Unexpected Complications Lead to Unexpected Advantages


Naoya, Oda, Taree

Date: December 17, 2014


While separated from their guide to the bandit camp, Oda, Taree, and Naoya take cover in a hunting shack for cover. They do not know they are already spotted by something else.

"Unexpected Complications Lead to Unexpected Advantages"

Land of Tea

It was on the way to the bandit camp that Hanpa was leading them to that this unfortunate situation went south. A sudden storm, a quick choice to duck into a broken down shack left aside for hunters, not really the best of circumstances. Oda had lost track of Hanpa as well, even with his talent he could not feel where the stranger had gotten off to.

Oda now had his back pressed to one of the walls of the hut, keeping away from one of the leaky cracks with a slightly annoyed look on his face. As he looked upward at the ceiling, he makes a slight grunt with his throat.

"Taree, Naoya, you two drying well?"

The storm really perplexed Taree, not for the reasons people would think. The rain made her laugh. Even in the worse down pour, she was only wet if she wanted to be. The lossing of Hanpa was definitely a horse of a different color. With out knowing wher the bandit were truly hiding the team could be going in circles for days trying to find them. The finding of the abandon hunters shack was a godsend for the party, giving them time to regroup. Looking up into all the leaking ceiling and Taree would shake her head. Giving out a low whistle Taree would extender her hands, letting her brood crawl forth. Quickly scurying across the ceiling the would patch most of the holes with little webbing. Stopping most of the leaks complete. "Water spider silk is water proof.", stating a small fact as she continued to use water tricks to dry off. The water shimmering into mist on her floating away, then completely dissapearing. Turning toward Oda she would offer to dry him out the same way.

After following Oda into the storm, the boy was soaked though he hardly seemed to really notice, or if he did, didn't mind the feeling. Rather than enter inside the shack immediately Naoya began to patrol around the area, every so often letting down a clutch of spiders against the more full trees to act as sentries and leaving a few others to continue through the trees ahead of where they were planning to travel. 'This is going to be bothersome.. Watch the shack, if the prey is near this might be them playing hunter.. Don't get distracted again.

Returning to the shack, the boy at first only slips his head inside, glancing at the pair, his shaggy white hair dripping with the rain. "I can't get a sense of anyone around. Have you two been working on what to do next?" After walking fully into the building, Naoya makes a few seals before slapping his chest. In response the water soaking the boy's clothes are forced out backwards and out of his clothing, save for what his soaked head continued to drip. "We could move with the rain, would hide our movement, the water will make things easier too."

Oda would actually shake his head no, but not in a rude way. He would wave his hand a bit, as if the coolness was welcome…It was, because keeping up with shinobi was exhausting. Even now after two years of it, it wears him out. He would lean his head back against the wall with a simple thought, what a way to spend a birthday. He would clear his throat once to shake his mind free of that childish thought. He would lift his head some, looking over at Naoya after his statement. He then admits something a bit…odd.

"It's extremely uncomfortable moving with wet armor over your skin. That and odds are Hanpa will not be too far and may return. Trust me on that, he seems to be the type that comes and goes."

Oda would click a latch on his leg, taking off a piece of the armor and putting it down beside him.

"I can't sense anything, and he never told us where we are going. We're stuck waiting to see if he returns. If he doesn't, we return to the village for recon support."

"We wait," he says.

Stretching as the wetness in the shack was starting to recede a little, letting a hint of warmth starting to return to the team. Turning her senses outside of the little cabin, Taree would read the moisture outside. Only to shake her head after a long moment. "Nothing out there at all, except trees and rain. And well evern more rain." Pausing a moment turning like she checking on something she would shake her head again. "No chance of a flash flood hitting us, I check. Do you really think we can trust him Oda. He could be working with the bandits, leading them back to ambush us." Shrugging Taree would take a seat and get comfortable. Turning to her cousin she would ask. "What do you think of Hanpa, Noaya"

Offering a light shrug, Naoya glances towards his cousin somewhat lazily. "He acts like he knows more than we do, without knowing or seeking what we know. He sees us playing parts of his game. If he brings others, we won't be prey, but the prey will be coming to us.. Especially with this gift of rain." Pointing upwards, a smirk begins to appear on his lips as he says, "I'm not as good as you are, but with the mist we'll be able to hide within it. I can lay out webbing low to help find out just where they are. not the best, but could work well." Turning around, Naoya runs a hand through his hair while leaning to the side, ringing it out slowly though his eyes soon begin to dim to a dull amber.

Oda would turn his head to the side some, putting his ear to the wall for some reason. He would take a couple of breaths as he listens to them talk. He closes his eyes a second, looking like he is resting. These Okumo were very observant, that's why he always enjoyed having them along. Their abilities accented his own, he knew if he didn't feel something they would and vice versa. He would take off his other armor on his leg, placing it down before the sound of a scratch through the wall would make his eyes re-open.


That's when the first hard bang would be heard directly behind where Naoya was standing, on the other side of the wall outside.

Taree eyes would flash with a hint of blue chakra as the first bang against the outside wall would be heard. Looking toward her teammates, everyone would come to the same conclusion at the same time. "Hmm. wolves. Lots of them. Now we have a problem. Easily disposed off. But will the noise tell the bandits wolves hace something tasty trapped here. And doubt the cabin will hold up if they seriously want to get inside." Reaching upward Taree would pull at some of the web on the ceiling making a steady of trickle of water start to stream back into the cabin. Stopping its fall with a thrust of her hand she would start to gather the water in ball before her. "What do you think is the best course of action Oda?". As the ball of water got big enough. Taree would send it toward one of the weakest looking windows and block it. Starting to form another ball.

Whistling softly, Naoya glances back towards the others, his eyes never quite recovering even as he talks. "Over a dozen, they don't seem scrawny either. Lots of meat on them.. not sure if they are that good of a pack or if they are being fed as attack beasts." When taree began to disappear into the mists, a chuckle escapes him before moving over towards one of the side windows as his fingers began to weave several signs. A less dense mist swirls around the boy's shape, cloaking it as he prepares to slip out with it as cover. "We have a bit of a meal while he way for Hanpa, what else is there to do?"

Oda would sit up off of the wall, taking a few steps back from it. Brittle. He would frown some before looking back at the two.

"Piles of bodies look more out of place than wolves cornering a villager in shack. We could though…let them in. Naoya, Taree, what's the best webbing you can do?"

Oda was talking almost crazy, but frankly he had an idea. Sure, they could keep them outside, but the odd thought of letting them come into a well laid trap is another thing.

The wall behind Oda would suddenly be smashed, and actually crack a bit!

Taree would step toward the center of the cabin. Pulling a bit more webbing off the ceiling, here and there. Water would start dripping in through most of cracks she stopped up earlier. Gathering more and more water, floating between her hands, Taree would smile. "Webbing won't hold enough of them at bay. But my water will. Just step into the center next to me and I can protect everybody as you pick off the wolves." Forming a doom of water around center of the room out of the swirling bits of water. Layer after layer of water starting to form a solid nearly impenetrable mass. "Everybody in this will be fun. I can open the water up carefully for your attacks, just I will be busy with the water"

Rolling his shoulders faintly, Naoya snaps his neck to one side before his shoulders sag. 'Ah.. much better..' A light smirk was on the boy's lips while his silk wraps around himself. "Oda-san, there won't be any bodies outside, don't worry about that part too much. Help keep them distracted with Taree-san. I don't do well at ranged just yet, but I'm got at hide and seek." Lowering down into the mists, the boy takes a sprinting pose, preparing to charge at the literal wall that began to crack behind Oda. "It's just a odd dozen of wolves, should relax."

Oda raises his eyebrow at Taree's odd technique. Ninja always have their flair. As he would look down at what he has around him, he would actually pick up one of the pieces of leg armor he removed. He didn't want to draw his sword on a wolf. As he would look over towards Naoya preparing too, he would purse his lips. As the wood behind him would splinter three times times from repeated impacts, he would look back at it in a thought. They just were hungry animals, but this was getting old. He would look back up to the two of them.

"I open the door, you two take care of the rest. Just don't make a mess."

Well, he was going to break the wall, not open the door, as he raises the armor up with the intent to smash the wall itself. He's waiting for something though.

Taree would slowly start to expand the swirling water vortex. The many different layers forming rather solid defense. Letting the sphere start to take up more of the room. She would let a opening form for Naoya and Oda to step out and back in to do there thing. Ready to slide the layers back closed if needed. "That is a innate problem with Okumo. Things always get messy. Why do you think we wrap everything in silk. So the bodies don't stink up the places." Chuckling, Taree would raise her hands and gently reach up and touches the layers of water. Her brood climbing out of her hair, happily traveling down her arms into the water. Swimming spiders was a oddity for most. A wolf sure would not know what to make of it. "And when I get board will just let the water drop. Hungry spiders everywhere wanting meals."

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"I'll make sure the brood knows to spare for once, even if they are fusses at the idea even now." Rather than fear or worry, only amusement could be read from Naoya's expression. The boy continues to mumble to himself, while in response outside the spiders outside began to busy themselves, weaving simple but reinforced webs though the trees, possibly the size to capture a full grown man rather than just a mouse or a moth.

"Oda-san, you don't do well in the water and you were already tired. If you see me disappear for a bit, don't fret over it and just wait. There's a few tricks I've been meaning to test. Nothing too dangerous, Yu-chan and Hay-chan aren't about to stop it like last time." The boy's eyes close, his focus begins to shift to his breathing, the thickness of the webbing around his body tense, almost becoming a binding rather than clothing.

Oda would narrow his eyes some, these two are on a different level even if he is above them in ranking. He would actually step into the hole itself after a second, and then almost like throwing a disc he would lob a piece of his armor right at the wall. He clearly has done this before, and it's not unheard of for a Kuroyari to use their armor as a weapon all the same.

He times it just right, as the moment the wall splits open is when his piece of flung armor flies right through it to slam into the skull of the first large wolf. It falls immediately…but then ten quickly pour in through the hole it made. Oda actually backs further into the protective area created by Taree.

He was letting them handle it, because at this point he has no room to draw his sword.

The wolves immediately piledrive forward like the savages they are, almost tripping over themselves as the hole is pushed wider and wider. A few remain outside of the bottleneck of the hole, but more and more pile through before soon only three remain outside of the shack.

Taree was actually enjoying the wolves bounding again and again into her wall of solid water. Like battering rams smashing the gate of the fortress. The problem was this gate was made of iron, and the ram was of flesh. A few of the wolves started to hurt themselves smashing into the water, before the rest of the pack quickly wising up. Circling the sphere Taree would sigh as it was just starting to get boring. The wolves were not wasting there energies any more. And they really need to just die. Giving everybody around them that she was going to drop water. giving Oda a chance to get ready to draw his sword.

With a lough pop and sudden gush of water the large bubble of water would flood the room. Drenching the wolves pushing them back momentarily. All the spiders in the water knew it was thier time. The time to feed. Biting At anything that was not directly marked as friend in their little minds, the poor wolves would withstand dozens of little bites. Nothing to harmful or poisonious as a okumo spider would expect. The real fun would begin as Taree would reach out with her mists as the water collapse. A different mist entirely, than anything anybody has seen before. Glowing a ever soft blue glow of chakra it would snake across the room. Suddenly rushing forward it would strike at some wolves. Howling screams being heard as mist started to eat flesh. Small blisters quickly forming, and turning into oozing sores. The closest wolf taking the worst of it as the mist strikes making one of its eyes explode like puss form a wound. Ready to defend herself Taree would let the mist sweep through the area. Letting it latch on and kill off things slowly.

Watching Oda prepare himself and then use his armor as a weapon rather than just a defense causes the boy to tilt his head tot he side, leaving him a bit surprised when it worked. At the sight of the wolves rushing in Naoya moves quickly. Rather than pulling back to try and guard Oda as he retreated back into Taree's domain, Naoya sprints forward with an open palm to thrust forward attempting to strike the upper wolves in the eyes rapidly.

Glancing to the side when Taree began to make her move, the boy would push off and invert himself, trying to stay out of her way, still unsure of her capabilities or her spiders which worried him further. With the initial opening vacant of a few bodies Naoya hoops and slips out of the cabin and closer to the center of the remaining wolves. At the howls gargled and muddled inside, he shakes his head, 'They're already eating.. Ya, lets go.'

Using his agility and bursts of speed, Naoya began to lure as many of the wolves from the cabin and to the woods, occasionally using bursts of speed to hurry to stragglers and strike them before skittering off. Once surrounded by the trees he would hold his ground. The advancing wolves were dodged but also caught and tossed away, each one into another thick collection of webbing that would break from the trees when something was snared within, causing the web to collapse on top of them, tightening and knotting the more the wolves struggled. 'Dinner's here..'

Oda would actually look away as it began, closing his eyes some. He frowns a bit, what a brutal display. Sure enough though, the two Okumo do their deadly work easily. The entire pack is completely wiped out in less than thirty seconds from the assault. Oda would step out of the sphere after a while, walking over towards one of the felled wolves. He would just take out one of his smaller knives and run his finger over it some in thought.

"I have an idea…"

With that…he would start skinning, one after another.

The process would continue until Hanpa would arrive, Oda would take an old tale into the real world.

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