Turtles and Tanuki - Meeting the Parents


Rockpath (emitter), Kaido

Date: May 31, 2015


Kaido and his ninken are led to where the Tanuki village is, getting to meet with some of the more important Tanuki in the process.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Turtles and Tanuki - Meeting the Parents"

Land of Summons

Dorobou hums a little tune as he walks through the grass, not stopping or slowing down. "We're almost there, slowpokes! There's a clearing just up ahead!" Kaido would be able to see that the tall grass ended in about fifty meters, though maybe Bandit and definitely Bolt would have some difficulty. The Tanuki is all recovered from the bee stings, and little incident had occurred since then. They had their days travel and now was the easy part. Despite it being fall, the sun was warm as it shined down on the quartet.

Bandit and Bolt were both more than a bit tired having to slog through the grasses, and the stream of complaints from Bandit come loud and clear to Kaido by the time Dorobou tells them they've nearly arrived. Bandit says, "Oh thank GOD! FINALLY! I've about had it trying to break a trail through the grass! The NEXT time we have to come here, we're taking a road… no more shortcuts!" Bolt isn't quite as bad as Bandit, but he too was getting tired of the tall grasses, mostly because he couldn't see much so it's not that fun for him and nods, "Yup, no more grasses! Seen enough! Want to see something different now!"
Kaido says, "Ok, ok, point taken guys, the next time we come here we'll take the roads, not try to pahtfind through the grasslands, will that satisfy you?" He looks at Dorobou and says, "Your family really DOES live off of the beaten path, what are they like by the way?" Bandit snorts, "Probably about the same as Rocky Raccoon here, brash, big mouths…" Kaido glares at Bandit, "Bandit! That's rude, and totally not true and you know it." Bandit snorts, "Probably not, but at any rate…" He glances at Dorobou, "You're not a bad sort at least." That's about as much of an apology as anyone gets from Bandit.
Bolt says aside to Dorobou, "Don't mind Old Friend… he not have good dream last night!" Bolt gives Bandit a doggy grin who shakes a pawfist at the pup.

Dorobou pouts a bit at Bandit. "I'm offended! I'm quite cute and cuddly, thank you very much! How do you think I get all the ladies?" Wink. "Anyway! We're here!" Well, the Tanuki is. He managed to clear the grass, and now he's just waiting for his friends to follow up. "Stand 'ere. I'll get things set up a bit." He waits for them to follow his instructions, though he can't help but fiddle with nearby grasses for some reason.

Dorobou pouts a bit at Bandit. "I'm offended! I'm quite cute and cuddly, thank you very much! How do you think I get all the ladies?" Wink. "Anyway! We're here!" Well, the Tanuki is. He managed to clear the grass, and now he's just waiting for his friends to follow up. "Stand 'ere. I'll get things set up a bit." He waits for them to follow his instructions, though he can't help but fiddle with nearby grasses for some reason.

Kaido just about chokes with laughter at the cheekiness of Doborou. Bandit just stares at him and nearly goes red with rage but manages to restrain himself by clenching an unclenching his paws in a choking motion towards the Tanuki. Bolt just starts rolling in the grass laughing and says, "Doborou so funny! We like funny raccoon!"

Dorobou applauds lightly when the trio stand where he asked. "Excellent! Let's get a move on, then!" Then there's a surge of chakra, and light begins to shine from under their feet. Perhaps this is a bit alarming, but Dorobou seems pretty calm. Excited, even. "Hah! Glad I remembered this route!" he comments with a grin. The light gets to be blinding, and by the time it fades, the quartet is standing before a small forest.

The Inuzuka Trio have to shade their eyes as light blinds them as they try and follow Doborou. Kaido squints and says, "What's going on…" Bolt manages to whimper, "Bright light! Too bright!" Bandit just says, "I told you he's a troublemaker!" When the light fades the trio rub their eyes and shakes their heads to clear it.
Kaido stumbles a bit, not being quite as sure footed as his four footed friends and says, "What's with the light show Dorobou?" He asks as they follow him. Kaido glances back to see what exactly it was all about, some sort of jutsu he's never encountered before and curious because all knowledge is good knowledge after all.

Dorobou seems a bit more excited now that he's near the forest. "I'm gonna show you my home, of course! Le's go!" Ever impatient, the tanuki skitters off towards the woods. They were only a few feet from them, so it's easy to enter quickly. Looking around, Kaido would see… nests? In the trees? And … treehouse! And Tanuki everywhere! The forest was filled with them, and a few of the tanuki were getting their greetings in for and from Dorobou. "I'm going on an adventure! Gotta talk to m' parents!" he'd tell those passing by, not wasting a moment.

Kaido walks and blinks as there's a tanuki here, a tanuki there, and over there and there and maternal cow, it's a vertible tanukipalooza! Bolt and Bandit are just as surprised and are looking at everything with wide eyes and even jaded and cynical Bandit has to say, "That's a whole LOT of tanuki…" Bolt just nods and says, "I wonder if there are more friends we can play with."
Kaido continues to follow Doborou and just nods to the tanuki lining the way who look at the trio. He says to Doborou, "So this is your home? How do you stay hidden?" He's quite in awe of how the tanuki can live almost in plain sight in this forest and not be molested by people.

"This is a different area. A bit off the map," Dorobou explains cheerfully. "My parents are just up ahead. I suggest you, uhh… Be a bit respectful. Don't wanna get squashed." Wink. Then he makes his way over to a rather large cave entrance, though it's soon to be revealed that the cave hosts two rather large tanuki… Oh. wow. "Hey ma! Hey pa! There're my new friends! They're going on a grand adventure and I was hoping to join 'em!" he says cheerily, even giving them some 'tanuki-kit' eyes (is that what it's called?) for begging emphasis. Then there's a soft mutter. 'C'mon, guys… vouch for yourselves!'

Kaido listens to Dorobou explain that it's off the map and murmurs, "Huh… that's impressive." Bolt and Bandit are just still amazed at the Land of Tanuki That People Forgot. Bolt for once has nothing more to say and even Bandit, with his acidic wit and sharp tongue can do nothing but look around.
When they arrive at the huge cave and their tanuki friend tells them to be respectful, Kaido looks at Bandit and Bolt and says, "Guys… I get the feeling this is just like Harukaze, let's do as Doborou says." Bandit glances up at how big the cave mouth is and shudders, "Yeah… yeah, I think that's a very good idea…" Bolt tilts his head and says, "Doborou parents BIG raccoons like Giant Turtle? Oooh! Will they have island on back too??" Bolt runs a head a bit and Kaido says, "Bolt! Stop!"
As they enter and see the rather large tanuki and Doborou tells them that they're going on a grand adventure and that he's going to come with, Kaido is a bit speechless. He finally gulps a bit and looks up and says, "Sir… Ma'am… my name is Inuzuka Kaido and these are my nin-ken, Bandit and Bolt. It's a pleasure to meet you, we were on a journey back to our village of Konoha when we encountered your son in the forest near the shores of the Land of Earth." He nudges Bandit, Bandit, sweatdropping continues, "Uh.. yeah! He's a chip off the ol' block he is, a real win one for the Gipper!" Bandit quickly glances to Bolt who tilts his head quizzically at the two large Tanuki and then finally says, "Doborou is friend, Bolt like Doborou… want to play more with new friend. Will Giant Raccoons let Doborou play with Bolt?" He asks looking all solemn as he gathers himself sitting down on his rump.
Kaido takes a breath and says, "I can't guarantee his safety, because when we get back, we're going to be in the middle of a war with a group known as the Recluse. But if you let him come with us, I promise to do everything in my power to help him grow and be strong. Any friend of my nin-ken… is family to me, as my nin-ken are as brothers to us human Inuzuka. I give you my word, that he will be treated the same." Above all else, Kaido believes in the truth, even if a lie would serve his cause more, if he tells the truth, no matter how hard of a truth it is, he'll never have to try and remember lies told.

The two Tanuki blink at Dorobou's news. The one on the right peers down at Kaido and his ninken, considering, while the other one peers at Dorobou. "An adventure? That sounds like fun. I envy you…" The big tanuki actually… pouts! Huh! "I'm happy that you'll get to experience some adventures with someone. I was afraid no one'd take a liking to you!"
"Make sure you listen to this Inuzuka. He has a good head on his shoulders," the other one says, likely the mom since her voice is higher pitched than the other tanuki's. And her voice is just /that/ kind of voice. "And make sure you don't steal anything people will miss. Don't forget to take a bath. No strong-smelling stuff so people can't tra-" "MAAAA" whines Dorobou. "I'll be fine! Swear!" Then he wrinkles his nose at his dad. "And I'm perfectly good looking! What's there to deny?" Grumble. The tanuki then has a grin on his face. "Soooo… Does that mean I get the short-cut back?" A headshake and Dorobou's face falls. "Why not???"
"Well, you know… Gotta test the human and all that. Well, his ninken. They seem nice, though." says papa-Coon. "They can stay in the guest trees. And you can go make sure you're all ready for the journey." "Yessir, pa!" Dorobou says with a touch of sarcasm.

The trio look at each other as the conversation ensues. They increasingly grow perplexed that any parent would allow their child to go with a shinobi and his nin-ken especially when told that he'll be thrown into a war. That said, the trio are quite happy when permission is given. Again, this all seems very strange to the Inuzuka, but for different reasons.
Kaido, because if Doborou was his child, he wouldn't be as quick to agree, probably would have wanted a lot more information, maybe even a lot more reassurances than was given. Bandit, because he's jaded and cynical and is trying to figure out the angle the tanuki are playing. Bolt, only because all this flies over his head and he just wants to play with his new friend.
The parental advice makes Kaido smile a bit and chuckle at Doborou's discomfiture, he was about to say that the tanuki could use a bath (but too polite to say so). And he can't help but think that like every clan, it seems the old adage stays true even across species lines that 'it takes a village to raise a child'. He's quite sure that before they leave this place Doborou's parents will be giving the tanuki pup more advice and parental wisdom then he'll be able to stand.
When Doborou mentions the short-cut and the denial is given, along with the need to test Kaido, he raises his eyebrow and mutters to the tanuki, "Test? What are they talking about? What sort of test?" When the guest trees are mentioned, Kaido straightens and looks up and says, "We'd be honored to stay… thank you Mr. and Mrs. Tanuki."

The Tanuki all have a sense of adventure. Doorbell had mentioned it, even, that his parents and grandparents all had their fair share of mischief as they were growing up. In fact, his Gram and Gramps were /still/ getting into trouble! Which is probably why those two aren't here now. "I'll show you to your tree," Dorobou says with some cheer, glad he got permission. He figured his parents would say yes initially. Now all that was left was the test to see if the Inuzuka trio were fine partners. "Thank /you/ for keeping my son safe" the mama Tanuki says cheerfully. "The gods know what an idiot my son can be," sighs the other, rubbing his head with his 'hand'.

Kaido scratches his cheek and says, "Well, I'm not sure I really did much, but you're welcome just the same. And your son isn't all that bad, a little mischievious maybe, perhaps a shade undiplomatic at times. But he's definitely interesting… and unique…" He glances away for a moment and thinks to himself . o O ( What have I gotten myself into? ). He can suddenly invision Doborou in Konoha, pulling pranks, the kind that Bandit used to (except without being perverted) and with a bit a wry smile feels as if he's coming full circle in a way.
When Dorobou mentions that he'll show them to their tree he nods and says, "Sounds good, I don't know about you Doborou, but I could definitely use some sleep." Bandit speaks up, "Yeah, maybe some real food too instead of just trail rations or jerky." Bandit's eyes have a faraway look in them as he murmurs, "Real homecooked ramen, sashimi, nikumi… mmmmmmmm" and drools a bit. Bolt for his part gives Bandit a doggie grin and is just happy to be here, to experience this wonderful adventure and says, "Bolt want to play with many new friends!"

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