Vagrant Uprising - The Dead Don't Lie


Rockpath (emitter), Taro, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

Date: September 29, 2016


Taro takes his captive back to the Land of Tea so that he and Shuuren can interrogate him.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Vagrant Uprising - The Dead Don't Lie"

Land of Tea

Taro was on his way back. He had a messy end to his little mission. Left two people dead and captured another. The only good thing is that how Taro approached the whole place left him very much not as anything but a mercenary or boat worker. Guard for supplies and such things. This left no trace to Shuuren directly luckily since Taro is an unknown in the Shinobi world. Anyways now that he had a prisoner and was back in tea he found a simple place to leave the prisoner. Which happened to be a shed within Fuma village that no one really had access to but him and his family since it was connected to his house. Luckily he was the only one that really used it.
It would be about thirty minutes later he was able to get someone to tell Shuuren he was here and hopefully that meant he would be let into his office to tell him about the prisoner. One who actually admitted to them faking searching the crates because they had in fact ruined them. And hopefully this was one that valued living rather than saving a boss of his. Now one he actually got into the place he would get right to the point and tell Shuuren everything he knew. "I found an island that they seemed to have control over that shipments from tea either passed by or stopped at. This is how they were able to get most of our shipments that went in that specific direction. I also know for fact they are the ones that were doing it. And one of the ones I learned this from is being held prisoner in a secret location. I can take…. 'someone' there if you want. To figure out where their boss is usually found." He stated and meant Shuuren's….. Other form when he said 'someone'. The look on his face likely hinting at it.

As Taro enters the office, Shuuren seems to be finishing up some paperwork on a scroll. The Daimyo looks up to the Fuma and listens as he begins to detail what he's found out and that he's even brought a gift back with him that should be able to provide even more information than has already been gathered given some… encouragement. "Good work," he says with a nod as he pushes back from his desk and stands up. "Yes, I believe that someone will want to accompany you there to get this situation handled once and for all."
"I'll meet you at the place you're keeping him," Shuuren says as he reaches to pick up a glass of tea on the table and sip from it. "While we're on the way, you should pick yourself out a code name and what sort of disguise you want. Since you've proven yourself, it's time we make things more official and keep your name safe from the outside world with some of the actions taking care of these sort of problems takes. It also keeps the name of Tea Country away from such hostilities."

Taro stared for a moment at Shuuren and raised a brow before simply nodding. He decided there was no need to ask questions for now. Though code name.. Was there some sorta theme for it or just a random name? Would be something to think about. Either way he just decided he would think about it when he could. Anyways he would move quickly towards the shed and would wait outside it for his guest. The disguise he would eventually get wasn't important yet. This man had already seen his normal mask and such and there was no point in postponing the eventual talk with the guy. The weather was okay at least so he could relax alright while waiting for Shuuren.

A few moments after Taro arrives at the shed, the Daimyo would appear with a flicker nearby. He glances around to be certain the place is sufficiently secluded so that there is no interference in what is to come. This is likely to not be an entirely pleasant encounter. "… Let's go then," he would say before stepping over to the shed and opening the door to go inside. He would look directly at the man if he is in plain view, lifting an eyebrow at him as he would wait for Taro to enter before shutting the door.
He then reaches into his coat, causing a puff of smoke to rise up around him. A moment later in the place of Shuuren stands Tadashi, a man you are either allies with or never ever want to meet. "I hope for your sake that you are prepared to make this process as easy as possible. Otherwise the information we need will have to be extracted from you."

Taro had blindfolded and gagged the man he had taken. In the far distant shores of some land that held the mastermind, measures were being taken to better-secure his business practices. The shipment itself was going to the Land of Tea. He wasn't sure if that was a coincidence or not, but it didn't bode well. Regardless of the musings from one miles away, the man bound before the Daimyo would be unaffected by such plotting. When the Daimyo enters, it is because of a creak from the door or perhaps a shuffling sound that the man would become alert as he could. His 'gaze' turned towards the entrance of the shed he was held captive in. Judging by his posture, he might still have some fight in him…
The smooth voice of his 'captor', when it rang out, sent some sort of chill through his body, though the man wasn't sure why. He couldn't see who it was, but it certainly didn't sound like Taro. Taro's voice was distinct from the darkness that he 'felt' from this man. Of course, he can't exactly keep the snark from his voice when he says, "I hope you're prepared to be disappointed if I don't know what you want." Said snark was more of a defensive mechanism, of course. But it was there nonetheless.

Taro walked in with Tadashi of course and would probably shut the door if Tadashi didn't. He didn't want to overstep what Tadashi may do otherwise he would've already acted in his own way but he does suggest some things. "Shall I knock him upside the head?" He asked of Tadashi when the man semed…. Ready to fight if he needed to. Of course either way Taro would've ungagged the man. The blindfold stayed on for now. And sadly any threat Taro might want to say to this man instead would have to wait. Just in case Tadashi had his own plans for making him talk. Though Taro would've stated something about him not having anything would just lead to his death. And even something that lead to someone else that would lead to the boss would help.

"I already know you know what I want to know," Tadashi's voice rings out as he approaches, looking down at the man without sympathy. There gentle nature of the Daimyo is something twisted to look at in this persona of him. It's looking at this version of him that one might be reminded that this man was once a Jounin and has likely never actually stopped training, but simply kept it to himself that he was and what he was training in.
Glancing toward Taro, Tadashi would cant his head slightly before peering back at the bound man. "… The questions are very simple. Is Dorama the one leading this group of idiots against civilized businesses? If so, is he on the island you all are using for your sabotage or somewhere else?"

"Probably. It's his business, after all. All the crates and all are his." The man would shrug if he could, but … Anyway. "And no, he didn't get near us. He's probably just hiding in his home and being a sissy. He gave us explicit instructions that we had to make sure everything seemed like it was operating normally even though we were trying to sabotage some of the stuff. Not all of it cuz that's too suspicious, apparently. But yeah." He was pretty forthcoming with his answers, surprisingly. Probably because he had a bad feeling bout Tadashi, with or without sight.

Taro looked at this man closely and kept a close eye on him. Making sure he didn't do anything stupid. Both of his hands stayed on his swords and if this man dared move, Taro could hopefully pull those swords free and cut him a bit both without letting him do much more and without killing him. Though surely Tadashi here could prevent that as long as he needed to. The information given was already good, but one thing is all they needed. Where did the man live exactly. They already basically knew it was him doing it. This man basically told them it… Now his home….

"I see…" Tadashi looks the man over and looks over to Taro for a moment then looks back to the man. "Well, it seems the coward has served his purpose. We now have our main target…. But first we should go clear the rabble off that island." With that he reaches into his pocket, withdrawing two needles. One is marked as a sedative. The other is marked as something not nearly as nice. Guess which one the man is going to get first… He reaches over and jabs the unkind needle into the man's arm and pushes the plunger to inject him with the bad medicine, which is likely to cause all sorts of pain and spasms and even hallucinations of monsters. "… Now, are you sure there's nothing you're not telling?" he asks, calm as ever as he awaits a response.

The man eyes the two needles as they appear in Tadashi's hands, and then suddenly he's in pain. He couldn't control his body's reactions to the serum, and he ends up twitching and twisting and spasming to try and alleviate the pain lacing through him. There's even a bit of wild fear in his eyes as he envisions some sort of monster (or monsters) surrounding him. "The… Real goods are usually underground… Hidden… We give those out to other people, but not people in the Land of Tea or shipping to there at some point…" he would say. "I just follow orders, though. I dunno anything else." The effects of the 'medicine' were making him sweat at this point… c.c;

Taro nods quickly. "Indeed. And that shouldn't be too hard. Most of them seemed tough but only physically. And like this guy they are mostly brutes with training that is more like. Boxing. Nothing else from it then that really." He stated before looking at this guy as the serum took hold. He just blinked as it seemed.. To well… Fib. "Mhmm. I see." Interesting to say the least.

Tadashi's eyes remain locked on the man as he speaks, giving the rest of the information he knows. Once he's sure all of it has been told, he reaches forward and jabs the second needle into the man's neck, pushing the plunger and injecting the medicine. This time it would cause the man's body to relax and ease all the pain. "He won't remember this ever happened," he says as he brings his hands into a seal. A moment later a clone of him appears behind the man and vanishes with him.

The man suffers for a few moments longer as Tadashi studies him, and then he goes unconscious. The needle injecting him wasn't even felt because of the pain he was already in… Whatever Tadashi('s clone) is going to do with him, he probably won't like it all that much… Regardless, he's served his use!

Taro simply nods to Tadashi as the clone took the man away. "Interesting I must say." He frowned for a moment before looking at Tadashi closely. "So… About the names and outfits. Any sorta theme I should follow for it like how other things would use animals? Or is it just another name to use and an outfit to hide who I am?" He asked. "Better to make sure. Though I won't do something like wear a dress that is rainbow colored who knows what some might do, and what if that wasn't allowed or what if that is what was being looked for." He stated with a completely serious tone.

With the man gone, Tadashi turns to look at Taro and listen to his questions. "There is no particular theme. I've even had people whose appearances I would change for the sake of a mission then change them back rather than just wearing a disguise so it didn't look like they were wearing one. Just make sure it disguises you well and does not allude to your true identity or Tea Country."

Taro quickly nods. "I should be able to find something that fits then. Had to be sure I didn't find something that… Was off for such things. But either way I am good to go yeah?" He asked. "I really could use a bit of relaxation after all of that. And then some training as well as preparing to go handle some folks. We are doing that right? And how soon do you plan to go if so?"

"Get some rest and do your training. I have some tracking and preparations to do to be sure we can end this properly," Tadashi says with a nod to Taro. "When the time comes to move again, I'll let you know." With another puff of smoke, the Daimyo is revealed again, the same blonde hair and gentle composure as ever. It's almost like flipping a light switch to change from dark to light. "See you soon, Taro," Shuuren says, bowing his head lightly to the Fuma before he turns to walk out of the shed and vanish into thin air.

Taro just nods to Tadashi before blinking as the Daimyo is back to himself and he nods. "See you soon…." He just walked out the shed as well and shook his head some. Gosh Taro is in a totally different world than was known to him in The Land of Iron. Well time to get a welcome home from his bed. And so R&R would begin!

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