Understanding the Drama


Hiei, Kayaru, Hiroyasu

Date: May 5, 2013


Hiei and Hiroyasu invite Kayaru for dinner and questions him about the murdered ninja replacement team, as well as the reason for the hatred between Kayaru and Ogosokamaru

"Understanding the Drama"

Ramen House (Konohagakure)

Kayaru would have recieved a message at wherever it was he was staying. It asked him to meet Hiei at the Ramen House at around dinner time. Hiei had drug Hiroyasu with him for this meeting, mostly as moral support and somewhat because Hiro really hated ramen in general. He sits on his favorite stool while spun around facing the door, his order already placed. He looks over at Hiro and offers him a reassuring nod. "He'll come. Trust me. I think his dislike is mostly for Sensei and Misaki…so..I think he'll come talk to us."

Hiroyasu whines "but did it have to be here.. I saw nice tea house on the other side of town. They might even serve sushi, you know we don't have seafood in the mountains!" he huffs. Looking at the ramen, it wasn't his fault so Hiro tried to look pleased "Udon /w fish, pickled vegetables, crispy tempura and hot tea. Thank you!" he says looking back at Hiei "Why is it so important he comes? What are you planning?" he asks.

A note from the.. genin? This last bit of information that happen with.. Him.. and now this. Well.. it's not their fault they were assigned, they've also shown respect, so it's not like they're bad.. just innocent caught in the cross fire it would seem. Coming to that final decision, Kayaru would head for the ramen shop when the time was right, showing up fairly close to on time, he'd pause within the door to look about. After spotting both Hiei and Hiroyasu there, slow steps, with the click of wood against stone, carried him closer. The note was pulled out then with a shrug. "You requested a meeting?"

When Kayaru arrives, Hiei asides to Hiro. "You'll see." It was never a good thing when Hiei had a plan. He slides off his stool and offers him a respectful bow. "Reizei-sama, thank you for meeting with me. I'm sure you remember Hiroyasu." He then motions for the man to take a seat next to the two of them. "It occurs to me that we've been away from home for a long while now. I was wondering if you would do the honor of telling us news from home, and in return be treated to a meal?" Okay, so he had an ulterior motive, but even he knew you just didn't go right into the reason why you ask someone to meet you. You at least make them feel welcome first.

Hiroyasu shrugs "Okay.." they were doomed…Hiei formulating plans.. what now, "Good evening, Reizei-sama. Please join us for a hearty meal" he says with a deep bow of his head matching Hiei's demeanor. Before sitting quietly and listening, it wasn't a terrible start… his noodles arrive and he looks at them, they were Hiei's order.. what do all kumo nin look alike to him. He huffs and moves the bowl to in-front of Hiei "Your order, Yotsuki-sama." he says.

Kayaru would study them both for a moment. Alright, guess the verbal sparring shall began. He'd step over to the stool shown with a small nod, looking to the cook to order his own relatively simple meal, seems he didn't eat that much, before turning to face Hiroyasu and Hiei. "There has not been too much major that has happen lately within Kumogakure specifically. We are still guarding the boarders as we do, while watching the Land of Water for potential hostile movement." He'd shake his head slightly. "There is still concern about the alliance between Suna and Kiri. Part of why the team was sent here. Til it had to be recovered…" Kayaru would drift off, frowning at that, before a small shake of his head was given. He'd put the payment for the food down as his own arrived. "Is there some specific news you seek?"

Hiei discreetly takes the payment that Kayaru put down and slides it back over to him. "It's taken care of, Sempai." When his bowl is delivered to Hiro by accident, he slides it a little closer. "Thanks, Hiro." As Hiei speaks, his voice is kept to a conversational tone, not being loud enough to be heard beyond the three of the. "Hai. We were informed of the team's demise earlier today. That's part of the reason why I wanted to talk to you. I understand that you and Sensei are investigating the incident. We would like to offer our assistance as well. I went out earlier to take a look at the crime scene, but I didn't find anything overly suspicious. Would you be willing to speculate on first, why someone would kill our people, and second what would they have to gain by doing so." He pauses. "I am beginning to wonder. I've heard some disturbing rumors around town. That some Kiri shinobi ran across some Kumo nin, or nin that were dressed as Kumo. Could the incidents be related?"

Hiroyasu nods listening, when his proper order arrives he looks at it underwhelmed. "Thank you for the meal!" he says with a bow of his head, before he pulls his own chopsticks out and rests them on the side of his bowl. This was Hiei's information gathering, it was time to see what he had up his sleeve. A pinch of noodles and a light slurp , repeat. He pauses to bring his tea cup to his lips. All the while his eyes were reading features and body languages of the two talking, eating gave him a unique opportunity to observe and listen. "Oh yes, that rumor is very popular in the farms and market. People love a sordid affair" before a sip of his tea.

Kayaru shook his head slightly. "Not even close. While I have heard about that, it was some rogue nin trying to cause trouble.. Not part of this attack.. This was.. personal, aimed at.. Him." Kayaru would briefly glare at his food, before eating some. They probably knew who that was just by his demeanor. "The note said as much. Although I'm guessing he didn't let you have more information than just it happen.." Shaking his head slightly, he'd stir his ramen.

Hiei also begins eating his meal. In between bites, he nods. "Sensei is a man of few words, even on his best day. I know that you and he don't get along, but I was hoping that maybe you'd be more forthcoming than he was. You say the attack happened because of him. Is he being targeted? And if so, by whom? You said to me when we met for the second time that he had something to do with your father's disappearance. We know nothing of Sensei's history. Would you enlighten us?"

Hiroyasu hrms "Proper information is critical to a missions success" he mutters before cutting his eyes to the blank stool to his side where his proxy sensei is going to feel the burning rage of his glare. His eyes swirl around quickly and he whips Hiei on the back of the head lightly "Don't pry into people personal business. That is beyond the scope.. Forgive him, please. He lacks in the social graces Sempai!" he bows his head very deeply, he cuts his eyes at Hiei "you don't discuss such things, it is offered in confidence not forced in passing conversation" he mutters at him with a growl before looking happy face hiro back at Kayaru "Please continue, with your breakdown of the facts pertaining to the mission." he cuts Hiei a dirty glance before sipping his tea in protest.

Kayaru would stiffen up. A slow breath taken, he'd let it out. "It's relevant to the mission. I think. That's part of the problem." Glancing at the two, Kayaru would hesitate a moment, before finally talking. "There has been… accusations within the Reizei clan that certain people killed the previous clan leader.. That man passed and.. Him.. was born, looking almost exactly the same." A bitter twist of his lips as he'd look at the bowl before him. "The people accused are His older brother.. and my father. And now.. my father has vanished. For 2 years." Shaking his head slightly, he'd stab at his noodles with the chop sticks. "The note.. was my father's writing…"

Hiei ducks. "Ow, ow, ow. Cut it out, Hiro, I get it." Taking his hand he rubs the back of his head where Hiroyasu hit him. "I didn't mean to pry. I promise, Reizei-sama!" However, Kayaru's story has Hiei enraptured. He listens closely and silently berates himself for not having brought a notebook. He'd have liked to have taken notes. "I..see. I think. There's a lot of familial strife going on here between the Reizeis. But the fact is, it's affecting /our/ mission. So, we'd still like to help bring an end to it all, no matter the outcome." He glances over at Hiro, hopefully he's listening and therefore can explain it to him better later. He eats more ramen while he thinks on what Kayaru has told them so far. "Your father and sensei's older brother left when they were accused of the crime. And now Sensei gets a letter telling him that the team from Kumo died." It was slow coming to Hiei, but he was getting there. "And you're angry because your father, or sensei's older brother, may have killed the team from Kumo for revenge?"

Hiroyasu nods, trying to piece together the strands of facts from the now disturbed Kayaru.. way to go Hiei.. His eyes shoot daggers at Hiei as his thoughts are wholly negative before looking back at Kayaru "The evidence was it was ever delved into, or was it more heresy and people started to thirst for blood to quench. They could be innocent of their crime but that doesn't excuse them if this new hostile action was their doing. Family strife is the common every generation for most clans and it's tolerated because it fosters strength. But they attacked Kumo Shinobi, what was the clan dispersal on the slain team?" he asks taking over for Hiei in the questioning.

Kayaru shakes his head slightly. "Haven't gotten further information from them yet. It wasn't a Reizei team.. just a group of kumo genin, three, with one jounin. All dead. The four were slain in the same area, from the blood splatters.. so whoever did it was fast and good." Kayaru snapped one of the chop sticks, blinking as the wood gave way, he'd set aside the broken pieces with a frown. "Sorry. The evidence was real. It was… painful going through two years of accusations that I helped.. somehow, when I was 6, I was supposedly part of this whole.. thing." Kayaru shakes his head with another frown, looking at Hiei and Hiroyasu. "I'm guessing from the note, it was my father. He blames.. Him.. for the situation in the clan. I.. I don't really understand all of it. I just know that when.. Him.. came back to the clan.. my life got a whole lot rougher."

Hiei nods. And therefore the resentment. It all made sense now. And Misaki was making it worse with her unwarranted outbursts. He'd have to talk to her later about that. Since Hiro took over the questioning, Hiei takes the time to finish his food, eating it at a rapid pace just like Ogo would. There were some habits that were hard not to pick up from your teacher. That, and he was more hungry these days than before. Must be another growth spurt. "For what it's worth, Sempai, I sympathize with your situation." And he thought he had it bad in his house hold? That was nothing compared to this kind of clan drama.

Hiroyasu nods "Please forgive our delving into it. We could detect the difference in tone, but the details eluded us." he looks at Hiei "Do you think that explains his behavior lately. Lets make an effort to not cause /him/ trouble. Handle Misaki's explanation gently." before looking back at Kayaru "If we can assist you and by large the village. We Will do so, we must all suffer the lost of our fellow comrades." before putting away his personal chopstick. Not hungry anymore.

Kayaru shakes his head slightly. "Not my place. Not my genin.. no offense.. But it's up to.. Him.. on what happens with you and it. I know I'm stuck here until we get this sorted out." Kayaru frowns at that, shaking his head slowly. "They shouldn't of died. I'm not sure why this is happening here and now.. It's far from a perfect scenario, any way you look at it. Such meaningless waste of life." He'd glance over at the other two then. "But, we have to bring whoever did it to justice in Kumogakure."

Hiei's expression turns hard as he nods in agreement with Kayaru. "Indeed. It's our duty. Those Genin were classmates.." He looks over at Hiroyasu and nods an affirmative to both of his comments. "It..could be. I've..never known him to be like that. And as far as Misaki goes…" He shrugs slightly. He gives Kayaru his attention again. "Now is the time for us to come together, Sempai. Let grudges begone…if only for a short while, until we find whoever is responsible for this." He stares at the countertop, not ordering his second bowl as he usually would. "We're invested in this now. When Sensei returns…we'll figure something out."

Hiroyasu nods "The offer was in whatever capacity we can accommodate.. which I understand is barely anything at all. We have our standing orders so we will continue to execute them." he pushes the glasses up on his nose, he would need to chronicle this when he gets home, he is going to need some string for his web. "Well your details have helped us, we now know that without question we could be targeted and the relative capacity of our attackers. A bit of knowledge we did not possess earlier." he ponders for moment "We need to tailor some formations and plans to suit both our attacker strengths and weaknesses. In earnest, Sensei has been preparing us to handle people of his cailber so we are already more prepared then the poor team." he is already formulating things his usual levity is not present.

Kayaru would stand slowly. "The best thing to do is probably stay within the village walls. Away from any forested area. The simple truth of the matter is if they can strike at you, they will. Afterall, you're a direct link to.. Him.. and you dying would be seen as the failure in him.." Shaking his head slowly, he'd take most of his money back, leaving some with a nod to the cook. "For the chopstick. The food is well made, I no longer have an appatite now." Kayaru would look to the genin then with a frown. "… Stay safe. There should not be any more needless death over this." With that, he'd turn to head out.

Hiei calls out to Kayaru when he leaves. "You be safe, too, Kayaru-sama." It was the first time he'd used his name. He turns to Hiro. "No more training in the forest for us. I wonder if they'd mind if we used the ninja academy?" It wasn't a heart-felt question and as he slides off his stool he begins to walk towards the door. "I guess I should get some sleep. Telling Misaki about this tomorrow is probably going to give me a headache."

Hiroyasu nods at Hiei before turning to the chef "Thank you for the meal, it was good.".. he lied.. before turning to catch up with Hiei "I'm sure they would allow us to use their training facility. We may have to observe hours when they aren't doing training or instruction. We might be disruptive to their students and other genin. Foreign shinobi and all" patting Hiei on the shoulder "Good thinking, Yotsuki-sama" he draws out the last part in jest. "I'll help you with Nee-san, she may not on board with this plan" he grimaces walking out with his teammate.

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