Uchiha Patrol


Hyuuga Yuzuna, Uchiha Kirin, Uchiha Satoru

Date: Feburary 5th, 2010


Yuzuna meets the Uchiha boys for the first time.

"Uchiha Patrol"

Vine Street

It is a normal afternoon in Konohagakure no Sato, the air is heavy and humid, and the bright sun is shining in the sky. It is the season known as Summer, of course. Some parts of the village shade the population under plenty of trees, though the surrounding area around the Uchiha Village gates is free of such shade, causing the air to become hotter than other areas of the village. A teenager is found sitting in the guard booth to the right of the gates, the heavy air apparently not a bother to this weathered shinobi. "Is this so hard?" This is asked under his breathe, the shinobi thinking back to the shared duty of watching the gates a few weeks back, however those were the gates of Konohagakure. The person he shared the duty with was Akuu Goh, another Jounin of the village, and a rather lazy one at that. As the teenager sits here, his posture is rigid, yet relaxed and calm, performing the job at hand with the up most seriousness and awareness.

Flickering into view, Kirin can't help but stifle a laugh… Lowering his head as he chuckles. "I thought you might notice me sneaking up on you, after all, you're on guard duty. My, you look bored. How would you like to drop this babysitting act and we do something interesting?" Kirin says with a sly grin, his long black hair catching in a breeze to slide over his darkened armor… his left hand propped up on his hip, mischievous as ever.

Even in the afternoon, the streets are surprisingly sparse of much foot traffic as compared to the market place, usually those that leave in the Uchiha district coming this way, checking through the gate for their homes. The summer breeze is gentle and almost calm when a pair turn into the street at the opposite end, a tall man well over six feet tall with long black hair, bare chin and stunning eyes almost compared to cold silver, dressed in dark robes with the Hyuuga symbol of a ying yang embroidered into the back of his formal kimono. Behind him a young woman follows him fluidly, also wearing formal, feminine kimono though a light cloak is clasped around her shoulders with a hood pulled over her head, her chin lowered slightly to avoid eye contact. The proud man never smiles, never hesitates as he approaches the guard, Satoru and pulls out a scroll wrapped with a thin cord. Holding it up stiffly, he murmurs in a steady tenor voice, "I have permission and acceptance to enter the Uchiha compound in regards to business."

"You know that can't happen, Kirin." Satoru's eyes drifted toward the area his clanmate appeared, apparently aware of the arrival as pointed out by the other teenager. "No matter how boring the task, I complete them without fail. Be it guard duty or a high ranked mission." His serious and fully alert appearance melts into a demeanor of calmness and boredom. "It is pretty boring though. This is the second time in two weeks they've assigned me to guard duty. The first time was the village gates and now this time our clan's gates." His tone is less stern and serious, but more laid-back and relaxed now. "It can't be helped, I guess. Guard duty is just as important as other duties, but I wish more was going on. That way I can be assigned missions that involve more action. We Uchiha were not raised for mediocre duties such as these, isn't that right, Kirin?" The teenaged Jounin let his true personality show itself around a close friend such as Kirin, however the approaching Hyuuga duo causes him to sit up straight and the stand, the serious and aware demeanor over-taking him once again. "Greetings. Please. Let me see that documentation, Hyuuga-san." The Uchiha's hand reaches out and takes hold of the scroll, his dark brown eyes scanning it over in a slow and assessing manner, and taking a long moment to do so which allows the others a chance to speak.

Kirin raises his green eyes sparkling with amusement to regard Satoru shortly after he speaks, though his reply doesn't seem to phase him in the least bit save for giving him a more devious grin… though, when the two Hyuuga approach his demeanor visible switches to something a little more proper… his hand falls off his hip and he stands up straight, losing his smirk. Simply watching as the man speaks to Satoru. Taking a step nearer Satoru, Kirin leans in to peer at the document detailing their business out of his own curiosity. Smirking lightly to himself, "Before you enter, you must surrender the name of your… friend there. Security business." Kirin says with cold seriousness, his eyes drifting to the girl in the kimono as he finishes his sentence… and then back to the man.

The tall man narrows his pale eyes hard at the lack of proper respect shown from the guard, bristling though remains silent as Satoru reviews the proper paperwork, instead choosing to keep his expression a hard stoic of that of the Hyuuga. As Kirin glances over it, it mostly explains that he is there to establish positive relations with the Uchiha clan's elders, with those words more or less. With Kirin's… . request, he snaps his hard eyes towards the older teen, narrowing his attention on him as if for the first time, contemplating of whether or not he even deserves an answer. "This is my attendant. Heir of the main branch and sole successor of Hyuuga Hikaru, Hyuuga Yuzuna." From under the hood of her cloak, Yuzuna lifts her chin just slightly, her pale lavender eyes looking up to Kirin and Satoru with a polite smile. Smoothly she lowers herself into a fluid and ladylike bow to them both.

The dark eyes of Satoru continue to scan over the paperwork, assessing it for another long moment as his friend speaks up and requests the cloaked girl's name, causing his own eyes to turn away from the document and toward the girl. "Pleasure to meet you, Hyuuga Yuzuna-san," he greets in a respectful tone. The absence of a honorific worthy of royalty is done on purpose, the Uchiha teenager feeling no need to recognize the girl as a noble. Apparently, he views his clan as the best and most superior, but at least he was pleasant about it! "Here are your documents." The scroll is handed to the lavender-eyed elder and as his hands return to his side, he asks, "What is your name, by the way. It needs to be recorded in the log-in sheet." The clipboard is shoved toward the end of the booth, closer to the duo, presenting it to them. "Please sign this and then you'll be free to approach Genryuu-sama," he informs.

Clad in his armor and being a little taller than Satoru, Kirin probably seems imposing enough to require an answer… especially since he's standing at a guard post at least, no matter. When the man responds, Kirin can't help but notice his hesitance… but he found out what he wanted to know, his curiosity is going to get him into some trouble around here one of these days; after all he's always been interested in Hyuuga and their abilities. Bowing lightly to the kimono wearing girl, his long hair falls long on either side of his face. "Yuzuna-sama, it's a pleasure to meet you." he says respectfully, recovering from his bow with a mischievous grin. Afterwards, he steps back and lets Satoru conduct his exchange… smirking the whole time, shaking his head playfully at how he deals with things. Crossing his arms slowly, Kirin patiently waits for the Hyuuga escort to sign the required document. "Well, Satoru… when you feel like embracing your destiny… ." he uncrosses his arms with a grin… taking a few steps forward to walk by Satoru and the man, and Yuzuna. Stopping, he turns his head to the left… "I'll see you later?" he says with a smile, his hands move and blur through a few seals… too fast for someone with untrained eyes; and he's gone in a poof of grey smoke that dissipates in seconds.

The tall and imposing man seems to bristle again with distaste, though less so this time than he personally was being addressed. Yuzuna, however, doesn't seem to be bothered, smiling a gentle and ladylike smile as she lowers her chin in a soft nod of acknowledgment to Satoru. Taking back the scroll, replying the teenage boy curtly with his name as he reaches up and signs it, only to dismiss the sheet a moment after, as if it were beneath them. The young woman glances to Kirin in turn, watching him steadily as a dark brow lifts, clearly noting his mischievous grin though not sure what to make of it. "As it is with you as well, Uchiha-san." Yuzuna murmurs softly, her voice gentle as velvet as she lowers her chin in a quiet nod in reply. Though her expression remains passive, her pale lavender eyes linger on him for a moment longer before she follows in the tall Elder's shadow, cloak lightly billowing behind her in the brief breeze.

"We'll meet up later, Kirin." Satoru watches his clanmate disappear using a well-known jutsu and his attention turns toward the Hyuuga duo, the serious, calm, and soldier-like expression worn on his face. "Genryuu-sama is waiting for you. He can be found at the village's center," he informs. He bends at the waist, finally showing more respect toward the pair… not like he wasn't before, though. Rising from the bow, he watches the pair for a moment longer and takes a seat in the booth, the bored expression from earlier creeping onto his face. Thanks a lot, Kirin! You got me thinking about more exciting missions. Or, this is what might be going through his head at the moment.

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