Trouble at the Docks


Katsurou, Ishino, Chiaki

Date: June 1, 2013


Ishino leads Katsuoru and Chiaki on a mission to protect the Land of Water's harbor from vandalizing shinobi.

"Trouble at the Docks"

Land of Water harbor

They expected trouble.

With Kirigakure and the Land of Water helping grow their trade off the recent disruptions, there were other lands that would be jealous. Why not? they are mired in their own troubles and would rather bring the Land of Water down, instead of try to mirror their success. They didn't want to be seen as dictators, afterall. Either way, the trouble was coming.

Ishino, sent with Katsurou and Chiaki were deployed to the local dock. There was a ship coming in from Iwagakure specifically. With this in mind, they expected trouble from the land of Earth and wanted their nin out there to be prepared. Ishino had Time Keeper ready, watching the docks from a central location while he requested that Chiaki and Katsurou both sweep along the docks to verify the trouble wasn't already here.

Chiaki leaps from boat to boat, hiding in the shadows and surveying the area as she followed Ishino's orders. So far there was not much that she could see, but that could change quickly if she did not remain vigilant. She's never really worked with Ishino or Katsu before, but that should not prove to be a problem. This was one of her first missions since Fuuta had her being shark bait, and she just had to hope that this one did not take a similar turn. She shudders slightly at the thought before pausing survey once more before sweeping her side of the docks again. Once she was satisfied, she silently returned to Ishino to report her findings "Nothing so far Ishino-san. What are your next orders?"

Slowly coming back into his own self, Katsurou was glad to have been called on to help out on a mission. The Shirayuki teenager can be seen crouched down on top of a wooden post that made up the pier. His brows furrowed at the bright sunlight and his loose blonde hair fluttered in the wind in front of his face. For the most part he stood there observing the area around them and waiting for any kind of trouble. He looks over in the direction he knew Chiaki and Ishino would be to see if they had spotted anything yet.

Ishino nods in response as Chiaki says nothing is shown so far. He'd look over towards where Katsurou was at, seeing that he's still on post, he'd muse for a moment. Glancing back at his own puppet, he'd follow what it saw out to what looked like a boat coming in towards the docks. Studying it for a moment, Ishino would point towards it. "That's what we're waiting for." With a small motion, Time Keeper would flicker over to stand beside Katsurou. Chittering, it'd wait for his attention before pointing out the boat coming in. Ishino looks to Chiaki then. "We let them land. We let them disembark and unload. Trade is trade. Stay out of sight. If they show hostility, we stop it. Try to not use lethal force. Understood?"

Chiaki nods at Ishino and moves into one of the shadows the building remaining in hiding as she keeps her gaze locked onto the foreign ship. She sighs silently to herself from the mention of nonlethal force. Thankfully Meruin has not taught her how to craft any stronger poisons, thankfully most of hers were not lethal in small doses. Still, at least it would give her a chance to practice some of her self control, and if anyone would need to practice that it would be her. She reaches into her pouch and pulls out a few poison tipped senbons, hiding them between her knuckles as she stares down the vessel, watching for any hint of ill intentions.

Katsurou would notice Time Keeper almost right away once it would flicker next to him. Following the direction of where it was pointing at, the Shirayuki spots the boat heading into port. He looked over towards Ishino's direction and gave a nod to tell him that he understood why he was getting his attention. For now Katsurou stood at the ready in case any trouble started to brew, but he showed no intentions of advancing…at least not yet. The Shirayuki took this moment to scan the area around them. He could almost feel trouble in the air. Call it a shinobi's sixth sense.

So it was ready. The boat pulled up smoothly to the dock and some sailors hopped out to tie it off. Ishino, with Time Keeper back by his side, watched while the puppet held an umbreall over the both of them. The dock master came out to sign the boat in to the dock, getting their shipment name and paying docking fees. That's when it'd happen. One to the left, one to the right, that small flicker of motion that had two shinobi leaving that boat. They hopped over to the next two docks, diving onto boats nearby. It wouldn't be long before the soft sound of hammering came out of the boats. They were trying to sink the ships. Frowning, Ishino looked over to Katsurou, motioning to the one closest to him to aprehend, he'd then look to where he knew Chiaki was at, pointing at the other boat. They were being covert, so hopefully the two could be covert and no one could complain. If not? Well.. Ishino was there to make sure it didn't get too out of hand.

Chiaki would nod at Ishino, moving towards the boat Ishino mentioned, attempting to blend into the shadows as she moves closer in. She watches the shinobi with an icy glare, waiting for the right moment to strike as she moved into position. She discreetly looks over to where Katsu and Ishino are keeping an eye on them as well. Things could go south quickly, and she had no idea of Katsu's ability to remain unseen. Still, even if somehow things were to get ugly, it would give her an excuse to not hold back on them. Right now the only thing she could do was stay hidden and wait on her orders to apprehend the shinobi.

Catching eye contact with Ishino, Katsurou did not have to be told twice that this was the trouble they had come to expect. The Shirayuki leapt off of the post he was crouched on and charges for the nearby ship he had seen one of the targets jump aboard on. While in his sprint, he performed a series of hand seals then began running along side the ship opposite of the side that the enemy had used.

As Chiaki and Katsurou got closer to the ships, they'd hear the hammering stronger. The hostile nin, who thought they got away without being seen were standing just above the water line. A chisel was in one hand, they were quietly hammering a hole into the boat. It's about as red handed as you can get in terms of sabatoge. Ishino was actually not in sight for them, expecting Chitose and Kat to handle the two that lept away. He was there to make sure more didn't get out, and to stop any trouble that may stir up when those two who had left the boat were caught.

Chiaki smirks slightly to herself as Ishino gets out of her line this could be her chance to use a little more force than what was necessary. She waits a few more moments before leaping out of her hiding place with two senbon flying ahead of her. They were coated in her more debilitating, she was hoping that he would be feeling too light headed to really put up that much of a struggle. She slams her fist into their sternum pushing him back as she attempted to throw off his balance. "If you surrender, I may let you live, if not well…I hope you do not have anyone to go home to…" She glares at him, focusing her ki as her body slowly began shifting and changing in front of him. Her tail flicks from side to side as she awaits his response, seeming to be giving him a somewhat sporting chance.

The enemy shinobi must not have been prepared for any kind of resistance considering how ill prepared and surprised they were to see Katsurou standing on the side of the ship with the help of his tree walking skill. It took a few moments for the shinobi that was banging away at the side of the ship to look up and realise that the Shirayuki was just a few feet above him just staring at him. Attempting to run away, the hostile nin turns but is met with another Katsurou. Using the same trick he played on the Iga girl he had spared with just the other day. The distraction was the clone form of him while the real Katsurou snuck up behind and already had his Water Prison Technique working. By the time the hostile nin realised what was happening, it was too late for him to retaliate. The clone on the side of the ship vanishes into a puff of smoke and the globe of water from the sea below finishes fully encasing the unsuspecting hostile. "I want you to come and talk to a friend of mine." The Shirayuki says as he peers at the enemy shinobi.

The two they attacked would indeed be caught off guard. The one that Chitose hit with the senbon, then struck would fall splashing into the water. Yep, totally didn't expect that coming from a girl. They'd start splashing around, begging for help, they couldn't swim!! Meanwhile, Katsurou caught the other one with the water prison, the person flailing about rather violently within the bubble, trying to break free and push at that control Katsurou had. They didn't want to go talk to someone it seems. Ishino, listening, would have Time Keeper flicker away, checking on Chiaki to make sure she was ok, then heading over for Katsurou after verifying that Chiaki hadn't come to any harm. The puppet would wait, watching as Kat dealt with the flailing genin.

Chiaki raises an eyebrow down at the flailing rogue shinobi, watching him splash around with a slow smile creeping onto her face. "Hm, why should I help? Letting you drown seems like a much better option…less people to drag back to interrogate…" She lets out a low, dark chuckle letting him get within an inch of drowning before leaning over and dragging him out of the water. "I hope you realize how kind of a gesture this is…now hold still…" She pulls out some rope from her pouch and binds his hands and feet together before dragging him back to the docks.

Katsurou stands on top of the water's surface with his hand extended to where he is still focusing on the globe of water that has the hostile nin trapped. The Shirayuki watches the shinobi flail and thrash about within the Water Prison Technique with a blank expression on his face. After a few moments Katsurou spoke up. "You can stop that now. If you havent broken free of this technique yet, you're not likely going to be able to do it with all your energy exhausted from kicking and screaming like a baby." He says in a calm demeanor. Looking over his shoulders he tries to get a visual on where Ishino or at the least, Time Keeper is at the moment.

Time Keeper would launch itself into the bubble, wrapping about the genin in some sort of twisted straight jacket. The puppet would drag the genin out of the water bubble, putting them both on the dock, the limbs of the genin twisted about by the surprisingly limber length of Time Keeper that had them cranked to that almost breaking point. TK would chitter at Kat, a bob of it's head to nod towards where Ishino was at. Chiaki would of course, get her own genin tied up and could escort him back as well. Ishino watched on, under his umbrella as the ship was unloaded, the captain's 'surprise' look at the two Iwa genin that were brought to a stop next to Ishino, he'd just watch as the rest of the cargo was unloaded and the captain grimly pointed at Ishino, then drew his thumb across his throat before weighing anchor and leaving without the two shinobi. "Good work you two. Very excellently done. I think we can get some more information from these two as well. We always have a way to make such people talk.."

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