Steel Soul Tourney - Turnabout Toxin: Jiro vs. Keigo


Rockpath, Jiro, Keigo, Arika

Date: June 9, 2015


The final rounds of the Steel Soul Tournament of the First Bracket. Jiro vs. Keigo

"Steel Soul Tourney - Turnabout Toxin: Jiro vs. Keigo"

Dammed Arena - Floor

Kaguya Mai steps forth to the crowd, listening to Suna, especially, cheer loudly. "Welcome… To the Semi-final, or maybe it will be the final… Match between Hougenka Keigo and Amaro Jiro. Both are Genin of Sunagakure." A loud roar of cheers erupts, those from the Sand village proud of their ninja. "Please, step forth you two. I will step in if one of you seems close to death." The woman waits for them to approach and prepare. "You may begin," is the only thing that's said before she then disappears.

Keigo enters the field, looking a little sweaty as he enters the field with his puppet walking behind him and waving. The puppet looked slightly different… facial features were carved in a bit. No longer did it have just a stocky flat mouth and no eyes, it had some life in its face. Such as an entertainment puppet should be. Keigo gets into his ready stance. "It'll be different this time around. I assure you of that!" Of course, he was bluffing… but he didn't want to sound like a wuss… which, he was. He'd spent all that time repairing Ayamakki for this match and not any time upgrading it or training… it wasn't looking good for Keigo already…

Jiro is back and better than ever! Right? Right? Well kind of. He looks a little tired, like maybe he didn't get a good nights sleep or something. Or maybe it was that beating by the Kumo boy that he's barely recovered from. All for some stupid egg. He'll get him back some day. Some time. Some…how! He steps out once his name is called and yawns, then looks to Keigo and grins toothily, building himself up some for this fight. As much as he can at least. "Yea', well we'll see 'bout that!" He calls back, pulling his cloth sash off and putting it behind his neck. "'m ready when you are!"

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 2794 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RP: Jiro transforms into SPAR-I.

COMBAT: Keigo focuses 3570 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RP: Keigo transforms into AYAMAKKI.

Keigo quickly attached the extra 2 strings to Ayamakki and sent him to battle! Of course, he wasn't quick enough to do more than just fire a Kunai from the puppet's Crossbow right arm.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(21) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…24

Jiro was ready enough it seems. When the kunai comes flying out at him the boy hops to one side to get out of the way of the rather icky looking blade. "Alrigh', here I come!" That's the warning he gives, big stupid grin still on his face as he launches towards the other genin, cloth lashing out to try and nick him a few times in the chest.

COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(33) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…24
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 288 damage.
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(21) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…32

Keigo isn't quick enough to finish his handsigns when the first attack hits, but definitely in time for the second one as he gets out of the way just in time to avoid the second blow! The first one did some serious damage to him, however… if he was sweating before, he was a fountain at this point. "Just as I remember… let's see if I can't get something in!" Sending Ayamakki out again, he just had him pull off his normal combo.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(16) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(29) attack from Keigo with a SEAL-BARRIER…24
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 236 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(24) attack from Keigo with a SEAL-BARRIER…24

Jiro manages to avoid most of the blades thanks to his speed and the use of some handy dandy seals. But one of the seals isn't quite right and the blade manages to pierce through the barrier pretty easily. Jiro lets out a shout of surprise as he jumps back, but not before receiving a new cut on his arm. The boy grumbles as he puts a hand to the wound, already feeling the poison starting to go to work. "No' bad…" he mutters, lowering his hand then to grab the cloth and lash it out towards Keigo, trying to wrap up a limb with the thing before tightening it. After that he follows up quickly with pulling the tail end of the cloth to lash out in an attack towards the other Genin.

Arika watches from the stands, cheering loudly for her friend. She wouldn't miss this match, of course! The girl grins a bit when she sees Jiro managed to get a hit in on Jiro. "Yayyy! Go, Jiro-kun!" Hmm, does she know Keigo? Well, she sorta might, but only in passing. No cheers for him! » «

COMBAT: Keigo defends against LIMB-ENSNARING-CLOTH-RAZORS(25) attack from Jiro with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…25
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(33) attack from Jiro with a KUGUTSU-WEAPON-BLOCK…24
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 235 damage.

The Puppeteer Ninja had just enough sense to quickly form a handseal for a single clone… and while it deflected the first attack, the second attack was too quick for him to defend against as he took it square. Sliding backwards from the blow, his fingers moved a bit, causing the puppet to dash behind him and stop the slide backwards. Getting back into his stance, he smiled at the other Genin. "Not bad. That stung quite a bit! If I'm not careful, this is game over for me! But not yet… I'm not going down. Not without a fight! You hear me? I'm not going down!" Flourishing his fingers forward, he sends Ayamakki forth to attack the other Genin some more. A couple of Kunai are fired, then another blade would lash out at him.

COMBAT Jiro is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 40 health.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(25) attack from Keigo with a SEAL-BARRIER…25
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(17) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(25) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…37

Jiro grins widely at the older boy as he makes his statement about not going down. At least not easily. That's something that Jiro feels himself and so he's quite pleased with it. The boy throws up another barrier for the first attack, jumping away from the second before flaring the cloth between him and the third and hardening it, letting the blades deflect off of it. "Yea', well 'm not gonna go down easy either!" The boy counters, ignoring the voice in the stands for the time being before he lashes out twice quickly, the cloth trying to find purchase again in it's whipping motion.

COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(25) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…34
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(31) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…31

As a sign of his conviction to stay in this, the attacks headed towards him, he seemed to actually just stand there and take the hits… but once the flurry was finished, all that was standing there was a barely scratched puppet. The Ninja had replaced again. He was now behind the puppet, and he just sent out Ayamakki to attack once more!

Arika watches teh two exchange attacks, neither really letting up in this regard. She bounces a bit in her spot, even as the people around her grumble and tell her to go find somewhere else to play. To which she sticks her tongue out and says, "GOOOOO, JIRO-KUUUUUN." A voice grumbles a bit. ~So loud…~ "Block 'im!" she calls out, ignoring the voices still. "Don't let 'im get you!"

COMBAT Jiro is poisoned (1 rounds) and loses 40 health.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(21) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…22
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(33) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…28
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 198 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(25) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…34

Dat poison is quite annoying as he can still feel it coursing through his body. Grumble. Jiro hops away from an attack but then he's caught off guard by the next one and can't get his cloth up in time, so it stabs him right in the shoulder. "Ow!" He yelps, then gets the cloth up before the last attack comes. Stupid kunai. Stupid poison. Just as his body was fighting off the last bit of it too…"Alrigh', hope yer ready!" The boy challenges before running at Keigo, cloth swinging wildly in the air. The movements make it hard to tell where the strike will come from and indeed mid swing it just seems to kind of lash out at Keigo not once, but twice!

COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL(22) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…21
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 263 damage.
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-TAIL(29) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…24
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 293 damage.

Keigo is whipped up quite badly, as well as Ayamakki… that last attack actually did some damage to the Puppet's joints. If he wasn't careful, he was out of the fight after the next attack… he had to be sharp. Take the hits for the puppet… but he wasn't really good at Taijutsu… so he'd only have one thing to rely on. Either way, he sent in Ayamakki for a flurry of blows again, firing a single Kunai, then blade-reaping afterwards.

COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(25) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…10
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 190 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(22) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…11
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 270 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(23) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 246 damage.

Ow, that hurt! The boy was so worried about the poison and the fact that he kind of just thrashed Keigo that he let his guard down. Guess that was a bad idea. The boy is set upon by the puppet with a vengeance and when all is said and done he's on his back and bleeding from multiple spots. But he's not going to give up! That's not something he knows how to do! He pulls himself back to his feet, stumbling a bit as he tries to right himself. "'m not done…yet…" he mutters, half running, half stumbling towards Keigo to lash out at him with the cloth again.

Keigo raises a pinkie, which has a separate chakra string attached somewhere else on his body. What that something else is was apparent the moment he raised it. It was a Kunai. And using the string as a guide, he used the Kunai to actually successfully block the attack aimed at him. Though it was alot weaker than normal… was this guy toying with him now? Or was he running on steam? He took a breath and looked at the Genin. "That last attack you pulled… your head's not in the game. Focus up a little more and come back at me. I'll let you." And he does, not even attacking this time around.

COMBAT: Keigo focuses 1747 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
COMBAT Jiro is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 112 health.

Jiro had a rather vicious bout not long ago where he got thrashed. It's quite possible he just didn't fully recover yet. It doesn't help his situation any, that's for sure! Jiro stares at Keigo as the poison continues to work it's way through him and he moves towards the other boy before simply falling flat on his face, unconscious.

Keigo just… stands there, dumbfounded… he looks at the Proctor. "Yeah, get a medic in here quickly. This match is done, and he's not looking too good…"

Mai is already in the Arena when Jiro goes down, the woman keeping Jiro held up so he doesn't fall flat on his face. "The winner of this match: Hougenka Keigo." She allows cheers and applause as needed while medics come over to heal the two Genin. Jiro is cared for first, the medics drawing the poison from his body before giving him a quick heal that would keep him alive for the time being. Then he could get to the hospital. The good news: the damage was less than it looked. The poison was the only thing realkly dangerous in this instant.

Jiro's eyes open after the bit of healing and he lets out a soft groan of pain. "Tha'…didn' go so well…" he mutters, finally standing on his own again as he ties the cloth sash back around his waist. "Goo' job…you won this one." He looks to the medic and gives a little nod of thanks. "Think 'm gonna…go rest at the hospital fer a bit."

Keigo smiled and placed a hand on Ayamakki's form… Ayamakki's certainly had better days, a majority of the blows meant for Keigo having gone to him… even though Ayamakki was made out of the hardest wood in the world, the joints were soft spots… and they were hit quite numerous. Something Keigo would have to fix in later iterations. He looked at Jiro as he spoke, nodding. "Yeah. Go rest up. We've still got one more match to contend with…" He takes a breather as even though most of the blows went to Ayamakki, he still took quite a beating as well… blood was still oozing a bit from the numerous wounds he'd received… he looked at the Medic with a nervous smile. "Mind if I get a quick patch before I go rest up myself?"

The medics nod to Jiro, saying, "Go easy for a few days. Rest up." They heal him just a bit more since it seems he's determined to get to the hospital on his own power, then they step back to make their way over to Keigo. "That's our job, of course." With a seal, green chakra flows around the medic's hand and he rests it on Keigo, allowing wounds to close for the time being. "Good work," he says before moving off for the next match of the day.

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