Two Cats With One Stone


Tsiro, Sakuryu

Date: September 5, 2012


Tsiro takes Sakuryu out on a mission. The two come to an agreement on how to get rid of a lot of cats.

"Two Cats With One Stone"

Kirigakure Marketplace

Marketplace [Kirigakure]
Ah, the bustle of the heart of the village; It's wallet. This is the village's main marketplace, where a variety of wares, goods, and services are traded and bartered. A number of stalls here are rented out and occupied by food vendors, most of which offer cuisine with distinct foreign influences and variety as they are manned by people who have brought their goods from outlying islands and distant nations alike to sell, and are attempting to earn a bit of extra cash for their time here.
Of the more local, permanent stalls, there are many. Their wares ranging from kaguya-done scrimshaw carved out of fish skulls and bone, to vegetables grown by other villagers and sold here, to a bit of fresh fish brought further inland than the ain market, if it is to be found in anywhere in the Land of Water, it is likely to appear here, in the massive marketplace within the land's shinobi village.
There had been a cat problem in Kirigakure. So much so that the village had issued a mission to find a way to get rid of them. Having decided that this would be a good test of a Genin's ability, Tsiro has decided to summon Shirayuki Sakuryu. He stands at the entrance to the marketplace where his letter said that he would meet her. The boy is dressed in his usual attire. His eyes continue to look around at all the different cats there were in this section of the village. They could be seen on the rooftops, in the alleys and out in the open.
Sakuryu huffs a little bit, she had run to the site….well as far as she could run without getting tired to get to the mission on time. This was her first assignment and she really didn't want to fail, especially if this would effect her getting into a good squad!
The white haired Shirayuki smiles and waves a little to the older boy as she giggles. When she walks close to him she would begin to play with a cat at her feet petting and rubbing it a little bit before blinking back to attention "Oh Um….H..Hello sir sorry I have a thing for cats." She says with a blush as the cat continues to rub against her leg.
As the girl comes forward, Tsiro spots her. He offers her a slight smile as she pets the cat. There was a bit of irony in the mission. It was not complete irony as they did not have to kill the cats. There were other options to get them away from Kirigakure. In a sense the solution could be a compromise.
"So, there is a mission assigned to us. We are to get rid of a number of these felines. It just so happens that the mice population is down and the cats are starting to starve from lack of prey. Instead of leaving their corpses around to rot, the village would like for us to solve this issue. I have no issues killing them and burning their bodies, but if you would prefer a different route, I am open to it. What do you say?" he asks.
Saku smiles a little bit before tilting her head confused "Ummm wait what?" She asks as she hears the last part "I…I would rather we not kill the cats…I happen to like cats alot." She frowns and looks around "Um…..I'm not sure..we could try and move them to a place that has a higher rat population…are there any other villages that have asked us for extermination help? Or could we possibly hmm…… could we maybe lead them into the wild somewhere?"
Tsiro shakes his head. "These cats are almost domesticated. They will not survive outside the village. It would be more humane to kill them here." Tsiro then considers the next option. "There was something about sending them to Iwagakure. However I believe that was a joke. I will assume that there are no nations willing to take them. We need to find another solution here." He then glances towards her to see if she has the ability to do what needs to be done, or if she can come up with a compromise.
Saku bites her lip and thinks a little bit "What to do with domesticated cats…. How many would you estimate we need to move and to keep here? I could try to get them to iwagakure being a rocky domain there might be more rodent and vermin for them to hunt and eat rather then the scarce amount here. "I really do not want to kill them……Is there anywhere else in the city that has other kind of rodent problems? Maybe the food storage?"
There is a shrug of the shoulders as Tsiro thinks about it. "Shinobi villages do not often work together in situations like this. Then again if Iwagakure had a rodent issue, they would not normally advertise their own problems. That would cause people to think their shinobi might be weaker than the rest. That is in most situations. This one… I am not so sure. I would think they might advertise something like that. It is not like a food shortage."
Tsiro then moves forward into the village. "The general idea is not to take an exact amount. We just need to grab as many as we can and get rid of them. If we take a few too many, the population will balance out. If we do not take enough, it will balance out as well. Right now we are trying to avoid mass starvation." He then points to the cats. "Round up as many as you can. I have an idea…"
Saku nods a little bit as she stretches out adjusting her outfit. "Yes sir." She smiles and looks around before adjusting her outer jacket, working it into a kind of sling before picking up a cat, moving to grab another and another, the weight of the cats making her wobble just a little bit as she works at getting them all up in this shirt hammock and trying to not let them just jump out, Saku can be heard talking to the cats. "Nooo~ dont jump out, yes you're a pretty kitty, awww so cute~ and so on to try and coax them to stay still.

While Saku seems to be gathering cats, Tsiro moves over to a local merchant and buys a few cages. He then moves further down and rents a wagon. "Ok. As you gather them, place them in these cages and we will move them on the wagon." His eyes continue to watch how the girl works. He even grabs a couple of cats by the scruff of the neck. "We will clear this area and call it good for now. Other teams are dealing with other parts of the village."
Saku nods and quickly trots over to place the cats into cages moving to gather more cats in her sling, bringing over as many as six cats at a time to unload into the cages. After a few trips the girl takes a breath. "Think that's enough yet Kaguya-Sempai?"
Tsiro nods his head. "That should be enough. Come on now. Up on the wagon." He then moves to the seat and once Saku is in, he taps on the reigns. It had been a while since he had driven horses. "We are heading down to the docks. We will put the cages on a merchant's ship. He is going to be heading towards Konohagakure. Then they will not be our problem. They will be theirs." He smiled a bit as he actually found a solution that might work for everyone involved… except the land of fire. Oh how he hated those in the land of fire…
Saku nods and hops into the seat, giving a little sigh as she relaxes. "Well that's good, I hope the city will be happy with our desicion as well, I'd hate to get assigned to a bad squad for doing a bad job." She says with a little wince before looking forward over the horses. "Well at least we aren't killing the cats, I'd hate to kill them for no reason."

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