Uchiha Police Escapee Files: The Black Fox


Tatara, Kyuketsuki

Date: October 11, 2016


Tatara sends Kyu after a prisoner that escaped when the Storm Brigade attacked the Uchiha Police Station.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Uchiha Police Escapee Files: The Black Fox"

Land of Fire - Uchiha Police Station and Fire Ferry Docks

After the succuss of Hinotori and Kyuketsuki on their mission, it seems Kyu has been given enough faith now to be sent on a mission alone. He would receive a missive from the office of the Uchiha Clan Head at the Uchiha Police Station requesting his presence early in the morning for a mission briefing.

Sitting at his desk with a half-empty cup of coffee, Tatara seems to be going through paperwork as usual as he glances over a few scrolls to compare information. He makes a few marks once in a while to either document corrections or updates or simply add information to a file that he feels is needed. Who knew making the Uchiha great involved so much tedious office work. He probably did really, which is why he doesn't ever seem grumpy about any of his duties. The new clan head is ready to endure whatever must be to improve the position of his clan.

Taking a glance at a clock, Tatara notes that it's about time for Kyu to arrive, so he finishes up his current work quickly and puts it in its proper place in one of his filing cabinets behind his desk. He then moves to the cabinet beside it and pulls out a file then moves back to his desk to set it upon it and take a seat again.

Kyuketsuki was a bit surprised to be told he'll be on a lone mission. Though it wasn't totally unheard of. Kyu readied both some gear and himself, and made his way to Tatara's office! He would arrive on time, maybe even early, knocking before entering, and giving a bow of respect. "Uchiha-sama." Kyu greets, "I recieved notice of a mission? A lone mission, even? I am ready for anything." Kyu looks at Tatara, curious as to what the mission will entail.

Hearing the knock at the door, Tatara looks up and calls, "Come in." As Kyuketsuki enters, the Clan Head offers a light bow of his head in greeting. "Good morning, Kyuketsuki. Hai, your mission is a solo mission, one I'm certain you can pull off after dealing with 'The Chef'."

He places a hand on the file on his desk then and slides it across the desk so Kyu can pick it up easily. Returning his hand to his side, he picks up his coffee and takes a few sips from it while giving the other Uchiha a chance to glance through the file. Inside he will find a picture of a rather attractive young woman making a rather cheesy expression on her face and even holding a peace sign with her fingers up by her face. There are details inside such as her rap sheet, mostly theft and a few marks for assault when people tried to stop her.

"Kirryu Ayano, also called Kuroko or the Black Fox," Tatara says. "She only had a few months on her last sentence, but she took the opportunity to escape when the station got blasted. Try to bring her in in good shape, but don't let her get a jump on you. She's incredibly crafty. I'd like to recruit her to Konoha once she's back if possible."

Kyu blinks at this task, looking through the file curiously. After he's finished, and Tatara is done explaining, Kyu closes the file and looks at Tatara, "Any preferences on how I go about this? Talk first then Genjutsu? I'm sure I can accomplish this task, regardless. I just would like to make sure that it's not only done, but done right." Kyu once again opens the file as an after-thought, Sharingan appearing in his eyes as he examines her picture. He made sure there was no chance he'd forget her face.

"Go with your gut, but she is likely aware that she is on our list to collect again," Tatara says with a shrug of his shoulders. "If you think you can talk her into going quietly, you can try, but I have my doubts she'll do so. Just be careful or she might give you the slip." He takes another sip of his coffee then to let Kyu think while he uses his Sharingan to scan the page. Making sure he knows her when he spots her is important, after all.

Once he feels a long enough pause has been given, the Clan Head states, "She has been frequenting the docks to the southeast past the Great Bridge lately. Her targets are usually merchants, leaning toward either rich or elderly ones or both ideally for her since they aren't likely to catch or keep up with her."

Kyuketsuki listens to Tatara, paying attention and taking note. Kyu mentally makes a plan. He nods to Tatara. "Understood. I promise to succeed in this mission." Kyu smiles and bows. "Thank you for entrusting me with this. Uchiha-sama." Kyu would hesitate a bit before, making sure Tatara had nothing to add, before beginning to depart.

"I'm counting on it," Tatara says with a nod to Kyu and then would take a sip of his coffee again before going to his cabinet to grab a file for the next people coming into the office. His work is never done. Seems he had nothing else and would simply allow Kyu to head out toward his destination.

By the time he arrives at the docks, there is already a decent crowd at the docks between people coming and going and those who set up stands to sell things along the docks. There is no sign of the target as of yet, at least not any clear sign among the masses, so maybe she either hasn't arrived yet or is hiding or disguised.

Kyuketsuki would make his way to the docks, and well before he arrived he'd henge himself to look like a older man wearing fine clothes, ones made from expensive fabrics and such! Kyu would do his best to look the part, and move slow, really getting in character. He had a coin-pouch on his hip he purchased on his way out of the village, as bait. The pouch would be filled with false-coins that have no worth, but are indistinguishable without first opening the pouch. Kyu keeps a careful eye on his surroundings, Sharingan likely greatly assisting in his task of watching carefully.

As the 'old man' moves around, there's still no clear sign of his target for a bit. Perhaps she took a day off. Everything seems pretty much business as normal, a good day for business at the docks. It'd be a shame if someone or something were to cause such a beautiful day awry.

As a cart that is just a BIT overloaded with fish passes by the old man, there is a figure in a black hooded cloak that happens past. A few moments later, the cart suddenly starts to wobble and there's a growing number of yells coming out as it tips over with a loud crash as fish start to spill out everywhere.

In the fray a hand from that same cloaked figure would be placed on the old man's shoulder as if to help him to not fall and hurt himself. Meanwhile another hand slips to try and snatch his money pouch and those of a few others that are distracted before the figure would slip toward the outskirts of the area to try and vanish.

Kyuketsuki was a bit caught of guard by the possible sabotage of the cart. Though Kyu isn't a fool, the person 'steadying' him would find that when they reach for the coin pouch, the coin pouch reacts. The cloth contorts unnaturally, coiling around the thieve's hand and wrist and seeming to stick in place on Kyu's hip. Unnaturally so. This was simply an illusion, and neither of those things were true, in fact the bait-pouch could be rather easily removed. Kyu would drop his henge and look at the person in question, "Now I know what you're thinking, and instead of running how about we just talk?" Kyu tries to say quickly, expecting such a weak illusion to be short lived, regardless of it's success or not.

Just like Tatara warned Kyu, this woman is prepared for attempts at capture. She would do her best, however, to have it look to him like she is captured by his illusion. While she would seem to stand there and grumble and reluctantly nod to show she's agreeing, in reality she would grab those pouches and be off in hopes that he doesn't see straight through the illusion she cast in return.

Assuming he IS caught in it, the illusory woman would look at him with a frown. "Talk? Alright then. I'm a little busy here. What do you want?"

Kyuketsuki looks at the woman, seemingly convinced by the illusion. Though something is wrong here. She'd run into someone as she attempted to leave with the pouches, and as she looked up at the person she ran into, her head would start to hurt. Having your own illusion forcibly turned on you doesn't make your brain very happy. She'd see her own 'clone' standing by Kyuketsuki, as well as a copy of Kyuketsuki. The three standing in a vee formation. Kyu's chakra would surge if she could sense such a thing, and his Sharingan would flare a brighter red. "Again, can we just talk? Your illusion seems to be quite agreeable. Just look!" Kyu would use his temporary control over her own illusion to make her clone nod, and smile "I think we can resolve this peacefully!" Her clone, likely very out of characterly and offensively, says cheerily.

Feeling that drain on her psyche, Ayano growls a little as the Uchiha seems to be messing with her. Then he gets to find out that Genjutsu is not her sole specialty as she gives up on running away without doing any damage. After taking a guess at which of him is the real one, she leaps up and drives a knee right at his chin then plants her hands on his shoulders to flip over him and dash off again. This time she moves up into the trees, using her craftiness and speed to try to leave his line of sight.

Kyuketsuki takes a hit and is caught off guard by Ayano's attack, though his eyes lock right back onto her. Kyu has taken harder hits. This was nothing to him. As she takes to the trees, Kyu pursues, doing handseals, though seemingly hesitating. If she was watching and knew a lot about handseals, the last few handseals imply he was doing a fire ninjutsu, but changed his mind. Because trees. The truth was the last few handseals were a ruse. The Genjutsu would set in quickly, and Kyuketsuki would merely test it, before falling back. She'd feel like she's getting away! But uh… Wait, this section of the forest isn't familiar. Oh, easy solution, just loop around in a wide arc to turn back! Though uh. Wait, didn't you just pass this specific tree? And wait, where did Kyu go? Did she lose him?

Oh no! Running in circles! The cloaked woman seems to begin to panic, looking around as she hits the same place again and again with no way to escape! At least a new Genjutsu Clone of her does. In reality Ayano detected the jutsu and has used Genjutsu Kai to escape it and countered with a Genjutsu Clone again that seems to have fallen into the Uchiha's trap while she keeps on running through the trees.

By now the woman is starting to sweat a bit. She is wily and lucky, but she is yet human and probably around Chuunin level. Still if she can keep being lucky she just might evade capture.

Kyuketsuki was close to Jounin level, and as such he hasn't even broken a sweat yet. At most he has a tiny little mark from her kneeing him. He's basically still toying with her. She'd have a moment to think she might've lost Kyu, before he comes charging after her again. "You're really stubborn, aren't you? I gave you sufficient chances to stop and just talk to me, but that seems to be too much to ask." Kyu goes through handseals, and shortly after Ayano would see the path she was leaping into, as well as just all around in general, is experience an unexpected rain of glowing white feathers! The feathers rather obviously quickly sapping Ayano of her energy, her very will to stay awake. If she can't fight her way out of this one, Kyu would likely be putting an end to the running chapter of all of this. Maybe. "Just relax, and preferably get down to ground level as quick as you can." If she failed to resist, AND failed to get to ground level before passing out, Kyu would dash out and catch her himself.

Despite all her cunning, the Black Fox isn't yet of the level to be able to avoid this Genjutsu. As those feathers start to float around, she blinks a couple times and finds her eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Despite this she brings her hands together for another Kai as she tries to keep running… and fails. The full effect of the Genjutsu finally hits her, and so she is put to sleep and falls down from the treetops toward the ground, likely to hurt something unless Kyu gets to her in time.

Kyuketsuki sighs as his warning about getting down goes ignored, being forced to move even faster to catch her. Kyu would catch her in a way that he stops her from hurting herself, and as soon as he's safely on the ground, he sets her down with a sigh. He opens his cloak, reaching deep into his ninja-tool pouch and rummaging around until he pulls out two things, handcuffs and shackles. She won't be running anymore on his watch. Though this does present him with a rather major issue…

How in the world is he going to transport Ayano? Kyu would worry about bindings first, and transportation second. Once she was properly bound, or at least the best Kyu can manage, Kyu would hesitate before sighing. Kyu places one hand beneath her knees, and one under her back, before lifting her up with a grunt of effort. Kyu was not strong, but BY PITCH did he have stamina to make up for it!

Kyu's Sharingan would fade out of his eyes, as to not needlessly waste energy! Before he'd leap to the trees. He was planning on torturing his weak arms all the way back to the village! With minimum rest-breaks! Though with Kyu leaping from tree to tree, the rough landings could reasonably wake Ayano back up.

Oddly enough Ayano would not wake up from any bumps or at least would not seem to. Since she's cuffed and shackled, she may have simply decided to make Kyu do all the work bringing her in and not have to walk while bound. Unless he gives out, he would make it back to the village gates unimpeded, where Tatara stands waiting for him to deliver the escapee to him.

As Kyuketsuki arrives, Tatara nods to him and says, "Good work." He then steps forward and takes Ayano from him, slinging her over his shoulder. "Your bounty will be waiting for you at the office this afternoon." With that he would turn and vanish with a flicker. Mission accomplished.

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