Trouble in Paradise!! - Welcome to Paradise Isle


Sekisetsu, Meruin, Sadako, Daomi

Date: April 13, 2011


Paradise Isle, home of the exclusive new island resort, The Secret Springs, is under attack by pirates! Kirigakure’s finest, are called out for a covert mission to rescue hostages caught on the island but find a totally different development.

Warning: Contains foul language.

"Trouble in Paradise!! - Welcome to Paradise Isle"

The new named Paradise Island, discovered in an inhabited area of islands just south of the Land of Lightning, known as the Illusion Zone.

Paradise Isle… once a lavish, lush, and luxurious island resort, new to the world at large, was assaulted and place under siege, only a few days ago, causing the death and hurt of many people, due to pirate attack. The Daimyo of the Land of Water, unfortunately, was a little… lax when it came to the disturbance of such a lucrative business venture. Though he has extended his good will, and compassion towards the proprietor of such a business, owner, and founder, Namekuji Dokuomoi, it was not with the large bravado for which a Daimyo should have. Kirigakure is now on the move, surely but….

…Not in the way it should probably be for such a disaster…

The night has closed in upon what is called the Secret Springs Resort, named for the recent discovery of this Island by Namekuji. The fame of this island location only made Namekuji's name known because of his ability, when no else could, to navigate a course of island enshrouded in illusions. The illusions, formally drove men mad… causing fisherman, and the like, to practically lose sight and turn back, scaring them senseless. However mysterious, it seems that these same island from which the illusions seemed to emanate from, have now ceased, allowing people both good (Dokuomoi), and bad (the raiding pirates), to come in unhindered.

And with the moon sitting high in the sky, a small amount of Kirigakure's finest, one four man platoon, was being ferried in by a small banana boat, to the rendezvous point around the Resort island's vicinity. The conditions were good for a sneak in, one that would hopefully catch what Intelligence calls an "E Rank Threat" at its greatest, of kilter. No one had seemed to take any one of these pirates or better yet, the takeover of such a prestige resort seriously!! One Chuunin and Three Genin, for a rescue mission? Who even does that?? And to make things worst, it didn't look any better for to have an a few of these ninja be under the age of nine… especially the leader. Sekisetsu, on the way over, could barely keep herself awake. The Island's legend come true?? Nope… Just plain old boredom. The day hadn't even been that fun filled. Trip to an island, they said… Vacation, and sunbathing, they said… Work seemed to be involved allot more than she wanted, and in her words alone, a sigh would proceed a simple and shouted…

"I wanna go home!!! Runt!!! You listening over there??"

Sadako balances in the boat naturally, making her knees a stable platform for the compact sketchpad she's working with. Marking carefully and deliberately with a bit of charcoal while peering over her glasses at the bits of grass and a few not bloomed buds plucked from the ground beside the jetty they set off from, she's just sketching some of the local plants with a bit of her pinched-tight notations running next to them. You can always tell a medic-nin by their writing, "Hmmn. We're not even there yet." The shouting gets her attention away from the drawings and her occasional scans of the horizon up ahead, as she plucks one of the grasses she's finished recording and offers it back over the boat to Sekisetsu, "Here. This one tastes like lemon if you chew it for awhile." She smiles cheerfully, with a lift of her eyebrows for emphasis, "Plus I think it's good for coughs."

Meruin, the nine year old leader of the group, sits cross-legged in the small boat, taking up very little space, his unmotivated face staying pointed ahead, taking in what was to come. He was watchful, always, when on the job. The boy's slim-fingered hand strayed to Sekisetsu's leg and he spoke, his child's voice soft. "If you must speak, do so quietly, all of you. Sound carries over water easier than the air travels through your lungs. We must not fail the mission before we even reach the island."

His hand then returned to his own knee, still staring ahead at their destination.

A rescue mission with a full squad and a threat level low enough to only require half who was here was all Daomi needed to know when he willingly and gladly accepted the mission. Despite the problems he had, at least the team wouldn't feel to burden if they came to know the side effects he could not yet control. Currently he sat at the rear of the boat, spacing off as he looked toward the moon. The light purple bags that rested under his eyes appeared to be empty of the poison that would normally fill them up, causing problems for himself and sometimes others. When the others of his team spoke, he paid them little attention as with what they were talking about, couldn't be directed toward him.

The large resort wasn't to be surrounded on all nautical directions by at least sixteen of Kirigakure's finest shinobi. Not this time.. The closest thing to even seem well, was in the form of the small Squad led by Okumo Meruin, to come in quiet and stealthily, each of their select abilities designed specifically to not cause a stir amongst who had been considered merely ‘E Ranked’ fighters at best, deckhands who only came in for the money. And just so that the Daimyo would not seem so false in his infinite kindness, a Medical Ninja was even present amongst the young ninja of Kirigakure. Oh how wonderful….

Well, the places guarded by such unscrupulous scoundrels were the front entrance, of course, where the deckhands had made a small fencing just beneath two watch towers. They seemed smart enough to at least do that much. This wouldn't help against more covert operations, especially our small team, who had decided to arrive under cover of much larger and rather crowded area like the rear docks. They sought to see about the many civilians who had now been trapped on the upper floors of the resort. It was rather surprising that the loud Sekisetsu was even chosen for something likes this. Part of her dissatisfaction in any fight, is not be allowed much attacking… Not to mention that even now, her loud muttering was enough to basically give them all away. The fact that Meruin was here to correct her just hadn't seemed good either, though his finger on her lap turned her red as a beet. She'd probably seem compliant after the comment to her, though right now, but only due to her seeking to hide her face from the boy.

The rescue team, after they had been able to sneak from the rear docks, had a hard way to climb. Literally. The approach from the side of the main resort tower, was to get up to where Intelligence had mention the hostages had been held. Dokuomoi's Main Office, and suite. There, they would burst in through the windows, past the guard, and swoop in to the rescue. Reporters from all the lands, as well as vacationers who had sought only solace and a good time, existed amongst the many hostages now present. Once the Mednin had checked to make sure every tourist was well, as well as seeking to the resort head, they were to move out, down the side of the building once more, and away from danger. If possible, this was to be done without incident and if needed be, any attack that was to be done, was to be done as silently and swiftly as possible. It wasn't that this whole thing was some secret mission. For a small group versus over 40 Pirates, this was safer. Otherwise the most trouble these kids had ever seen would be dropped on their heads like a bucket of water.

Right now, this group just pulling up to the docks, waiting for Meruin's next order. Yet still, there is a eerie quiet about the place around them. If Pirates are around, they seemed to not have shown themselves so far.

Sadako chews her grass herself; chewing being quieter than shouting and great for maintaining focus; in theory at least. But after pocketing her sketchpad away and disembarking, she takes off her glasses so they can't throw off any distracting glares while preparing to follow along after Meruin. Though it pretty clearly becomes obvious she's been more of the house mouse style ninja; she blithely steps ahead onto a chunk of driftwood after just a few feet, snapping it before recognizing what she just stepped on and wind milling for a moment to avoid losing her balance as well.

Meruin steps from the boat after giving Daomi a slight tug, the small child causing only a slight dip and raise of the sea craft as he disembarked, silent in this. He cast a glance towards Sadako as she made noise and proceeded to make an excessive amount of motion. A ninja who was at her starting point, then. He'd have to be careful with her.

But, he set that aside. There'd been something off — something sensed in the soles of his feet and the hair on his arms. Before doing a thing else, he extended his senses, those natural to all — sights, sounds, and scents — and those natural only to him and other Okumo. His senses strained to their utmost, and yet it seemed…

"It's empty." He looked at the resort tower in the distance, his face of a mask turned up into the slight light of the moon piercing the clouds. "There does not seem to be anyone alive on the whole of the island. There are likely a small number of people around, so keep this in mind. Remain on your guard, troops. Something is wrong. That something may prove to be dangerous. Let's move out."

He then began on his way forward, his ever-balanced gait smooth and notably precise. Darkness spread from his feet in the form of a group of spiders, and when enough had accumulated, they rushed forward ahead of him, dispersing.

As the boat pulled up to the rear docks, Daomi would lower his gaze from the moon to the others in front of him just in time to watch Meruin tug at him, letting him know it was time, then disembark. Doing the same as the others, he would slide off the boat into the cold waters that surrounded the islands and makes his way onto the shore. Once reaching the dry land, several spiders would flow out from his kimono and down his pant legs, intermixing with those of the other Okumo's and spreading across the island. His senses confirming what the leaders had, but may have found something more just out of pure luck. Looking between the group and in a low voice he would speak, "The place might appear empty, but they left a ton of traps behind." Daomi would then point at the snapped driftwood that Sadako had stepped on, "Including that one."

So far, the Rescue team seemed to be approached from the dock side of the large main resort quite well. Guided by Meruin, the team with Sekisetsu unwilling in tow, seemed to have no problems beyond Sadako’s noise. But had it been because they had been just that good? Or just that lucky. Apparently the latter, at least for a moment. Things would have been quite good if Daomi's words would not have come too late!! But even if the words had obeyed, there was little understanding of what actually was.

This entire place was one large trap…

Remember all that driftwood from earlier? The stuff that Sadako couldn’t help but trip over? Well, whether or not this this stuff was even noticed, because of its tie to a vast network of wire triggers, Paradise Island, and the Secret Springs Resort, had gone from the vacation destination, to a point of no return. Before Daomi could finish his warning, a loud horn would sound throughout the area, a siren alerting those of the Kiri's presence. That horn would have been well and good for notifying the pirates who were around… However, no one was really around. That didn’t make mean that this rescue team was in any less of a bad situation. For small wire would connect to intricate gears, and intricate gears connected to steel chains. Steel chains in the end, connected to a large and rather surrounding net that would soon manage to surround this entire island as it rose from the floors of the surrounding ocean floor.

Looks like someone was trying to make a statement.

However makeshift the traps, however lax the guard.. This place had been a little more dangerous than simply E Ranks thugs, and thus the group had to tread with caution. It seemed that reconnaissance had been dead on with the strategy. But then someone had to /not/ abide by this strategy. Well no matter what the case was, even if the trap had been sprung, no one was around to make use of it, right? Well unknown to this group totally, not everything had not been spotted by Intelligence. As soon as the trap had been sprung, all that water that washing on to the sands nearby, would began flowing /away/ from the shoreline before gathering into one large wave. The wave, while it never decreased, seemed to spring off smaller offspring, which still had been large enough from where a group of other individuals had stood to peering down upon Meruin's team. Meanwhile, the higher the waves grew into the air, the more that four presences emerging from the tide would become noticeable.

Sekisetsu's eyes would widen, before she'd say, "We got company!!!" as suddenly, her own Master Detection Seal upon her scroll, began to /scream/ with an eerie metallic screech. On its radar? A bunch of dots, all coming from the direction of the ocean itself. That’s when the smallest kid of the approaching bunch, would smile, saying, "Hehe… Surprise.", before hand sealing, releasing a large wave of sea water at the group, slow moving, but powerful. Seki would use the Shunshin No Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) to move out of the way of it all. The attack itself, should have been enough to give the girl such an expression, her eyes blinking as if not to believe what was in front of her. Soon however, she did believe in what she was seeing, and as a result, a fiendish cackle was let out into the air. The sight she beheld? The bodies of the pirates that had supposed to be on the island, were the ‘dots‘ that came up on radar… But instead of them being alive, and attacking, they were all dead bodies being washed up on to the shore. It seems Kirigakure had been late to the party.


Sadako slows down her arms after that run-in with the most devious of traps, a stick. Smoothing down her coat too and just putting a halt to any movement for now while looking back to the team leader Meruin and then to Daomi, her usual smile has gone away with a pensive gnawing of her lower lip in it's place, "Are we…" And then there's Seki's seal going off, with a giant wave of corpse-clogged water to follow after it. Her eyes widen and, at least this time her panic reaction has some purpose to it, her hands shape into seals almost on instinct to try and get her away - an sandy hillock replaces where she was immediately, though it's placed her at the edge of the sudden wave. For a kunoichi from the Land of Water, you'd think she'd have learned by now that the stuff tends to splash - the crashing wave catches and knocks the legs out from under her, sending her down with a hard thump and gurgle.


The Chuunin whips around as the myriad of sounds comes together in his mind, providing his assessment of the situation. "Stay with—" Meruin hadn't gotten to finish the command before Sadako had vanished, replacing herself with a mound of sand. "Stay," he repeated, to Daomi in particular as his hands whipped through seals. The wind lurched into motion around the two Okumo, the high speeds throwing any water that hit the wall into mist.

But he hadn't stopped performing hand seals once his own barrier was created. Rather, it continued and the wind around Sadako lurched. It couldn't stop what water had reached her from moving any further, but it did negate enough of the mass and force of it to prevent any true damage. At most, she'd stumble backwards a step or two.

"Return to me," rang his voice.


The driftwood that Daomi was pointing at would begin to flow away with the water and his eyes would naturally follow with until stopping to notice the large wave that was forming behind the group. The command from Meruin would be heard and indeed he would stay close to the leader, despite having his doubts and wanting to do the same as Sadako had. Though any doubts he had would quickly vanish when the two Okumo are shielded from the giant wave. Knowing he couldn't be protected forever, Daomi took a step back and began to focus his chakra, waiting for the mist to subside before he could launch his own attack.

Water Release obviously was at work with what as going with this whole equation of sorts. But as big as that attack was, this team, was a lot more methodical than that. That large wave attack, was only a means to both intimidate and make way for strategy. The four presences, each as different as the next, were now bearing down on the for Kirigakure ninja. Ninja? Probably so, and with no headbands in sight, these didn't seem to have an allegiance, well, at least to any village.

"So when do we get paid for this??", was said by a loud mouth girl, a lot like Sekisetsu, but with some overalls and a red v-neck shirt. Her body, while small, and seeming that of a young teen, was well trained, and as she stood bare footed, a looking through a single eye back, and brushing back her slicked black hair. "Cause now that I see me a cutie, I ain't really minding much." These words were to be followed only by hands reaching at her sides, and then whipping forward. Her weapon? Rope… Simple rope. After three slashes at Daomi's form, the girl would twirl it all fancily before suddenly… beginning to skip it? Yep… A Jump-Rope Taijutsuist!

"Udon… no toying with the food. You all know full well why we are here… That goes for you two as well. Ichuji.. Sashimi… Eliminate them.", was said by a rather large, and stalking figure, hulking in mass, and tall, but not an ounce of fat upon his body. A grown man, bald, brown, and scarred in every place upon himself, wore brown hakama, and walked with bare-feet across the open sands.. As his feet hit the ground, his skin suddenly began to change further, from being a grotesquely scarred warrior, to a man covered suddenly in rock, as if his skin had calloused beyond belief. With one skip he was gone… And if Meruin blinked even once, he'd find an elbow jabbed into his abdomen. What looked like one hit, would be three, as when Okazu released his push, the pulse from his initial blow, possessed a reverse form of recoil, snatching Meruin backward with three quick and power impacts.

"Hehe… You got, Rocky-Sama… Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!!", was said by Sashashi, as he bit his thumb, only to handseal, and press into the ground with authority. A poof of smoke would explode about his arm for a moment, only to then reveal a weapon resembling a swordfish fin, wide, spiked, and very long. His target… Well, the man did lick his lips as he stared as Sadako's form. "Hmmm… Tasty…..", was a comment creepy enough to make the blood curdle, his rushing in not even requiring foot steps as his form seemed to /slide/ across the sand. He'd slash twice, the fin vanishing and then appearing. Anything caught in its slicing, would be made to separate in slices so delicate and accurate, that they won't show for almost second after.

Meanwhile Sekisetsu was already in combat still with Ichuji, childish cackles from both filling the air, as they each seemed to be having allot more fun than they should. "Hehe!!! Looks like I found a friend!!" "Cheh?! Eat me, Soup-for-Brains" A light exchange being had in the midst of Ichuji's attempts to compress Seki on both sides with massive blasts of water the likes of which she had never seen!! Luckily a perimeter of scroll paper, hardened my a density changing seal kept it all at bay, as paper hardened to that of iron. Meanwhile Sekisetsu's chakra flooded her system with a smile on her face.

Sadako has new bruises and a lot of water to worry about with her coat, but luckily, she doesn't have to worry long! The unknown assailants not only appear, they helpfully make herself known while she's just starting to look towards Meruin thankfully; her attention is immediately grabbed by the thumb-biter that closes in on her, and does so distastefully enough to make her frown, "No, tough and watery." Helpfully correcting the man moments before disappearing and letting one of the washed-up corpses take her place, the second attack does come in too quickly for her to track reliably as she twists aside to try and get away on muscle memory alone - it's not very successful, "Nnh.. you.." Clenching her teeth, she whips out one arm - a small bundle of steel wires she'd normally use for heavy-duty stitching slip out from her sleeve, which she flails out at the man with like a scourge in retaliatory, whisk-like swipes.

Meruin didn't blink.

But he was still hit. He didn't even attempt to move, as a matter of fact, letting the blow come in, striking ineffectively against the steel of his hard stomach. His protection stopped the damage, but it didn't stop the momentum, the force of the blow sending him flying back. He'd relied on this, however, controlling his flight, putting some distance between himself and his opponent. This was so that he could attack them all.

The silk of his shirt suddenly lifted in numerous areas, separate strands throwing themselves in the direction of the multiple assailants. The end of them gleamed in the moonlight. The reason for that was the shuriken that they'd been holding, and the strands flung them, sending them whirring at the enemy before returning back to clothing form.

As the four figures emerged from behind the wave, Daomi was glad he had prepared himself when he had the chance. A few of the others presence were as intimidating as his, but he knew not to underestimate the enemy. Especially when a group can so easily take out the entire island of pirates that had claimed it as their own.

The cutie comment is ignored by Daomi, for when he is ready to mate, he will allow the elders of his clan to choose for him as it was for his parents. However, he can't ignore when Udon sends the quick slashes made by her rope his way. With a few hand signs several clones appear next to him, each one taking the attack and disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"You bother me." He would say as the light purple coloring appearing to swell on the tops of his cheeks as they once again slowly filled with the poison that runs through his veins causing him to habitually raise his hands to rub at his eyes. While doing so, several black specks would quickly move across the beach toward Udon. As they grew closer, the specks would take the form of spiders. Each one moving toward their intended target.

Daomi would then bring his hands from his eyes, bringing them to his sides. Purple tears would streak down his cheeks. With his eyes focused heavily on Udon, there would be no one else who could be caught with this. Especially not his team mates.

Sadako's correction is caught with a rather displease raise of the eyebrow, along with a slump of the shoulders, and a large apparent sweat drop. "Hehe… The little lady even has a sense of humor to go with her looks, how… delightful!" A coy smile loomed on the face of Sashimi, the welder of the Swordfin Scythe, as he simply stood there, looking to a Sadako as any predator would to a rather tasty prey. This man had been no savage beast from the looks of him however… In many ways, any teen girl would probably find him rather dashing. Blond hair slicked down his rather slender and taunt frame, hanging down to the backs of his knees. His smile was that of a heartbreaker, his Bishounen looks, just reaching the borders of femininity without actually crossing them. Though one of his attacks would land, his first attack missing made him wince with annoyance.

"Heh… Slippery…", was said but only before eyes would widen at what Sadako had to offer. "My, my… Wiry in more than way…", said with mild annoyance, he slipped away from the first attack with a step, getting quite cocky. Thinking he could simply sidestep the last two however, he would dodge with very little success, sustaining two cut, one across the belly and one across the face!! Shock would grasp him as blood trickled down his visage. and in moments, a horrified scream came from his lips. "What.. Have… you done??? Well… you are no longer appetizing.. Not at all!! Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!!" He chose to summon something else??? But what? Then from the waters behind the man, a fin would pop up, along with portions of a body. From there Sashimi would flip away to land atop whatever he had called forth, saying, "Hehe… You're shish kabob now…", before a Swordfish, the size of baby killer whale, would suddenly speak saying, "Lunch? For me?? Oh its been so long!!"

Meruin's reaction to the smashing and powerful elbow, were watched very delicately the man Okazu, the older and rather… calm of the four who had attacked this island. A large man, the earth seemed to give way into the weight of such a massive, and now golem-like juggernaut, his eyes the only things to be flesh amongst his entire frame. The man smirked, for though he had managed to send the small form of Meruin flying, the boy had simply taken it all, the three impacts in one hitting dead into chitinous growths which would suddenly cover over already fit, yet childish abdominal muscle. "Hmmm… Not only a Wind Ninjutsuist, but a Taijutsu with seemingly composed of only animal instinct. It seems that this one is the leader, and with everyone seeming to pair off friendly, it seems you, young one, are mine. How fitting." Okazu had not done much in the way of stancing, and yet his large, rock calloused body seemed imposing enough. The man had already been over six feet tall in his normal stature. In this form, he was now an even foot taller.

So how could shuriken, no matter how expertly thrown, pierce such a mountainous visage? They wouldn't. Instead, they would simply lodge into the man's own hardened and rocky surface, before Okazu himself even noticed they were thrown. He would brush them off with a swipe when he had, pieces of himself falling off like crumbling gravel, the small metal weapons hitting the sand just as uselessly. Meanwhile the distance between he and Meruin seemed of no matter. The fight was not to be one Meruin could simply flee from. The man's arm would slowly be brought over his head, the same of which sought to lodge a elbow within Meruin earlier. As if a mirage, the image of the arm would began to blur as it was held high, as if, by itself, it moved at high speed. That is when Okazu would smile, bringing it down into the earth below, causing an eruption of rock and sand to rise around, beneath, and in front of Meruin. A hill composed of the crust of the earth was meant to simply pop Meruin up, and forward from his position, sending him back into Okazu‘s reach. The wall of man would be waiting, ready to land a power clothesline, almost seeking to chop of Meruin's very head!!!

Meanwhile, what seemed like a rather easy time for Daomi, was about to turn into a rather hard time to start for Udon, who until now underestimated the small, rather sickly looking boy. "Heh… You won't be saying that once I get you tied down… You'll be /begging/ for more…" And this confidence was standing strong even as Daomi would poof with every attack, avoiding well with his Bunshinjutsu. Udon felt herself ready… until the shadow of Daomi seemed to spread out from his body, hopping about the ground in tiny glimmering specks of legs and fat bodies… Wait… that isn't shadow!! "Spiders!!! EWWWWWW CREEEPPPPYYYYY!!" was said moments after the jump rope flashed out, grappling onto a nearby rock on the sands, and pulling the small girl out of harm’s way. She barely escaped the poison sting of over hundreds of a small brood. However because Daomi's brood had been coming from seemingly all sides, the girl's escape was not without difficulty. For where she landed next, the same Okumo's attack waited, and soon spiders would cover Udon in mass, over taking her as she screamed in disgust! But sadly, this fight was not to be over so quickly.

Yet even more action had been found as Fire and Water, one of only a few elemental opposites in the spectrum, clashed one on one. Ichuji, the smart kid of his own group, was left with his wits and his Water Release as he stood still upon the waves in the middle of the ocean. Seeing his attack ineffective against what he saw as mere paper, left the small boy with a very bad taste in his mouth, as well as a deep and inert need to whine. “You-you-you’ll die when I’m through, ya dumb blond!! I’ll make sure you don’t last!! My Water Techniques aren’t for show ya know!!” More hand seals went through his hands, even though fear made went through his mind and heart at what he felt coming from Sekisetsu. Being the most chakra sensitive of his small little band, wasn’t making facing Sekisetsu any simpler. He felt her chakra rise immediately, enough so to tell that he wasn’t the only one with deep reserves. Yet still this fear would not stop his attack, needles of water lifting from the ocean around him, and piercing the air both in mass and at high speeds!

The Kuroenko Imp was not at all impressed. After all, Sekisetsu had been a Kiri ninja for about a year or so, and had seen a great many of Water Release attacks that were a lot more dangerous. The girl knew she could obviously do much worst. “Pfft… stop stuttering and lets get this done with. I actually want to be able to shower and get a nap before sunbathing tomorrow.” Hands sealed as her scroll once again seemed to have a will of its own, unrolling from the small of Seki’s back, and managing to block a vast majority of the cloud of Water Needles that had filled the air. Though a few would snip at her leg and shoulder, the girl still pressed on, sealing and naturally paying attention to his every move. Then the girl would inhale, her chest inflating to cartoonish size before a cloud of fireballs would suddenly be blown into the air with little care for precision. As large as this attack was, it wasn’t anything more than a distraction for a more hidden attack.

Soon, rope lashed out once more, this time, surrounding Udon in an semi orbed net of protection, slashing a few of Daomi's brood into ribbons. Meanwhile, the small girl, now displaying pink and enflamed bites about her skin and face, was in a manner, pissed. "Uuuuurrrr, Raaaa!!!!!", was roared out in rage, as hands interweaved, shaping the rope, along with chakra, into what she desired. A large hammer came as a result, and with a heaving throw, the rope creation was hefted at Daomi. Unknown to her, Daomi had long since sent Udon’s chakra system into disarray, making it chaotic enough to weaken her for the use of Genjutsu, all of this remaining totally unknown to Udon.


Sadako gives her bundle of wires a brisk shake to get the blood off of them; she works her opposite elbow a bit until they slip back up her sleeve again. When Sashimi withdraws to his summon; she looks around at the emerging, monstrous animal with visible shock on her face. It only takes a moment or two for a plan to come to mind: run like hell. She's working as logically as she can in assuming a fish won't want to go too far inland, though she does remember Daomi's earlier warning about the traps lying in wait when she hops onto one of the corpses that've been washed ashore and moves to leap from one to the next like they were stepping stones - bodies that aren't yours are /wonderful/ for springing unwelcome surprises ahead of time.

"Scars are actually very fashionable; here, allow me to make a few suggestions!" At least when she has some distance, Sadako dips a hand inside her coat between the buttons around her stomach, coming out again with a handful of shuriken. Small, pointy, businesslike, she flings them at Sashimi as her attention regarding the swordfish is mostly concerned with getting away from it.


Meruin's eyes widened, slightly — just a bit, but it spoke volumes on the level of his surprise — as the earth suddenly heaved under the huge man's power, with an apparent lack of hand seals. The boy's own hands came together and his feet moved beneath him, sending him into a forward dash both to escape the attack and meet his foe that was one who would obviously need to be dealt with. But he couldn't escape the eruption of earth beneath him, as what seemed like a tectonic plate launched him towards Okazu.

Thus far, things were moving according to plan. To his opponent's plan, but a plan nonetheless. That meant that he knew, or could guess, what was happening. So, he worked against it. Still calm, he went slowly through hand seals as he approached the giant golem. It didn't take long from him to get within distance of the massive attack, and when he did, the wind blew, and his descent suddenly slowed, leaving him descending slowly, like a feather fallen.

A moment passed. And then, suddenly, what seemed like an explosion blasted from him. Four giant spider legs, twice as long as he is tall, erupted from his back and spider silk lay about his body like a a platinum sheathe of fur. His six eyes leveled on Okazu as his spider limbs slammed into the ground, keeping him aloft and he lunged forward, moving past the behemoth.

There was an attempt to touch on the way by.


Large battles like this are something Daomi is not accustomed to, nor is it something he would want to be a part of. With the poison seeping from his tear sacs it is hard to control who will get caught in his hallucinations sometimes. So as long as the fights stayed one on one, he believed this fight to be in his favor. Though only time would tell if it were indeed true.

Watching Udon slip away from his spiders, he knew it would be only time before she was overcome by the large mass that had charged her way, though when they finally did, he did not expect her too so easily slash through them like paper. Then retaliate with a large rope-shaped hammer heaved his way. Like before, he would quickly make the hand signs and a clone would appear before him, but he did not think the hammer was so large as it flew his way. Not being quick enough to avoid it, the attack would smack into both him and the clone. The clone would disappear into a poof of smoke, but Daomi would be knocked back hard on his ass, smacking his head on the ground.

Lying where he fell, the frail Genin would slowly raise himself up enough just to stare at the girl who had caused him so much pain. More purple tears would streak down his cheek and with a lifted arm and a pointed finger at the girl, several spiders would make their way from inside his kimono at their target. Though this time, it would appear as the number was far greater then last time. Coming out from all directions of the island and not just from their host.

"Heh… oh look, I think she means to try and move more into the land rather than to actually fight us here, Muchi-san.." "Hehe… why do they always do that? It doesn't make the hunt any interesting… Not one bit." "Don't worry… you still can catch her." "Heh… Yep." As wire from Sadako snapped into the air, the summoner and his swordfish escaped well, seeming only move with a flash. The only evidence of speed? The parting of the waves at each of the swordfish's sides as it cut through the ocean at high speeds, all while Sashimi clung rather easily to the large fin of the beast. It's dodging of all the attacks united with it's approach, Muchi seeming to swim quickly as if to pursue Sadako? But how?? Fish can't swim on land, right?

Well, Sashimi’s hand seal said different. "Combined Initiative: Earthen Tide Technique!!" and with that, the border between land and sea was cut. With a dive, the summoner and his fish would dive down into the water, only to then appear chasing the Mednin, the swordfish now swimming in the sand beneath her!! Moving along side Sadako, Sashimi, from atop the swordfish, would once again began slashing the small girl determined to kill her.

It seemed Meruin would not be the only one surprised on this day. His level of skill impressed this man. "Hmmm… and he is probably as young, if not younger than Ichuji.", was vocalized as Okazu observed the boy's sealing, as well as the action for which it now allowed. Meruin had not only slowed himself instead of mere diversion, but he had managed to keep himself out of harms way once more, making Okazu's second attack void, and nonexistent. But this was not to say that Okazu did not expect retribution. He saw the ninja in Meruin, and the animal as well, within the beginnings of this very conflict. The man was not to underestimating. However, this would not halt any more of Meruin's surprising yet skilled technique.

As Meruin landed, eyes were kept wide at the boy’s every move. It was no longer like Okazu was simply facing an enemy to destroy them like every other time. Not this moment. Right now, it was an martial artist's interest in the skill of someone who could very well beat him. But how, had yet to remain seen, until suddenly, Meruin switched modes. It was almost within the action it took for the blink of an eye, but Okazu did catch the blur of action just barely. Meruin, had changed, and just as his response was instant, so was Okazu's though it lacked the flourish and utter instinct for which Meruin had been so gifted with of his clan. However, after the quick exchange was done, the two yet stood.

A second passed strangely, probably the longest of this fight so far, as Okazu, who had steadied himself, stood lowered, in a position of obvious defense. A large piece of rock would finally land behind the man in that same stillness, the only movement to be had in that long pause of time. Okazu would smile once again. "Perfect… Utterly and synonymously perfect. This is why Kirigakure ninja are feared apparently, especially their young. Raw… Powerful… Merciless… Calculating… All of these things make a perfect ninja. However… one thing you seem to lack, young spider, is something for which I have taken my entire /life/ to gather. This will be the separating and crucial factor of this bout. Will you have the /experience/ to know what you face?"

The large man would again stand to his full and impressive height, before walking over to the large stone that had been plucked from him and looking at carefully. Meruin's speed had been enough for a single 'touch' to knock it off and into the air with definite precision. If the technique had pierced any deeper, to Okazu's kidney, it would have likely sent the poison through his system with more speed than intended, not just knocking the man out, but outright killing him with the lethal neurotoxin it possessed. However, Meruin did not have the force to stab through the man's own impenetrable defense… his skin. The stone that was chipped, however, had already began to show the evidence of a powerful acidic property, and was now almost completely corroded.

Okazu raised a brow at it, before suddenly smiling, and saying, "It seems that your abilities are allot more widespread than your average Genin. I can't take you lightly. And if you would go this far to kill me, I can not trust that you could be a good weapon toward this groups cause. Sorry young one, but your elimination is sure." With that, the man's arms seemed to blur just as his single arm had done earlier, even as he spoke. In his own display of speed, the man's arms would move, only to then cause a delayed recoil of air blasting behind him, causing a sound likening that of the sound barrier being broken. Before Meruin could guess, this man, would have been crossing his arms simultaneously in front him, seeming slashing only the air. However, the force of this attack was not concussive. It was piercing, enough to slice Meruin's body into ribbons due the use of pure force. Meruin, if not lucky, may find himself in pieces, utterly minced.

Meanwhile, Daomi was facing a wrath for which he probably had encountered on few occasions from a girl. She was really trying to get him. When the hammer hit his sternum, a fiendish smile spread across her face like a Jack-o-lantern, as his head smacked against the sand like a rag doll. And she was through. As the boy began raising himself up, Udon was quick and menacing, standing above him, hammer raised, and seeking to bare down upon the Okumo Genjutsuist with nothing but horrible fury!! However, just as the hammer was to be pounded into the small boy, something would cause the girl to instantly freeze. Apparently the look on her face would key in to the fact that this wasn't her own doing. Not at all. "Huh-…What the hell?? I-I can't move!! Why in-…"

Suddenly, Udon's eyes would fade, her pupils dilating in horror, as if suddenly the scariest of happening had been before her very sight. While nothing something to be amidst in the real world, Daomi's jutsu had been very much a powerful entity, stifling, and enough to cause the small girl to suddenly scream in horror as spiders, from within the very fabric of his own coat, began to invade her and attack her from all sides. But while a portion of this all was reality, the Genjutsu had made the experience, ten times as worst. In Udon's mind the illusion was brought forth of spiders coming from every part of her, bursting from her orifices, and climbing upon her every part, with nothing to stop them at all, biting her, drinking her, feeding off her, and taking over her. By the time it all was over, Udon's mind, had been completely and utter brought to nothing but a miserable and quivering mess. She was no longer a threat.

As Chakra Sensitive as Ichuji was, he was still quite a novice when it came to telling just what was happening to his own Tenketsu right now. Sekisetsu had been able to link the boy well for Genjutsu, even though her Ninjutsu had felt to do any damage to the boy. “Water Style!!! Soak and Save!!!”, was Ichuji’s counter to the massive spray of Fire Release that came his way. One after the other, in quick succession, fireballs would steam and be put out as they impact against a collision of two waves in front of the boy. They would stream from the larger tsunami for which he now stood upon. “Hehe… sorry but, denied!!!”, was said cockily, the small boy very pleased to not be fried. He had the advantage in terms of elements after all. This win should be an easy one… right? “Well… its time to put you under… water that is… Water Style! Tide Crashing!!”

With the command, the waves that once collided with one another to protect Ichuji, found themselves parting ways as they began to rush, coiling one another before angling at each of Sekisetsu’s opposite directions, surrounding her in a concave pattern of watery might! From there, water would suddenly shout up, the waves deciding to become taller first, before becoming claw like in there form, blasting from there positions and like hands, seeking to clap Sekisetsu in between. However, Genjutsu is a peculiar type of ninja tactic. It effects the mind and in cases like this where one is targeting and then attacking, the effected factors lie not in the jutsu the opponent uses, but the judgment of the technique’s user.

Ichuji would hardly believe what he saw. The small girl would be seen hand sealing, true, but the illusion was not in what she did. It was what her sealing seemed to bring for. Two large mouths, would suddenly appear from the ground, at each side of her to receive the attack. The mouths, pimpled about with eyes of all manners of shape and size, opened, only to cancel the techniques with a chomp, seeming ‘drinking’ the claws of water before they could even effect Sekisetsu. Ichuji’s eyes would blink, before seeing Sekisetsu once again, alone, and smiling mischievously. “Wha-wh-what are you???”, was asked once, only to get no reply. Sekisetsu would simply laugh quietly before fire would suddenly envelope her form, surrounding her in a cocooning inferno. From the chaos would emerge Sekisetsu, changed into her Oni Netsugan form, reddened skin and blackened veins seeming like scales, as fire would make uneven horns and a tail upon her small body. Her eyes, were now seemingly non-existent, taking the form of black and smokey voids, as if the inside of her head had been on fire. Around her body would float a black inky seal, the Kanji for the number “one”. Her own rebuttle for attack?

The Great Fireball Technique.


Sadako doesn't bother looking back because, really, have /you/ ever tried jumping around on corpses before? People are not very stable surfaces, even when they're dead, and she kind of needs to keep track of things by now. Feeling rather than seeing the attack coming at her as the sand rumbles with the swordfish swimming through it, she vanishes right before the swing would hit her, leaving Sashimi to impale a couple rocks instead. The same thing happens with the next attack too, except this time the medic substitutes in a chunk of driftwood instead of her body for the guy to stab.

The last one though… almost losing a chunk of hair to the slashing swordfish summoner, Sadako dives towards Sashimi to duck under his attack and also to get herself on top of the swordfish to try and ride it along with him, "You know, castrati are coming back into fashion too," she helpfully suggests, while trying to keep her balance and shaking out her wires again as she gets back to her feet, swaying uncertainly but managing to not slide off. Smiling back at the Bishounen, her need to stay the hell away from getting eaten/stabbed or whatever else the fish can do is balanced against.. well, not getting too far away from her teammates, "Allow me to broaden your career opportunities."

The attacks were swift. The attacks were fierce, unexpected. But they were futile, at this moment, for even with as much time as it took the child Chuunin's mind to comprehend the danger, it left plenty to spare for his body to react. The speed of the motion saw him as a blur that suddenly came into searing focus a distance away, the boy's body unharmed.

His eyes were now narrowed, now watchful, examining the giant man. The spiders he'd sent out to search the area could be found strewn about the place, neither clumped together nor conspicuous. Simply bugs. The largest bug, however, spoke. The Okumo's young voice, so soft and pure, seemed so odd… a little chilling, coming from the monstrous form he held. "You are an odd one, elder. Why are you here?" He shifted, his hair raising into the air of it's own volition, moving into a sinuous, almost sensuous roll, undulating.

"What has happened?"

With Udon out of the picture, Daomi would pick himself up off the beach floor, not bothering with dusting himself off from the wet sand that sticks to his clothing, making it heavy and uncomfortable. With one hand he would rest it inside the opening of his kimono to hold against his sternum that took the grunt of the attack from the hammer and with the other, he would wipe away the tears while turning to see how his teammates were faring.

The Med-nin appeared to have her hands full, though it seems as if she didn't need the help, what would be the problem with doing so anyways. Silently communicating with his spiders, they once again swarm together in hopes to reach the point where the swordfish is swimming through the sands only for them to climb aboard as well and encompass the summoner.

"Hey-wait!! What are you-..Get off of here!!!", was said as the swordsmen rather clumsily maintained his footing, Sadako managing rather swiftly to not only allude his attacks, but to also stand upon his summon now. "Sas-kun?! Why is she up here?!!" "I don't know!!! But she's gonna die for this!!! Muchi! You know what to do!!" "Right!" Suddenly with those words, the Swordfish both Sadako and Sashimi rode upon began to speed up within seconds. As they flashed across the sands, the swordfish summoner caught the last remnants of Udon's fight, only to see the girl vegetative and on her knees, a shadow of her old self. It would horrify him! "Udo-chan??!! What did you do to her?!!" Of course, Sashimi wanted to cut Daomi down to size, but the speed of Muchi was so fast, that Daomi wasn't even in range any more!! Not even his attacks could get with the speed of Muchi, the swordfish they now rode.

Not only that, but the plan had been something for more painful for the other rider of Sadako. "I guess I can get your little friend later but for now… Muchi… Its all up to you! Ja-ne (Bye Bye), ya little bitch." And with that, Sashimi seemed to let go, hoping off of his own summon and landing with a roll, only to sit up, cackling. But what had this been done for? What fate had not been bestowed upon Sadako? Well, she may not notice it but the Swordfish's destination, hadn't been the ocean. It had been the wall of the Resort itself. He was seeking to ram her into the building's wall at high speeds, diving into the sands at the last second!!

The curiosity of a child, back where Okazu and Meruin fight, has seemed to provoke the elder of the two to actually speak in a manner of conversation quite weird indeed. Meruin seemed to call something forth that was rather unexpected. “Hmph… Not only talented, but insightful as well, Spider-san. I do applaud you.” Okazu’s stancing seem to relax only enough for a brief sigh to escape his lips. “You do not know for whom you work little one. There is one here for whom you rescue, and he is not to be trusted at all. We seek only to claim a piece of treasure we had ourselves helped to find. You young ones have no idea of the trouble you have just walked in upon, and though your talent seems boundless, I am not quite sure whether you can stand against ‘him’.“

Okazu’s chakra suddenly began to rise, causing the earth about him to just forth, seeming to beckon to his spiritual will. “If you have yet the tenacity and power to prove me wrong, Okumo-san, then I suggest that right now, you show this old man where he is misjudging… Otherwise, I will have no choice than to ‘spare’ you and your team from a rather horrible and mind-” His statement was to be cut off only seconds after a loud sound of high speed movement rushing behind him as well as Sashimi landing. “-numbing experience.”

In the meantime, Ichuji was being given more and more reason to start believing his eyes. The area had gotten just a tad more hot than it needed to be. The water around him had even began to steam just as Sekisetsu had begun to hand seal. Then he saw it. A large and utterly insane fireball, strong enough to be its own heat source. Ichuji, felt himself smaller as he fumbled with hand seals of his own, to defend against the menacing attack!! “Wave Jettison!!”, was a such a defense. Water would envelope the boy’s body as he held his own breath, and after a build up of pressure was made inside the large bubble he had created around himself, it would burst, shooting him out at high speeds, out of harms way! He;d land far off with a splash.

Once he felt himself luck, Ichuji would rise from the water once more, only to then once again be carried by the waves with his own sealing. He pointed and laughed! “Haha!! Dumb Demon Girl!! You can’t handle the Soup!” His next attack would follow, as the young wave jutsuist decided on a different approach. Water had still been left on the beach, puddles of the stuff left in wake of his earlier attack. From this two clones would suddenly rise, sneaking about the bodies of the dead pirates. After only a few moments, the clones would attempt pin Sekisetsu in between them!!

Sekisetsu wasn’t all that bright when it came to stealth. Sure, she had her detection seal but to not have it active meant really that she just wasn’t going to detect it all. But that’s what her other defenses were for! Seeing the clones suddenly jumping out of hiding, the girl went through her seals quickly, flailing, and going, “O-ba-jeebus!”, with a rather scary bit of sarcasm, as her scroll yet again unreeled of its own accord. Hands plunged down into paper, and when it all was said and done, the attacks and defense seemed to disappear in a blank of smoke. When it all cleared, Sekisetsu would stand unharmed, surrounded on two sides by shielding strong and octagonal, rusted from time, but still battle worthy. The Kanji for the word “Fearless” seemed exemplified, though the scalding wit of Sekisetsu was anything but noble. “You play a lot rougher than you should… Too bad its my turn.” Hands would seal before Sekisetsu, but nothing seemed to be brought forth. No fire, no scrolls… nothing. Just what had there been left to use?

"Running already?!" Now that she has her blood up and isn't perforated, pounded, or punctured, Sadako seems genuinely disappointed that Sashimi has hopped off the runaway swordfish. Looking down at the unsteady and speeding mount as well she gives it a kick or two while she's standing there because really, why not? "Betray your master and I'll go easy on what the slow down SLOW DOWN!" She loses her train of thought when seeing the upcoming wall, and while she does start bracing for impact she also curls her fingers around into the right seals, going through them as quickly as possible before she winds up flattened - right before impact she poofs away, leaving behind a few tiles as she reappears on the awning of the second floor window a few yards down, "..phew."


Meruin's hair was thrown back at the show of power, streaming, flailing, almsot as if it were grasping for the air behind thim, strying to get away. The face of the boy, though, was as impassive as it had been when he'd been watching the island approach on the slow drift of the boat. The arachnid legs shifted, subtly, finding the firmest footing as the ground beneath him cracked slightly under Okazu's influence.

"I work for Kirigakure," said Meruin, the answer the only one he could give. There was no more that needed to be said and it showed as he vanished, suddenly, reappearing behind the golem of a man. The boy's mouth was open wide and descending towards the juncture of neck and shoulder. He was going to bite him… and if it worked, the acids, refined for immediate liquification of the flesh, would course through the immeditate vacinity of the bite to provide nourishment for the Okumo and potential death to the man. And of course, there as a slight paralysis — only enough to keep him from moving for as long as Meruin fed.

He planned to pit his acid against Okazu's skin.

The spiders of the frail Okumo were slow when compared to the swordfish rider, so as their intended target was out of range they stopped and like one giant shadow cast from the clouds blocking out the moon they would turn and swarm back to their host. Daomi noticing this, he would begin his slow walk to meet the spiders, but paying them no mind as his focus was currently on Sashimi. The brood currently not being needed, upon reaching their host, the hundreds of small spiders would disappear up and into the pant legs until called out once more. Now with the med-nin no longer being so close to Sashimi, Daomi no longer feared using Genjutsu and began his attempt at catching the opponent off guard, hoping the distance between the two would not cause any problems.

Meruin's hair was thrown back at the show of power, streaming, flailing, almsot as if it were grasping for the air behind thim, strying to get away. The face of the boy, though, was as impassive as it had been when he'd been watching the island approach on the slow drift of the boat. The arachnid legs shifted, subtly, finding the firmest footing as the ground beneath him cracked slightly under Okazu's influence.

"I work for Kirigakure," said Meruin, the answer the only one he could give. There was no more that needed to be said and it showed as he vanished, suddenly, reappearing behind the golem of a man. The boy's mouth was open wide and descending towards the juncture of neck and shoulder. He was going to bite him… and if it worked, the acids, refined for immediate liquefying of the flesh, would course through the immediate vicinity of the bite to provide nourishment for the Okumo and potential death to the man. And of course, there as a slight paralysis — only enough to keep him from moving for as long as Meruin fed.

He planned to pit his acid against Okazu's skin.


The action had been brought to a cease for Daomi and Sadako, as things seemed to unfold with all ninja pairing off in duels to the utmost defeat. So far Kirigakure led off with a rather 1-0 lead, as it seemed that Daomi had brought Udon, the Jump Rope Taijutsuist, down to her very knees. Sashimi and his Summon, who now would surface nearby, were frustrated and tired, seeming to eye Sadako with a rather angry and hungry disposition. Both can do more than hiss, just looking at her, and remember all the trouble she brought with just being slippery.

For Meruin and Okazu, each of them had been facing one another with a prowess so powerful, that between them both, they had rocked the very land for which their fight had stood. Meruin's wind jutsu, spread sand and made dunes in every place he used it, the spots where he moved to evade being very indicative on the field. Where he would land however, was unable to be mapped, as his light footing had been just that. Meanwhile, portions of the land would have been uprooted, single punches from Okazu managing to lift whole portions of the earth crust, as result of impacts capable of moving whole tectonic plates! Around where even he stood now, the earth had been rocked merely by the surging of his powerful chakra, his form still taking of a rock calloused monster of a man. Where Meruin stood, being watched by Okazu, was now where the boy /no longer/ stood. Okazu would not seem him move, but in the end would it matter.

"Hehehe! Splendid indeed, Kirigakure Ninja… However… You still don't have the power. Not at this point intime." Okazu spoke with a cool not unlike any other experienced ninja. He seeem confident, knowing that even as viscous poison slowly corroded rock where Meruin's teeth sunk in, he himself would not suffer any effects of such a powerful poison, the viscous paralytic that those of the Okumo breed normal used to consume and feed on their prey. Instead, where rock had disappeared, more would seem to appear, until after a moment, Okazu would hand seal, smiling, and saying, "Too bad, Kiri Nin… I rather liked you. But do not fear. Your reward will be to see the actual skills of my own Kekkai Genkai. Unnatural Selection: Derma Jizo." The muscles of his back would flex with unearthly form and might and suddenly, rocky calloused skin, where Meruin had now clung, would suddenly spike from Okazu, turning him to a literal ball stalactite terror, attempting to impale Meruin right where he lay.

And what had happened with Sekisetsu? Well unbeknownst to everyone, Seki was working on making that 1-0 lead rise by one more. For the jutsu that seemed like nothing, was actually something, and Ichuji was feeling every single bit of it. "Huh… Wha-wha-did you do?? Le-let-let go of me!!!" Meanwhile, Sekisetsu was slinking toward Ichuji, swaying her hips in a rather adult sashay, the likes of which her own inexperience should /not/ have attained yet. Her form? Well currently she seemed to be a bit of a 'devil' now -a-days. Horns of fire seemed to sway with the ocean breeze, as a arrow pointed tail made with the same, slinked and slithered behind her. Her skin, black veined, and enflamed red, seeked to touch the wave jutsuist's face in a rather, sensual manner.

Meanwhile, all Ichuji could do was remain frozen, for in his own mind, he didn't just see the void of black smoke that had replaced Sekisetsu's eyes, as well as the other attribute she assumed in her Oni Netsugan Form. He felt and saw himself, under her potent Genjutsu, held down by another set of large and rather gigantic hands which extended from her back, and now held him in an ever tightening grip, a technique she may or may not have copied from the Akimichi Clan in Konoha. "Now… You may want to tell me why your here… That way you can actually get punished in the next few minutes, instead of the next few seconds." from there, she would proceed to suddenly hold the boy close, before then /licking/ his neck. "I ain't telling squat ya damn dirty demo-AAHH!!WewannakilltheResortowner! Heowesdabosssomekindoftreasure!! Please!! Not the koodies!! NO!!!!!!!!!! Its supposed to be some kind of weird miner-GAHHHHHHHHHH"

Suddenly that scream would not only come from Ichuji, but it would come from Sashimi, and Udon as well!!! All of them would seem to have risen to there feet unnaturally before suddenly frothing at the mouth and then trembling and going limp! Just what was going on here?? Well, they were not the only ones from that side who would experience things. Sadako would have her own struggles as well as suddenly she'd feel here own will stolen from her. While what she and the other three would be experiencing would be unknown to the survivors of this ordeal, one thing would. A sound, almost like the ringing of a bell, would come from the entrance of the resort nearby. Just then, the doors would open, the civilians running out to the beach and then to the docks, screaming sighs of relief, and seeming quite unharmed. One of them, would be quite recognizable from the dossier of the mission.

A man slightly tanned, with blond hair, a flowered shirt, and a rather dominant size would suddenly toss out a random and horribly beaten pirate, one handed!! This was the resort's owner himself, Namekuji Dokumoi, and from the looks of his rather serious demeanor, torn clothing, and stalwart glance, he had been through quite an ordeal. Around his neck, would glimmer a prism shaped metal, the source of where the sound had been coming from!! "Crikey! What a mess ya blokes got out ere'!!"


Sadako stays somewhat tensed still, since she's just managed to give fish-boy and friend the runaround rather than being particularly effective at putting him out of it. Though before she really thinks of any attacks, or even getting to a more stable position than an awaning, the attention she was keeping on Sashimi - intriguing as the fight between Meruin and Okazu seemed, it wasn't an immediate threat to her - is kind of displaced when she finds herself in the middle of a genjutsu dreamscape. Not a pleasant one, of course, as it leaves her thrashing a bit and twitching in odd ways; though she does seem to come out of the daze before skidding off the awning and taking a drop. Blinking with effort and grimacing too, she sluggishly rolls onto her stomach for a more secure spot before slumping over and passing out to let her brains recover.

Abruptly, Meruin throws himself backwards away from the seeking spires of stone, his speed impressive, so powerful that the wind fled from him. Yet and still, the earth found him, cutting open ragged gashes into the boy's torso, bringing blood to bloom. The silk that covered his body soon spread right back over the gashes, hiding any wounds he might have from view as he planted his arachnid legs on the ground, skidding to a stop.

And then came the noise. It took him by extreme surprise. So much so that he flinched from it. He took a moment to assess the situation, seeing the man that hired Kirigakure's services throw a pirate from himself. His child's voice rang out in a shout, "Stand before the civilians!" And then he vanished, reappearing next to Sadako only long enough to scoop her up and vanish once more.

Now as he stood, it was next to Namekuji Dokumoi, gently depositing the shocked Sadako a few feet behind him as he spoke, eyes on the outside. "Kirigakure Chuunin Okumo Meruin present and reporting."

With the med-nin battling it out with Sashimi and the summon, Daomi had tried to breach the gap between him and the others to offer whatever help he could, but with what little skills he had at his disposal the range was too far for anything immediate. Though with the sudden screams given from all around him, including his own team mate Sadako and the unnatural behaviors that followed soon after, Daomi had to stop himself, wondering if he had been the cause. The only sign that would point to him would be the purple tears that streak down his face, but those had all dried up since dealing with Udon. His worries of being the culprit faded quickly however, when the noise of a bell grabbed his attention and he turned to the noise. Upon seeing the several civilians rushing out that they were first sent here to rescue, doubt fills his mind as he would have assumed the ones they were battling took care of them, like they did with the pirates. Unsure of what to do, Daomi would take his regular stance of resting one hand inside his kimono and the other in his pants pocket, figuring when he is needed he'll see the right sign.


Just as everyone seemed to react to either Genjutsu, the civilians, or Dokumoi himself, the chance was taken by Okazu with rather quick efficiency. The bodies of the pirates he and his ninja had left behind, would be the only ones who remained. Okazu in that quick instant, had used the time for his own, taking both he and his team out of action. He had surely been strong enough to actually wound the strongest of Kirigakure's ninja, and yet his retreat came only moments after Dokumoi himself entered the frame. It seemed that this mission could be called a success, but due to whose actions in the end? Not sure but, today's losses would have been much heavier than expected.

Especially Sadako's and Seki's. Wait… Sekisetsu's? Just what happened to her? Well, within the quick blink it took to turn attention, Ichuji was blasted away from her with rather powerful means. Her body, rent with stone shrapnel, was ejected Meruin's way, only to then skid lifelessly before her Oni Netsugan form released itself. No longer conscious enough to maintain there, the girl would simply just be… Meanwhile, Dokumoi, whose face never changed, would until now, as he ran toward the four young ninja, quite thankful to what is going on! "My, my!! Ya wee-ones were sent to rescue us all? I surely am indebted to you. Please! Allow me to at least take you in until you are able to notify ya peeps back home." Dokumoi, large and strapping, would be the one to pick up Sekisetsu, before then looking to to Daomi, and then later on Meruin, who had given the instruction. He apparently was able to tell by his introduction that Meruin was in charge. "You surely have a means to communicate with your superiors, correct? Just a thought, but that man did not seem like no regular pirate."

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