Katama, Yuuto

Date: February 19, 2014


Katama misses a letter about her mission's rank being raised from E to C, and Yuuto has to run off to the rescue.


Sunagakure - Out in the Desert

It had been a slow day at the missions board for some reason. Perhaps the other Suna shinobi were sick or just tired, but Katama was the lowest ranked person there and today had been the deadline for the E-rank delivery mission. She'd accepted it and returned home to leave a note behind for Yuuto, explaining she was going on an E-ranked mission, and would be back soon enough. Then she left, wearing her light armor as the day was quite warm.

Yuuto has been kicked back in the house relaxing for a while. He's actually even walking around in just a pair of shorts when he notices a note laying on the floor that someone slid under the door and got kicked aside by Katama when she overlooked it on the way out the door, judging by the footprint. Blinking, he walks over and squats down to pick it up. His eyes go wide after a moment, as he realizes she went on this mission alone, and he's suddenly in a frenzy of throwing on his armor to move out the door like lightning toward where the woman is going on her mission.

The woman's tracks lead a good distance even to the package's destination. The house is empty, however and the package is on the ground, ripped open and rifled through. The rest had been left behind carelessly in the desert heat. There were footprints from 4 adults, Katama and a child in the sand and they all lead off toward the deep desert. The bandits were heavily armed but not too bright. Just a group of pretty dangerous thugs according to the report, but they had taken prisoners this time… Why? The gang's intelligence — or lack thereof — was not the reson they were easy to track, though. Katama, having been in a similar situation before, drug her feet a bit in the sand, leaaving a deeper gouge than would normally be left by her passing.

After catching up to where Katama should be, Yuuto stops and looks at the clues, grinning slightly as it seems she's left him an easy trail to follow. Quickly taking off at a pace much faster than the gang should be able to move when having to bring along a few hostages, the 'Genin' races with a determined look on his face. Really, you'd think some sort of bandit memo would eventually go out to tell people not to mess with this guy's student, but, seeing as they're not that smart, they'll get to learn the hard way…

Katama had done her best to leave a trail, so by the time the bandits caught onto what she was doing, they were mostly to thier base. It was really just a bunch of material strung up like tents int he desert. It wsn't very defensible… But in the center of the semi-circle of 'tents' were two poles driven into the ground. A child looking to be about 7 or so and an old man were tethered to one by ropes around thier wrists. They weren't giving anyone much trouble…. Then there's the sounds of s scuffle inside one of the tents and a man yelps… followed by a shouted curse. The next thing Yuuto knew he was watching Katama get drug out of the tent and tossed to the ground by the poles. Her armor was off entirely, leaving her barefooted and in that black and gold silk under dress she tended to wear.

The man shouted. "You want me to kill her? I will!" And he grabbed the child by the hair, putting a blade to her throat. Katama glared, her crimson eyes flaring dangerously. But she lifted her hands slowly from the sand and rose up to kneel. One of the other bandits came over to her, binding her wrists with rope similar to how the other two were bound. The first guy stayed close to the crying child, ready to hurt the girl if Katama did the wrong thing. But Katama just glared defiantly. "You morons should leave us here and run as fast as you can…. You don't know the kind of demons you bring upon yourself…"

As he comes into the camp, Yuuto's eyes narrow as his eyes spot his student being drug out of a tent without her armor…. Just as Katama speaks to them, an aura would pierce through the area to make every bandit within its range kneel in submission as the demonic-armored shinobi walks over to where Katama kneels. "It's too late to run," his voice rings out in a rather solemn tone, rather scarily calm as

The guard was about to retaliate against Katama when Yuuto stepped out and dropped a submission aura over the idiot bandits. Katama chuckled darkly and looked up at Yuuto. "my knight in blood stained armor." She smirked a little and got to her feet. With a wink to the girl she tugged at her wrists, snapping the rope with sheer power. Yuuto's words made her snicker inside at the bandits' misfortune…. Yuuto should be able to take these guys, she thought, and rather than join him she headed for the old man and the child, working on releasing thier hands. She gave them instructions to stay down, then she looked up…One of the bandits had managed somehow to stay on his feet.. And he was right behind Yuuto, trying to nail him with a club to the back of the skull. "Yuuto!"

Yuuto looks down at Katama with a slightly smirk at her apparent new nickname for him. He seems to remain perfectly still as the club smacks him in the back of the head… only to splatter into ink. A gust of wind would be heard as the shinobi appears behind the man with a blade aimed to go straight through his heart and out through his chest cavity to spin and finish him off. "Trying to make it more painful for yourself?" his dark voice rings out as he performs this action rather nonchalantly, rather merciless in this swift motion.

The girl gasped and the old man covered the child's eyes to keep her from the violence. Katama let out a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding. Of course he would know the thug was behind him… Why had she worried? The other bandits had already hit the sand and Katama ushered the two hostages to run back the way they'd come, primising to catch up with them. She then turned to Yuuto. "Want my help or would you like to take them out yourself?'

Reaching to his back, Yuuto grabs a scroll and unravels it. "I think I've got it," he says with a smirk as suddenly a dozen horrific creatures out of a madman's nightmare fly off the pages, followed by snakes that go to bind the targets up once the other creatures have pounced them. Seems he's not going to give them much of a sporting chance today…

Katama nodded and headed for the tent she'd been drug out of earlier as Yuuto went to his work, bringing each one of them down to the sand and binding them with snakes. She was in the tent for just under 5 minutes. But when she emerges she's wearing her light armor again and carrying both swords. She looked a bit mussed, but for the most part she had been untouched. She does, however, walk over to one particular bandit, glowering down at him. In a single swift motion, Katama drew one of her swords and poised it blade down over the man. The blade lifted, preparing to strike…. And she looked to Yuuto for a nod or agreement that she could strike. The bandits had long since figured out that they had screwed with the wrong person here and most of them were inthe begging stage of denial by now…

With his targets captured, Yuuto grins slightly and makes a handseal that causes the ink creatures to drag all but the bandit Katama stands over to the center of the camp. A glance is given toward the woman as she waits for approval, a simple nod given before he looks to the center where the men are being dragged. "Katama… Get them and run," he says before sinking down into the earth then literally ripping an enormous chunk of it up while giving them time to get out of the way. Only a few moments are given before he flings the massive boulder over on top of the bandits, intending to squash all those captured into bits at once.

Katama caught the nod from Yuuto and plunged her sword into the bandit's chest, her jaw clenched. It was far too quick of a death for her taste but she took heed of Yuuto's command to get the hostages and run.. He was obviously planning something big… And then she saw him reach for the earth and it doesn't take her long to turn on her heel and bolt after the old man and the child, pulling them out of harms way up the path. At one point she picks the old man up and carries him further than he could have gotten on her own. The girl has no problems keeping up to Katama. The bandits in the center of the sand at Yuuto's feet die on impact, crushed into little vulture banquets by the large boulder. Yuuto would find them up the path and unharmed.

The deed done, Yuuto would dart up the path to where the others have run. "Now," he says rather nonchalantly, his voice a little more normal now, though he still wears his rather creepy armor. "Shall we finish the initial mission so we can get home?" Looking directly at Katama, he holds the note he found earlier out to her and says, "Perhaps you and I should have a talk about attentiveness when it comes to looking at your mail."

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