Turning over a new Leaf-nin


Tobiramako, Soren

Date: October 29, 2013


Soren seeks out an audience with Konohagakure leadership to inquire about becoming a permanent member of the Leaf.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Turning over a new Leaf-nin"

Hokage's Lookout

Soren's been back in town for a couple days, and after celebrating his birthday with Atsuro, and a couple others, Soren's decided it's about time to go talk to the village leadership. So yesterday, Soren had scheduled a time to come to the lookout, so he could speak with someone about his plans for the near future. Specifically his plans to very soon, become a permanent resident in the village of Konohagakure.

The young man had forgone his normal fanciful clothing, for a regular black T-shirt, and a sleeve covering his right arm, leaving only a small bit of exposed joint at his shoulder. His stride was slow, and measured, but confident, as he walked through the halls to where he was directed to. Through the halls, to the office. He knocked on the door gently, waiting a moment for a response, before entering. "Hello." he says, giving a slight bow. "Asano, Soren." he says with a smile, as he walks in a takes a seat, folding his hands in on each other. "I'd like to speak to you about a couple things, and I figured it was about time to bring this up to the leadership of Konoha." he says with a small nod


Often seen in the office going through numerous stacks of paperwork her sister did not have the incentive to do or take meetings when she was away, Senju Tobiramako sat at the Hokage's desk awaiting her next meeting. As Soren makes his way inside and sits down, she raises an eyebrow, making a mental note about first impressions. Tobi looks up from the desk, having read up on what interactions and information Konoha had with Asano Soren just recently, and nods her head. "You have my attention for the next 30 minutes, so I'm all ears. Tell me what it is you wish to speak about with me, and with Konohagakure." she says as she neatly folds her arms and rests back in the chair, eyes on Soren.

Soren nods. "Fair enough. I'll be out of your way in 15." he says with a small smile. "As you probably know, I've been coming to Konoha on a regular basis for the last 3 years, helping where I could, and otherwise trying to do well around the village. I've made friends here, and honestly… I've very nearly been adopted by one of the clans here in Konoha." He sighs a bit, and fiddles with his hands for a moment. "And… I think it's time I made myself a permanent resident. I can't do it immidiately, mind you. I still have quite a few things to deal with in regards to the Kitsune I am contracted to, but I can't imagine that I will need to be traveling for that much longer." he says with a slight shrug. "And honestly, I'm not sure what all this will entail."

"So you seek to become a Leaf ninja. Are you sure that is what you want?" Tobiramako asks Soren as she watches the boy, looking a bit concerned for a moment. "All that traveling can be quite tempting and it will be hard to leave it behind." she points out to him. Giving him a chance to think and reply, the head of the Senju clan relaxes back in her chair for a moment to think on the situation. "As you may be aware, the last time we took in a foreign shinobi it needlessly blew up into a big deal and tensed relations between Kirigakure and Konohagakure. Is there any affiliation you are currently tied to that may not like you doing this? What about parents or other family?" she asks him, trying to gauge just how well he's thought this out. "Of course, we've appreciated the assistance you have given Konoha over the years. This is quite a commitment, though, and I want you to realize it before you do anything official."

Soren nods a bit. "I wish to be an asset to the village, and the people within it. If that involves me becoming a Ninja, than that's what I shall do, but I don't forsee that working out well. I was banished from my homeland, for the crime of calling my once future king an ignorant, self absorbed brat. This was of course done because he was being an ignorant self absorbed brat. And not in those exact words. I havn' seen most of the members of my family in almost a decade. The last family member I saw was my grandfather, and that was 7 years ago. I don't think my previous ties will take issue with this." He takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh. "And if you don't believe I will be an asset as a Ninja, but are willing to allow me to live within the walls, then I will help the village in other ways, where I can, when I can." he says with a shrug. "And I am aware of Katsurou, and the damage he caused… it was… interesting to say the least. But I highly doubt that this will be a problem. And as I said, I still have things I must do before I can make anything official, but the ball has to start rolling sometime."

Tobiramako nods her head through his story, listening and picking out key points that she jots down in a folder. "It sounds like you were more interested in becoming a resident villager than a shinobi, from what I'm hearing. Correct me if I'm wrong." she states as she looks up at him curiously. "Here in Konoha we value skilled shinobi and are always needing more. Unfortunately, for a teen with your record of assistance for our village and skills noted in the field and contest, we would strongly insist you join our ranks, lest your talents be wasted. We have plenty of skilled workers, but it is a cruel shinobi world out there and we will always need skilled combatants." she says with a sigh, looking out the window for a few moments. "How about making an appointment again after you finish up your previous business?" she says as her view turns back to Soren. "We will see if your mind has been set or differs from your thoughts shared today."

Soren nods. "I would be more than willing to go into combat, regardless of what position I'm in. I just have this tendency to… um… how do I put this." he says, stroking his jaw for a moment. "I tend to vein people off. I don't particularly care what their rank is, whether they're some great hero, or the leader of a village, or a daimyo, or what have you. If I see someone doing something wrong, because they feel they're entitled, then I'll call them on it, and I won't take whatever stem is thrown at me for it." he shrugs. "I just don't see that being conducive to some of the sensitive situations required of a Shinobi." he says with a shrug. "That's my only point. But I believe you have a point. And as long as my desire for this to happen is known, and being considered, than I believe I have done my job here." he says with a small smile, and a bow of his head.

Tobiramako nods her head, making a few more notes in her folder as Soren explains his hatred for authority. "That may become an issue, but only if you make it one. We live in a village where rival clans fought daily and killed each other daily less than a decade ago. There will always be people who cannot respect or hate authority in this new world we are creating. And I just wrote a reminder that if you do join, to never put you on any diplomatic missions." she says with a smirk. "Konoha ninja or not, if you disrespect the wrong people in this world, it will bite you hard. Especially non-shinobi political types in the capitol. They don't care where you are from." she points out. "But respect of authority is earned, not forced. Let's meet again after you finish up with your 'things'." she states before stacking the papers on her desk, getting things organized for the next person and issue.

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