, Taree would take a seat to clean bark of
her feet. Listening to something as if it was far off Taree would look
toward the lake then following something until she sees Amata.
Standing Taree would wave and give her a small bow. "Come to see me
fall on my face some? Its okay everybody falls."

A blink and then she shakes her head before letting out a sigh. She
looks at Taree and then starts toward her. She walks right past her,
not even responding as she casually walks up the tree and then settles
on to a branch before looking down at her and then looking at the
tree, "Do you know the difference between what I just did and what you
just did is?" She hmms and peers at the girl.

Shielding her eyes to look at Amata, Taree would think a moment.
"Besides seeing it down with practice ease, verses me using to little
chakra then way to much hurting the poor tree. Moreover, well my
spiders are laughing at me constant in my head, which just does not
help. They are asking me why climb it just use web and jump up."
Giving Amata a small smile Taree would look up at her and ask. "Any
suggestion on how I should do it better?" Looking a little sheepish as
she asked, hoping she did not get some of the other suggestions she
already gotten over and over.

"You are trying too hard." Amata states and idly leans on a knee,
looking down at the girl, "You ran right at the tree, trying to rush
up it and not even trying to feel the steps." She looks at the girl,
"In science, one experiments, each movement, observing the reactions
that take place. Noting everything then trying to learn from that."
She then looks at the tree, "You learned nothing from what you did.
You just rushed along, like some kind of bull in a china shop." She
nods her head, "Take a step, realize how it feels, and understand what
you are doing. Understand why it is or isn't working, then try to
replicate what does work and stop what doesn't."

Nodding softly to Amata, Taree would listen to everything she had to
say. It was definitely a bit different from everything she already
heard. Taking a moment to fix her hair and wipe her forehead Taree
would consider her options. "I knew I was trying to hard. That is my
nature." Coming over to put her foot on the tree, only to pause a
second then look at her hand. Leaning against the tree, Taree would
stand on her tippie toes and put her both hands above her head on the
tree. Feeling the bark in her hands, taking a moment to think about
it, Taree would bend her knees lifting her legs. Hanging all her
weight from her hands touching the tree. A look of surprise on her
face for a moment as she just hangs there for a good few minutes.
Eventually one hand would pop off the tree, the other hand holding a
bit longer before her feet touched the ground. "I know kind of not the
point to use your hands. However, I thought we are much more used to
using chakra in are hands. Thought it might be easier to get the feel
of it first."

Watching, Amata would hmm and then states, "Maybe." She listens to the
girl and then leans forward, "Do you intend to climb trees with your
hands?" She hmms and peers at the girl, tilting her head before
nodding to the tree, "Use your feet only. One does not experiment on
dogs when you wanna find out about cats." She nods her head, "Feet
only, try again." She nods her head.

Shaking her head, knowing Amata was right about the hands; Taree would
try it once again using her feet. Holding one bare foot against the
tree Taree would wiggle her toes. Concentrating to get the feel of it,
she would slide her foot up and down a little slowly until the chakra
caught on the bark. Holding it there for a minute, before she looked
around and wished she had something to grab her hands on to. Taking a
deep breath Taree would lift her foot off the ground and on the tree.
Taking a minute to finally stick the other foot on the tree. Nodding
to herself when she was about to take another step up the tree. Then
promptly falling on the ground as she exhales. Standing cleaning
herself off Taree would look up and Amata and giggle a little, "Let me
guess again this time do not hold your breath."

A tilt of her head and Amata nods, "You're catching on." She then
shifts on her spot, hopping down and looking at Taree. She tilts her
head, "You see. You are trying to do things every way except the way
you would." She walks up the tree and peers at her, "You are starting
to learn but do you see what I am doing?" She idly stands there on the
side of the tree, like she always does, hands in her lab coat as she
looks down at the girl, "Do you yet understand the difference between
what I'm doing and what you are doing?"

Taree would contemplate what Amata was doing. Looking up at her, the
hands idly in her lab coat giving it away after a few breath moments.
Catching herself being distracted as her mind wandered a moment
thinking about how to use the knowledge. Taking her foot and placing
it on the tree. Following it with the next foot. Taking a Step and
holding it. Her hair and body swaying a little. "You’re not thinking
about it. just do it. Your body will do the rest once you have the
feel of it." Speaking of course making Taree start to slide down the
tree. Having to take another step down to catch herself. Holding for a
few seconds more before dropping off the tree.

"Close." Amata states and then looks at her carefully as she falls off
the tree. She looks at her with a tilt of her head, "I do think about
it. I do." She nods her head, "Just I don't really think about it
much." She nods her head, "Much like you don't think much about
walking…but you do. You wish to take a step so you do." She states
and then nods her head, "So, in a way you are right, your body does
the rest. The thing about it is…when you first learned to walk, you
had to think about it." She nods her head, "When you were successful,
however, you realized you were successful by simply being you."
She takes a breath, "You fail to walk up the tree because you are
trying to walk up the tree differently than you try to walk on the
ground. You still need to think about it…you don't know how yet."
She nods her head, "You need to think about the fact that you need
chakra at your feet, the precise amount. The amount that will neither
push you away nor break the tree. However, you need to stop trying to
do so by being different, acting different or thinking differently
than when you are on the ground. You simply need to walk and add in
the idea that you must do it with chakra on your feet. Don't try to
run, don't try to balance, don't think about walking differently.
Think merely about walking but…with chakra on your feet."

Leaning against the tree Taree would think about it some more. Nodding
to Amata at that yes she was over thinking about it. "I am just
thinking on all the little ways this can be used. From holding a blade
for a perfect grip to just keeping your hair perfectly in place."
Poking the tree with her finger. Experimenting a little letting the
chakra stick, sometimes not. "Precise amounts of chakra is not the
problem. I think I just hmm choke up on and stop my chakra from
flowing threw my body. I need to stop thinking about it. In addition,
just let my body consider the chakra on my feet as part of me.
Therefore, it continues to flow. Not run out after a few moments
because you do not let it flow continuously." Walking back to her pile
of different shoes, Taree would slide back on her sandals. Pausing to
take a moment and just feel the sandals on her feet. Letting the
chakra flow imagining the sandals were the bark on the tree. Letting
the sandal slide then don't. "Thank you Amata sensei. You’re getting
me to think the right way about it." Walking slowly up the tree for a
few steps, Taree would continue stop then turn to walk back down.
Starting to slip when she was near the bottom of the tree again.
Swearing softly as she fell the last little bit on the ground. "My
fault I stopped and thought about walking on the tree then normal on
the ground"

A nod and then Amata states, "The chakra isn't flowing out of you."
She shakes her head, "Your chakra flows through you already." She nods
her head, "It simply needs to flow out of you then back in. That is
why shinobi do not run out of chakra simply by walking on a tree." She
nods her head, "It isn't about sending it out…that is why you break
the tree or rip the bark. It is about letting it flow out then in, as
if extending the circulation that it already has through you. When it
circulates out of you and then back in it makes what you are walking
on a part of you. Gripping you to it. You then just walk normally."

Nodding again Taree would think about the chakra going in and out.
Thinking a moment about different theories of chakra. Then having an
idea pop in her head. Reaching behind her back pulling a kunai out of
her backpack. Holding the kunai in her hand, Taree would lower her
other hand on top of the kunai. Think for a brief moment before she
would raise her hand the kunai sticking to her hand as it rose in the
air. "Yah this is going to be really useful." Watching the kunai just
float against her hands for a moment. Letting it drop to her other
hand when he novelty wore off. Putting the kunai away, checking to
make sure it was safely stored. Taree would walk back to the tree, and
look at it. Gathering her will she would walk up it. Taking her time
a three paces off the ground, letting herself turn and just walk
horizontally along the tree. Slipping once or twice but was able to
catch herself Taree would giggle as she walked back down the tree.
Stepping off and giving Amata a big hug. "Thanks again, now I just
need days and days of practice"

Nodding once, Amata would then turn and start toward the lake, "Good."
She states, "Do not stop until you cannot fail." She nods her head, "I
don't care how many times you get it right, slip even once…practice
more." Amata nods and then keeps walking as she hits the water and
just keeps going, "Till next we meet, Taree."

Taree would be eager to try it again and again. Waving to Amata as she
just walked off. Calling a thank you as she got a bit farther away.
Each trip up and down Taree would try to go a little higher. Finally
just walking down and standing on the side of the tree. Reaching
behind her back practicing getting her canteen from her pack. Takes a
sip and putting it away. Only little wobble and sliding. Talking to
herself, "Well guess thats why they call it practice makes perfect."

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