Second Promotion Exams - Vengeance Cometh


Ogosokamaru, Shuuren (as Tadashi), Naru

Date: November 27, 2012


Ogo comes upon Tadashi healing Naru, and decides to go hunting

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Vengeance Cometh"

Dark Cave

Eyes narrowing, Tadashi ponders a bit as he continues to heal Naru. He can feel her weakened state, and he really doesn't want her slipping into a coma on him during the Exams, thus he diverts the chakra flow a bit to flow into her and restore some of her physical energy. Whether she thinks his presence here with that medical center is a good idea or not, it seems Naru is going to be the first person whose life Tadashi saves in this Exam. "Just let me get you stable, and I'll take you back to the temple and get you patched up."

Lots of silence. A faint noise here and there, the occasional animal moving through the area. But mostly for now, Ogosokamaru has been out here by himself as far as he's concerned. Through the cavern and nearing the light of the hidden oasis past the small quagmire of tunnels. Ogo hadn't heard anthing, but he finally saw someone. His mood would tell him that it might be a trick. But for right now, seeing other signs of life could be just as good as it was bad.
As he gets closer, his footcrunches and the single, ominous bell that he had attached to a string onto his waist sash was jingling lightly, but the sound carried everywhere. Maybe a warning to those others in the exam to stay away, or to come and challenge him. For now it seemed to be keeping people away.
And as luck would have it, he saw someone on the ground before him. He recognized her after a few moments of a lilt of the head to the side, then he leapt and landed nearby about ten yards away looking down at both of them. "What happened?" he asked, a little nonchalant and drab for the situation Naru was in.

Naru wasn't at all in good shape, but her body was become mroe adapted to his healling touch, more blood was coughed up from her lips and her fingers began to lightly clench, proof that some of her stamina was keeping her from falling into a coma, but it was nearly impossible for her to move any other part of her body. Her eyes instead just looked up at Tadashi, her lips quivering, slightly pursing as if she was trying to say something, but only hot air would come out… Ogosokamaru's apperance didn't help things, for once there was a sign of weakness and helplessness.

As Ogo shows up, Tadashi casts a brief glance his way before looking back down at Naru as he continues to pour chakra into her. "The vendetta do you think happened? She got in a fight and lost, and now I'm healing her," he says, his voice purposely inflectionless to be unrecognizable. "I'm going to have to ask that you stay back a bit until I get her stable."

Ogo's eyes move to Tadashi. His attitude and anger at -something- was starting to show with the quip from the healer. "You might be a medic, but with no witnesses out here, you just hold your course doing what you are doing. I have no intention of interfering unless your tongue cares to sway this way. So, now I ask- 'who did this to her'?"
Ogosokamaru didn't move from where he was standing to Naru's side. Her movement caught his attention and he looked to her again from Tadashi. He didn't say anything to her, what for? He really felt like he had nothing to say to her right now, and if he did, it might come out as something he wouldn't want to say. Bad moods put him in worse moods.

Naru didn't have much to comment on, considering she was still recovering much of her strength…and without any stamina it was almost as if the energy was swept right from out of her, still she kept herself together, staying close to Tadashi while her fingers continued to move about and flex, his healing was keeping her awake and allowing her not to drift off into a coma…

"Two Kiri nin is all I know," Tadashi replies, continuing to focus on healing Naru and pretty much ignoring Ogo from this point. He would say something about it being rather stupid to threaten the guy whose hands your friend's life are in, but he's got better things to do right now than argue with a lovesick ragemonkey-not that he knows that *cough*cough*. "One of them looked like a Kaguya. The other had blonde hair, and they carried some girl named Eri off with them," he tells Ogo, perhaps giving him something to go on as he continues to pour chakra into Naru to heal her up.

Ogosokamaru steps over to Naru's side, being sure he doesn't touch her, and just looks down at her. "Medic-san. Take good care of her, please." He looks up to Tadashi for just a moment, then back down to Naru. "Uchiha-chan. I'm sorry if your vengeance never blossoms into their deaths." Another few moments would pass, and standing back up and looking either way down the area's stretching expanse. "Which way did they go?"

Finally Naru was feeling a little more at ease, choking on her own blood finally caused her to gasp for some air, and resistantly she attempts to lift herself from the ground, "Don't…do anything…stupid…" She spoke to Odo with a faint raspy voice, her fingers clinged along Tadashi's clothes to keep herself steady, while feeling her body becoming slightly light headed.. "And…thank you…" She was getting really out of it… and finally her body began to slump back, back into a laying position.

"Of course," Tadash says as he continues to heal Naru. At the question, he looks up at Ogo, pondering a moment before pointing in the direction that Kitaru and Tsiro went. "May want to remove that bell if you plan on approaching them. I doubt there are many people at all that don't know your name at this point." With that, he looks back down to Naru to heal her more. "Just relax please. I'm sure he can handle himself. Those two are injured enough he could probably end them pretty quickly with little issue at this point."

It was a few and far between that Ogosokamaru was really angry at someone. Most of the time war and battle was business. With the situation that happened not a few days ago back at his own home after chasing someone down for heavens know how long or how far and pushing himself to the point of exhaustion and nearly comatose afterwards, with the one he went after ending up saying a very emotional goodbye of sorts..
Odo was ready to kill someone.
And kidnapping a person from Kumogakure was quite enough on it's own, let alone his initial rage coming into the second round. "Stupid?" He asks, taking Tadashi's advice and removing the bell from his waistband and wrapping the cord around it to silence it and into a pocket it goes.
"Why would I bring myself to their level?" And in a rush of wind, Ogo was careening down the trail towards the direction that Tadashi motioned. There was a smile on his face.
It wasn't a smile of joy.

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