Uchiha vs Senju, a test between two friends


Senju Daisuke, Uchiha Hinotori

Date: Feburary 10th, 2010


A spar between two best friends who are of rival clans.

"Uchiha vs Senju, a test between two friends"

Konoha River

The two recently promoted Chuunin friends always seemed to find time to spar and test one another away from the confines and watch of public eye. Their friendship, being from two clans that used to hunt each other, was not something that was looked well upon by Uchiha eyes. Despite this fact, the reason the two boys often sparred or trained out in the forests was the simple fact that they didn't want their skills or cool jutsu that they created to be on public display to others. And so both Daisuke and Hinotori had trained out in the forests for awhile before they had agreed that a friendly spar was in order.

Daisuke stands on the other side of the open area with a wide grin on his face as he looks over to his opponent and friend. He pulls out his staff, the small metal pole extending in his hands to proper size before talking a little smack. "I'm winning this one, Hino-kun. I'm feeling pumped and ready to fight."

Two friends indeed, and today was like any other day the two would come to train then spar, though at the cocky comment of Daisuke. Hinotori only chuckles as he assumes his natural fighting stance. "Well we will see Daisuke-kun." he states as he seems to roll his shoulders. Though before doing anything Hinotori did look around, he hated that his clan was against so much. Even though the wars have been over for the past three years, there were still animosity between the Senju and Uchiha. But Hinotori could care less, Daisuke was a really good friend and a good sparring partner.

Watching the staff elongate, Hinotori sighs, "You and your damn staff." he shakes his head and gestures for Daisuke to start things up. "If your going to win, you better attack first." he smiles and waits for the incoming attack.

Daisuke grins and nods his head, crouching down with his staff held out horizontally behind him. Focusing for a moment, he builds up chakra within him. "I won't go easy!" he says to his friend before he takes action. With a spring in his legs that only he and his monkey-fist style of taijutsu can do, he leaps into the air. Landing near Hino, he goes into a tumble towards his friend before the staff juts out in a quick strike to try to hit him in the stomach. Finishing the tumble around the boy gives him another two opportunities to strike at his friend with the staff.
"I hope you don't!" Hinotori calls out as a smile starts to creep up on his face. Only few ever seen Hinotori smile during a sparring session and that was Daisuke and his sister Kasumi. As Daisuke does his flipping strike, Hinotori steps inwards and tries to block the first blow to his stomach with his left arm. He manages to do so barely but it still hurt. As Daisuke landed adn sent two more strikes in. Hinotori does a side aerial and is hit in the leg, but as he dashes forward upon landing the third strike misses.

Spinning around quickly Hinotori lunges towards Daisuke throwing a knee to the middle to the middle of his back. The strike is very fast, but upon completion of the knee strike, Hinotori continues using his speed and finese to keep the pressure up as he does a spinning back palm strike to the middle of his chest. Hinotori then kicks towards Daisukes stomach.

Daisuke gets hammered by the attacks, sending him back to rethink. Time for his combination strike, he thinks to himself. "Here I come." he says as he rushes forward, slamming his staff into the ground. The end of the staff that he pulls out is surrounded in the rocky earth and looks more like a hammerhead now as he swings it around to try to slam into Hinotori. After that the boy is already on the move, his hands flashing through a series of hand seals before he begins spinning his staff in front of him in a fan-like manner. Opening his mouth, the boy spits out a small jet of fire that catches the current of wind that the staff in front of him is creating, sending the flame into a spiral-like attack that aims for his friend.

Hinotori grins as he sees earth forming around the staff as Daisuke uses one of his jutsus, though Hinotori doesn't think he's seen this particular one. Granted, it was pretty cool looking. As that large earthen hammer came crashing down upon where Hinotori was. Hinotori backflips away from the strike, and as he lands he does a forward roll to get past the second strike. As he comes up from the roll, the Uchiha Chuunin closes the distance and does a three palm combination to Daisuke. The first palm strike goes towards his right shoulder, the second is aimed towards his stomach and the third is aimed towards Daisukes solo plexus.

Daisuke gets pushed back and tumbles before hopping up and standing. He has numerous scratches and bruises going to form soon but the genin has always been stubborn. "Alright, this is the finishing round, Hino-kun." he says as his hands flash together in seal after seal. His chest expands as if a large fireball was coming but when it ignites the flame is dark red and the heat is immense. The leaves in the trees moves in the wind that the heat creates as the fireball sort of lobs into the air, arcing towards Hinotori unlike a normal Fire technique.

Hinotori shakes his head, Daisuke is always stubborn, but that's what he likes about his best friend, their spars tend to go on until the other couldn't move. But as Daisuke hands flashes through seals, Hinotori had a feeling something really big was coming and the Uchiha chuunin could only prepare for what was to come. Tensing his muscles in his leg and crouching slightly
Hinotori watched as the darkend red ball of fire shot from Daisukes mouth, "Oh damn." Hinotori says not expecting this. When the hell did Daisuke create this? But he couldn't deliberate too long, the blast of fire was crashing down towards him. Hinotori springs forward moving faster then the ball of fire could, Hinotori almost seems to flicker as he moves, but as he nears Daisuke, he jumps over him and spins in mid-air. As he lands he looks near where he was. Luckily the Uchiha was near the river where the fireball impacts and fizzles out. A gout of steam roiling from the lake. "Well we got a hot springs for a bit." he laughs.

Daisuke chuckles, even though his ability had missed on it's debut encounter. "It's true, it does wonders for water, though you have to be careful not to use too much on water or it just kind of solidifies into this black guck." he says as he walks over to investigate the water, dipping a foot in it. "Feels good. Well I guess you win again, Hino-kun. You are too fast to catch yet again, though I want to assure you that I will be catching up fast."

Hinotori shakes his head, "Man your always pushing me so get over the fast thing." he laughs. "We both have two different styles of taijutsu, I rely on speed and precision. You rely on speed and power it seems." Hinotori walks over to where the black guck is, "Umm and this, maybe we shouldn't use it in our sparring area." he says as he looks at it. "If we can, we should try to clean it up a bit." he says as he looks to Daisuke.

Daisuke chuckles, nodding his head. "It's called a lava manipulation, a combination of Fire and Earth that apparently is quite rare in the world and very corrosive. I kinda hoped you would miss even though I wanted to show it off. I don't plan on using it in our spars unless requested." he says with a smile, looking down at the water. "It will be ok, I think people who come by won't noticed it that much." he says hesitantly.

"Rare indeed." he states. "Well you are the first my friend." Hinotori chuckles. "Well looks like I need to get back, and no don't use this in our spars because I was lucky today, I don't know if I would be able to dodge it a second time." he laughs. "Anyways I gotta go shopping, but seeing as you lost you know the rules. You owe me lunch." he laughs. "Ramen shop tomorrow." he says.

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