Dreams - Tsukiko's Dream



Date: March 8, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Tsukiko's Dream"

Unknown location

Tsukiko dreams…

The battle rages on. Kirigakure has invaded the land of Fire. Massive
golems thunder accross the land, crushing the undergrowth and even
knocking down some of the huge trees that make up the forests of the
country. The souldiers of the nation of Water march behind the massive
juggernauts. The ninja of Kirigakure wreak their havoc all accross the

Tsukiko stands in the front of the Kuroyari division. The small kunoichi
such an incongruous figure among the huge armored warriors. The figure of
Midoru towers beside her as they rush in to the offense. Metal weapons
smash against the stome golems. Buffeting winds and flying glass scatter
the soldiers and kirigakure ninjas, making them unable to defend the
behemoth golems.

But something changes in the scene. Tsukiko rises slowly in the air,
bourne by the winds that she controlled. Or did the winds control her? She
struggles with herself, but in the end, she just continues calling upon
her chakra.. upon her inner power. The winds whip uncontrolably. The
clouds darken, building exponentially. The storm roils wihtin. Lightening
strikes. Thunbder rolls. The fury of a hundred storms breaks loose all at
once. The water comes down in such a torrent that even the mighty Kuroyari
are washed away. The dying screams strike the girl like needles.. stabbing
in her ear.. stabbing in her heart. Looking down she can see the faces of
friends and allies, gasping their last breath to utter 'your fault'. One
by one, she sees the final accusations.. Hiroshi.. Daichi.. Midoru.
The whole forest, trees, golems and all wash away, leaving the tempest of
the sea underneath her. The hurricane has come crashing against the shore
of the small village she called home once. Then villagers run among the
huts, chasing a small girl out, running her out into the wilderness. They
pelt her with stones and strike her with switches, forcing her out of the
shelter. "This storm is your fault" they shout, "you're a curse upon us"
one cries. "You do nothing but bring death and destruction to us." "You
should have never been born" The faces of the villagers and of her drowned
allies and friends blur together as they all accuse her.

Tsukiko sits bolt upright in bed. Her pillow wet from her tears. Her eyes
red from crying in her sleep. She hugs herself, shaken from the imaage she
saw in her dream. The image she sees a few times a week.She takes deep
breaths, calming herself. She's become used to waking like this. She looks
at her clock. 3:00 AM… a short night tonight. She gets up to wash her
face and find some breakfast before going out to begin practicing. After
nights like tonight, she tries that much harder.. terrified of her dream
coming true. Of becoming the outcast again.

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