Second Promotion Exams - Unlikely Alliance


Akina, Sakuryu, Usagi

Date: December 3, 2012


While in search for scrolls, Akina comes into an alliance with two other kunoichis.

"Second Promotion Exams - Unlikely Alliance"

Blood Marsh - Shadowed Canopy [Kirigakure]


Breaking away from the red hued mist, all things are overshadowed by the canopy..the trees above growing so thick here there is no light even in the brightest of daytime hours. In the distance the prevelent fine bloodspray mists can be seen, the marsh thickening with cypress trees vines and moss torwards the north leaving passage for only those truly determined; everything seems to be drawn torwards the thickening foliage, large tree roots rise out of the water creating a place to stand amongst a sea of shadows and watery red hues.

December 3, 2012 - November 7 (Wednesday), 7 A.F.

Sakuryu sat in her canopy with a little sigh, she was bandaged and bruised having been in a deep coma missing almost half the exam. "I just need two quick wins…" she bites her lip a little bit, eyes scanning the shrouded ground below as she crosses her fingers wishing for a new victim, one victory would be enough to get her going on the hunt again

Akina was careful to keep in the shadows, to keep silent as she moved through the treetops instead of in the marsh's floor where even unknown creatures lurked, stalking its prey. After half a day's search for other exam contestants, she was beginning to wonder to herself if she was too far out, too far away from where others were. She hadn't seen so much as a hint of another being, much less a examee since she broke away from Risu. Or Risu breaking away from her in any case. Leaping to another tree, the cloaked, masked kunoichi pauses long enough to make sure the limb doesn't shake beneath her before quickly scanning outwards to her surroundings, finally catching sight of someone in a makeshift canopy.

Saku settles in, looking down where she had seen a few pass through before, she was ready, senbon in hand as she hopes prey will come by, she really needed to get this scroll, she truly needed to become a chuunin even if it costs her her life in the process. She had thought she had died once so what was chancing it a bit more going to do.

The cloaked kunoichi is careful, cautious as she moves closer, keeping to the shadows and just out of vision of the target. The lone girl sitting in her canopy. Akina narrows her dark eyes beneath her mask as she edges closer, trying to take in what she can and gauge just how likely it was that this particular genin would have a scroll. It was evident that Sakuryu was beaten up before, bandaged heavily, and there was no one else to support her. From what it appears at least. It could very well be a trap, bait to lure out others towards weak prey.

Sakuryu sighs before rolling over, she was going to have to leave the nest and the ones who protected her behind to go after the scrolls, she needed this and she could always meet up with them later, it would be a great moment for her and her family. "I need to meet up with that Risu girl for the dual we promised each other…."

Alone, and talking to herself. About the other girl Akina had teamed up with for a short while. Not a surprise, but still. Akina smoothly slips onto a closer branch, narrowing her dusky eyes for a silent moment or so on Sakuryu's features before flicking her gaze back to the canopy itself, searching for whatever bag she may or may not have. Potentially containing a scroll. If she was lucky, she may be able to spirit away the scroll without being noticed.

Sakuryu sighs a bit more and just looks around, lazily scanning the treetops before adjusting her torn and grimed Kimono, the sash settling raggedly upon her frame as she stands. "I look like some sort of swamp spirit." She frowns a little bit with a heavy sigh

"Yes, well, I think I agree with you on that." Murmurs a voice, a young girl probably not too much older than Sakuryu herself. Under the long sleeve of her dark kimono Akina fingers several pointed senbon between her fingers, just in case. Though the corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk under her mask. "And just in case you get any ideas to attack just now, I would recommend against it for the time being."

Saku nods a little bit as she sees the girl approach "I had an inkling someone would show up." She looks her over a bit. "heh, you look about as old as I am, seems like there are even more with high ambitions than I thought. So how are you then?" she starts with small talk, hell she was caught now, might as well at least try to formulate something or maybe arrage a fair match first

"Considering you have been here for what I suspect has been awhile, probably not a surprise." Akina answers easily, seeming rather comfortable with conversing with Saku despite the situation. "I am doing better than you it seems. Now then." she flicks her sleeve just enough to reveal the slight sparkle of the senbons held between her fingers. "I do not suppose you have a scroll on you perhaps?"

Saku shrugs a little bit "Not that I know of, as far as I knew I was killed for mine." She looks at herself. "Either I'm a wraith or the girl I was talking to earlier saved me from death." She sighs a little and settles herself into a better sitting position. "How many do you need?"

"Whether or not she does is a very moot point at this time" Usagi was crouched sideways on a tree, one hand also on its bark with a bit of chakra on her hand and feet, apparently using the tree walking to remain sideways. Two kunai are in her free hand, and she's looking directly at the person she hasn't been taking care of. She is 'not' attacking just yet, just letting her know that if she does, there'll be a cost. "If you seek scrolls, there's nothing for you here"

Akina turns her head just enough to catch sight of Usagi out of the corner of her dusky eyes, just before the other girl makes herself known. No quick movements, she has to take the moment to calculate her odds against two possible opponents. "And the thought occurs to me that you may be lying." Its a move that she has to risk. While she doesn't care for getting her hands dirty, if there truly was no scrolls to be had then the entire endeavor would be for naught. A waste of both energy and resources. "But if you are not…" Akina says slowly, "I would be willing to consider a partnership…"

Saku smiles a little as she sees Usagi, standing with a cringe as she holds her side. "Hi there Miss Nara." She chuckles a bit before turning back. "Yeah far as I know I was killed for mine, I might be willing to do a partnership, got any info to make it worth while? I really wanna pass but I'm not sure if I can die again." She giggles

Usagi narrows her eyes, remaining on the tree. "You really shouldn't be up right now. I don't even have your name, and your condition isn't exactly all that good either" She looks back to the newcomer, taking a slow breath. "Define 'partnership'. Because if something 'does' come from it, we'd have to decide how we'd split any scrolls we obtained"

Akina gives Saku a short glance before turning the focus of her attention towards Usagi again, making sure she wasn't doing anything that would be considered as 'aggressive'. And from the words exchanged between them… Usagi was concerned about Sakuryu's health. It strikes a cord with the masked kunoichi that she has to keep under wraps. As much as possible in any case. "Considering the state of this one…" Akina makes a slow motion with her left hand, slow enough that Usagi knows that she isn't attacking. "She will be a burden, even a liability should you be attacked. Making it extensively difficult to obtain other scrolls. So it looks as if you need another to make up for it." she murmurs. "I would stay until she can fend for herself, but that seems unlikely. As for dividing what we get… what suggestion would you have?"

Sakuryu glares a little as she stands sharply trying not to wince. "I am NOT a liability, I have powers that depend on the mind and inner strength, NOT some petty fist fighting." She huffs a little bit before looking between Usagi and the new girl. "I think we divide it evenly , first we each get one scroll, then to divide the next few to get a second we put down three scrolls, two blanks one real and shuffle them each picking one to see if we get the right scroll."

"Draw straws. Or Jan Ken Po" Usagi shrugs as she straightens and walks down the tree, coming to stand normally when she gets close enough to the ground. "What's the point of making fake scrolls, if we aren't suppose to find out which one's the real one?" She raises a brow to look at them.

"I said potential liability…" Akina murmurs with a softer voice, reflecting some empathy. She knows how it feels all too well. "And I want to help. It is different than just abandoning you completely." The kunoichi firms her jaw beneath the mask as she shifts her gaze to Usagi. She hasn't been shot down by kunai yet, so that's a good sign. At least her gamble paid off. Now to make another. "Akina. From the village hidden in the sand."

Saku nods "You could tell after you get it I bet, but yeah Ja ken po sounds good." She sighs a little before adjusting her torn outfit. "Shirayuki Sakuryu, Village hidden in the mist." She stretches a bit with a hard wince. "I really need to pass this…. my honor under my clan is riding on this…" she trails off with a look away for a moment.

"Nara Usagi, village of the hidden leaf" She shrugs and leans against the tree. "Then you might've waited a year, from the looks of it….probably like I should have" she sighs softly, shaking her head. "Thought I'd do better, honestly" she looks between the two. "How serious are we talking, Sakuryu?"

Hm. So three kunoichis from three different villages, one of which is seriously incapacitated. Could be interesting. Akina slips her right hand under her sleeve for the moment as she straightens on her branch. "So. Now that we have a team of sorts… we need to formulate a plan. We do not have much time left and anyone else that does have scrolls is likely to be on guard."

Sakuryu nods a little before looking at Usagi seriously. "Life bound oath seriously…. I swore on my life and honor that I would pass….I will be exhiled….and maybe even have to commit Harakiri to save face…" She cringes a little and looks away. "Well I have the power of the hidden mist on my side, I can bring in a mist where I can feel all movement… and I control the power of ice, and on top of that I have a kekkei genkai that is pretty grand." She grins

Usagi sighs softly, nodding. "That's…relatively serious. And if it comes to exile, I'm relatively sure you could find safe haven" She smiles softly, and shrugs. "I didn't save your life so you could go off and die. you're my first serious patient" She smiles a bit at it, then nods. "The only ones who do are the ones who can defeat us one on one. If we're going to take them out, we need to neutralize their effectiveness and exploit their weaknesses. What are you two capable of?"

Exile, even death is pretty serious, she agrees with that. And nothing that Akina can't relate. Her left hand clenches under her sleeve before she forces herself to relax it. Releasing a small breath of a sigh the kunoichi rolls her shoulders. "Stealth and poison. Not quite an expert yet but getting there."

Sakuryu nods a little bit before looking at Usagi. "I excel in strategy and thinking so tell me the abilities you have and I will make a plan for us…. I have a good plan rolled together for Akina and I already, as soon as you tell me I believe I can make us indestructable." She grins wide.

Usagi smirks softly. "I have a feeling our best option is to sneak up on an opponent and ensnare them with my abilities and wound them with yours, Akina. We all have some ability in stealthiness, it seems" She takes a low breath and nods. "I as well tend to specialize in tactical use of skill over brute force. I'm capable of hampering an opponent's movements, going so far as being able to pin them in place for an extended period. I can also deal some damage in the form of explosive tags"

"That would be an excellent form of distraction." Akina agrees. "The less energy spent the better, and avoiding combat will go along with our specialities." After a moment of consideration her right hand reaches back to slip her senbons back into the equipment pouch. "So we make a plan involving our skills and then what? We need to find out who is around us and how many scrolls are with each shinobi. Though even if we aim for the one with the most scrolls it is likely they will also be the strongest."

Sakuryu stops herself for a moment, hmming lowly as she focuses her mind before nodding. "We'll scout an area, I'll use the hidden mist to create a cover, you two move into position, Usagi at a far to medium range and Akina at a close to medium range, we use the explosive seals to push them to a good area to be trapped, Miss Usagi gets them pinned down while Akina uses her poison from behind, meanwhile as you have them distracted, I will move above and use my kekkei genkai to rain down razor sharp ice weapons upon them." She smiles

Usagi nods slowly. "That'd be a good place to start. And those with the most scrolls are definitely going ot be the most dangerous. I will not attack Uchiha Ryo, as he and I are members of the same squadron. Past that….it's possible that we could find another with more than he, because he only has two to my knowledge. Others could have several"

Akina lightly shakes her hooded head. "It would be better if we did the mist and then put them to sleep. A subtle touch would mean that they would not even know they are under attack. That would be preferable." she glances to Usagi. "Agreed then. Anyone else is fair game."

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