Tsk This Again?


Abel, Ryoji, Taji

Date: October 28, 2010


Ryoji vs.Abel

"Tsk This Again?"

Kusagakure: Peach Pit Stadium Arena 2

Abel would be standing in the ring as he looked around and notice no one there he would smirk as he looked around at the stands, the image of himself doing so well if he would've join this year but he thought it best to sit it out this year until he obtained sharingan. As time passed he would stand there breathing and flashing threw hand seals, :I have to get better."

Ryoji was for once in a long time doing what he used to love doing a long, long time ago; getting himself into trouble simply for the experience. Thus the reason for his sudden detour to kusagakure to check out the competition before returning to more serious matters again. Of course the moment he smelled the familiar scent of one Abel Uchiha. The young Iga couldn't resist following all the way up to the arena's edge. Any words he might've had to say died in his mouth once he recognized the familiar subtle "humming" sound of high level seals at work.

Standing there Abel would relax his stance as he started to sit down looking into the sky, 'hmm nothing to do today." is said to himself as he yawned and started to lay out. "Maybe I should take a nap." Abel would yawn again as he started to drift off to sleep.

Taji is up in the stands, up high, actually resting on one of the benches. No scheduled match right now so he's just leaning back reading a scroll, not expecting to have a fight to watch. The fights are later. Or so he thought. He is eating some kind of veggie snack as he reads.

Ryoji continued to survey, memorize, and theorize the seal mastery based on what he's 'mundane' perception level was able to pick up. The sound of abel's voice eventually breaks through the blanket of curiosity and reminds him for his purpose of being here original. "…..For someone intent on proving themselves. You sure pick strange places to rest….Mmmm…no consideration of what some people may do to you in foreign lands I wonder?", He asks aloud although it seemed more directed to himself than anyone in particular.

"Anyone that have the balls to take me on in a fight will lose." Abel would stand and smirk as he stood up looking in the direction of the voice, noticing Taji he would wave over to him, 'Hey Taji what brings you here?" is asked as he stood there walking towards him as he moved towards him he would wave him to meet him halfway.

"Still naive to the ways of Shinobi I see…*headshakes*…How depressing.", Ryoji commented candidly before stuffing his hands into his pockets and wandering off to explore the rest of the arena for the time being. Only a semi-politee wave with the back of his hand is given to Taji he speaks up for himself, but aside from that the Iga ignores the duo for now."

"How about you show me how Naive I am." this was said to Ryoji while looking at Taji as he stood there he would scratch the back of his head as he looked up at him towards the stands, "yeah but I'm more so here to get a feel for the tournament rather then anything else." Abel would yawn as he turned and faced Ryoji, 'how about we have a spar?" walking towards the ring he would flip land into the center of the ring as his eyes were locked on Ryoji.

Taji shakes his head and turns to sit on one of the benches near the front of the stands to see how this plays out. At least the seals should keep either nin from dying.

Ryoji merely waved off Abel's question due to his momentary distraction with a unfamiliar bush in the area. Once he was significantly satisfied with whatever answers it provided, the wanderer straightened up and fixed up his jacket a bit. "Now where we…oh yes. I don't rightly care at the moment, but just to prove my point your welcome to strike at me as you please." He stated blandly. Never once turning back to face Abel.

Abel would grab three kunais as he stood there he would spin the big fuma shuriken four times around before throwing it with the arc on it that would move in closer to Ryoji as he stood there he would wait to see what Abel had to do, doing that time Abel would flash threw hand seals. "Hmph let's see what he got."

There are many 'tells' that can give away a person's intentions. And for Ryoji these were as obvious as they were needless. His ears subtly twitched beneath the folds of his hair and his fingers began to rapidly tap the air as if he's typing on some type of keyboard. All of this occurs just before Ryoji side step the first two attacks nimbly before drawing the scattered shuriken he found in the bushes and launching it just as he dodged the last whirling sound at his person.
His actions did not go unrewarded if the sound of metal piercing flesh meant anything. "Not to bad I will admit, but…this is not normally your style now is it?", He asks as he slowly slid back into his neutral stance. Against his better judgement, he began focus a bit of his chakra as he awaited an answer.

Laughing as he stood there he would form his hands into a seal as he stood there he would smirk, "na this isn't my style at all." Standing there he would switch into a offensive stance as he watched Ryoji waiting for a counter strike. He would start to build chakra as he stood there looking at him, "tell me your name." is said as Abel thought he knew his name but was waiting to see if Ryoji tell him.

Ryoji simply smirked and began refocusing his chakra into his palms. "I believe I told you this already--", He started at first before bursting forward with greater speed than one would think a slothish type of person like him could muster. "--Those things need to be earned!", He cried out just as he slid forward and lashed out with the first strike for the abdominal and the second power house strike to the chest. Strikes of the banshee version one and two…

Using low level clones to dodge one of the attacks the other would hit dead on as he is sent sliding back he would form a couple of hand seals and taking in a deep beath as the chakra started to build into his cheeks he would smirk "Fire Style: Fire Bullet Barrage!" and after a couple of shots aimed at Ryoji he would smrik once more as he waved threw more seals "Fire Style: Phoenix Immortal Fire Jutsu!" would be said as it flew towards Ryoji and just then as it came at Ryoji if it hits he would notice the sharp pain of buring shuriken in the mix of the jutsu.

Ryoji grins grimly, and couldn't help the mental headshake at Abel's actions. 'Announcing your attack in such a manner…not too bright my friend.' He thought briskly inbetween scantly avoiding being burned while continue his approach to abel's position. Once he felt the heat die down enough the iga rushed forward against. Another spiral formation of chakra at his palm ready to strike his abdominal again (hopefully as a bonus making him puke if it hits this time) before following with a straight forward uplifting kick to the chin. A round house kick would follow the first once he felt that his target had landed again.

Two attaacks would hit as he stood there he would shake his head as he smriked for a moment as he appeared beside Ryoji, "Oh so your just who I thought you were Ryoji." is said as he hopped back into a more defensive stance now. Waving threw hand seals one more he would smirk as he shook his head "You should remeber this one. Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" a big fire ball would take up the ring by storm as he stood there he would wave threw more hand seals. As the bad clone he made would charge Ryoji attacking in with a powerful upper cut.

Just from the sounds of it alone, Ryoji more than recognize what was comming up next. And nearly panicked once he felt the familiar heat coming closer and closer to him until finally…
It was time to evade simply by leaping over the attack then pushing himself out of range of the fire clone before it could explode or punch him. Intuition and simply the unnatural level of warmth radiating off the clone more than warned him of it's false hood. Once that was complete, Ryoji altered his tatics by tossing one last kunai at Abel before disappearing into the surrounding mini forestry.

'Another shift….ah…I see. Finally he starts..', Ryoji muttered plandly before cautiously breaking cover to hunt Abel down. Even with the smoke of his missed attacks still thick in the air it all wasn't enough to blot out this Iga's senses. His attacks both come from above with the first being a rapid fire of demon tear ridden eyeballs followed by the strongest banshee strike in his aresnal once he had an accurate reading of Abel's position.

Just as he feared, his intuition could only do so much before one of the fireballs caught his shoulder blade and seemed to consume the Iga completely. However if any closer inspection was done all that was really left burning was a flesh dummy secreted away earlier. From his new hiding place ryoji stroked his chin curiously before mentally sighing sadly. 'He finally did manage to score a pretty-*winc*-pretty good hit….too tired to try and get revenge for that one either. Best to hideout of for now and secret myself away' He planned before initiating what he had in mind.

The young Uchiha eyes would be able to see where to attack next as though he was given an insight to Ryoji movements having the speed to catch the fleeing Ryoji he would allow him to get away for now and smirk as he stood there the posin would move over him. "Tsk..damn posin attack." is said as he stood there cracking his neck he would yawn for a moment and then lay back down and take a nap. All this was done after he visited the doctor for some healing as he was bleeding from teh inside, as he stood there coughing up blood, 'tsk next time your mine Ryoji."

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