First Promotion Exams - Vengeance Unattained: Naoki vs. Keiji 2


Keiji, Naoki

Date: January 18, 2012


Keiji and Naoki fight a second time in the Chuunin Exam's second round.

"First Promotion Exams - Vengeance Unattained: Naoki vs. Keiji 2"

Shiren Caverns

South Shiren Caverns [Land of Wind]
This is the place where the caverns all lead down to eventually. It's a large open cave area, with an actual lake of groundwater. The lake is shallow and not terribly big, but it hosts amphibious life and even some bulge-eyed fish. Other creatures often come here to drink as well.
North - (N) [North Shiren Caverns]
Northeast - (NE) [East Shiren Caverns]
Northwest - (NW) [West Shiren Caverns]
After spending the whole day taking care of Mizuru, Noaki thought it best to scout the area to keep an eye out for anyone that would be out trying to obtain scrolls. As he moved he would be on foot with his Byakugan sharp, as he wondered he would be thinking about the close battle that Mizuru and he had last night with Naru and how strong that he has become since the start of the exam. He would be holding his wounds that are just now healing as he sat there sighing he would pause for a moment this time in search of more water.

Keiji had been moving through the caverns. He eventually made his way up a rock. Though he was at the highest point in the cavern, he crouched down to try and hide. His eyes glanced around scanning the area. He was hoping to come up empty, but he spots Naoki, the young Hyuga he had fought at the start of the exam. The boy grimaces slightly. Maybe the boy would not see him.
After moment of gathering things he would be able to spot Keiji trying to hide and with a sigh he would act like nothing was going down. Before long of wondering he woud spin around and launch three kunais into the sky these would act to flank him as there where three shuriken hidden in the shadow. As he smirked he would run towards him once he got on eye level he would attack with a Juuken Strike.
Keiji kept his eyes on the boy. They detected the hidden shuriken in the shadow. Keiji planted his feet on the rock and began to bend and dodge around all the incoming strikes, including the juuken strike. It was good to see that the boy was feeling better and more up for combat.
Keiji then drew a kunai and moved towards the boy aiming to slash at his arm before trying to kick him in the stomach. The dark pupils continued to watch the boy, mainly his white eyes. He was unsure what all they saw. They were such a contrast to his own.
Naoki would as he tried to enter the spin would be caught and hit as he is knocked off of his ground he woould quickly catch his feet and started to reaction by finding his core first. As he swayed he would be dodge the next attack with a swift motion as his leg was still out there he would take a quick stance smriking. "You're in range." is stated as he moved in and attacked his Eight Trigram Thirty Two Palms strike hoping to land at any of his wide range thirty two chakra points.
Keiji planted his legs and was about to duck forward but as he sees the fists come forward, he decides to bend his torso away and back from the strikes. Luckily he manages to come out unscathed. He does not care that his opponent spoke to him. This was still buisiness. So far his opponents were all good with taijutsu. Keiji focuses his chakra up a bit. It was time to test out some other moves.
Naoki would smirk as he jump back off the side of the cliff this time he would fall into the different type of formations behind him. Howver this move would help aid with stealth until he thought out a better plan of action for now Naoki would try and understand this mans weird jutsu style. He would slightly cut his leg on this reckless actions but it was alright for the most part nothing to serious.

Keiji was about to use some ninjutsu, but instead his opponent seems to vanish. Keiji loses track of him although he does not go running off and chasing after him. He had no buisiness with the boy now that he had no scroll. For the moment Keiji simply stands there. He looks side to side every so often.
Naoki would pull out a small bottle that he got from Sora not to long ago to help treat with cuts and things of that nature as he placed a little on he would smirk for a mometn and pull out more tools. As he started to build his chakra as he thought of a plan of action. "It appeared that his chakra can be used as means to greatly inrease his how tough he becomet hat being said a straight attack would become pointless as he sighed for amoment as he looked at all the tools he had left. "Wow ten kunais, six shrukien, three feet of wire and thumb tac." Sighing agani as he picked up the thumb tac and placed it into his mouth and held it in place with his teeth. "Alright I think its best to try the old misdrection technique as he moved around in the shadows he would use the tree free of wire to tie down a shuriken as though it was about to be loaded and fired as he moved to the other side he would have his shuriken ready, waiting for him to look towards the otehr side.
For a few moments Keiji just stands there. Then there are some hand signs before he presses a hand to the ground. He does not sense anything. Maybe the boy ran away. It was quite possible but unlikely. The boy had attacked him and showed no sign of fear. 'Either way, the worst possible move to make here is to stand right out in the open.' Keiji thought to himself. He then glanced about once more.
Naoki would smirk as he swar the seals and knew to stay still as he waited once more he would start back off this time tossing the shuriken form his direction towards him and as they flew two would knock one towards the wire as it him the spring loaded kunai would fly towards Keiji. As this happen Naoki would spite the thumb tac out of his mouth and sent that flying towards Keiji eye. It was small and a dark blue color he would hope from the angle that Keiji would have a hard time seeing it.

As the elaborate trap began to unfold, the sharp shinobi tools would slice into Keiji. Each one hit, then slowly Keiji began to fall apart into the dirt. It had been an earth clone. But now where was the real Keiji? Where had he been all along? Soon a hand reached up from the ground beneath the young Hyuga. The hand attempted to drag him down beneath the ground leaving only his head visible. This was the headhunter technique.
Appearing above the ground now, Keiji did some more hand seals. A set of spikes was then sent outwards towards Naoki. If the headhunter technique was successful, the spikes would be formed from the ground surrounding him. If the technique was not successful, the spikes would simply attack his feet.
Attacks would miss but it was in this moment he was already entering his spin knocking the real Keiji back as he regrouped he would sigh just watch him. "I tell ya, you're just one hard SOB to hit." Is stated as he notice the attack to late his feet would be caught in the jutsu. He would pull his feet from the spikes leaving a bloody trail behind him in shape of his foot as he dashed in an would enter into a spin, as he came out of the spin he would once again be in the stance from before as he lashed out and attack with the Thirty two palms again.
Keiji simply backed up as the boy came towards him. He did not respond to the verbal comments. Right now he was toying with the boy. He knew better than to but he could not help it. It was a chance for him to practice different strategies on a live opponent. The boy places his hands together and three clones rise from the ground. The clones rush forward towards the boy aiming to strike him. They were trying to mob the boy. Keiji himself simply stayed back. He was hard to hit, but this is what Naoki seemed to want.
Naoki would see all ranges of the clones and if it haven't been from lack of chakra he would have finished them off as he sighed he would allow the first one to him in and trip him up thus as he fell to the ground the other would be coming in as he dodged that one by pushing himself off the ground into another formation of rocks. (I have to escape from now…and he was just toying with me this time too…hmph jokes on him I now have gain insight to his fighting style.) Is thought to himself as he ran off charging just a little chakra incase he might come back again for another round.
Keiji had no intention of chasing the boy. Despite the easy battle being won, he knew better than to test his luck. He glances upwards and looks for a hole in the cavern's roof. They are easy to spot due to the light pouring in. "I better find a place for a nap." The boy then turned and walked off the opposite way of Naoki. Not bad for his third fight.

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