Tricky Trappy Trouble


Kurome (emitter), Kenta, Hikaru, Zankuro

Date: June 15, 2015


A small team has been sent to take out some meddlesome bandits, but is the mission really that simple?

"Tricky Trappy Trouble"

Land of Fire

Madarabi Path [Fire Wild Parent]

Heavy trees and brush remain in abudance along the the main dirt path of the forest. Massive roots bulge out from the green earth, tangling the dense forests making it difficult for even the general wildlife to navigate through it. Wooden posts line along the main path to help caravns navigate. The thick forestry blots out rays of sunlight, offering dim lit ambience. Two particular posts lie to the east, marking a grandiose cobble stone path.


Now why on earth were those from Konoha all the way down south, slowly nearing the Land of Rivers and Land of Wind? Well, that's because there have been sightings of bandits! Oh no! Much like most bandits, these guys just enjoy threatening people and taking their lunch money. They probably aren't that much of a threat, but complaints about them have been escalating, and now a team has been sent out to take care of them.

Every team needs a medic-nin and Kenta's "it" today. The young man's as prepared as he always is, having filled his backpack, medical pouch, vest pockets and belt pouches with all the materials that he'd ever need for such a mission. They may look a little bulky, but most of the materials are pretty light weight in comparison to the everyday equipment sported at the hospital. By now, Kenta knows exactly what to bring and has less fussy copies of just about everything he needs short of an organ transplant. And he can perform emergency transplants in other ways as needed.
While he's prepared for a medical disaster, Kenta's not too worried about the job. Bandits are run of the mill, even if the bandits turn out to be decent shinobi. Besides, he has two good shinobi working with him too - Hikaru and Zankuro. One's a subordinate that he trusts. The other is a peer that's proven to be stout of heart. Nevertheless, Kenta keeps his wits about his as the team gets closer to where the bandits were spotted.

Hikaru wasn't /too/ worried about this newest mission. After all, they were only hunting bandits, not Recluse members. Still, he keeps his guard up as he walks along beside Kenta, admittedly feeling a bit better with him around in case anyone needed emergency medical attention. Zankuro was here, too… Hikaru just glanced at him, almost feeling that the other Sarutobi might know what he was feeling. Hope that this mission went much more smoothly than the last one.
They seemed to be moving along at a steady pace, but that wasn't as easy as it seemed. This forest was /dense/. Hikaru had to be careful not to trip as he maneuvered over the large tree roots and hopped over fallen logs and undergrowth. If anything was going to test his stamina, it was the simple act of /getting/ to the place.

If Zankuro took note of Hikaru's glance, he certainly did not outwardly show it. The elder Sarutobi's vision stayed true to their course; only altering to pursue a disturbance in the area or measure an area ahead for traps. For all intents and purposes, the teen was the very definition of a dedicated and fully alert shinobi, and not the lazy, good-for-nothing most in the village have come to expect of him. And for the most part, this really was the case. Mostly. Sort of. Maybe?
'I wonder… if there's gonna be a sell today..' He thought idly.

"The density of this part of the forest isn't going to help us very much when it comes to finding the bandits, but they're bound to be laying in wait for travelers. This is the quickest, easiest and normally safest route through the area, so there's probably ambush points along it," Kenta tells his comrades in a naturally soft voice that he's pitching even lower to prevent sound from carrying. "We should all use Henge to make ourselves look like normal travelers, so that the bandits won't realize we've actually been sent to deal with them. We'll get them when they attack us. Unless anyone have a better idea, I feel that's what we should go with."

COMBAT: Kenta focuses 3480 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Kenta defends against with a PERCEPTION…28

Nodding, Hikaru follows Kenta's advise and summons his chakra, weaving his seals quietly to morph his body into another form, that of a simple villager he had seen recently back in the village. Kenta was far more experienced, and so he would be paying close attention to what he had to say. This could be a valuable learning experience. Once transformed, he follows along behind his superior, also keeping an ear out to make sure Zankuro was still keeping close behind them.

COMBAT: Hikaru focuses 2873 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RP: Hikaru uses HENGE.
RPCOMBAT: Hikaru defends against with a PERCEPTION…10

Zankuro had only really caught bits and pieces, so to say it takes him awhile to digest it all would be an understatement. Fortunately, Kenta's plan is so simple and straight-forward, so soon enough, the elder Sarutobi is nodding along in agreement. Well, start to at first, only to jerk to a stop and really give the plan some thought. "Heheh… Its your call, Kenta-san, though… do ya mind if I hang back a ways? Just in case? Ya know, shadow you two and jump in if things get bad?" Regardless of the answer, Zankuro begins gathering chakra in preparation for the battle promised ahead.

COMBAT: Zankuro focuses 4128 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Zankuro defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…36

And! … Oh, the Shinobi aren't all that perceptive, it seems… They don't get to see the huge trap they're walking into. Some of the explosive tags that were set up. Flash bangs. Wire trips that would drop a net over its victims… Poor Kenta and Hikaru would have no warning as all these traps were sprung. Unless Zankuro warned them… But he was a bit far from the pair by hanging back, and it'd be harder for him to see everything… *BOOM*

[NPC System]: Enemy roll(s) Traps vs Explosion & Net vs Kenta from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Enemy roll(s) Traps vs Explosion & Net vs Kenta from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Enemy roll(s) Traps vs Explosion & Net vs Hikaru from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Kurome
[NPC System]: Enemy roll(s) Traps vs Explosion & Net vs Hikaru from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Kurome

RP: Kenta uses TELEPATHY-II.
RPCOMBAT: Kenta defends against with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…69

Kenta doesn't look like Kenta by this points. Instead, he's a very short young girl who's walking arm in arm with her older brother (Hikaru). The disguised Chuunin had also set up a telepathic network between all three of them, just in case they need to communicate quickly. He had expected that Zankuro might get ambushed at the rear before him and Hikaru run into any trouble. How wrong he is.
"Watch out!" Kenta exclaims when the trap goes off. His Henge, which proved to be useless after all, dissipates to reveal his true face again. Kenta unlinks his arm from Hikaru's, jumps forwards and slams a hand into the ground. A seal array spreads out at the point of contact between his palm and the dirt. Within seconds he had called up a barrier of chakra around the two of them.

Hikaru gasps as the traps go off, suddenly making a lot of flashing, noise, and explosions. He ducks down quickly and is relieved to see Kenta's chakra barrier protecting them. But what about Zankuro? Hikaru quickly looks back to check if he's alright, hoping that he didn't get entangled as well.

Zankuro had been taken aback by Kenta's agreement to the admendment, but did not stay shaken for long. After slapping his cheeks to get himself worked up, the teen follows the others all stealthy-like until a glimmer from a wire up ahead catches his eyes.
Even with the advantage of a telepathy link, the warning is still a slow one, and more than likely drowned out by panicked thoughts. The good guy in him demanded that he rushed forward to help. He almost follows through with the impulse. However, he held back and double checked their surroundings for any bandits coming out the wordwork. If he can just scare them enough then — ~No duh! I'm look'n for your trappers. Are you two alright?~ He hastilly communicates.

The bandits are … Surprisingly thoughtful in their approach. They saw the barrier Kenta put up and decided to reconsider for the time being. No attacks would spring forth, nor would any more traps show up. They probably used all the traps for that one magnificent one, in all honestly. Those who are really seeking out the enemy might notice a piece of cloth that was caught on the branches of a barren tree. Black cloth.

RPCOMBAT: Kenta defends against with a VITAL-SEARCH-TECHNIQUE…68

Hikaru nods, recovering from his startle and slowly standing up. He did see the black cloth, and peered into the distance past the trees, trying to catch any sign of human movement. Stealth and perception weren't exactly his strong suit, but he would do his best…

RP: Hikaru stops using HENGE.
RPCOMBAT: Hikaru defends against with a PERCEPTION…10

Zankuro did not need to be told twice. As soon as the suggestion was made, Zankuro nodded curtly at took off. It is only after a minute has passed that it occurs to him to actually 'think' a reply back. Silly Sarutobi…. But in any case! While the black cloth is taken note of, Zankuro placed his faith in Hikaru, as did Kenta. Welllll mostly, because after that whole last mission, it paid to be a bit more perceptive for one's own sake as well as their allies. >.>

COMBAT: Zankuro attacks target 1 with STEALTH-II with a roll of: 31
RPCOMBAT: Zankuro defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…39

Kenta would sense that there were two people, neither of them moving. But judging from their lungs, they were probably talking quietly. Zankuro would even get to sneak up on them once he saw them hiding behind those bushes over there. Yep! Despite the rocky start, things were looking up for the Konoha shinobi!
Kenta palms a black pill from one of his pouches and pops it into his mouth. He swallows it before he shakes his head at Hikaru. He tells the younger shinobi. "I don't see anyone. Ummm… whomever set this trap must not be around. We should keep walking and see if we can catch them further along the path." At the same thing, Kenta's sending a telepathic message, using his spoken speech as a cover. <"You guys ready? On my mark… One… two… three! Hikaru, you're up!">

Hiakru watched and listened as Kenta spoke. The man was brilliant, an expert in the art of deception. Hikaru got ready. At his mental signal, he swiftly palmed two shuriken and flung them towards the bushes, aiming to drive out the attackers and hopefully hurt them. 'Kill two birds with one stone?' he mused with an internal smirk, but his outer countenance remained determined and focused. He /had/ to get them.

COMBAT: Hikaru attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 15
COMBAT: Hikaru attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 13

What Zankuro lacked in speed, he more than made up for in mental prowress. Granted, this is not something everyone might agree with back at home, but still! Kenta's warning also helped a ton too, though he did wish Kenta gave him a little more time to actually get into position. Nevertheless, there's a pair of kunai awaiting the throats of the bandits in hiding the moment they moved to avoid Hikaru's flush attack.

COMBAT: Zankuro attacks target 1 with DECISIVE-ACTION with a roll of: 22

The moment the alarm goes up, Rise did not hesitate to make a break for it. An impulsive and foolish decision, sure, but with any luck, she hoped to be fast enough to hit them while they were still getting prepared.

COMBAT: Zankuro attacks target 1 with DECISIVE-ACTION with a roll of: 20

Wha-what D: How did they find them so fast D:!!! The two men that were hiding out don't get killed, but they do yelp from the pain of getting a nice kunai to the arm or torso. Ow, that was painful! ;.; The pair jump up, only … to have Zankuro right behind them with a kunai at their throats. x.x \._./ "We give up…." they both say meekly. Wow! That was a lot of trouble to go through for these two weak sauce bandits :|

Kenta's ready for action when his two comrades flushes out the bandits. His fingers move into a new series of configurations as he forms the hand seals. He rapidly dissolves the black pill that he swallowed and molds the chemicals released by it into the chakra that he gathered for the purpose. But the young man hesitates when the bandits simply give up right from the start. "Ummm… that seemed pretty easy…" he mutters, looking slightly taken aback. "Good job, everyone."
Kenta cautiously approaches Zankuro's prisoners. It's a little suspicious that they gave up right away. They -can't- be as weak as they're pretending to be. Just as a precaution, Kenta purses his lips and puffs out sleeping mist into both of the bandit's faces to knock them out for a second. He removes some balls of gauze bandage from his medical pouch for Hikaru to tie them up with. "Make the bindings nice and tight. Arms behind their backs and at least four loops around, making sure that there's no space to fit a finger between the gauze and their skin. But don't make it tight enough to cut off circulation. Umm… Then, tie them up around the torso, so they won't be able to move their arms either," he instructs.

Hikaru nods and does as instructed, checking his bindings carefully at every turn and looking to Kenta for approval. This was a good skill to learn… When the bandits were nice and tied up, the Genin grins and gives the team a thumbs up. "Nice! Mission success!" he announces, proud that they were able to do something without anyone getting scathed. And to celebrate? Ramen!

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