Tsukiko vs. Abel Spar


Abel, Tsukiko

Date: September 11, 2010


Mini spar

"Tsukiko vs. Abel Spar"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training

After a rough time in his fight he thought it best to train as he went to the genin grounds he would start by flashing threw hand seals. He would notice that the weights would pay off as his seals where faster and better as he no longer had to think about the ones he need for the jutsu. "This is getting is great…I'm getting better." is said to himself as he release a well controlled fireball.

Midoru entered the area, the sun gleaming off his armr in a brief flash before he stepped within the cloying embrace of a tree's shadow. He'd come to examine the genin who were taking the time to train in this time of tumult, to those with sense enough to stay away from the grave danger where they could only get in the way yet the drive enough to not have given up, to try and improve themselves. Crimson eyes sought.

Tsukiko headed to the training grounds as well. She doesn't just walk there, though. She dashes in short bursts down the pathway, practicing using chakra to increase her movement. She makes the final dash into the grounds and stops.. She takes a moment to catch her breath. using her chakra in this way was new to her and draining, she used far more than was necessary, tiring her out.

Without looking he would smile as he flashed through more hand seal. "Sup Tsukiko?" is asked as he got back to work. "Alright I have to better myself….I have to get better." Abel would started to breath harder before looking over to Tsukiko. "What brings you here?"

Midoru's eyes caught on Tsukiko as she arrived behind him, though she had not moved to the fringes of the area as he had. He nodded silently to himself at this, approval of her actions in the action. His eyes caught others, some of the clans, some that are not. Abel was among them.

Tsukiko smiles and nods a greeting to Abel and offers a slight, polite bow to Midoru before answering her teammate. "the same as you, I imagine. training. Trying to get better." She continues to take deep breaths to recover from her dashing entrance. She stretches, warming herself up for her practice.

"How about we train with each other." is said as he stood there and smile at her and took in a much need deep breath. Before flashing some signs and shooting off two fireballs both a pretty nice size. "Well what do you say Tsukiko?" Abel would glance over his shoulder and then turn his body.

Midoru arched a brow as that question floats over to him, wondering at the capabilities of this Abel. In truth, he did not find his chances to be good ones, but he knew never to underestimate another. He settled back, legs widening in a firm stance, arms crossing as he settled in to watch.

Tsukiko looks to Abel. She never did like sparring.. the idea of hurting friends.. but she learned that such confrontations had alot of teaching potential. She nods and taes one jump to go from where she is to the middle of the combat field, slowly lowering to the ground once more. She concentrates and settles to the ground. "When you are ready.

After seeing Tsukiko ready to take action he would pull out three kunais. "Alright Tsukiko don't pull your punches!" is said as he threw the kunai one at a time but each one would move faster then the last as they move they would arc inward find a new target like the knees of Tsukiko an then the left arm. <Should I use fire?> is asked to himself as he watched the skills of Tsukiko.

Tsukiko watches the three weapons launched by her opponent. This would be a new surprise for Abel. She draws her mirror and forms her seal to the back of it, locking the image of the first wind-mill shuriken, siezing control of it mid-air. She usesthis first one to swat the second to the ground and then the third into the air. She then turns and swings swings the mirror, launching the stolen windmill shuriken back to its owner. She catches the last one out of the air and, after charging it with wind chakra, returns it as well. "What was it you said about pulling punches?"

Tsukiko attacks where nice and better then before but the Uchiha skills where slightly better right now. As he was standing on a nearby tree he would be looking down at here at the moment. "Wow Tsukiko you allowed those low level clones to best you?" is asked as he laughed for a moment before building his chakra. "You've gotten better but you have to show me something better then what you are now.

Tsukiko smirks, "and you have gotten better about your tactics. The old abel would have just stood there." She jumps back to add some distance between the pair, launching two small weapons. The first explodes in a splash of glitter and light in an attempt to disorient her foe.. and to hide the second. The second was a kunai with a small piece of paper on it…

He dodge the bomb but the tag would get him and knock him back out of the sky. As he would land he would smirk as the sound of runing water was near. "Your better but still not enough." is said after waving there some hand seals he would fire two fireballs at Tsukiko and then as they would close in on here the first fireball would have a clone come out of in and grab her while the other one would move in and hit her. "I call this move Reaching Flames!"

Tsukiko takes a step back. She pulls her mirror up to block the clone, then forms her seals to the back of the mirror and block the fireball. After the fire explodes out, it seems to be sucked back into the center. Tsukiko seems very pleased about something as she slips that mirror back to her pack. "I'll have to thank you for that later." She focuses her chrakra and moves the wind chakra through her hands before throwing a small whirlwind onto the field. It winds through picking up glass shards, leaves, and other small debris as it streaks towards Abel. She follows it, closing the ground between them before launching more projectiles through the storm.

His clones would once again be used to dodge her moves he would be seen standing next to her and with a smile he would ask, "So did you get him?" is asked before he smiled and cracked his neck. "Nope not yet Tsukiko….Your good but not at that level keep working hard." is said as he jumpped into the trees. "Alright Tsukiko I'm done for now." is said as he dashed off.

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