Veggie Rescue


Hyuuga Yuzuna, Goh

Date: Feburary 7th, 2010


Yuzuna meets Goh.

"Veggie Rescue"

Kanana Moon

Ah, yes. Sometimes you cannot beat the hustle n' bustle of Kanana Moon. With many stalls and shops setup along the 'way, you'd be crazy /not/ to visit this place once in a while! One such figure who's taking advantage of this afternoon rush is Goh, moving in and out between people, carrying what seems to be a mixture of plants and vegetables in a paper bag. The bag itself is carried directly in front of him, and is so large that it pretty much cuts off all vision he has in front of him. But that's alright! He's a ninja, so he should be able to navigate this section clearly, right? Er, right. Wobbling to and fro, the Jounin narrowly avoids some patrons, not likely wishing to spill the contents of his purchase.

The sun shines brightly and cheerful in the vivid blue sky, its effects seeming to brighten the overall moods of the villages citizens as they greet and laugh with one another, the busy streets even busier with the movement of carts and marketers taking advantage of the weather to sell their wares. Yuzuna blinks her pale lavender eyes slowly as she moves through the street, unhurried as she browses from one booth to the next, lingering thoughtfully over some kunai as the current of shoppers continues behind her. Turning her head just slightly, she shoots out a hand reflexively, catching a blur of green. A small bundle of asparagus. Lifting a brow, she turns to glance over her shoulder at the man that had bumped unknowingly into her, pale eyes passive and always absorbing her surroundings.

Goh, appearing to have not noticed that he had bumped into the Hyuuga heiress or even lost some of his precious veggies, continues to make his way down the lane. "Man! What's up with all these people today?" He queries to himself, frowning as the numbers seem to increase. Sighing in dramatic fashion, the blonde haired teen makes a move to sit on an empty bench. Seems he would rather take a small break rather than risk trying to maneuver through all of those people right now. Putting the paper bag down on the ground, he looks over the top of it, eyes widening. "…MY ASPARAGUS!" It seems that it may have been his key ingredient! Gripping his head with terror, Goh looks around frantically, eyes sweeping over the area which he just walked through. Was it trampled? Did he drop it? "What a disaster…" The Jounin slumps in the bench, hanging his head back to peer at the sky. Seems he hasn't noticed Yuzuna carrying his precious food.

Yuzuna arches a brow once more as she watches the blonde teen continue onwards, oblivious that he is missing some of his groceries as he maneuvers through the crowd in an attempt to break away to the side. She watches him for a moment, giving the vegetables in her hand a brief glance before releasing a slow breath. Shaking her ebony head, she turns to part through the people milling around her, ignoring a few looks as she passing in front of them and approaches the bench that Goh slumps himself in. While he mumbles to himself, Yuzuna reaches out with the bundle asparagus in hand, offering it to him in silence as pale eyes blink calmly.

"I'm gonna miss out on so many orders now too." Goh groans in anguish, not seeming to be entirely happy with how events have unfolded for him. "Now how am I goeh?" Turning his head to the side as he notices someone approach him, Goh blinks at Yuzuna a little bit. "Something up? Can I heMY ASPARAGUS!" Leaping up from his bench, the Jounin stares at the piece of green food with utmost delight. "Y..You rescued my asparagus! Thank you!" Taking the vegetable gingerly, almost cradling it, Goh puts it back in his paper bag with his other mass of food. "You saved my life." Getting a good look at Yuzuna, Goh furrows his brow. "Hey.. I know you. Yuzuna, right? From the Hyuuga clan? You're practically royalty! Well, as far as royalty gets around here. Man, how can I thank you for saving my business?" A big grin comes across his face. "I'm Goh, by the way. Konoha's Number One Pickled Vegetable. What brings you around these parts?" Pause. "Er… not that you shouldn't come around here. Or something."

"I caught it when it fell." Yuzuna murmurs in explanation, though seems to feel that little else needs to be said on the matter. She lifts a brow at the mention of saving his life, looking a bit skeptical about that in itself. When he recognizes her, she blinks her pale eyes with some surprise, the passive expression faltering briefly as her lips part wordlessly. "I… suppose I am." she murmurs, bowing her dark head towards him respectfully. "Hyuuga Yuzuna. It is a pleasure to meet you Goh-san." Turning her head slightly, Yuzuna gives the marketplace around them a general glance, "Exploring, mostly. I am a bit… sheltered, in a way. Recently I have been given a few more liberties and I managed to wander here."

"Pleasure's all mine. Trust me. I know it sounds weird, but you may've saved my business! See, this asparagus is part of my secret ingredient. Without it, my pickled veggies are reduced to the same level that everyone else sells. It makes me lose the edge, yknow?" Nodding a little at this, the young man chuckles a little at the sheltered life. "That's good to know. I mean, you can't spend your whole life living in the one little part of the village, yknow? Even if the Hyuuga home is the pinnacle of luxury and fine living. It's nice to rough it up sometimes. Or to enjoy the hustle and bustle of every day living." Picking up the bag, Goh cants his head a little, an invitation to follow him perhaps? "Wanna be my eyes? I can't see past this paper bag." Hmming a little bit, Goh frowns a little. "So why did the only give you liberties now? Afraid you'd be corrupted or something?"

Yuzuna doesn't know, though she politely lowers her chin in a soft nod of understanding, as if she knew the complexities of pickled anything. She blinks her pale lavender eyes at him, "'Rough it up'?" she murmurs, sounding honestly confused for a brief moment. At his offer, she glances up, debating to herself before lifting a shoulder in a quiet shrug, turning to walk beside him as her pale eyes narrow at their pathway in front of them. Every once in a while she lifts a hand to press on the side of the tall grocery bag, guiding it out of the way of a patron or two. "My clan is very proud and respected clan. To those of the main branch, they protect them for multiple reasons. Protect them in the literal sense as well as in order to protect our reputation to a certain degree. Unwanted rumors are just that, unwanted. So there are steps taken to avoid them." Yuzuna murmurs, as if she had recounted through this many other times. "Recently I have been allowed to travel outside the Hyuuga compound a bit more, if I wished.

There's a bit of a pause as Yuzuna finishes speaking. "…you're like a talking textbook, Yuzuna. How many times have you read over those lines in order to memorize them?" Laughing lightly at this, Goh shakes his head. "I'm kidding, but you do sound very serious. I don't think I've met any Hyuuga yet that has been all.. I dunno. Loose? You guys must have stuff drilled into you from a young age. Same with those Uchiha guys. All serious and gung ho about the mission. For instance, there was this guy I met the other day. Satoru. He was talking about how ninja are tools. Or that's how he was raised. I couldn't think of anything more insulting." Goh's brow furrows a little. "Gotta do what you want in life. Know what I mean? Is the Hyuuga clan brought up like that as well? Living as tools in order to obey the client?"
As he veers out of the way, Goh sidesteps in order to keep balance. "Phew.. close one. Anyways, I'm probably not the best person to be hanging out with. I'm pretty bad when it comes to.. I dunno… for the sake of the mission, respect and all that jazz. Mm, but I'm actually part of a clan myself. So I know what it's like to get unwanted rumors. Can get annoying."

Yuzuna almost makes a face, almost. "I have a few cousins that are a bit more… relaxed, I suppose." she gently shakes her dark head. "I know no other way to behave though." Glancing to Goh with a sideways glance, her pale eyes narrow slightly at the mention of the Uchiha boy, silence before glancing in front of them once more. "The Uchiha have different… beliefs. While they may find that shinobi are tools to be used, the Hyuuga hold the clan important above all else. To protect the Byakugan above all else." Her expression seems to soften just slightly as she listens to him, quietly. "Freedom to live your life as you please is a luxury, Goh-san. However… to live my life for my clan is a privilege that I am honored with, even if it is with a price." Turning her head towards him, Yuzuna lifts a brow. "An act of kindness is a rumor that comes far and wide in regards to the Hyuuga. I do not see how 'rescuing' some asparagus could lead to negative effects."

"Heh.. Fair enough then, I guess." Swerving out of the way of another citizen, Goh exhales slowly. "Whatever makes you happy, Yuzuna. If that's living for the clan, then good for you. Means you probably have way more discipline than I do." Lifting his head up to think, Goh seems almost get lost for a moment. "I thought you guys and the Uchiha were related or something? Or is that just a rumor I heard? You guys aren't like the Senju, are you? I know that those two clans don't get along at all. That guy I was telling you about? Satoru? I'm pretty sure he was about to explode when he saw one the other day." His eyes alight as he looks back down to the Hyuuga. "That's what they call it! The Byakugan, huh? That cool looking eye thing where your eyeballs go all veiny. Not really the best look, but makes you guys look super tough. Can you guys reall—woah!" Tripping over a rock with his toe, Goh stumbles, although manages to keep his balance. "Man.. close. Anyways. Can you really see chakra? And through people?"

For the first time, the corner of her lips tugs with something of a light smirk as Yuzuna follows quietly at Goh's side. "It is said that somewhere in our distant past that we were once related to one another, but it isn't for certain. It is speculated that the Sharingan is a genetic offshoot of the Byakugan." she lifts a shoulder in an idle shrug, smirking just slightly, "Not that the Uchiha would admit to such a thing. They have pride in themselves and their Kekkei Genkai, just as we." The stoic, passive expression masks her thoughts once more, "I have met this Satoru-san, once in passing. The Hyuuga Elder I was with looked down on him because he didn't refer to him as 'Hyuuga-sama', as is customary. Pride in one's clan is fine, though it needs to be at the appropriate moments." Yuzuna reflexively snaps an arm out in front of him and the bag in his arms, only a brief warning as he stumbles regardless, held up partially with her help. Lowering her chin, she quietly murmurs, "Yes. Through solid objects, walls, and so forth."

"That's so awesome." Goh replies, chuckling a little. "Hyuuga-sama, huh? I guess I would call him that, myself. That's one guy you don't want to piss off. Only one of the most powerful Taijutsu users in the village, yeah? One poke and you'd be dead!" Laughing at this, Goh keeps his grin going wide. "But yeah.. seeing through stuff. Pretty nuts. I'd probably trade that for my clan ability. With mine, I can.. Hm. I dunno how to describe it really. It's not like yours at all. No vision that lets me see through walls. And it's hard to control as well, since there's zero of us left to teach it. So learning new techniques is difficult. So much so that I've only learnt a few. Always discovering new stuff with it." He pauses a bit, stepping around a rock this time. "So. You a fan of pickled vegetables?"

"Well, one of the Elders anyways. Uchiha-san probably would have been in trouble with the Head Elder." Yuzuna murmurs with a gentle shrug of a shoulder. "Eventually…" her whispers the words to herself before giving him a sideways glance, lifting a brow. "A challenge that will be well worth being met. Your clan would have been proud of you, seeing as the future is through you as well." The young Hyuuga thoughtfully lifts a brow, pondering quietly to herself. "Should I call you Akuu-sama then? Being the head of your clan?" she asks him respectfully. With his question, she blinks her pale eyes at him with some surprise, unsure how to answer it exactly, "I suppose, yes…"

Goh perks a brow. "You know about the Akuu clan? And my place in it?" The teen seems surprised by this, arching a brow of his own in response to Yuzuna. "And no. Please don't call me that… just Goh is fine, thanks. I'm not really the leader, as it were. Just sort of a guy that knows some stuff about it." Goh shrugs a little. "And I dunno if they would be proud or not. I know nothing about them. If they're meant to be a proud set of people like you guys, or just relaxed about everything like I am. Eh, but it doesn't keep me up at night or anything like that." Exiting Kanana Moon, the blonde breathes a sigh of relief. "Phew.. You got me out of there far too safely. Those eyes are pretty good after all!" A chuckle. "Thanks, Yuzuna. I should be good from here. But if you want some free pickled veggies, you should leave me a way to contact ya! I need some sort of tester to taste utter perfection. Interested?"

The corner of her lips tugs lightly, "I would not be much of a Hyuuga if I did not know of the clans within the village, those with the clans and their political standing." Yuzuna turns slightly to glance to him. "You said that you are the only one, the sole heir. So you are also responsible for the growth of your clan as well. The fact that their clan is still living strong through you would mean that their legacy lives through you." Thoughtful for a quiet moment, she murmurs softer, "However… you have a rare chance. You are able to make your clan how you like. They can be as relaxed and loving as you appear to be, though still a clan with pride in their family." Yuzuna lifts her gaze as they pass through the main road of Kanana Moon, the crowds fading some. Blinking her pale eyes at him curiously, she frowns slightly in thought, "Well, I suppose contacting my mother will be the easiest way…"

"I'm sure there's another few of us around." Goh replies with a shrug. "It's a bit daunting to know that I'm the /only/ one left, so I try not to think that way. Heh. But thanks for the thought." Clearing his throat, he stands up straight. "Alrighty then! I guess I'll have to talk to your mother about letting you try my amazing pickled veggies. Until next time, Yuzuna. Try and have fun on your adventures around the village." With a smile, Goh moves to depart, likely heading back home to drop all of his goods off.

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