Unexpected enemies pt1


Berii, Daisuke, Eremi, Yukio

Date: November 19, 2012


Another scouting trip out to the land of rivers where bandits have taken over a village. This time the mission is to find an individual, but half way through they encounter an S rank bingobook criminal

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Unexpected enemies pt1"

In the Land of Rivers

Mission two established and once again for some strange reason, Berii is leading it. Despite there now being /two/ Chuunin. Weird but, doesn't matter they were here now! Where exactly? The Land of Rivers, once again sort of without permission from the Land of Rivers, this mission was underwraps but, not so much to the point of being ANBU status, they were taking care of something else! So under the cover of heavy rain and the little light of dawn, they watched over another bandit 'camp'. Though not so campy, instead it was a village taken over.

"Hnn, as you know." Berii speaks to the group, perched in a tree. "We'we hewe to captuwe Kozamawu…" Kozamaru if anyone was paying attention to the briefing. "Awive. But…" Berii pulls a few wet strands from her face, lighting striking soon after, causing her to wince and the quick flash of light shows a few people looming around. "That may be an issue." They were lacking headbands but with Berii's Sharingan up she can see their chakra was above norm.

"Hnn, they couwdn't get much out of that wast guys head but, they picked up a few images of Kozamawu making announcements o' something awong those wines. He's appawentwy in that viwwage somewewe, we can't ask awound they'we pwobabwy agwessive." Berii squints ahead. "Now, the next pawt depends on how confident you guys awe? I'm considewing waiting awound while you awl make a distwaction and twy to fwush him out, hnn. Then I catch him othewise… I'm gonna have to ask one of you two to come up with something, I… don't have as much expewience with missions." Berii looks to Yukio and Daisuke.

Maybe they had some sort of plan?

Seemed like only last week they were here in the Land of Rivers, and now they have another team mate tagging along. Daisuke peers from the trees towards the village. listening to the recap of the mission. "I can do distractions well enough." he says as he looks over to Yukio. "No offense meant, just that sometimes things tend to blow up around me and if I have to focus that much more to protect someone within my range it decreases my destruction." He thinks for a moment before suggesting, "The village is big enough that I could draw, Yukio could pick off people that are confused and not quite made it to me, and you two could use Berii's magical eyes and find him." He wasn't sure about Yukio's powers and strengths, but he was sure being a Chuunin he had enough of them. He turns to Berii before asking, "What's the order?"

Chewing on a bit of jerky from under the protection of a hooded, black cloak brought in to absorb some of the rain, Eremi peers through the darkness and downpour that is the Land of Rivers. He wasn't surprised Berii was once again leading the mission, even though just a genin. With exams coming up, this was a perfect way to show she was ready for more responsibility, for a higher rank. Besides, she ran the last one, so this only makes sense.
From what the briefing entailed, this was a village, without any villagers. So going all out and letting loose for the group wouldn't be a problem, so long as they brought in the man they were here to find, alive. Which shouldn't be too much of a problem. They were told what the man looks like, just don't kill that one. Seems easy enough.
The flash of lightning would go off and Eremi would catch sight of a few of the individuals lurking about. "Too much of a distraction and it's possible this Kozamaru just up and runs away. Perhaps a bit of craftiness is in order?" Looking about the group to make sure they understood where he was getting at. "Might be easy enough to just knock out a few of the stray bandits out here and henge to look like them so we can enter the village with the least amount of resistance. Ask slyly where Kozamaru is and bam. Then again, that's just another idea to consider."

Yukio sighed, his eyes locked on the village behind those blackened spectacles of his. "Allright… it sounds like we've got a few options, but no plan. Daisuke-san… it sounds like you are Ninjutsu Artilery-ing the place to the ground, right? My techniques work best on small groups, and even better on single target. Personally… I feel like the kick the door down approach will be the easiest, and the quickest to do what we need to do. Keep them disoriented, and off balance, and in the confusion, we walk out with the guy. But that won't matter if we can't grab him. So heres what we do. Daisuke-san. 10 minutes, start bombing. Berii-kun, get to an advantageous spot, and keep your eyes peeled. If you spot him, signal the rest of us. I don't care how, just do it. Eremi-san, you and I will go down, knock out a few guards, and Henge to take their place. While we have that position, we search, and narrow the search parameters for where the guy is at. Berii, keep an eye out for us, and try to narrow your search pattern accordingly, but I doubt that will be much of an issue with your eyes." he says quirking a brow at her for a moment. "Questions? Comments? Concerns? Reccomendations?"

Berii glances over to Eremi and nods, "The idea was to get him to stawt wunning, I'd sit and wait." Yes Berii gets the easy part. "Though you'we idea is bettew, since I was wowwied that he'd actuwy have guawds with him." Berii squints and presses her hand against the scarf, summong an unsheathed wakizashi. "Hnn, Henge if a vewy wow wevel technique though. If we don't do pewfect imitations they may just put us in a twap we'd need to study the individuaws and I'm not suwe if…" Berii stops, wondering if it's a good idea to deny a certain strategy for the sake of not sitting out in the rain too long.

"Mmm…" Berii looks up at the rain and sighs, yeah she didn't want to study people. "So uh, wets go with Yukio's… thing." So technical! "With that we won't have to wowwy as much with you guys getting caught, if anything I can pwovide suppowt with getting you out. This mission isn't a necessity but, it'd be kinda hewpfuw." By kinda she meant supersaurus-rex helpful "But, Daisuke. If they wun into twoubwe attack outside of the viwwage to stawt a divewsion so they don't end up swautewed." She then seals the wakizashi back, apparently not going to have anybody at the moment, no need to get it anymore wet!
"I'w scout out some easy tawgets." And with that, she's drops on all fours and vanishes like that, apparently getting pretty good at this dog walking nonsense as she slips into the village and onto a rooftop. Not the safest of vantage points but, she looked rather confident." From her position she signals to three guards for Eremi and Yukio to take out. Three instead of two but, they were the weakest in the bunch and probably paired up for that purpose, two shrimpy and one husky guy. Lucky for them once they take out two a hard metal ball would come soaring in at the last ones head to daze him… maybe, it'd at least go after him!

Daisuke sighs, looking over the village in the rain. Sure the plan was good and technical but he didn't get to do anything for 10 minutes. He sighs again, hanging from the tree branch by his legs as he watches everyone move into action while upside down. "Well, guess you always save the best for last, anyway." he says to himself. He continues to watch the area he will be appearing in to get an accurate count of who might show up.

The plan was great, yes, but Eremi sure wouldn't have minded being the guy that stayed back for 10 minutes while everyone else rushed in. Less chance of him being the one to make a mistake in the beginning that way, when staying unnoticed from the start was on the table. Still, everyone knew what they had to do and with Berii explaining it once more before disappearing, there was definitely no changing positions now.
Eremi watched Berii sprint off the best he could before finally catching sight of her on top of one of the rooftops, pointing down to a group of individuals. "I guess…" Turning to look at Yukio, "I don't see any harm with trying to attack each one, that way our combined attacks are sure to take the three of them out." Glancing ahead once again as he judged the distance and how hard he would have to sprint to get there in a certain amount of time. "I'm ready when you are.."
With that Eremi would take off, hopping from branch to branch at his fastest speed, uninhibited by any leg weights, having left them back at home. Once he reached the last tree in the forest edge line, he'd leap into the sky using the darkness of the rain as cover before landing on another rooftop then finally landing between the three that was pointed out. Before they could react, a quick spinning jump, followed by a series of kicks would be directed at each one, intending to knock the three unconscious, if at all possible.

When Eremi takes off, Yukio blinks, dashing behind, barely able to keep up. He wasn't the fastest shinobi on the block. But darn if he didn't stay out of sight. He dashed as close as he could behind him, making a few quick handsigns and firing a presser blast at the largest of te three. The first attempt si resisted, but another burst of chakra and the mans fortitude is overwhelmed, sending him dropping to his knees. Yukio lands just a moment after Eremi, glancing up at the other guy. "Try to slow down a bit, allright? I'm not exactly mr. speedy." he says, taking a step over, and rolling the heaftier guard onto his back, getting a better look at him.

Well they were pretty good, apparently they didn't need her help but, one of the guards twitch and Berii throws the metal ball at his head just in case to completely put him down. From what they did from that point on was relatively up to them, though Berii does decide to help out a bit. She starts to creep around the village, with the aid of those crazy eyes and being trained a scout, she seems to do this relatively easy as she snoops around the rooftops in search of the man without making them have to poke around too much or, well level the place although the second option wasn't all too bad.
Though her eyes catch something, a specific man whose chakra while relaxed was unsettling now that she was in deeper. 'What?' She'd remember him, from a bingobook, and her heart skips a beat… maybe two. With a quick handseal she sends a clone back to Daisuke, who just sneaks back the way Berii initially came. "Hnn, it seems that leveling the place may be harder than we thought." Thank goodness Berii was smart enough to alter the clone to avoid sounding goofy. "I'm almost positive one of the men down there is an S-rank criminal Yotsuki Tsuyoshi, I… don't know what he's doing down there but, it can't be good. I'm not saying change of plan just… be ready, if anything he's going to go after the guy leveling the place first." Berii's clone then waits around to listen to what Daisuke has to say.

As for our two hengers, whenever they get to that part. They would round a corner only to be approached by a man with Tanigakure headband, umbrella over is head as he casually whistles until bumping into them. "Yo! Where's that bum, Naka? I thought he was following you two around."

Daisuke was swinging in the tree looking bored when Berii appears in front of him. He listens to what she has to say, debating if he could take on an S ranked criminal. He hadn't had any experience with criminals like that yet so it caused him to pause. He finally figures he was the diversion so it was his job. He would have backup eventually and he was good at holding off. "Guess it's time to let the beast loose, huh." he says in response to Berii. "Just make sure you show up once you are done containing this guy."

Wasting no time, Eremi quickly grabbed one of the downed men by the shirt collar and dragged them into a nearby darkened corner of the village. He didn't bother explaining this to Yukio, who he assumed would either start doing the same or at least be watch out for the time being. Once the three bandits were safely hidden, Eremi randomly chose between the two smallest of the men and then transformed into them through the use of Henge no Jutsu.
Once checking to see if Yukio was ready, Eremi would glance up to Berii and follow her from the street level while she continued on the rooftops. He didn't bother running this time though. As that would make them look suspicious. Instead he stuck to a fast walk. This of course causing Berii to get out of sight for a bit, but when he turned a corner he caught sight of her again as well as another individual approaching them.
Instantly noticing a headband, signifying the individual as a shinobi, Eremi was on guard. Ready just in case the disguises didn't work. He hoped to be able to just walk by this man, but with the question asked he knew that wasn't going to happen and with not getting a chance to listen to any of the three bandits voices they knocked out earlier, this may be where the mission ends.
Clearing his throat and doing his best attempt at sounding manly, "He's taking a surprise." A glance was given toward Yukio before looking at the Tanigakure man once more then attempting to walk by.

"Taking a surprise? Man that dude has some serious issues, he should see a doctor." The ninja shrugs his shoulders and sighs. "Well whatever, I'll go grab him after. Kozamaru wants to see you guys. I don't know why he likes you guys so much, can't do jack but, I guess you're hilarious, eh?" He laughs and pats Eremi on the shoulder, "Probably sympathizes with you normal guys but, he's got brains at least. Hahah!" What a nice guy, he then starts to lead the two into small home, opening the door and stepping in, expecting the two to follow…

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