Unity with Isobu: Step One


Takeo, Thor (emitter)

Date: June 12, 2014


Takeo, having undergone a month of training under Daisuke to understand his Bijuu, finally confronts Isobu face to face - in a metaphysical sense. He insists to the great turtle that they must learn to co-exist, and asks for his power in order to protect both Konohagakure and themselves. Isobu agrees, granting Takeo access to his endless well of chakra and the power to manifest his first cloak.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Unity with Isobu: Step One"

Within Takeo - Isobu's Prison

Takeo's been studying under the Hokage for about a month now, and though he's had much work to do, he's slowly but surely become accustomed to the trials of the Jinchuuriki. The first step of control is close at hand, if only the Tailed Beast would cooperate in the effort. Sanbi's loved talking to him constantly, yet they've not had the direct contact of a face to face visit since Takeo's delirious binding. That changes today, with his training having reached a crucial point.
Positioned atop Hokage's Lookout, the young man draws a deep breath and closes his eyes, allowing himself to slip away into a meditative trance. He searches for that place within himself, that prison where Isobu has been housed since said binding, and suddenly finds himself standing before a series of bars in a great cavern. His feet are settled in a balanced fashion upon the surface of water flooding the floor.
"Isobu," Takeo says whilst addressing the bars. He's done the Bijuu the service of calling him by name ever since they became one, ever since he insisted that his losses were too great for them to not become one. "We need to talk."

The large turtle/concord like creature had both his eyes closed when Takeo speaks to him. He doesn't even bother to move his body, but his large head rises as he opens one eye to focus on the young shinobi. "So you've finally come. What do you want?" His three tails move lazily behind him as he takes the measure of the boy in front of him. "Address me as Isobu-boku." He states in his gravelly like voice. His voice doesn't sound aggressive or even confrontational. He seems to be curious more than anything else.

Takeo waits for a moment before taking several steps forward, walking still upon the plane of water. "Whatever makes you happy, which I can never tell, by the way. Maybe you mentioned that on the first day, but that's all a blur. You've talked in my head plenty enough since, but even so …" There's no helping looking up at the great beast, tall as the young man may be. He's quite simply dwarfed by the Three-Tails in every sense. Were this not something of a psychic encounter, the Inuzuka would be in rather immediate danger.
"Isobu-boku," says Takeo, humoring his would-be companion in life. "I've been training for a month now to understand you. The Hokage has guided me; he's Jinchuuriki, himself. You probably remember that from your time with Nara Kaito." A pause. "You and he were close, so I'm told, enough that you allowed him to use your power. I've come to ask you for the same. I have given you my body as a home, Isobu-boku, and lost much in return. We can at least work together to protect the land which both of us reside in."

Isobu flicks his tail lazily. "I've spoken with Goku." He focuses the one eye on Takeo. "Were you aware that we could do that? There are many things that I can teach you. If I felt like it." He rumbles as he lowers his head so that he's on more of an 'eye level' with Takeo. "Kaito was lazy. But he did what had to be done. I miss him." He pauses. "And now I have you. I didn't ask to be here. Why do you think you deserve my power?"

"We're in the same position," Takeo replies, shifting his gaze along with Isobu's movements so as to fix it upon the great turtle's lowered eye. "I didn't ask to be your Jinchuuriki, but I did it because that's what was right for Konohagakure. You couldn't stay in the scroll forever; without a host, you're mindless. They thought I could survive the binding, that I was right for you, and I did. We're stuck with each other, whether you like it or not, Isobu-boku."
Lifting his chin a tick, the Inuzuka says, "I gave up everything for the village, and for you. It has become painfully clear what it feels like to be feared and hated just for what you are." A pause. "I'm willing to treat you as more than just a beast or a weapon to be used, Isobu-boku, but we need to come to terms. Find some way to co-exist. My hand's outstretched, but what you do with your claw's up to you alone."
"I'm not Nara Kaito. Never will be. I'm a crass brute, they whisper. I get drunk, I spend too much time in the hot springs, I've got a temper. Far from perfect, far from Kaito, but maybe your trust in him helped him to grow into a better person."

Isobu is silent for a moment as he stares at the shinobi in front of him. He rumbles low and then dips his head once. "Perhaps you are right. I care nothing for the village or for this land. I only want to be free, but…" He slowly opens his other eye, now looking at him with both. It was a sign of trust, since his eyes were the only spot on his body that can be hurt. "We will see if what you say is true. That your heart is where you say it is. For now..I will lend you my strength. Please do not disappoint me." Takeo would feel a surge of chakra within him. It comes from a well that seems to be bottomless and it belongs to Isobu. "Protect your village. But mis-use my power and I will not grant you any more." He lowers his head and closes one of his eyes again.

Takeo seems almost surprised at first to hear Isobu agree, but he hasn't time to experience much of the emotion before another sensation intrudes. The Bijuu's endless chakra surges into him, just as it did during the binding, only somewhat less intense. A first step, perhaps. In the psychic domain, the effect upon him is clear as he gasps for breath and works to collect himself. Back in the world of flesh and blood, viscious chakra briefly encompasses his seated body.
"It'd be hard to not protect the village, or anything else. You let me put your shell on my flesh, after all," the Inuzuka says. "Just so you know, I'm not sure that was a fair trade for taking away all of my training with the Four-Legged Style. Then again, my Ninken even left me; seems he could smell the difference." With Isobu sinking down, Takeo simply declares, "We're going to work together. Neither of us has a choice, if I want my people safe and you want a mind. A host who respects you, rather than resenting and using you, Isobu-boku. Remember what I tried to begin here today, and maybe you'll see the worth in it."
Then, he does something he almost never does for anyone. Takeo executes a low, formal bow before the Bijuu.

Isobu continues watching Takeo with his eye. He chuckles and then smacks the watery ground with his three tails. "We shall see, boy. We shall see." However, the bijuu wasn't expecting the bow, and the show of respect. Maybe this one had some promise afterall. He dips his head to Takeo in return of the bow. "You at least show promise." It seems like he's done talking for the moment because the one eye closes as he goes back to his own devices.

Takeo, too, is finished with his first personal encounter with his Bijuu. At least, the first he can remember. He rises from his bow just as Isobu closes his other eye, signaling his disinterest in continuing their discussion. The young man achieved what he'd hoped for when he came here - the start of some sort of connection with the Three-Tails. It would seem, given the new chakra boiling within his being, that the mission was accomplished.
Just as abruptly as he'd appeared in the prison, Takeo is gone, breaking his trance and returning to the real world. He's left to gasp for breath and cough as his mind reels, adapting in tandem with his body to the new sum of the Bijuu's power given to his flesh. It would take a few minutes for the Inuzuka to collect himself, but it was worth it. A first step.

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