Unexpected Team-mate


Keisuke, Mushi, Yuuka

Date: December 16, 2011


Yuuka visits the Kiri Medical Center after feeling ill for several days,

"Unexpected Team-mate"

Kirigakure Medical Center [Kirigakure]


The Medical center in this shinobi village is smaller than most, and seems to subscribe to the 'Come here, get your stuff, and get the eff out' method of thinking. It is made up of a few store-rooms full of bandages and the like, numbing salves and antiseptics and the like, about a half-dozen treatment rooms, the waiting area, and a manned pharmacy… And that's it. The pharmacy section is, arguably, the largest of all of the rooms; The medicines are mixed in-building, primarily drawing from the convenient placement of the gardens just up the road.


Yuuka exhales a long breath as she closes her aquamarine eyes, sinking a bit deeper into her chair inside the waiting area of the Medical Center. It had been some time since the last she was here, with so many wounds, so many injuries that she was in a coma for several days. Now the Kaguya bloodline within her heals most anything, regenerative against broken bones and the flu alike. She softly shakes her snow white head to herself as she lifts a hand to her temple, rubbing at it lightly as she suppresses the wave of illness that threatens to overwhelm her. The kunoichi was silently thankful she hadn't been called out on a mission, as sick as she felt.

Mushi had come around to sell some medical supplies, some generic, and others seemingly unrelated to healing at all. What she didn't expect was increased spars due to the Chuunin Exams coming up, and even the Jounin Exams. So she was here again to pitch in, all with the assurance that she was convenient, but not essential to the medical center. But she'd been working hard, and nodded off for a few minutes right in the main entrance. It's almost the glare of another medic that prods her into wakefulness, and she finds herself sitting near Yuuka. Mushi rubs her drooping eyes and wipes the corner of her mouth. She peers at the woman for a long moment before she says, "You need attention. I'm a medic here, and if you could follow me to the nearest room, I could diagnose and cure you." Her tone is reasonable and pleasant, as she'd wait to see if Yuuka went along with it and followed Mushi, who was now trying to ruffle her hair back into some order, and suppressing a yawn.

Walking up as Mushi speaks to Yuuka, Keisuke blinks and glances between them. He holds a glass of ice water in his hand, having just gone to get it apparently. "Do you want this now, or do you want me to hold it for you until we get to a room?" he asks as he looks down to Yuuka, offering a hand to help her up and support her as she walks.

Yuuka lifts her bright eyes up at Mushi, only to frown with some uncertainty to see the state the woman was in. While she might be sick, she wondered if this Mednin would even be able to diagnose a cold being as tired as she was. The Kaguya hesitates for a faction of a moment before she rises out her seat, her kimono smoothing just as Keisuke appears with the glass of water. Yuuka gives him a small, appreciative smile before murmuring, "I probably should wait until after I am checked over." She has to keep herself from reflexively wiping at the small amount of sweat that has gathered on her brow, suppressing the unsettling churn of her stomach as she follows Mushi down the busy hallway.

Again Mushi gives Yuuka's face that searching glance. She'd turn to Keisuke, frowning thoughtfully in faint recognition. "Keisuke-kun, hello," she says. She beckons in their general direction, for Yuuka or both to follow. She turns into one of the cheerless medical rooms with small pallets, a sink, and a mess of supplies. Very few people ever occupy the beds, since the hospital — and sometimes the patients — deem themselves in too mild a state to merit bed rest in the hospital. Mushi says, "Sit on the edge of the bed, and hold your arm out please." She drags a chair close to the bed, the metal legs moving over the floor with a screech, before she'd touch Yuuka's arm and send a pulse of cool chakra through her body that bounces back with a reading of vital signs and illnesses.

"Very well," Keisuke says with a nod before following them down the hallway into the room. He closes the door behind them and moves to lean against the wall. For now, he remains silent, setting her water on a nearby table. His eyes narrow just slightly as Mushi begins her examination. The Swordsman can't help but wonder what could keep a Kaguya that can regenerate sick this way.

Following Mushi into one of the stark white, clean medical rooms, Yuuka breathes out a long breath as she lowers herself onto the edge of the bed, as instructed. Apart with feeling sick, she also felt drained of energy, and it showed in her features as she absently lifts her arm out for Mushi to inspect, the sleeve of her kimono hanging several inches. Another wave of nausea washes over Yuuka as her aquamarine eyes close.

Mushi rarely needs to diagnose a patient more than once, but from the widening of her eyes she found something that's certainly not run-of-the-mill. She uses two more of the same technique, just to make sure, before she gives a slight smile. "Good news is that the illness isn't threatening in any way," she says, "well, no more than usual. Your symptoms might include headaches, tiredness especially during the morning, back aches, fatigue, and nausea, right?" She keeps her hand on Yuuka's arm, and she'd feel a sensation like warm water slowly spreading through her body, melting away her nausea and illness. "But I didn't know," she says, smiling warmly. "Is the process of your bones wrapping around your womb during pregnancy something in all Kaguya, or just a unique trait in yours?"

Simply watching as Mushi performs her diagnostic a few times, Keisuke lifts an eyebrow faintly. When she mentions that it's not threatening, he blinks. However, the words 'womb' and 'pregnancy' suddenly make everything much clearer. The Swordsman's eyes focus on Yuuka, waiting for her reaction as a faint smile tugs at his lips. Well, with their.

Opening her eyes, Yuuka lifts her aquamarine gaze up at Mushi to watch the woman work for a moment longer before she smiles to her patient. She frowns slightly as she listens, having never originally thought that her illness was life threatening, it mostly just concerned her. It was just highly unusual, wasn't it? When Mushi begins to list her symptoms, Yuuka frowns softly but nods a few times in answer, "Just recently," she murmurs softly, glancing to her extended arm while the Mednin continues to pour healing green chakra into the limb. The Kaguya kunoichi breathes out softly when the the nausea begins to disappear. However, the next observation causes Yuuka to blink her bright eyes, her lips parting with stunned surprise for several silent moments. "I am… we are…" the flush becomes noticeable in her cheeks. "Um, it is… possible that because of my mutated bloodline that my bones wrapped around… my womb."

Mushi gives a grin. "Congratulations," she says, and then she begans talking about the pregnancy, how far into it. Confirming that yes, the baby is perfectly healthy and normal, and while her bones have reacted strangely it's beneficial rather than harmful. And so on. "So whose the lucky man?" she asks, shooting a questioning look at Keisuke. But she's not quite done with Yuuka, as the Kaguya would feel a surge of energy that'd help erase some of her tiredness. "It's important to stay healthy, stay active during your pregnancy," she says, "and even with your sheltering bone structure, overexerting yourself could be dangerous to your child."

"That would be me," Keisuke says, glancing between the two. So their family is starting now, ready or not. He doesn' seem frightened or stunned. In fact, he seems happy. Although there is a certain midget that must be told…

The bright flush lingers in her cheeks as Yuuka glances down in to her flat stomach, seeming almost embarrassed, flustered, and quietly joyous all at once when Keisuke admits to being the father. "Do you think… the Kaguya regenerative abilities will keep me healthy? Keep the baby healthy?" The word seems strange on her tongue. "I am not so much worried about staying active, but… the tournament…" Yuuka frowns gently in thought. "This is allot to take in." She takes a deliberate breath before lifting her bright eyes up to Mushi again. "What should I do about the tournament? It is important, but I will not risk the life of our child. What are yoru thoughts of the bone protecting my womb? Will it be enough to keep the baby safe?"

Mushi looks between Keisuke and Yuuka. They seem happy which is good and expected. She sits back in her chair, clearly signalling that the healing is over. Mushi rubs her chin when Yuuka asks about the Chuunin exams. "I'd like to say that the usual moving around and taking a hit that'd be dangerous to a normal woman won't occur with your case. However, there's dangers such as internal bleeding into the womb and poison and harmful chakra. Like a Tenjin's poison or a Hyuuga's inner chakra strikes." She shrugs. "That's my guess. But you have the most protected fetus in the world. I'm not sure how much /internal/ resistance it'd offer you. Find that out, from someone who knows. Other Kaguya women, medical experts who specialize in shinobi pregnancy, I'm sure this is a common concern for kunoichi after all."

Listening as the women discuss what Yuuka should and shouldn't do while pregnant, Keisuke stays on the wall, glancing between them. "I'm sure the Kazekage will allow me to explain things to him and help in the selection of your opponent if you are serious about joining," he says, walking over as he is finally signaled. He sits behind Yuuka and wraps his arms around her waist, hugging her close

While it's reassuring to hear that her child is protected as much as it physically can be, Yuuka narrows her aquamarine eyes on Mushi as something in her expression becomes serious. "You do not understand. Even if we wanted to speak with other Kaguya for guidance, or medical prenatal experts, they would not be able to help us. Keisuke and I… we are not like others of our clan. Our genetics is different, so more than likely my body will react to pregnancy differently than other Kaguya." Yuuka frowns gently as she gives Keisuke a sideways glance. When he takes a seat behind her and wraps his arms around her waist in support, she lifts a hand to rest on his forearm. "Maybe… maybe we need someone that can… study us." This was becoming more and more of a worry. With their altered genetics, who knows how it would affect their child in the future.

Mushi chews on her lip nervously. "Yeah, I figure there's no one who'd quite know about your situation," she admits. "But you could always ask some medic here to look into it. Any one of them have healed a Kaguya hundreds of times, and know that different anatomy, I think." The corners of her mouth twitch at that statement. "I'd help but I'm just a makeshift, on-the-go medic, and no expert when it comes to pregnancy. But I could always call my Center and see if they have a book related to this, some knowledge of it."

"Study, huh?" Keisuke asks, emitting a low 'hmm'. "I've had enough of experiments and being studied, but I suppose it's worth it if it is for our child." He looks to Mushi, for once giving a smile to a stranger. "Thank you for your help."

Yuuka breathes out softly as she nods quietly to Mushi, her slender fingers giving Keisuke's forearm a gentle squeeze. Glancing over her shoulder at him, her expression softens with unmistakable affection when she murmurs, "If we can find a personal physician for the future, it may save us much headaches in the future." The small suggestion is easier said than done, but still she lightly squeezes along his arm. It takes another moment longer before the flush returns to Yuuka's cheeks with nervous excitement. "Yes, thank you so much."

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