Two Brothers of the Mist


Shinato, Atsushi, Takeshi

Date: March 14, 2011



"Two Brothers of the Mist"

Path Through the Mist

Shinato and Atsushi was given a mission to ambush an invading force of ninja that was coming up from the mist path due to the area landscaping the enemy ninja could find themselves lost and confused tossed into a state of panic with all the sounds around them. Shinato and Atsushi mission was clear kill all of the ninja there and leave no trace of themselves behind, Shinato would be ready and focus already have his chakra built as he sighed over to Atsushi would was in a near by tree as well. (It appears there are five ninja..not counting the hidden one if there are any and so we should be careful and not jump right in there.") Shinato thought to himself before stroking his chin waiting for his moment to strike he would be ready and ran there actions in his mind five times now as he prepared himself for battle, as he flashed through a couple of hand seals.

Atsushi found this mission to be a bit more suited for the war-like nature of the Kaguya, they're much more suited for this kind of slaughter however as far as making their operations covert well that was a task for the Touketsu. Atsushi had taken the liberty of scouting out ahead and came up with 5 enemy shinobi also he had developed a plan as far as how this mission was too be carried out. There were too many to take on all at once, it would be foolish to start a brawl being outnumbered so Atsushi posed an idea to Shinato "Oniisan, there are too many to take on all at once, I suggest we separate them and take them out one by one," he says keeping a keen eye open to any disturbance in the area.

"I already know that…and the plan is this I will take on one with my jutsu while I'm doing this you set up a genjutsu and we will take them out from there but you don't leave this spot alright…. we must use the cover of the mist to aid us as we move….the guy on the far right in going to move to that tree there and the guy on the far left will move to that one, as for the guy behind then he is just going to jump back while the last one attack me full on….That's what I see happening so you know what you have to do." Shinato pointed to each spot and clutched his fist as he ready himself for combat once more. The man would come to a stop and rest for a moment without breaking their ranks as they tried to figure a way back to the main camp.

Atsushi would sigh "There is no need for that, my genjutsu can be used to immobilize them one by one afterwards you can just slit their throat, ninjutsu is too risky remember we leave no trace," Atsushi confirms. He would look around to each of the individuals Shinato pointed out and would sigh "Ok, the two furthest from the others will be our first targets, after which a henge can be used to hide the bodies," Atsushi stated. He looked to Shinato "Just give the orders already so we can finish this already the longer we stay here the more we jeopardize this mission,"

Takeshi had been asked to tag along. Why, who knows, but here he was, yawning as he sat against a tree behind the two. His eyes lazily take in the five passing enemy shinobi and survey the forests. Hidden nin, hidden nin. Well, that seems to be a dead end for now. Guess it's Takeshi's job if that happens. Another yawn and he turns to the two to whisper, "A wise man once said: Stealth is an advantage worth killing for."

He looks at Shinato now, "So, what exactly do you want me to do? Just walk in from the back and take the stragglers and runners?"

As they spoked the man would move into a Manji Formation and it was here that the skills of Takeshi would come in handy "alright you see where the blind spot is you are going to use the Silent Killing technique inorder while you do that me and Atsushi would kill anyone that makes it pass you." Just then Shianto would give the signal to get this mission along as he used his keen eye skills to watch there everyone move. "And as for you Atsushi we are to return the bodies back to the elders so they can get information on the enery tatics…or did you forget that the ninja bodys holds a lot of secrets." Shinato would again clitch his fist as he watched Takeshi go to work. (Comeon move like I want you to.)

Glances back at Takeshi, the new Kaguya Clan Elder. He would show no disdain for him at the moment however Atsushi wasn't particularly ecstatic about him being here. The Kaguya's barbaric nature leads Atsushi to believe that this man could be a possible threat to the covertness of the mission. Atsushi looks to Shinato and nods "Just don't gather the bodies until all are confirmed dead," Atsushi gets ready to set up his genjutsu link after Takeshi's initial action, it would make the link more discreet. The mission was now commencing, hopefully it turned out the way Shinato intended.

Takeshi shrugs as he stands up and brushes off the robes of dirt and grass. "Well, I suppose that's one way of ending this yes."

He turns to look at the various enemies and then yawns, "Alright, Mr. Team Leader." The enemies continue moving slowly forward but then something changes. The three in front stop moving and in response the rest of the group stops moving as well. For a long while, nothing is heard from the three at the head of the column. Nearly an eternity later, blood begins to flow out of the them before finally easing up. Without any warning, they all drop, revealing a stark white contrast in front of them. The robes of Takeshi, who waves calmly at them, the image near the other two shinobi hiding in the bushes only just now fading away. "Yo, Imma need you to run thatta way," He points two fingers towards the direction going opposite their current one. They did say they wanted to take some out after all.

"It appears as Shinato thought that the kid was good and it appears the that they have ran into something and killed on the spot just then a ninja holding two blades would be standing before the three pointing to the two and the tree and then looking at Takeshi. "You killed my men…now I have to take your life I hope you know that." The nameless ninja would flick both blades into the air just then it would allow him time to flash a couple of hand signs before touching the blades and fueling them with lightning style chakra. "Come at me all at once if you like…for nothing you do can work on me." The man seems to be sure of himself and his skills as he just watched them moving his eyes swiftly threw them, he would then flick a wave of lightning that extend pass the tip. Shinato would have to think of a new plan as he looked at ninja with lightning style and so far he knew his earth style was out of the question. (Okay he is a chakra tai type….which means that he has to have an opening someone….maybe genjutsu perhaps?) Shinato would wait and see what the rest of the guys had to to do first.

Atsushi scowls as their position was given away, a shame it seemed Takeshi's first assault was flawless too. Atsushi groans and attempts to establish a link with the dual wielding katana man. Atsushi sighs as this wasn't as covert as he had liked. He seemed to be a decent kenjutsuist and had quite a bit of chakra coming from those blades. A head up fight wouldn't be wise, Atsushi notes and would ready his blade after establishing the link. Looking over to Takeshi Atsushi motioned for him to take out the remaining two while the eccentric ninja was dealt with.

Takeshi is going to be a team player, as he is motioned to take out the other two guards, he does so, herding them into each other with their backs facing a tree. It wasn't even a blink before he had impaled his hand in the stomach of the first one, and with another blink, a shockwave shot out, the sound of cracking ribs and bones from both of the ninja echoing around the area. The tree snaps in twain and falls on the two, ensuring their death and with that he turns around to face the leader.

"Actually, I killed five of them. Let's just be factual now."
It appears that Takeshi wasn't wasting time as he went in and attack with an full force two step strike and it would stab the man deeply as the man is stabbed he would pull the man closer to him and attack with a dual slash across the chest it was doing this that shinato saw an opening and struck with a powerful Spire that would meet the target right at the moment that Takeshi was to escape at least that what Shinato thought at least. With a quick dash towards Shinato the nin would attack and with a blinding flash of furry the likes he wish to escape but knew he couldn't instead he would slam the ground with his feet bring up a shield of earth the likes that was enough to parry the blade and the user the lost of the blood was getting to him as he paused in his tracks. "You're a genjutsu type eh….I'll kill you first!" The man would attack Atsushi with a lightning fast flash strike onto him with the hope to cut him and the tree down with one pass.

The speed of the man was exceptional and his mind was sound against his link. Atsushi wouldn't wince as he tries to avoid the strike and is cut. Atsushi now draws his blade to defend himself more adequately. Atsushi first makes a swing for the man carefully timing his strike as the man went after the other two. He wielded the massive blade with one hand allowing him to set up another link while the man avoided the blade. Atsushi would move back after striking to establish some distance to compensate for the man's great speed. Atsushi looks over to Shinato and the others. It's likely that his genjutsu may not be needed.

Takeshi looks up at the man as he swings blades wreathed in lightning down upon, well, nothing. A quick side step leaves Takeshi standing to the outside of his guard, but making no moves. In a gesture of taunt, he points two thumbs at him and goes, "U Mad!?"

Then he looks at Shinato and Atsushi, "Hey, you two take grumpy here." Then he turns back to the lightning blade user, "Seriously, I'm older than your crusty ass and I'm not that awnry. You need to get laid."

Taking the spire to the gut would open his wound even more as the blood dripped onto the ground the man was clear out of it by now he would be weaken a great deal due to blood lost as for the elder who was there he would take a break and sit the next one out as for the two brothers they would launch an attack. Shinato two earth attacks would be cut down easy with the power of a lightning filled blade. "Hmmm I need to train more if my attack could've been taken down that easy." Shaking his head he would hope that Atsushi would have better luck with his attacks as for the man with the sword he would be holding his sides as his vision was blurring with each step he took.

As his link was established Atsushi proceeded attack swinging his blade at the man, however despite having used a genjutsu the man still was resistant and avoided the blade. Atsushi would look on as he figured this man was more skilled than he originally thought. Atsushi would glare as the kenjutsuist dodged his fended off his attacks. "This guy is good," he says moving to gather more chakra. He sighs "I guess I can't take him lightly anymore,"

Takeshi silently stepped back into the shadows. Looks like they're doing good enough. It's not like there's any immediate danger anyways, considering he could just destroy the guy from the looks of it at any moment, but it was more fun watching new people he had never met defeat an enemy they didn't know. He would not deprive them of this learning situation.

Shinato would easily use his earth ninjutsu to defend himself and it would appear that the other ninja lightning style was running out as every time he moved his blades the lightning would flicker on and off. Shinato quickly notice this and would form a plan to attack once he notice another weak spot in the defense of the target as the man attacked Atsushi with nothing more then pure kenjutsu Shinato would study him closely eyes trained on every moved he made.

His attempt to counter the man before his blades could reach him were a failed effort, Atsushi was forced to admit he couldn't defeat this man in pure swordsmanship however Atsushi didn't consider himself a swordsman. His next attempt to overwhelm the man was a bit more successful and seeing an opening he struck with a strong swing of his blade across the man's body. Atsushi hadn't the time for a second attack "Oniisan, finish him," he says eyeing the ninja.

Takeshi watches them. So they're either blood brothers or brothers in arms, but either way, they fight as a single cohesive unit with undeterred purpose. It was impressive, but they were supposed to take the bodies back, for whatever reason. He steps forward from his little spy spot and thrusts a hand out to the side before clapping, though that hand went out way further than it needed to. From a tree, a final hidden ninja dropped onto the ground with a kunai in his forehead. "That was great. I'm glad to know you two are Shinobi of Kirigakure. If only all students showed such love for teamwork."

The words of Takeshi would go unhear of for now as something inside of Shinato would grow…was it rage? The robot of a ninja would have rage at the sad sight of the fallen swords men. It would appear that the man has great fear of death as he blood ran from the fresh wound of Atsushi as he dropped both of his sword and started to crawl away at the sight of this Shinato sigh and shakes his head. "A ninja that fears his opponent no long have the right to live in my eyes so die here where you lay like a defeated dog. "Shinato would cut his neck killing him, as he counted the bodies he would lift two of them up and placed them over his shoulder. "Hey Atsushi grab that one and that should be enough let's get out of here I need to report what I learned to the Elder at once…it appears that this battle went longer then I though it should have…damnit I failed." Shinato would have his face voided of expression and his tone would be come blunt and dry, "it appears I have even more to learn from this battle then I thought…"

Takeshi just looks at them both, "Hmm. Elder you say, well, whatever floats your boat."

He reaches down to pick up his last fell kill, "By the way, what was the purpose of this mission?"

Atsushi sighs putting away his blade. "I told you we should've been more covert," he says picking up the two bodies. Atsushi took a bit of an optimistic view of this situation. It was a decent evaluation experience. He looks to the Kaguya elder. The man was skilled far more skilled then Atsushi at the moment, something about that unsettled Atsushi. He would leap on to a tree ledge carrying the two bodies "Well then, get going…dead weight…how troublesome,"

Takeshi just looks at them both, "Hmm. Elder you say, well, whatever floats your boat."

He reaches down to pick up his last fell kill, "By the way, what was the purpose of this mission?"

Atsushi sighs putting away his blade. "I told you we should've been more covert," he says picking up the two bodies. Atsushi took a bit of an optimistic view of this situation. It was a decent evaluation experience. He looks to the Kaguya elder. The man was skilled far more skilled then Atsushi at the moment, something about that unsettled Atsushi. He would leap on to a tree ledge carrying the two bodies "Well then, get going…dead weight…how troublesome,"

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