Two Best Friends Argue Over a Well


Dorobou, Itami

Date: June 5, 2014


Two best friends for life are having a problem with a well. With the waterlevel low in one, this leads to the assumption of sabotage and eventually all out war or at least, as much war as two old retired shinobi can throw between themselves. Having caused enough problems for one another and their neighbors, Dorobou and Itami are summoned to finally settle the predicament between these two.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Two Best Friends Argue Over a Well"

Nanpuu Street [Sunagakure]

A gentle wind sweeps across this corridor of Sunagakure, kicking up a mild amount of dust in the area. The area had already been swept by a custodian crew, leaving it sand free and largely, allergy free. The sun was peeking out from behind a few buildings in the area, leaving the corridor relatively cool and especially cooler due to autumn coming through. That also meant rain was bound to come to this parched desert region, but rain was the least of the problems for two very particular individuals.
They were best friends, but also best enemies. Two older gentlemen who lived in houses across from one another divided by two wells that drew from the same watersource. One well happened to have a lower water level than the other, but the other well was higher. This sparked an intense battle between these two men which has been going on for a few days now. Neighbors have grown both amused and tired of it as some have tried to figure out what exciting new developments would take place while others just wanted all the banter to end. Well, it should hopefully come to an end today as Itami arrives on the scene and with some assistance to boot.

Dorobou's presence reveals onto the scene, seemingly just remaining quiet as he'd follow behind Itami. His crimson red eyes examinate the streets, noticing the arguement as he'd walk over. His ears listen to the speech as he'd try to search for the emotions behind the two their face, perhaps one of them is holding something back or what not.. Still, he'd occasionally glance over towards the wells that are being spoken about. He has no idea however how one would fix it, they both have an somewhat equal amount of water supply.. both the heigth and water level are an issue as he'd try to run a tought on how to fix this particular intresting problem.

The two men continue to bicker despite both Itami and Dorobou being available. They were both well known men in Sunagakure, having made a name for themselves for their service in the Clan Wars. Now retired, it seems they've done nothing but this sort of thing for many years over tons of different problems. Ordinarily, they'd sort the problems out, but this water thing appears to have gotten out of hand. At least, to those who don't know them all that well.
"Mr. Kawagishi and Mr. Inokuma. We are here to solve the problem with your wells," Itami introduced herself. The two men stopped bickering long enough to focus on her and the boy that was with her. "It's about time you showed up! This mongrel has been sabotaging my water supply!" Inokuma remarked. Kawagishi huffed. "I ain't did no such thing. I don't know what's wrong with his stupid well, but it ain't my problem! His well just started actin' funny all of a sudden so I just came over to check it out. See what was the problem and then he started pointin' his fingers at me. Then he started attackin' me. Do you see those marks on my home? Those were created by a kunai launcher!"

Dorobou's eyes flicker from the men towards the marks.. before flickering back to the two once more. "What is… ex-actly- the problem, just saying he sabotage the well doesn't give us any information whatsoever." He'd fold his arms, enjoying the sun for a moment as he eyes the two with a somewhat light smile." And, when you are going to explain please don't interrupt each other.. tell us what the issue is with the water supply." He'd snort, moving his hand behind his ear as he'd scratch his earlob with his fingernails.

They took a look over Dorobou and Inokuma led the line of insults. "Who is this runt?" He inquired. "Yeah. This sand rat supposed to be helping us solve this problem?" Kawagishi added before they both broke out into laughter. "You win this round," Inokuma remarked in response to the 'sand rat' comment. "Please, gentlemen. Do not insult my assistant here. He is a shinobi of the village and deserves your respects," she states. "Oh, he's a shinobi? Well then, he shouldn't take it that hard. We're just being two old men," he grinned. "Anyway, back on topic. There's somethin' that needs fixing on his well and I don't know what the problem is. I say it's a problem with the well itself," he shrugged and scratched at his scruff.
"Something wrong with the well. I don't see that as implausable…" she spoke as she looked back and forth between the homes. They had a lot of damage to their sides. Explosive tag scars, kunai traps, senbon lodged in trees and the ground and a whole host of other things. Not that they would affect the both of them. They're seasoned shinobi, after all. "Alright, we'll get right on this problem and see what the issue is…" She looked towards Dorobou. "Alright, so we have the idea that something is wrong with the well. I'd say you ought to investigate."

Dorobou casts a nod, as he walks over towards the taller well. He'd glance inside of it as he examinates the well itself.. he shakes his head as it seems fine to him on first glance. He'd walk over towards the other one as he gazes inside of this one, somewhat the water level seems to be lower.. but that shouldn't be an issue, the other one is much shorter then the one here.. so it should be evened out, right? He'd scratch the back of his head as he doesn't seem to have a clue of what to do now..

"Yes, the water levels are different. They should be the same since they share the same watersource. Of course, it's possible that one could have drawn more water from this well, but I get the feeling that's not the case," she states. "Especially if this is something they've been fighting over consistently," she explains. "So, there must be a problem with the well itself and trust me, even a little water makes a big difference living in the desert," she grins.

"I can understand that water is vital." Dorobou nods, as he'd glance inside the well once more. "Perhaps something is blocking it, maybe someone dumped things into the well and now it's causing problems. But what could it be…" He'd tap onto his chin, striking several toughts to his bare empty's hard to notice what you can't see nor hear.

"It may be that something is blocking it. I agree," Itami begins. "What it is, we have yet to discover," she begins to walk over towards the well and triggers a fire trap. She quickly ducks out of the way of the torch before she settles back into place, not once looking at the trap. Leaning over the lip, she lifts her head up and out of the way of a bolt set within. She rubbed at her chin lightly as that thing was a little too close for comfort. "I'd suggest that you watch for any traps that may be on the…other side of the well, so to speak."

Dorobou's eyes glance towards the fire trap as he'd avoid getting meshed into it.. He'd glance back into the well for a deeper inspection… odd, there's some sort of sand stuck to the sides. Perhaps…

Dorobou gazes into the well, placing his hands together as he'd emit a few seals.. dragging the sand out of the well as he'd throw it onto the street. He'd examinate the pile and after that, the well once more.. maybe it had an effect, he can allways place it back later.

The sand had no particular effect, but it was inside the well. "Hey, what in the…?" Kawagishi started. "Did you put somethin' in my water supply, boy?" He asked as he marched over towards his well. Inokuma joined him saying, "You better hope you didn't or there'll be hell to pay." Itami moved in front and blocked them from causing any further damage and perhaps setting off any traps. Chances are, they set so many they probably forgot how many are actually still active. "No, no, I've been watching him and he's done no such thing," she states. "He withdrew this out of the well itself. It probably means there's something wrong with the well itself if he was able to do that. Your claim has been validated Mr. Inokuma," she admitted to him.
He paused and then gave Kawagishi a good whack aross the head. "I told you I didn't do anything to that well you idiot!" The man rubbed his head and continued. "Well, how was I supposed to know, it started after you came over and said somethin' about it!" Inokuma continued. "No, you dumb winch, I came to tell you that /was/ the problem, but your drunk bucket was too buzzed to listen right!" Kawagishi thought about it for a few moments. "That's what you came over here for? I thought you were trying to get to my date. She called herself Sandi and you said somethin' about sand. I paid good money for her to ent—I think that's enough! I think the problem has been solved and you might need to get this straightened out or something. Sediment is probably blocking the well. I imagine Dorobou here can fix that problem," she gestured to him.
"Go ahead and withdraw the sand from the well."

Dorobou casts a simple nod as he forms another series of seals, both wells seem to be releasing a good amount of sediment from them as they form onto the pile.. afterwards Dorobou is visually exhausted as he'd place himself down onto the ground, panting. He'd keep his piece but remains somewhat, irritated.. the second time he had to clean a water supply of sand sticking inside. Ack… whatever, he's the only one able to do it without months of preperation so it's fine… he thinks.

With the sediment released from the wells, the waterflow of the well is quickly restored and is settled back into place. It still seems his well needs some repair as its filling back up slowly, but is filling. "Alright, Mr. Kawagishi, it appears your well is going back to normal. With a clear look at the problem, it seems like your well has sustained a bit of damage and needs to be repaired. Other than that, your water supply should be fine and you both should probably be rid of these traps before they become a danger to the innocents around here," Itami explains to them both. "I think that's all for this dilemma. Dorobou and I will have a custodian crew sent over to take care of this pile of sand," she grins.

After a brief moment of panting he'd nod, Dorobou slowly rising to his feet. "I am glad this sand rat could help." He'd say, as he walks behind Itami. He'd continue to breath heavily through his nostrils as sweat drips from his forehead, wiping it off with the back of his hand. He grabs a small canistar from his leather straps as he'd twist off the cap, pouring a hefty bit of water into his mouth as he gazes towards Itami after. "Anything else, ma'am?" he'd swig the canister to his lips again, taking the water into his system.

"No, that will be all, Dorobou. You may take your leave," she nodded to him. "I'll just be having these two handle some report procedure and then I'll be taking my leave as well. You've done well," she smiled. "Let's see this keep up over time." She pulledout some procedural papers for the men to sign off on. Once everything was finishe, she flickered away.

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