Tsun's Island Adventure Pt. 1


Fuu, Tsun

Date: June 10th, 2010


After a ship battle, Tsun is washed ashore on a tropical island… Which just happens to be inhabited by very unfriendly types.

"Tsun's Island Adventure Pt. 1"

Unnamed Island - East Ocean

Somewhere between the Land of Waves and the Land of Water…
"Find something better to patch that up! What the hell are you doing?!" A jounin would yell out, barking commands from the crows nest of a small boat carrying a few Kirigakure ninja, mostly the wounded. Visibility was poor and the current situation of those active onboard was most easily described as…hectic as loud booms would echo through the area, the sound of their attacker blowing their ship to bits. After four cannonballs, the Kirigakure ship was finally starting to give way with the massive hole in the sail and multiple other points in the boats structure. They were going down, it was quite obvious. In a moment of desperation a large explosion would go off within the waters, sending both boats off in wild directions and sustaining heavy damage. The Kirigakure boat itself flipping over, a few forever lost to the sea while some would appear floating along the shores of far off places, already dead. As for one particular person… they were quite lucky, only floating a short distance before being washed up on an island.
The next day…
"Guh…" Waking up to a coughing fit and the sounds of the ocean, Tsun's vision would look up to the morning sky as a blurred mess of blue. "Wha?…" Confused, she'd raise one hand up to her forehead, the protector now missing, most likely lost in the sea. She'd slowly raise to a seated position. Trying to make sense of everything, her brain having difficulty remembering anything except the explosion. The girl could only assume that she was knocked out after that. "Well… this sucks." A few more coughs would follow the comment as she forces herself back up onto her feet, the odd warmth of the area a bit refeshing compared to the cold storm they encountered last night. For now, she'd simply start wandering the shore in an attempt to find another survivor. Someone who perhaps was a bit better than her in survival tactics all she knew was that she was hungry, wanted a bath, and to somehow get rid of this terrible feeling in her back.. truly not accustomed to pain.
"Hello?!" She'd shout out, a few birds flying out of the sanctity of the trees in response… though that was about it. 'They're all dead… Tsun-chan.' The thought would run through her mind and she'd shake her head, responding to her mind aloud. "You always know the right words to cheer me up, jerk." She'd mumble, slowly staring up above to a strangly blue specked fruit hanging in the tree up above her. "I wonder…"

Cannonballs? On Japanese-style ships? In an alternate ninjaverse where guns don't even exist yet!? Insanity! Maybe it was an experimental ship or something, in which case it is now blown up or at least severely damaged, so that idea is scrapped. Truly, ninja are better than any contrivance of blackpowder.
Meanwhile, on the island that Tsun has washed up on, it indeed appears she is alone. Except for animals, plants, and sand, and dirt, and so forth. And the voice in her head. But she's not really alone. It's just that the others are not standing out in the open. Who are these others? Well…
"Are you sure about this guy, Amuro-sama?" a man with short, spikey black hair asks. He's dressed in jungle camoflauge gear, with face paint, etc. Around him, scattered throughout the semi-tropical island, there are others in similar attire. They bear no marks of allegiance, and their faces are mostly concealed my ninja masks. One of these people stands out from the rest, however.
He's wearing tight clothing in lots of bright colors, he has an afro with a cowboy hat shoved onto his head, and he's wearing star-shaped sunglasses, pointy boots, and basically looks like some kind of psychopath who got caught in the explosion of a glue factor, and immediately afterwards was caught in the explosion of a clothing factory. No ninja would dress like that. Not if he wanted to live. He's grinning around at the ninja practicing at stealth and maneuvers. He notices the lieutenant looking at him, and turns to wiggle his fingers at the man. The lieutenant's lip curls in disgust. The voice that echoes in his head, however, leaves no room for argument. « I am certain that he can be made useful to us. He has something I am interested in. Or rather… Part of something I am interested in. If he needs anything, you are to give it to him. » The lieutenant frowns. Not knowing how to transmit his thoughts, he just keeps his fingers pressed to a Seal behind his left ear, and says, "Yes, Amuro-sama." And then the voice of Amuro adds on, « And if he acts against the interests of the group, he dies. » The lieutenant shivers even as he smirks. "Hai." Then the conversation is over.
"So, buddy-boy, you done talking to your invisible friend now?" the crazy guy asks. He has a golden halberd in one hand. His only apparent weapon. The lieutenant "…I was speaking to our leader via—" "Hey, that's great, cat, but can you toss me some kind of anti-bloodsucker spray real quick-like? And none of that chemical-smelling stuff! I won't have my >fabulous<-ness diminished by the smell of pesticides!" The lieutenant grits his teeth. "My name is Ryouga, and I don't have anything like that." "Aww, that's too bad. But hey, great news! What I'd >really< like to have just showed up here on Gilligan's Island! Let's go, let's go!" The man starts charging through the jungle, leaving Ryouga behind him, staring.
"This is stupid," is all he says. Then he gestures with one hand and goes racing after the new 'ally' of the Tao Shih. About a dozen other ninja join him.

'RrHAHAHAHAHA!' Tsun would cringe, holding the side of her head as the sudden burst of high pitched laughter would ring through her head. Apparently her thoughts forgot their inside voice. Annoyed she'd kick at the sand, as the laughter slowly die off and break into , 'Tsun-chan! Tsun-chan! Tsun-chan!' Over and over, planning to repeat it until Tsun responded. The girl would do her best to not focus on what was going on in her head. "So… annoying." Would be all she'd mutter as she focuses back on the fruit, a small wave of water raising up into the air and whipping the fruit down her way.
Casually catching it, she'd inspect it, unsure if she should just bite into the fuzzy looking fruit as she would continue to hear her name being called in the background. Her brow would twitch a few times, her grip on the fruit becoming more and more harsh until she chucked the fruit out into the ocean in frustration as she yells out, "WHAT?! WHAT?!" Her fingers curled up her entire body tense, though sadly there was nothing to punch in the face so she'd just have to continue emitting anger to the air about her as the voice continues on casually, seeming to pay no mind to Tsun's rage.
'Tsun-chan~ He's here! Or…someone is, though I'm there or well part of me is there… hmmm. Though I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We can kill him this time, you're stronger this time Tsun-chan.' She would hesitate, a dark tug on her mind causing her to look off to her left. She'd stare at nothing for a while seeing nothing but the trees of the jungle before shrugging and starting to head that way. Her pace would be, much more casual than that of the obnoxious man that was seeking her, slowly easing through the thick overgrowth before releasing something off in the distance. "Eh…" '
'Ahahaha! It's about time, remember how foolish he made you look? I believe it's time for revenge!' Tsun's expression would go bland, really not in the mood for a fight like her counterpart since she just woke up on a random island. "Ugh, he's gonna try to kill me anyways I guess I have to fight." For now, she would simply gather chakra preparing for the worse as the red liquid oozes out of her container and begins to rise up, sticking to her body before simply melding with her image. Tsun was not amused, maybe she could convince him to wait until her headache was gone.

And then the crazy white-guy appears, leaping out of the treeline and landing on the beach! He skids, his cowboy-like boots sending sand flying every which way! "Hey, there, kitten!" he calls out cheerfully, waving with one hand while the hand holding the halberd aims the weapon right at Tsun. "You've got something I want! …Actually a couple things I want, but I'll save the other one for when we're…" He lowers his voice using his waving-hand to cup around his mouth as he stage whispers, "'Alone'." Then he winks slowly. Creepy creep.
Ryouga and his other camouflaged accomplices come blurring into view, trying to surround Tsun. And the dumbass in the cowboy get-up. Ryouga calls out, "A little girl? I thought this island was uninhabited." He checks for a forehead protector, but sees none. The Jack of Eyes responds at an overly-loud volume, "EVERYTHING IS FINE, HERE. NO TROUBLE AT ALL, MATEY. I WAS ONLY WHISPERING THREATS AND TERMS OF ENDEARMENT TO THIS STICK-LIMBED LITTLE MUNCHKIN." Then he winks as Tsun again. Totally not suspicious at all. His allies just stare at him. Ryouga sums up their thoughts very eloquently as he says, "…What the hell are you on--" But old Jack just interrupts as he adjusts his hat. "Also, didn't you hear that explosion last night? There was a ship battle according to your scouts. She probably washed up here from one of those!"
Ryouga frowns. "But there weren't any survivors reported--" "AND YET HERE SHE IS!!! Imagine that." "…." With that settled, Jack of Eyes, still having his halberd aimed at Tsun, causes the weapon to elongate greatly, stretching across the distance between his hand and the voice-hearing girl. The blade moves swiftly to try to stab into her chest.

Tsun was hit with a mixture of confusing feelings hit her, a tad bit jealous still of his eye-catching appearance. Though she wasn't at all joyous about the fact that there was someone else with him, as much as they didn't seem to get along. Casually stepping aside behind a tree, she'd watch sand fly by as the outlandish man came to a stop. "Hey!" She's say with a smile that would eventually trickle away as he gave the strange wink afterwards. Taking an step back, she'd make herself feel a tad bit more comfortable by making a bit of space, now to act as if he wasn't making her as nervous as he was.
Crossing her arms she'd respond to him. "So yeah dude, you have something I want too. Now you see, I was being lazy last time I took you on. I'd say you just hand that thingy o-…" Of course, she'd realize the entire time she was talking Jack of Eyes paid her no mind, instead he would suddenly turn around and start yelling back to his friend. Lips pursing now. 'No one ignores you like that Tsun-chan, neh?' Tsun would grumble, and then was preparing to yell at him to pay attention just as the halberd launches off her way.
Her facial expression wouldn't shift as she had confidence in what happens next to be successful, the water flowing out of the coffin and curving about in front of her catching the speeding weapon and slowly digging into the defense until it was eventually stopped. "Lame… Well, you want me? Catch me if you can!" Then Tsun would turn about, zooming off! Well not really… her sprinting looked more like a very pathetic jog as she tries to force her legs to carry her weight faster than usual heading for the shore.

Ryouga doesn't seem pleased that his ally is attacking a little girl. But he also doesn't try to stop Jack. Which is probably good, because this girl is not an ordinary girl, it seems. He gestures and a couple of the ninja that are standing in a circle around Jack and Tsun converge to try to grab the latter by the arms and hold her in place. Even with her crazy water defense, they don't seem too concerned. Probably a mistake on their parts, but they're unnamed goons for a reason.
Jack, meanwhile, allows the sandy halberd to retract back to his hand. Then a shrill, high-pitched laugh rings out. "WRAAAA HAHAHAHAAA!" Yeah, that came out of Jack. It traumatizes several jungle birds so severely that they give up eating for the rest of the day and just hide in their nests. "You think you can run away, sweet thing? Think again!" He then raises the halberd above his head and plunged it into the sandy beach! Nothing happens for a few seconds as he just stands there and grins confidently.
Ryouga sweatdrops as he watches all this. "…You are—" he begins, but doesn't get to finish because that's when a halberd of sand rises from the ground underneath Tsun, attempting to stab into her from below! Seems he's learned some new tricks since last time.

The high pitched laughter would cause Tsun to groan, reminding her too much of someone else though it did send a signal that he was still in the same place. "What? He's not even trying? Whatever…" So long as he wasn't going to be bothering her, she'd just keep running to 'safety', hopping over a few roots belatedly realizing there were others also chasing her down. There would be a quick look to her left, then her right before pushing the her hands out in both directions, "Blast Wave!" The red water erupting in both directions, aiming to slam into the pursuers and knock them off balance. Which wouldn't do her much good in the end seeing as she was running to the open sea, though hey nothing wrong with living a few more seconds! "Hah, as if they'd get me so easy." Just as the sentence was finished the halberd would erupt out of the ground. Her eyes widen, the water still retracting from the wide area of effect she used for the blast wave technique and it doesn't manage to catch up with this unexpected attack, the halberd just slipping by the defense and impaling the girl.
Obviously stunned, she'd look lost one what to do next as her life flashed before her eyes, her last moments being on this random island in the middle of nowhere! How unfitting this was for her! Except well, she was fine… the preemptive defense she had set up earlier slowly oozing away from her body, her skin appearing to melt as it slowly lowers to the ground as a goop turning into the red water she covered herself up with earlier. She'd then side step the halberd from its positioning before it decided to move forward anymore. She was partially tempted to grab it though that wouldn't go over well so she'd begin to run again!
The run…quickly cut short by her forgetting to look down now and abruptly tripping on some vines that just so happened to be growing there. Just her luck, now she was flat on her face.

Ryouga was not exactly planning to kill Tsun. He just wanted to figure out who she was, what she was doing here, etc. But when she blasts two of his minions, sending them hurtling backwards to land on the ground, he decides she's a liability. Jack just sighs whimsically (yes, whimsically) as his attack fails to kill his target. The halberd retracts back into the beach. Then he lifts the other end, the one in his own hands, and plunges it back into the sand… Over and over and over!
Lots more halberd blades shoot up, barely missing Tsun each time. Or are they missing her? They seem to be missing by scant inches, but surely with how slow she is, he should be able to nail her, right? What if he's just playing a game!? Sort of like… 'Whack-A-Mole', only it's more like 'Stab-A-Tsun'.
When she trips over the vines it's made clear. He was just chasing her around with those blades to try to get her to trip and fall! Or mayvbe she did that on her own! The world may never know. But one thing is for certain, and that's Tsun is in serious doo-doo. "I don't need any ninja hoo-doo to take you down, sweet-heart!" he calls out as he suddenly leaves his position and begins running towards Tsun's downed form. "Because I've got everything I could possibly want right…" He raises the halberd over his head as he gets closer! "…HERE!" He then switches his grip and swings the polearm around in an attempt to slice the back of Tsun's pants! …WTF?
"Told you I wanted to spank ya' back at our first meeting. And now I will!" …Is he serious? This… >Freak< wants to spank some girl!? That's what all this is about!?! Well, no, not really. But he figures embarassing his opponent before he kills her is the height of cool. He's an idiot, obviously, but that's his reasoning.

Tsun wasn't enjoying this hunting game nearly as much as he was, apparently neither was Mr. Voice-In-A-Head as he hadn't said a word in quite a while. Tsun had truly never felt close to dying before, and never this many times in succession. She felt that, she was done for she would quickly try to get up. Only for him to suddenly appear over her, "What the heck…" Thankfully the shield would quickly come up to defend her from the oncoming slice. That wouldn't of settled well with her at all, sure getting cut in half would be fine but, she wasn't really rocking mature undergarments at the moment so she'd rather her skirt stay where it was at the moment. 'It looks like… you're gonna need me /again/.'
Tsun would ignore this and begin to get up, leaving it up to her guardian water to keep her safe as she slowly rises before attempting to run past Jack, in the direction of Ryouga. She didn't necessarily know who or where Jack's friend was, though at the moment anything seemed better than the freaky foreigner. So with a panicked expression, she'd put on her best water works performance as tears start to stream across her face. "Get him awaaaaaay!" Yes… this ninja uses cry tactics, she is obviously the best of the best. Of course, she must be up to something?

Jack seems disappointed by his failure to destroy Tsun's skirt. Is he a pervert as well as a freak!? "That's just not cool." Then, as Tsun flees from him, he just turns around to face her, raises the halberd again and slams it down into the beach. The halberd then dissolves in his grasp. Did he use it up or something?
Just as Tsun is running back to the other ten ninja and Ryouga, Ryouga himself charges out to meet her. He doesn't look like he's planning to attack, though. No weapons in hand, not in a fighting stance… He might just be buying into Tsun's acting! Then Tsun may notice that Ryouga's eyes have turns from simple black… To red with two black tomoe in each. Sharingan!
Forming hand seals quickly, Ryouga attempts to snare Tsun in a Genjutsu that may cause her to see a wave of sand rise up all around her, and then drop back down like a curtain being pulled from its rungs. Revealing that she's now in a desert. A vast, empty desert. Nothing but dunes everywhere, heat rising from the ground, the sun blazing in the sky. No sign of the jungle or any other people.
The idea is to trap her in this illusion so she can be subdued. But before Ryouga can act further, even if the Genjutsu fails, the entire beach in the real world begins to rumble. Then a massive halberd blade composed of like >half the freaking beach< comes rising upwards, scattering — and in some cases killing — the minions of Uchiha Ryouga. The blast of the halberd rising from below is enough to hurl Ryouga and Tsun a dozen feet away rather easily. So even if she was affected by the Genjutsu, she'd shortly find herself back on the beach. The giant halberd blade keeps on rising, eventually turning into the haft, and then a giant >hand< made out of sand! It just keeps rising, growing, and forming into a body. The body of a giant sand person.
Jack starts singing to himself and dancing. "Mister Sandman~! Bring me a dream~! A dream of slaughter, like none's ever seen~!" He keeps on grooving to an imaginary tune as the Sandman lowers the titanic halberd and starts to take its first step towards Tsun…

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