Two Uchiha and a Kaguya


Kaguya Nori, Uchiha Satoru, Uchiha Kirin

Date: May 25th, 2010


Uchiha Satoru is back in action and performing his duties. The duty at hand is border patrol. The Chuunin spots an intruder, Kaguya Nori, warns him to leave or he'll be apprehended. Kirin shows up and it goes on from there.

"Two Uchiha and a Kaguya"

Land of Fire border

The sun is settling low on the horizon, the last orange rays of light casting the woods at the border of the Fire Country into purple and orange hues. A perfect time for sneaking, or spywork, or infiltrating foreign soil. A lone man stands quietly beside a tree, using the deep shadows to keep him from sight as he stalks his prey. The deep pawprint of some jungle cat has drawn his attention, and he moves out of the shadow towards it. He crouches low, studying the print, and then looks around himself, and then begins stalking in the direction the print seems to have lead. Nori seems to have strayed much further than usual this evening while hunting for his dinner, but with the war being waged over the land of waves, its no wonder that the animals have moved to more peaceful locales.

It has been sometime since the demotion and effortless defeat Uchiha Satoru was delivered. The newly demoted Chuunin took a vacation from his duties to contemplate and after much of that act… he is back to action, performing his duties, and learning despite his already honed skills. As the sun moves into retreat, the young teenaged shinobi is walking down a beaten path on the border of Land of Fire; Performing patrol work. As he moves in a slow pace, the look of seriousness on his face hints at his soldier-like attitude finally returning to the scene… never turning down a mission and completing it with the best of his abilities.
The dark brown eyes of the Uchiha Chuunin move to the right and left, scanning the area for any potential intruders, though finding none for the moment.

There, the Prey that Nori was hunting had stopped only a short distance ahead, on the other side of a path, it had stopped and was watching something, perhaps its own dinner. Something in the back of the Shinobi's head itched when he saw that path, but he ignored it, his attention fully on his quarry. Drawing a kunai, he sprung forward. His leaping sent him across the path, only a few yards ahead of Satoru's roving eyes, and then up into a tree. He paused only a moment, and then sprung downwards. There was a roar as the jungle cat was stabbed, and then a frantic struggle as it attempted to dislodge the white haired shinobi from its back. A victorious laugh eminated from the Kaguya as he lifted the jungle cat by the bleeding throat and stared into its dieing eyes. "You will feed me for several days, cat. Be proud that you are to become one with my body." With that, he raises the beast and lets its blood drain into his mouth like a wrung sponge, the lust of the hunt keeping him from noticing the approaching Satoru.

"!" Satoru's searching eyes spot the leaping shinobi, though any indication of allegiance is lost to the darkness and quick speed of the predator. Without a breathe of hesitation, a single hand-seal is created and the Uchiha Chuunin flickers from sight, reappearing in a tree near the feasting 'beast'. The Kirigakure insignia is spotted after a few seconds of searching and a second later comes a kunai… passing by the Mist Ninja and lodging into a tree. "Explain to me why you're on Konoha's soil." His voice is stern and serious; Demanding of an answer. The dead beast is looked at for a moment and then his attention returns to the other human, a small shake of his head before warning, "If you do not answer, you'll be the dead cat in my choking hand."

Blood on his face and dripping from his chin, Kaguya Nori lowers the cat to let it rest on the ground, and turns a sharp-toothed grin in the direction of the voice, his own eyes roving until he spots the other. "I'm hungry," he states, giving the unknown shinobi an equally studious attention. His grin broadens. "Konoha, eh? Are you guys fighting in this war?" Nori tilts his head, like a beast who doesn't understand something, but he makes no move for his weapons, he simply waits, sizing up what could soon be his opponent.

"You can find food in the Land of Waves." Satoru does not move an inch. "You don't need to come into our land. I could view this as an attempt to spy on us and take you into custody…" His arms raise to his chest, crossing over, and tightening. "Konoha's participation in the war is none of your concern…" A moment later, he flickers from view and reappears on the ground. "My duty is to patrol the border and that's what I'm going to do. Consider this your lucky day. Get lost or you'll be apprehended, intruder." The Uchiha Chuunin's arm unfold from his chest, moving down to his side to prepare for action if need be.

After the brief converse between the two, Kirin would feign no stealth about his approach..his chakra alone would giveaway his rapid approach, and even though he would be noticed at a great distance..his presence is felt almost immedietly above Satoru in the cascade of the trees branches. Glancing down through the branches, Kirin can't help but notice Satoru has stopped unexpectedly, and the cause stands in the open before him. Raising an eyebrow lightly, Kirin's insatiable curiousity is undoubtedly inflamed, his amusement would let Satoru sort this out entirely on his own - but duty also calls.
Kirin drops down infront of Satoru, nearer Nori but not obscuring the view between them..he raises to a calm stand, his hands at his sides. Kirin lightly turns his head to the left to address Satoru behind him, "Satoru-san, you can do what you wish. I have a curiousity." Kirin shifts his eyes back to Nori, "Hi there. Whos blood is that on your forehead protector?"

Nori doesn't move, his eyes simply shift, that insatiable, bloodstained smile lessening only slightly. "I dunno, I suppose they had names, and mothers… now they feed the earth, and that earth feeds the beasts that will someday feed me." He raises the jungle cat slightly to make his point. "Blood to blood, as it were." He chuckles lightly, standing up a little straighter and stopping the awkward tilt to his head. "Though I'm not sure what business it is of yours."

"Because you're on our land, baka." Satoru would state and begin to move forward, most likely in an attempt to catch the shinobi off guard and apprehend him. "I'm done with your games. You're under arrest for trespassing in the Land of Fire." He begins to move at a faster pace, through the darkness and past Kirin toward the foreign shinobi.

Kirin just stares ahead at Nori to little surprise, most Kiri-nin aren't very sociable, they have a different sort of language. Kirin smiles lightly as Nori chuckles, feeling the sentinment of his words. "We aren't so different, you and I. We are both predators of a different kind." Kirin says calmly, though Satoru's upstart gains his attention..though his eyes don't move from Nori, his smile fades. "Hnf. Perhaps we could talk instead, you and I? The snake slithers next to the crocodile, if only for a few moments."
A breeze catches, and Kirin's long black hair blows with its sway. "What happens now depends on you."

Nori's grin widens as he hefts the cat, and then leaps backwards a few feet, not giving up his meal. "Its fun talking, and its fun fighting," he laughs lightly, and then hucks the cat far across the path marking the border. "But lets play a game instead." He winks at Satoru, and then springs up into the tree banches and shadows above.

The wink and tactics of the Kirigakure Shinobi is of no amusement to Uchiha Satoru, so without any hesistation he forms a hand-seal and takes a deep breathe. At the right moment, he releases a gust of wind toward the intruder's footing on one of the branches, aiming to trip him up and send him plummeting toward the ground. Another hand-seal and he flickers from sight, reappearing near the falling or still fleeing target… in a crouch before sending his katana's hilt upward toward the chin in an attempt to momentarily stun the target. "Cease your attempts of fleeing or you'll be feeling more of my blade," he warns.

Kirin slowly raises his right hand level with his chest, curling all his fingers save for his index and middle as Nori hefts the cat on his shoulder. Kirin glances to Satoru as he makes off in persuit, his left hand blurs from view and a halfsecond afterwards several balls fall to the shinobi's feet, sizzling and poofing into a large smoke cloud.
As soon as the cloud envelopes Kirin, he bursts from the cloud in persuit with Satoru..close behind. The smoke cloud however begins to move in a slow circle surrounding its center most point..and a soft blue glow can be seen from within. Momentarily, the cloud spins faster and faster, the glow brighter..untill the smoke is seemingly burned away by the force of chakra surrounding Kirin..his eyes opening slowly to catch a glimpse of Satoru and his kage bunshin in persuit.

Nori, attempting to gain some distance, finds himself falling for a moment. "Nice," he states as Satoru appears in front of him, and he realizes he is outmatched. His chin clips the pommel, and jerks his head back, Nori suddenly finds himself lying on the ground, the fuzzy colors of the shadowed trees over head. "Unh," he grunts, "I remember this." His hand claws at the ground as he tries to find purchase to right himself, but he seems stuck on his back for the moment. "This is what it felt like when mum hit me with the frying pan…"

The illuminating moon hangs over head of Satoru, the back drop behind him as he stands over the downed Mist Ninja. "I'm not your mother and remember this. Your next choice could be your last." His katana is lowered down to the boy's chin, gently, but tightly put close to his neck. "My friend wants to speak with you. The actions of my blade will be determined by your willingness to answer…" The dark brown eyes of the Uchiha turn toward the slightly older clan-member before delivering a stern nod, and a small smirk.

Kirin's kage bunshin lands next to Satoru after he finishes speaking, immedietly moving torwards Nori..grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up off of his feet and slamming him up against the nearest tree..the clone stares deep into Nori's eyes with all the substance of the real Kirin, but ever so emotionless.
Kirin flickers into view amid a swirl of white feathers before Nori, a half frown worn on his face. He blinks, an indication of his humanity unlike his kage bunshin..stepping forward closer to the two. "What is your name, and rank? Does anyone know you are here?" Kirin asks calmly, but his voice is stern and unlike when he was speaking before..his brows lightly crease..and he raises his right hand into a seal much like he did before..keeping a solid stare.

Nori grins, his fanglike canines and sharp teeth glinting. "That little knock appears to have cleared my head," he says, his eyes bright as a wildness flashes into them. He takes a deep breath, and chakra pulsates. "Names and ranks don't mean much to me," he states idly, though theres a light glow in his eyes as his chakra begins pumping into the air. "If it weren't for my belt, I could be just any hunter traveling the woods…"

Satoru takes a step back for now, watching his comrade go to work… fully aware what is to come next, but when the Kaguya begins to gather chakra and speak… the Uchiha Prodigy moves. With a flicker, he disappears and instantly reappears near the pair… his katana's tip gently placed against the intruder's gut from the right side… which is where he is standing. "That isn't what he asked." A Pause. "Answer the question. Does anyone know you're out here?"

Kirin's eyes narrow lightly at Nori's response, and he lazily raises his right hand..palm facing the Kiri ninja. His kage bunshin releases Nori and steps back side by side with the actual Kirin..mimicing the exact same movement. In an insant, both palms light up with a sudden spark of electrical current as chakra is converted to the lightning element. The currents chirp and lick at the air and then shoot outwards in the shape of a blade into each of Nori's shoulders respectively, sizzling clean through them and into the tree behind him..the electricity blackens the tree..and Nori would feel the cold numb feeling taking over his body.
Kirin raises his left hand in the same way, keeping the electric current up and funneling into Nori with his right..his kage bunshin follows suit. "You should have told me your name. Do you think you're the only shinobi to be caught? If you have no special business, nothing makes you special. You have no use to me alive." Kirin's left hand erupts into electricity the same as his right, and a piercing lance of lightning shoots into Nori's chest - his heart..his kage bunshin follows suit and directs its electrical current to the same spot..virtually overloading Nori's body with electricity.
In reality, Kirin sighs loudly..glancing over to Satoru. "Injure him considerably, and then take him to Konoha for questioning. I'll inform the ANBU." Kirin says dutifully, though Nori would be too incoherent to hear his words.

What occures in Nori's head is one thing, but for some reason his eyes seem to be glinting maliciously in the real world. "The shinobi of kumogakure like electircity, too, I kinda think it tickles," he states with a smirk, though he doesn't seem to be looking exactly at Kirin, stuck halfway between the Genjutsu and reality it would seem… and even for his talk, its obvious he's struggling hard to maintain. "You're giving up already, and this is just starting to get interesting." His smirk broadens to a grin. "You want my name? Kaguya Nori, or Crazy Nori as everyone calls me. Nobody from my village knows I'm here."

The Uchiha's katana is released from the intruder's stomach and slid into the sheath strapped to his back, so he can watch the display of… nothing? As the Kirigakure Shinobi stands motionless - lost in a dream world, he shakes his head for a moment. "Very well." A few steps forward and he goes to grab him by the neck, but then something occurs. "This is rare…" His attention goes toward the other Uchiha and back to the foreign shinobi. "I never seen anyone stay somewhat conscious when dealing with your genjutsu, Kirin…" A shrug of his shoulders and he takes a few more steps forward, stating, "It's a shame you took this long to cooperate, Kaguya Nori-san. We could've used your information." With that, he reaches over his shoulder again and begins to slowly unsheathe the katana, leaving the semi-conscious foreigner in suspense of what is to come… and perhaps waiting to see if the Mist Ninja would say more…

Kirin closes his eyes slowly after giving Satoru his order, and he turns and makes a step in a direction away from the two..only to freeze as Nori speaks, his eyes opening with a surprised start. Kirin slowly turns around, making no reply to Satoru regarding anyone having ever resisted an illusion. "Iie, it's not that. He has a strong will to live." Kirin says to Satoru in a low voice..taking a closer step to Nori, looking him up and down. "Satoru, continue with your patrol..I'm going to handle this alone." Kirin turns his glance to Satoru, giving him a very serious, stonewall expression..that would surely command obedience without so much as a confirmation. With that, Satoru is gone.. and Kirin turns his eyes back to Nori.
After a contemplative pause at Nori's words and a long stare, Kirin's hands raise up to the back of his head..and he unties the knot of his forehead protector, so it immedietly drops to the ground and lands with a soft ting on the rocky earth. Taking another step forward, Kirin extends his right hand in assistance, so that Nori might stand. "Lets talk now, as individuals." Kirin pauses. "You have a strong bloodline.. don't you know it's dangerous operate alone? Your body is a prize."

"I've never shown an ability for it, I doubt thats much of a worry. I think they'd be happier I was dead, anyway. They think I've got 'volatile tendencies'." Nori snorts derisively. "Don't get me wrong, Clan before Country and all that, but even the head of our clan seems a senile fool." He chuckles lightly, waving off the offered aid. "If I wasn't clearly outmatched, I might say the same about any of you Leafers." He glances around. "You should teach me that trick with the solid clone…"

Kirin keeps his stare, and he remains unblinking. After a moment, Kirin retracts his hand offered in assistance and it falls back to his side. As Nori speaks, Kirin simply studies his body language. "You sound like a unique individual, as am I." - "I don't blame you for running. You don't know who I am, it's a common rule of thumb in the shinobi world, if you face an Uchiha alone, run."
…."The world seeks to supress what they don't understand, what they can't control. Konoha is just a form of control." Kirin closes his eyes slowly. "You're interested in jutsu? ..I have my own interests. Have you ever considered yourself, what you are capable of? What you could change and accomplish, if only you were not restrained?"

Kaguya Nori shrugs. "Eh, not so much. They leave me alone, I train and do what I please. they give me the opportunity to have some fun and not get in trouble. You'd be surprised at how irate the Kaguya get if you kill a couple of annoying genin." He chuckles lightly, and then stops. "Actually, I only killed one… the other one tripped and fell on his own sword. It may have been my foot, but it was definitely his own sword." He chuckles lightly, and shrugs. "But, I do get the fear of things they don't understand. They call me crazy and shun me because I've got a different perspective on things." He closes his seemingly good, red eye, leaving the greyblue one to stare at Kirin. "Something about getting hit by lightning when I was a kid, I guess."

Kirin opens his eyes slowly, and his arms move just as slowly to cross..his actions deliberate and patient. "I know alot about your clans history. You're genetically predisposed to anger, rage, and a beastial quality that makes you a very ferocious combatant. Combined with your ability to manipulate your own bone structure, your body has alot of value. To my village, and some organizations interested in kekkei could be a payday, or praise. But, these things are useless to me in this way." Kirin turns, so his back is facing Nori.. the very intricately styled Uchiha fan, framed by three large tomoes with black and red flames almost impossible not to notice. "Fun, trouble. Interesting words you choose, Nori-san. What is your goal, power? Amusement? Have you no want for anything? Techniques, weaponry. Perhaps you want someone dead, maybe you want fame, money? You don't seem like the type to have a family, your only bonds are your clan, and your village. These bonds, are not bonds. They are restraints. I can help you be free of restraint. Or perhaps, acquire something you desire."

"The fun is in the hunt, and the kill. New methods of doing that interest me. I'm not particularly picky about what it is I am hunting, as long as it might be able to kill me too." He chuckles lightly, his eyes glint. "As for bonds… The only person I particularly care for is my Mum, and she's very keen on clan Bonds. I could really care less about the clan, or the village, but I'd rather make my Mum happy than piss her off. When they made me join ranks and called me Chuunin, she said 'Good, now you can be Kirigakure's problem'." He gets a dreamy look. "She's the best Mum anyone could ask for. Meaner than a gater with a tooth ache. She used to toss me off cliffs just to make sure I would grow up strong…"

"I see. I never met my parents, while I can imagine.. I can't relate to your bond at all. I look at you, and I see an unrefined potential. But, just as the animal you slew for a meal.. you seem as oblivious to the world around you as the beast you hunt." Kirin half-turns to face Nori, a half frown on his face. "What I'm saying to you, is open your eyes. Or close them permanently." Kirin sighs lightly, closing his eyes and reopening them. "I have to apologize, by speaking to you about this..your choices are limited. I can't let you walk away after what has been said. My motives will not make sense to you, and I won't ever explain myself. There are things in this world that must be changed, a prophecy that will be fullfilled. I'm a very high profile person. People know my name, people know my face. Not just in Konoha, but abroad. That's why, it's necessary to find hopefuls, like you. For a greater purpose."

Nori gives Kirin a slightly annoyed look. "You know, just because I don't particularly care what you're about doesn't mean I'm not bright enough to figure out what it is you're going on about." He crosses his arms and kicks a nearby log, sending it flying into the brush. "Now, I'm willing to work out a deal with you of some sort. You need help with your grand schemes, thats fine, and I don't really care what it is that you're after. I've told you what I find entertaining. So, get to your point, make your offer, and let me get back to eating dinner."

Kirin's brows relent in creasing for just a moment, as if what Nori said was wholly different than what he expected to hear. Kirin turns to fully face Nori, uncrossing his arms..his left hand moving up to rest on his hip. "Hnf. In that case, I have plenty of entertainment for you to enjoy." .. "Maybe, this will make things easier for you."
Kirin's body begins to wisp light blue chakra, raising off of him like steam..his free right hand moves into a seal, and then immedietly everything fades to black. Nothing can be seen.
The world gains life and color, but it's horribly if you were looking through water to see the outside world. The images around spin, faster and faster..untill they settle and the blur surrenders to clarity. A scene plays out, almost like a movie.. the images around seem lifelike and real, as if Nori was standing there to witness himself. An Uchiha fan looms high in the sky, taking place of the sun, thousands of clan symbols appear under it, splinter and shatter under the Uchiha symbol, all but one.. the Senju. The senju insignia spins and raises up to par with the Uchiha, and chains enshackle the symbol..before it cracks and lights into flames, another scene fading into view near Nori.
It's Kirin, as a baby along with his twin brother.. incoherent images flash depicting his abduction, more images flash.. Kirin is older, under Senju captivity.. more images flash, and Kirin as a young boy can be seen standing over copious amounts of bodies..his twin brother beside him. The scene changes again, Kirin appears to be kneeling infront of someone, someone very important in his clan. The image breaks like glass, revealing Senju Hashiramako and Uchiha Madara shaking hands. The alliance of Konoha is formed. And then, Kirin's voice is clear and audible..though he can't be seen, "You help me," The vision changes again, this time.. a row of figures appear with a single kanji above their head, complacent..expressionless. A Kaguya named Yasushi, an Uchiha named Rain. A young girl named Tsun, an insignia fades into view even above the figures..the kanji for "Takokujin".
"I will make sure you will be entertained. Know this, Nori-san.. if you betray me, you will die."
The vision changes one last time, it's an image of Konoha in ruins at a distance, smoke billowing into the sky. The vision zooms with speed, and the Hokage Mountain can be seen no more..the vision zooms further to atop the mountain, and six figures stand looking out over the village..their cloaks black. The vision spins around, looking out over the shoulder of the figures.. a white kanji on their midback states "Judgement." At a length, the middle figure slowly pulls back their's Kirin, his eyes red with his clans bloodline limit. He slowly closes them, and the vision disperses to Kirin and reality once more, his hand slowly moving out of the seal. He says nothing, and watches Nori.

Nori watches, his interest piqued. "See, thats really cool that you can make me see stuff like that, but if you want me hanging around you gotta stay outta my head. I hate genjutsu," he states while shaking a finger at kirin, obviously missing the point of the whole story… or perhaps just not caring. "And whats with these foreigners? Yasushi and Tsun are members of Kirigakure…" He chuckles. "Seriously, you should say what you mean instead of showing me picture shows."

"It seems it wasn't a wasted effort, you recognize someone you saw. Good." Kirin smirks lightly, "The who, where and when will come. For now, I need to know when I call upon you.. you will be there. This is a double edged sword, I won't have you dying and wasting my time."
Kirin blinks, his glance shifting down to his forehead protector..then back to Nori. "My name is Kirin. Before we part, you'll recieve two things. Two seals. One on your tongue, you cannot speak about me or the Uchiha clan, you will activate the seal and paralyze yourself. I won't be there to release you. The second, is another seal. Once you break it with your chakra, I will know your general vicinity. Only use this if you are in the most dire situations…" "…Betrayal is not an option for you, I have failsafes in place to ensure the security of my plans, and your security should you be involved in them. Kirin raises his right hand, and does a beckoning motion with his finger. "Come."

"No," replies Nori. "Thats just stupid. I live in Kirigakure and Uchiha's come up in conversation all the time, with your swirly eyes and mind tricks. You wanna do the location seal, thats fine." He frowns. "Why don't you just do one seal, so if I speak your name then you know where I am. Seems a lot better angle to go, and I won't be able to hide from you, either." He chuckles. "Besides, we have tracker nin in Kirigakure. Something odd like 'Uchiha' comes up and I suddenly get all weird, they'll have Uchiha and your Chakra to sniff you out with. Tell me none of that would be suspicious?"

Kirin's left hand falls of his hip, and moves into a pouch on his belt..he pulls out a scroll, tossing it to Nori. "It's not you hiding that's the issue, it's who you would hide behind. But, I need to be sure of your cooperation. Forget the seals, I have another idea in mind. I have eyes and ears in every village, any moves you make against me.. is a waste of your life. We'll see just what sort of person you are." .. "The scroll, is a reverse summoning. It's bound to me. Use it only to save your life." - "Beyond this, you need to leave as soon as you can. If you're picked up by another person like Satoru, it will be harder for me to take over. I'll be in touch. Things will become clear later.. I understand this doesn't make sense to you right now." Kirin turns and leaps high into a nearby tree, glancing at Nori once more. "Untill nextime, Nori-san." Kirin flickers out of view, moving at high speeds through the treetops.

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