Under the Sakura Blossoms


Naoya, Yuriko

Date: September 10, 2014


Yuriko invites all of her friends to a picnic for company and food under Spring's blossoming sakura trees, but only her rival attends and somehow bets are exchanged.

"Under the Sakura Blossoms"

Bioluminescent Lake [Land of Water]


A distance from the trees of the forest leading into this place begin the sands of the beach that surround the lake. Fine and water-smoothed, they are soft beneath the feet and gentle on the skin. The water is nearly clear, what lies within it able to be seen for quite a distance down. Blue hued, the fresh water is always in constant motion, whether gently or fiercely depending upon the weather.

Overall, it is an excellent place for a day spent by the water, but it's true value is best seen in the dark of night. That is its light.

Seen at the water's edge where the waves meet the sands, a cerulean aura shines around the lake. Under the feet of those who walk the beach, an ultramarine glow gives testament to the fact that they were there. Walking the circumference of the lake, one would find the footprints and handprints of those who'd come before, drawings both simple and intricate, poems and letters pressed into the sand, and eventually the very steps they'd started their journey with.

05/18/11 A.F. - Tuesday - Year of the PiG

A quiet Tuesday afternoon easily became a lazy one as Spring carried on. White puffy clouds drifting through a bright blue sky, the sun gently warming the land. Beams of sunlight, like fingers, part through the branches; lighting the blossoming sakura petals with a subtle glow. All through out the bioluminescent lake soft pink petals fall, like a gentle scatter of rain flowing on the faint wind.
Sitting beneath one of these trees, Yuriko waits, her bright eyes watching the flower petals above her while she waits for invited friends on a picnic of sorts. Bento boxes arranged and blanket spread out smoothly, lightly coated with pink petals. The sundress matched the pale shade of pink, her snowy locks pulled back into a ponytail, though her long bothersome bangs still fall over her left eye. Puffing a short breath, Yuriko reaches to brush back her bangs to tuck them behind an ear, before her gaze returns to the branches above.

Slow steps, as if labored with each ones was taken by a young Okumo. With each step he took, the lake would ripple out for over a foot. Naoya's hands were kept together, bringing his focus to a fine point, though every so often in between steps he would sink down to his ankle while crossing the lake's surface. The young teen's amber eyes were open and focused onto the small figure below the cherry blossom. Unlike the Okumo, a collective of spiders scattered across the bank of the lake and throughout the foliage, seeming content being away from the water.

It's several moments before Yuriko spots the figure on the lake, making glowing steps in his wake the further he crosses. Her bright blue green eyes blink at Naoya at first, though her hands quickly clasp her mouth to keep the giggles in, since it was obvious that he was sinking into the water every so often. The tiny spiders climb onto the blanket before he reaches the shore, and only then does the girl grin her teasing grin.

Naoya's shoulders sag when he finally makes it to the edge of the lake, taking a few steps onto solid ground, though where he stood was becoming damaged until his hands move apart. "Time.. I told you, give me time and your little lead will fade." The teen's words were slow, soon bowing down and touching his legs, which were actually soaked up to his knees. Within in instant, a minor explosion of water scatters what liquid that was trapped in his pant's legs out and behind him. "One step, second step now." Even though he was seeming somewhat tired, a wide smirk on his lips when he finally looked up and focused onto Yuriko. The spiders of his brood that drew closer didn't approach their host, though seemed to acknowledge his presence, skittering out of his way as he walked.

The grin lingers still as she watches him, and as Naoya speaks the girl quirks a pale brow and tilts her head ever so slightly. "'Little' lead." Yuriko repeats the word, somehow managing not to roll her eyes at him. "Keep telling yourself that." she smirks. While he tiredly steps on the beach shore, the sand glows under the pressure of his weight, the scattering of water droplets creating an explosion of blue on the sand. The Kaguya girl couldn't help but giggle. "You're getting better at it."

With a light nod, the young teen agrees and repeats again, "Yes, little lead." The smirk on Naoya's lips doesn't waver as he begins to make his way over to the tree Yuriko was sat under to lean against. His eyes drift to her bento for a time before focusing onto the top of the girl's head. "If I didn't the gap would widen, wouldn't it? I doubt you'd stay still and wait for me to start up again."

This time Yuriko does roll her aquamarine eyes at him, smirking herself as she places the bento box in front of where he sits on the blanket. "Doubtful. Staying in place is boring." she replies, pulling another lunch into her lap. She has her own aspirations too after all. The lid of the box is removed as Yuriko glances up at the water, pondering to herself. "You think the others will get here too? I know there's training and missions…" she trails off.

"See? I -have- to keep moving forward, you'll be bored otherwise." When the bento is presented, Naoya kneels down onto the edge of the blanket, only allowing his knees onto it and draws the box into his lap. "Why do I have a feeling you carry a spare for me all the time?" He doesn't look towards Yuriko as he asks teasingly, his hands busy with opening the container to view the treat hidden within. "Others come here often, some times too often, others not enough. Were you expecting others?"

The petite girl blinks her bright eyes at Naoya with some surprise, "Why would I do that? That could be a waste of food if I don't meet up with you." she replies, blinking at him again. "Or… were you hoping that I always carried one for you with me?" Yuriko asks. She falls quiet as she listens. "Um, yeah. Not every single one I invited, but…" her soft voice trails off as she glances down at the box in her lap. "You thought that it was a picnic for the two of us?" A soft rose hue colors her cheeks.

Rather than answer with words, the young Okumo nods twice when poked about the lunch. Looking under the lid, he takes the chopsticks but then pauses to say a short prayer. Naoya then pinches one of the rice rolls and bring it up to his lips before pausing. Turning to Yuriko he says, "Well.. it's noon, no one else is about and? It wouldn't be the first time it was just the two of us, now would it? I also don't know why anyone would turn down your tasty bentos either." Rather than his usual teasing tone, his voice was soft, but when he finished talking a rice ball was popped into his mouth with a chuckle.

The rose flush deepens, fidgeting with her own pair of chopsticks before picking up a small hot dog octopus. "It's not like I arranged it like that or anything. It just happened." Yuriko quietly protests. "And they're not that good. I'm still practicing…" She softly bites at her bottom lip, unable to glance up at Noaya for some reason as the little hot dog octopus is popped into her mouth.

Glancing over to Yuriko, it was easy to see her face color and couldn't help but chuckle. Using his chopsticks to point at her cheeks, Naoya says, "That's a cute color. You looked the same when you were feeding me those while I was in the hospital." Glancing away he begins to pick at the food that was in his bento until he picks up one of the specially cut sausages up and looks at it. "I didn't tell you then but, these are nice already, I'll be waiting to taste what you call good then." Leaning forward, he extends his chopsticks which held the sausage still out to the girl, waiting for her to take a bite.

The bright hue remains in her cheeks as Yuriko scowls, a hand quickly reaching up to push aside the chopsticks from her cheek. "I'm still practicing. My mom is teaching me and she says it's just a matter of time before I get as good as her." she explains, defensively so. As he picks up a small cut of sausage, the petite girl glances at him out of the corner of her eye. When Naoya holds it out for her, Yuriko blinks at it for a moment before flushing even brighter in realization. "Um…" she hesitates, almost cherry bright as she leans forward to shyly take the bite.

A almost ear to ear grin appears on his lips when Yuriko takes the bite of sausage and turning bright red. "See? While you say it isn't as good, it's still good. I'll be waiting to see how much you improve." After withdrawing the chopsticks, Naoya would just watch the young girl for a moment contently amused before looking down to the bento and picking up another sausage and says, "I wonder if you're going to start making me train harder just for more treats like this" before popping it into his own mouth.

The young girl continues to scowl at him through her flush, her bright eyes flicking to the bento box in her lap. "I said I was practicing…" Yuriko murmurs softly. "I won't be satisfied until it's perfect. Until then… you'll just have to eat my lunches…" She lightly bites at her bottom lip again as she fiddles and plays with pieces of her food. "Kinda hard to imagine that you would train any harder than you already are right now."

Naoya continues to chew for a time but then swallows, pointing his chopsticks at Yuriko, his brow knit together as he speaks. "Eh? I'm planning on eating them after their perfect too. Don't tease me with them now and not plan to follow through." Looking back towards the bento he shifts through the contents before beginning to eat again, but at a slow pace, enjoying the meal rather than seeming that hungry. "I'm not sure if I could.. might find a way, maybe not."

Yuriko grumbles to herself as she chews, staring pointedly at the box in her lap while steadily, slowly, eating her lunch. "I guess I could keep making them for you…" she mumbles shyly, quiet for several more moments before she t urns her head subtly to glance at him out of the corner of her eye. Pink cherry blossoms falling all around her. "You think you would?… Just for my lunches?…"

The young Okumo mumbles an answer but then grumbles, pausing to swallow before nodding his head. "If you stop, I'd have another season to chase you down every other day. That sounds more difficult than just failing, listing to my brood tease me and keep on trying again." Naoya shrugs his shoulders lightly before turning to look at Yuriko, setting his chopsticks down for the moment. "Though you meals might not be the same fire as this Silence is, it's a close second." The soft tone soon turns into a teasing one as he finished he last line.

Listening, it's a moment or so before Yuriko frowns to herself, her snowy head turning to glance at him out of the corner of her eye. "So, you're saying not to make you lunches? To motivate you into training harder?" she asks, sounding confused at the logic of it. "I mean… I could stop if you wanted… But you said you liked them." Her bright eyes turn to glance at the box in her lap again, falling quiet. The teasing elicits a touch of pink in her cheeks again. "Would… feeding you come in first?"

"'ey now.. I didn't say a single thing about not making lunches" Naoya says rather quickly as he turns to look at Yuriko. When he listens to her offer though, his own face flushes slightly at the idea, "Wait.. if I train harder, you have to feed me different sweets and lunches?" Blinking a few times, he tilts to the side, trying to look at the girl's face, seeming to check if she's serious.

Her vivid aquamarine eyes blink a couple of times, flushing as she seems to hesitate, "Um, yes?" Yuriko murmurs softly. "I mean, I can. If it's motivation. A reward for your hard work…" Her hands fidget with her chopsticks while she shyly watches him. "You're… wanting sweets too? What kind of sweets…"

The simple question seems to weigh heavily onto his mind. Naoya closes his eyes and tilts his head back some, weighing his options while tilting his head to the right and to the left. "Home made pocky.. apple cinnamon dumplings.. Surprises would be nice too." The teen nods lightly before turning to Yuriko, smiling lightly and says "Deal?"

Yuriko blinks again with mild surprise, pausing once before she frowns to herself in thought. "Um, I could try. Never made them by scratch before, but… as long as you don't complain about them, fine. I'll make you lunches and sweets and… feed them to you." The shy flush rises in her cheeks again. "Are… you wanting me to feed you in front of other people or…" her words trail off.

"Hmm.. Maybe after I beat you in a spar. Though.. I'm expecting a sweet for each good blow I land on ya next time." After speaking, the teen hums lightly and looks at his hand, beginning to tap each one of his fingers slowly. Naoya nods in agreement with something before looking back towards the young girl. "If you chicken out of doing it in public, you also will have to make me dinner that week." A smirk appears on his lips again after his tongue lightly licks them, seemingly already counting his victory prize before anything had begun.

The young girl beside him watches the change in his expressions, quirking a pale brow at him for a long while at first before she pointedly frowns. "'Beat me in a spar'?" she repeats with flat disbelief. "Are you wanting to go hungry?" Yuriko smirks. "Fine. One sweet for each solid hit, regardless if you win or not. And if you do beat me, I'll feed you in public. With the dinner as a punishment if I do chicken out." She agrees, though from the tone in her voice it might be a long while off. "Maybe we should have some motivation for me too, hm?"

"Hmm.. sweet dumplings." It was easy to hear from his tone Naoya was in his own little tasty treat dream until he listens to Yuriko's last comment. "For you to keep staying ahead? Hmm.. What would you like?" Looking back down to the bento, he begins to pick at what remains, trying to finish the last bits of it's contents. "I'll pay for what it costs to make all the treats and.. do your choirs for the day?"

The way he talks about the dumplings easily elicits another small flush from Yuriko before she shakes her snowy head to herself, white tail waving back and forth from the motion. "Um, I don't know yet. I'll probably think of something eventually." she murmurs, bright eyes glancing up at him with a small quirk of a brow. "My chores?" The Kaguya repeats. "You sure you could do that? I thought you were terrified of going near my house." Yuriko smirks faintly. "I don't care if you do, but I suppose Kaydin-san would enjoy the help if only for a little while." she giggles.

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