Trick or Treat... With My Fist!


Akechi, Kanbei

Date: October 24, 2012


The mission is to escort a group of kids out trick or treating. A bully and then his friends get involved.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Trick or Treat… With My Fist!"

Inside Kumogakure

It would a cold moonlit night in the Land of Lightning and Akechi would be handed a mission a rather simple on that someone of his skill and class would have the pleasure of picking just one other ninja for this. Thus he handpicked Kanbei since he was the only one located in the training grounds at this hour. After explaining the mission he would then smirk as they were given three kids and a dog to watch out for. Looking over the route and showing it to Kabbei he would go over the set schedule before laughing softly as he tapped his to make sure he still had their attention. "Okay my name is Akechi, this is Kanbei we are your protecters on this mission and you are?" Akechi would extend a finger as he pointed from tallest to little "Riji, Eiji, Keiko, and spike." nodding his head he would look over to Kanbei to see if he had anything else he would like to add. For the most part he and Riji looked to be about the same age.

Kanbei had been out of in the training grounds practicing hard. He was thinking of his previous failures. Images of his last couple of missions running through his head. Yeah, the missions were a success, but not really do to him. As Akechi approached him, he snapped back into reality. "Uh sure." the boy states. He was not comfortable doing another mission, but Akechi seemed excited.
The details of the mission were simple. Just make sure the kids follow the route and make sure they are not bullied or anything. He looks each one over as they are introduced. He offers nothing to add. Just a simple nod of the head.
"Okay since everyone knows each other I'm going to scout ahead and have Kanbei watch over here." Akechi would slightly as he did this Riji looks him up and down "tsk, this guy is supposed to watch us…I feel so safe now." Shaking his Akechi laughed before looking back at Kanbei "there is a reason that he is a ninja and you are not that he should be in charge here." Shifting back as he dashed away to go and find a spot for a nap, afterwards Kanbei would have three pair of eyes locked on him as they waited for his next lead.

Kanbei watches as the kid makes a comment about him. He does not bother to respond. He really hated the idea of being belittled by the kid but then again it was not like he could fend off a wolf. He remains straight faced as Akechi stands up for him.
Once Akechi is gone, Kanbei looks at the map. "Lets follow the route. Be sure to stay on the route and do not deviate. I really do not want to have to go and find you." Kanbei then moves forward leading the group. "So why do you need protection?" he asks, attempting to make conversation.
Riji would stick up his nose as he spoke "tsk, you're the great and powerful ninja what do you tell us." Eiji rolled his eyes before keeping the pace to speak softly "well our mother don't trust him to watch us since last year…he burn down the house and killed the cats. And that's what we have a dog." The badly of them Keiko would frown as he held on to spike tightly "yeah he was such an idiot if it wasn't cause of Akechi older sister we would've all been dead." Noodling her head and the dog barked as they kept up with Kanbei for the most part. Bring off to trick and treat they made sure to return to his side afterwards. For the most part it was smooth sailing.

There is not a whole lot Kanbei can say as the other continues to berate him. He then glances back as he hears the kid burned down their house. At each stop, Kanbei watches and waits for them to return to him. His patience was wearing thin with the one known as Riji. The others seemed ok. Soon he'd have to decide how to put Riji in his place without blowing the mission.
The kids would head to another house however this time around they would run into some trouble a bigger kid twice the side of Kanbei would crack his knuckles as he held out his bad. "Hey kids there are a toll to pass through Hijime path." Hijime would have his fist draw back since Riji lipped off to him and thus Keiko would scream out Kanbei name. If Kanbei was fast enough he would be able to rush over there in time to stop the conflict from getting out of hand.

Kanbei was there pretty quickly. His hands came up into seals as he moved inbetween the bully and Riji. Hijime ended up punching, him right in the face. Of course that probably hurt Hijime more than the other children realized. The image of Kanbei turns into dirt and rocks. It starts to fall apart and Kanbei appears behind the bully. "I will pay your toll with my earth style. Did you know that for those who have practiced the style, one can call upon the earth to drag a body down into the ground, then cause it to swirl until it grinds the body into dust?" There is a smile on Kanbei's face. He's begging for the bully to call his bluff. He then raises his hands up as if preparing to make the proper symbols. "I am sure that no one here will have seen anything…"
Hijime would have throbbing hand as he looked at the earth clone before shaking his head "let's keep it easy now…there is no need to have a ninja start candy right?" Hijime would turn tail in run shouting as he darted away "you all will pay for this." Keiko would walk up to Kanbei and smile offering a piece of candy as well as Eiji however Riji would shift once more. "We didn't need your help…anyone we should head to the next house." Hijime however would be rounding up a small group of friends before trying to track down the group. Akechi would slowly find himself waking up from his nice little nap as he started to search for the kids using a clone to aid in this adventure.

The fact the boy was gone was a small success on its own. Kanbei shook his head as he was offered the candy. "You keep it. Thank you though." He more or less ignored Riji. It was back to the mission. Kanbei remains sentry as the kids move to the house. Just because he got rid of one bully did not mean there were not others. He glanced at the map looking over the route. He was hoping to finish the mission soon and be able to part ways with these kids.
Akechi would be having a hard time trying to kids as he couldn't for the life of him recall what the map looked like, as for Kanbei and the group the little dog would jump out of Keiko hand and take off. This resulted with the whole group following her and the down a dark alley then a group. When they started to close off the exits Hijime and a large group of kids would start to slowly approach them from all sides. The kids would gather around all but Riji as he deflected over to the other side and was going to help try and beat up Kanbei. The was into Hijime punched him dead in the nose and pushed his down.
Kanbei chased after the dog, more because the kids were. As long as they all stayed together, he had a better chance to protect them. It was if they seperated that he would run into trouble. That is until the dog ran into the alley with a group of bullies. "Just my luck…" Kanbei states. Of course this time he does not step in when Riji attempts to defect and is punched down.
"Stay together kids. I will handle this." The first move for Kanbei was to select an area with the most bullies. He moves off to the right, while making seals. His hand then punches against the ground forcing bits of earth to fly up and pelt them. It was not life threatening, but effective in causing pain. Then he turns and elbows Hijime in the stomach as the boy came to attack him. Though he was not able to keep up with most animals, simple villagers were not an issue. He makes one more set of hand signs before pressing his hand to the ground and shooting more rocks up at the now bent over Hajime. "I am taking it easy on you. The next time I so much as see you, I will bury you up to your shoulders in the earth and let them play kick ball with your head. Do you understand me?" he asks. He then turns around and gives an evil eye towards the other two. They had already seen their friends get dropped. "Run away or you will share his fate."
Then Kanbei looks down towards Riji. While he should not have let the boy get knocked down, it was more effective to leave him on the ground and work around him than to have him possibly interfere or even worse, attack Kanbei. The kid seemed like trouble. "As for you Riji, if you really want a piece of me, once the mission is over you can have your chance."

Just then two of the children would try and get the drop on Kanbei as he stood over Kanbeu when Akechi showed up holding the boys in a head lock. "Oh so you did Kanbei…about time I was wondering when you was going to hit him." Akechi tone was joking as he tossed the boys around before helping Riji up who eyes were full of tears. "Sorry Kanbei…it just you being a ninja and my age makes me feel so weak, you have so much responsibility while I have none. I was jealous of you okay." AKechi would sigh at the sudden display of emotion as he yawned and moved around slightly before he tapped his foot onto the ground for a short moment.

"Okay time to get you kids back home and nice job Kanbei you did rather well I watched your progress greatly." Smirking for a short moment before he scratched the back of his head they would dart off toward their house hold during this walk Kanbei and the others would have a chance to talk to one another. If there were nothing else to say they would appear outside the house Spiked licked him on the cheek while Keiko kissed him. Eiji would nod and slip him a candy bar before speaking softly "hey man relax sometime you're still a kid like us so please try and enjoy the season. Riji would just look at him before struggling to get the words out "thanks for showing me what strength is." Dashing passed him he would enter the house leaving Kanbei and Akechi by themselves.
"So how did you like your first mission alone? Based on what I seen you did a really good job I'm proud of you." Akechi would mess his hair up as he smiled softly before yawning and shifting around and scuffed up his hair a little waiting for some type of response.

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