Verge of Darkness - Library's Destruction


Saki, Shuuren, Ryuusei

Date: September 2, 2016


The Order of Darkness attempts once more to inject Shuuren with a neurotoxin. This attempt is a bit more devious than the last…

"Verge of Darkness - Library's Destruction"

Land of Sea

For the past few … well, it's been a while, but suffice to say that the Order of Darkness is always active. Their members wish for the Crawler to return, and they are determined to use Shuuren as the medium. This time around, they've set up a rather peculiar trap to try and take down the Daimyo (or at least get one step closer to unleashing the horror of the Crawler upon the world), and it comes in the form of … A Library.
One of the Islands in the domain of the Land of Sea was suffering from small quakes for the past month. Not many people were too worried initially, but eventually the quakes got bigger and bigger. The foundation itself was becoming more and more unstable with each passing tremor of the earth, and this past earthquake was probably the worst it got thus far. The librarians were forced to close its doors, and they sent out a call for help to Shuuren out of fear that another quake would topple the building completely. The issue was not in evacuating people from the Library, at least. There are a number of scrolls that contain knowledge specifically meant for the Land of Sea, as well as a few more interesting/forbidden items of note. For various reasons, the scrolls need to be rescued, which is why Shuuren was requested to help out. Sure, they could have gone to any ninja village, but the Land of Tea was just closer to everything.
Right now, the group of folk Shuuren gathered to help out with this mission have just landed on the island known as <RANDOM ISLAND NAME> Island. The small village that helped out with the library was also affected by the earthquakes, but they're less worried about their homes because their homes are easier to escape from and didn't have a great deal of valuable things within them that couldn't be saved. Also, the roofs weren't going to crush them to death. Perks of island life and being able to be simple in housing construction? Perhaps. So we shouldn't pay much attention to them!
ANYWAY, a woman is at the docks when Shuuren lands, prepared to explain the situation and point them all to the library.

For once a problem a place is having seems mostly natural. The Storm Brigade tends to use things that look like storms, so earthquakes aren't much on their agenda. Of course, there ARE others who could pull off such things, but the priority is on performing the rescue. If this is a nefarious act rather than something natural, that will have to be deal with that bridge is crossed.
While Saki is improving on her nautical skills, this is an emergency of sorts, so Shuuren felt it best he be at the helm for the journey to the place and his assistant could be the one to drive the ship back home for practice. Adorned in his usual suit, the Daimyo stands behind the wheel as the ship pulls up to the island's dock. A set of clones quickly tie the ship off and make certain it's secure before vanishing into thin air.
Once the ship is set, the Daimyo turns and walks down the ramp to where the woman awaits them at the dock. He offers her a light bow of his head as he approaches. "I am Nagamura Shuuren. I understand you are experiencing some difficulties with your library due to tremors?" he asks, peering around before looking back to her. He is a pleasant as possible, but this doesn't seem like an occassion on which he can delay with much small-talk.

Ryuusei finds this goal laudible. More information to be transferred and kept safe by the Land of Tea, likely permanently. If she knew Shuuren, she knew he'd be making copies. She arrives with her seastone fashioned like a western estoc buried within her leather-bound scabbard, resting her hand upon it's pommel as her hand slips behind her back, following the Daimyo closely behind. She keeps quiet while the Daimyo speaks, standing straight and tall. Being a guard requires restraint, even if it is terribly boring not speaking until spoken to.

Saki would sort of mill around the ship up until when they landed. She was really a bit anxious about this mission. The destruction of knowledge is a terrible thing! So she was eager to help out with this. Saki had her sword at her side, a memento of her father, and she would follow after Shuuren when they finally landed. Her green eyes shone with worry as she waited for the show to get on the road.
The woman at the dock offers a small bow to Shuuren. "I am Horuzaki Mishima. And yes, we're worried that there might be another earthquake. We looked over the building, or hired some contractors, and they said if something like the last quake came through, the library is likely to collapse. We have a number of materials that need to be saved. Some of the more important materials are in the far back. You don't need to worry so much about items near the front," she informs, even as she starts walking towards the Library. She would give Shuuren a verbal layout of the library as they moved, eventually stopping before the one-story concrete building. Said concrete bore a number of cracks, especially in some of the supporting pillars.

Shuuren is certain his guards are up to the task here. Really, their jobs in this sort of mission are going to be incredibly tedious, but they are necessary all the same. Listening to as they woman details out the situation and the layout of the building, the Daimyo would nod once in a while simply to show he's listening as they move along.
As the finally reach the building, he looks up at it and examines it for a moment. This place really can't take much more… perhaps he should've come as another persona that he could more freely use certain jutsu as to preserve the structure of the building more securely until they are done gathering all the information. It would probably help if he could've brought Michiko along since sensing through the earth is one of her major talents and she could detect a coming quake, but he will manage all the same.
"We'll get everything taken care of," he assures the woman with a nod before approaching the library and beginning to step inside. "Saki, Ryuusei," he says to get their attention as he moves. "I need you both to bring me the materials in the groups as they are as swiftly as you can with the help of my clones. As you bring me things, I'll seal them away in scrolls." With that he would bring his hands into a seal, creating three Shadow Clones that would begin to get to work immediately, assuming there is nothing preventing them from doing such.

Ryuusei was of a different feather than Saki. Perhaps it was because she was overwhelmed by knowledge that she has decided that some level of ignorance is bliss. Either way, she would stand by his side as the woman spoke. Horuzaki… Hozuraki… Hozukari…. Hozukira… Remove the ra, and you get Hozuki! No, don't worry, Ryuusei wasn't actually clever enough to pick a pattern like that up. "Ah! I had a feeling it was going to be simple like this. Gladly, Daimyo-sama." Ryuusei would close her eyes and smile as she nodded her head. She would follow a shadow-clone towards the proper location to begin gathering the scrolls. "Saki-san! Let's get started…" she stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Follow." she almost ordered.

Saki would nod a bit to Shuuren, snapping at attention when called upon. "Hai!" she says quickly, moving … Umm… Apparently following Ryuusei. "H… Hai…" she says, making her way after the Takaha. Saki would make her way into the library with the clones and Ryuusei, only to be forced to pause at the entrance. There was a /lot/ of books and scrolls. Not as much as the one Jade Tower that they had discovered what felt like ages ago, but … It was certainly expansive. The shelves reached the ceilings and were put in organized rows. The ones closer to the entrance were a bit more scattered to form a sitting area for those who would like to take some time from their day to study the contents of the building. There was probably a half a mile's worth of shelving that extended back towards the end of the building (though there were a few gaps every now and then so people didn't have to return to the entrance when they wanted to change rows). The far far back was where the more important materials were stored. The door was, naturally, labeled 'RESTRICTED' in big red letters/kanji/kana.

Luckily Shuuren's clones have his speed. Even Saki would have an extremely tough time keeping their pace as they begin to empty shelves and bring their contents to the original. They begin, of course, at the back where the more important documents are. Shuuren himself reaches into his coat and pulls out a scroll that he opens to reveal a larger scroll, which he opens to reveal a huge stack of empty scroll. He begins to open each of them out so they can be used to store the materials as they are brought.
One of the clones, however, decides it should be the one to check out the Restricted section since clones are pretty expendable and any dangers would be relayed back to the original if anything should happen to it. The clone would move toward that section, easing the door open and then moving its way inside to check things out and see what this library might have that is so dangerous or top secret to be labeled Restricted. Of course, they wanted him to get all the contents anyway, so going in there would be inevitable.

Ryuusei will continue to act as just a simple laborer though admittedly even with the ability to dash using chakra she is still rather behind Saki and Shuuren in levels of speed. Perhaps that is why she saw the Daimyo move into the restricted section, and why instead of following the main group that she attempted to follow him inside of said section instead. She kept silent, not asking why the Daimyo decided to move this way. It didn't matter. Clearly, when something says restricted, he is a Daimyo and thus does not have to abide by that law clearly. Which means by association as a bodyguard…
Ryuusei's blade leaves her scabbard as she prepares herself to use it. If the Daimyo must bloody his hands to look up secret knowledge, it would be best if it was his 'left hand'. Figuratively. It would be better for her to take the fall!

As Shuuren makes his way into the Restricted area (or a clone), he would discover it was only rigged with an alarm that went off at the front desk. No one was going to chase after him, though, and the alarm had been disabled because the librarians knew it would get cleared out. Anyway, actually inside the room happened to be very little. But what there was happened to be records that detailed some of the more darker secrets within the Land's history. Shady dealings that the leader might have been a part of, and they might even be used for blackmail on occasion. Gasp! But perhaps the most interesting thing of all in this room is a door in the back that was decorated much like the door that allowed entrance into the Jade Tower. There were serpentine figures sculpted upon it, and there was also a snake's head with a spike within its maw to allow for others to access the room. Odd… The Jade Scholars' influence apparently extended this far as well?
Saki would continue to help the clones clear out the back area, bringing books and scrolls out to Shuuren in a rather tall stack that showed just how much muscle she had. It was hard to tell that she worked out that much given her frame and the fact that she never really fought all that often. She was also generally a bit clumsy… But today she seems to be working hard at rescuing the library stuffs and is not tripping and dropping things all over! Yay!

Very interesting things indeed. The clone blinks several times then would go about grabbing some things before returning to the original. It slips over to him and whispers to him before taking his place doing the scroll work as Shuuren himself would head into the restricted room to get a closer look at the door.
"… This again," he comments with a quirk of an eyebrow as he studies the door over. "The designer of these was either masochistic or had a fairly morbid sense of humor at making her kin repeatedly cut themselves to get through doors," he comments with a smirk before he would reach out to draw his palm upon the blade to offer it his blood so that he might see what lies on the other side of this door.

Just within the area where the Shuuren clone had entered, she remained quiet. Surely Shuuren know she was present. Surely there were measures currently in place with the girl that allowed him to know her location at any point and time. At the very least, a measure buried into her neck and covered with a scarf. She spied what Shuuren had as well, another trace of the Jade Scholars. A group of people who expressed their interest in the freedom of information, and expressed a disinterest in the creation of the shinobi villages. Perhaps along the same lines of distaste as the Storm Brigade views the hidden village system.
Ryuusei stepped in, looking side to side as she relied on a relatively non-shinobi level of perception. 'Daimyo-sama'. She whispered as she approached. 'That is… the same as at the tower. You're not thinking of…' Oh yes, he was. He impaled his hand and offered his chakra as a feast to the serpent. Ryuusei narrowed her eyes and looked away as to not witness him bleeding.

When Shuuren impales his hand upon the blade, he would feel the same effects as he had the previous time: a draining of chakra and (obviously) the effects of the wound itself. As chakra was gifted to the snake, though, it would suddenly snap its jaws shut upon Shuuren's hand. Upon that spike, the Order of Darkness members had coated it with that same toxin that they've been trying to inject in him the countless times before. It was also on the 'fangs' of the fake serpent that just shut its maw upon Shuuren's hand, which means that hopefully(?) the Daimyo would have more of the neurotoxin in his system. Hopefully. Of course, just impaling himself upon that spike sent it into his bloodstream… It's just that the snake itself was a way to quicken the process.
Saki is being a terrible bodyguard right about now, as she doesn't quite realize any of this is happening in the restricted section. She would continue moving books and scrolls around, trying to rescue as many objects as she could before an earthquake sent the place crumbling down.

The draining Shuuren expected. In fact he seems prepared for the grogginess that comes along with it. The extra sting, however, is not noticed until it is too late and the snake has clamped down upon his hand, and he falls to his knees before the door as the poison begins to course its way through his system. "… Sh…" Did the silver-tongued, gentle-speaking Daimyo almost curse?
"Ryuusei, Saki! Be on guard! My enemies are here!" he calls out as he tries to figure out a way to get out of this without letting the poison course through his veins too much. He could break the mechanism, but that risks some other trap setting off when he breaks the door in the process that could wipe out all the knowledge that he was brought to rescue.
If his calling out weren't enough to alert Saki and Ryuusei, the vanishing of his Shadow Clones would prove pretty well that he is actually hurt and has been poisoned with something dangerous enough to even affect him much like on the other missions where he had been affected.

It couldn't have been the order that crafted this. The Jade Scholars and the Order of Darkness are two different entities! As far as she was concerned anyways. Ryuusei was there when the snake bit down, and she would dash forward and bring her blade down into the snake to break it from the mechanism of the door. Knowledge behind it be damned, the Daimyo was at risk. "Lord Shuuren!" Ryuusei said with some level of surprise as she turns in place and aims her blade towards the darkness, watching for activity and covering Shuuren from a single avenue of attack. As she twists her blade, light glinting against it, she begins to focus her chakra. "This time…" This time she will not be so useless. This time she will cover the Daimyo's weaknesses, instead of being one.

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DASH-STEP…44
COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with ARC-SLASH with a roll of: 32
COMBAT: Ryuusei focuses 3926 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…30

When Shuuren's clones all seem to poof into nothingness, that's when Saki realizes that something is wrong. She would dash back into the building quickly, making her way to the way back. Of course, she doesn't exactly see Shuuren right away, but she does see the open door that was marked with big red letters. RESTRICTED Gee, wonder where that leads to… Probably Shuuren. She would make her way to try and slip inside, but just as she did, the ground started to quake. It was a powerful quake that seemed to shake the entire building, causing parts of it to crumble away. Notably: the ceiling is starting to come down D: So far, though, the Order doesn't seem to have appeared. Yet. They're probably waiting for a good time to strike that doesn't make things obvious. z.z;

[NPC System]: Ceiling roll(s) Falling on You! :O (Shuuren) from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Ceiling roll(s) Falling on You! :O (Ryuusei) from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Ceiling roll(s) Falling on You! :O (Saki) from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Saki
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a DODGE…21
RPCOMBAT: Saki took 250 damage.

Saki doesn't actually realize that the ceiling would come down on her. Sure, she noticed the building was slowly breaking apart, but it was kinda dark back here, and she didn't see this giant chunk of building falling right on top of her until it was a bit too late. She tried to avoid it, but … Well… She got hit in the shoulder, and that really hurt x.x; "Itai…" she mutters, rubbing where she got hit before she's forced to examine where that restricted door was. Blocked by the very 'boulder' she got hit with. Of course :|

Shuuren doesn't flinch much as the ceiling starts to come down, especially as he sees Ryuusei rushing in to assist. While she doesn't manage to pry the snake's maw open, she does at least keep the falling bits of concrete, plaster, and such from hitting him. "Arigato, Ryuusei…"
Still, there's a pretty big problem of his arm being trapped with his hand impale inside a giant mechanism. Even with his many modifications, there really isn't a good way to break his hand free without causing more damage to it. That would end up pushing more of the poison into his system as well as causing more damage to his nerves and bones.
And so the decision is made. "Don't freak out," he says to Ryuusei and Saki before he moves his hand, which glows with a chakra blade as he swings it to lop his own arm off clean just below the elbow. There would be a distinct spray of blood from his arm as he frees himself from his bonds in a rather painful and gruesome way.

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT…36
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei counters with WAVE-BREAKER…43
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei took 500 damage.

Ryuusei's blade cut into the snake's body, but it was not enough to break stone. What was worse was that something was strong enough to break stone, and it shook the ground with great power. Enough that the ceiling cracked and broke a large piece off. With Shuuren still busy, she had to step up. She takes a deep breath and focuses her body and soul. In short order she would slash her blade above Shuuren's head, leaving a trail of water that remained solid. Solid enough that the falling ceiling is held back, sliding off towards Ryuusei whom attempts to split it with a blade whose cutting power was increased by jetted water. It scoured the rock, but unfortunately Ryuusei was struck and was pressed into the ground.
On the ground her body quivvered as she felt a fair amount of pain, only to see that her left arm was buried beneath a rock that she hadn't the strength to remove. "Daimyo-sama… It's…" She grunts, as she witnesses Shuuren cut his arm off. The blood must have spattered lightly upon her, because the shock was incredible. Her eyes were widened as far as they could go, pupils growing smaller as the shock caused her to quivver…
Perhaps that partially awakened the seal placed upon her neck, because in the midst of the shock and pain, it began to spread with it's own sort of violent pain… Yet, after the shock subsided… Ryuusei struggled to get out of the rock, and it seemed as if she had been given a fair amount of extra strength to do so. She lifted the rock just enough to slip her arm out. Yet, she was also grasping it tightly… Clarity was not visiting her now. The seal's spread was something she was not used to….

RP: Ryuusei transforms into CURSED-SEAL-OF-THE-DEEP-I.
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Ryuusei from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Ryuusei from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Shuuren from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Shuuren from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Saki from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 42. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu! vs. Saki from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Saki
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…39
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a LEAF-SWIFT-EVASION…29
RPCOMBAT: Saki took 600 damage.

Naturally, to make things worse, a few people would surface from the ground. Creepy. … They all wore masks, per their hirer's request. Dark masks that wouldn't really reveal any identities. They seemed to be able to use ninjutsu, too, as flames, water, earth, lightning, and wind would randomly seem to shoot out from the people who just suddenly showed up, all of it aiming at the three who were unlucky enough to be stuck in this library. It may or may not be the case that the Order of Darkness set all of this up. EVEN THE EARTHQUAKES :O :O :O
Saki is really unlucky today. Someone just randomly appeared in front of her and shot a bolt of fire in her direction. She got dazzled by the sudden light, and she was still reeling from the fact that she was cut off from both Shuuren and Ryuusei before she even realized that she should probab- OW. "Dang it…" she would curse again, patting a few flames from her outfit and drawing her sword from her side. It was kind of hard to see in this darkness, too… Maybe someday she should have Shuuren give her night vision -_-;; Cuz right now she can't actually attack someone that is 'invisible'.

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a BODY-FLICKER-II…62
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren counters with BODY-FLICKER-II…43
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with BODY-FLICKER-II with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with BODY-FLICKER-II with a roll of: 61
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Advanced Random Jutsu vs Shuuren (43) from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Advanced Random Jutsu vs Shuuren (61) from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Advanced Random Jutsu vs Shuuren (61) from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Saki

Well, it seems Ryuusei's going to test the jutsu Shuuren granted her… wittingly or not. The Daimyo lifts an eyebrow faintly, but there's not much time to comment as these people start to pop up. "…. It seems there are enemies to take out your anger on, Ryuusei," he comments with a smirk, seeming to completely ignore whatever pain he's feeling as he uses what remains of the sleeve of his coat to bind up the open wound from his missing forearm.
Just as the jutsu start to come, it becomes apparent now that the Daimyo isn't much less dangerous, if any less, when missing an appendage. He vanishes before he can even be touched, appearing directly beside one of the bandits attacking to counter by driving a fist directly to his jaw with thunderous force. He wastes no time in flickering again to drive a fierce knee to another's face and then a kick at another.

RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DASH-STEP…40
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei defends against with a DASH-STEP…31
RPCOMBAT: Ryuusei took 300 damage.

Ryuusei managed to use chakra-guided movement to side-step a rock that seemed to come her way, even though the cursed seal bit into her neck further, causing a bolt of electricity to strike her in the center, bringing her to one knee for a moment. Before they prepared their next volley, however Ryuusei stood up and brought her blade vertically to her face. The dark figures' silloutte could be seen, so she knew who needed to be struck. She attacked multiple people, using the same solidified water phases she had used to block the boulder that dropped upon Shuuren. Dashing out, she would strike one individual with a wide arc, yet as she did she left behind a wide arc of water. The water itself seemed to fragment, before chakra guided the solid blades of liquid against the cloaked enemies in a swift barrage.

COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 1 with DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT with a roll of: 44
COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 2 with DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT with a roll of: 44
COMBAT: Ryuusei attacks target 3 with DANCE-OF-THE-CRESCENT with a roll of: 45
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu vs. Ryuusei (44) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu vs. Ryuusei (44) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandits roll(s) Random Jutsu vs. Ryuusei (45) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Saki

The very skilled bandits (considering bandits…) were actually not very skilled in the face of the Daimyo. Even if he had only one arm to use, they all seemed to fall thanks to a mix of his non-taijutsu and Ryuusei's water-blasts from her rather unique sword. They actually ended up retreating, figuring that their job was done and they were beat up enough. Grumble grumble… They didn't get paid enough :|
The one outside the Restricted room that was fighting Saki seemed to be enjoying himself, actually. He managed to catch a glimpse of who he was fighting, of course, thanks to his fire jutsu and he was just sorta focusing on taunting her for the time being, as he realized that she couldn't see him at all. So there was a quick burst of flame to light the room before he would pelt her with more fireballs. It was an annoying tactic, though it seemed to be working well for him.

[NPC System]: Skilled Bandit roll(s) Fire Jutsu vs. Saki from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandit roll(s) Fire Jutsu vs. Saki from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Saki
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a DODGE…22
RP: Saki transforms into BATTLE-LUST.
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a DODGE…34
RPCOMBAT: Saki took 300 damage.
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…32

Saki would squeak a bit, ending up getting a little burnt because she couldn't avoid the initial attack. It was … a joke of an attack, really, and she was surprised she couldn't even avoid it… But whatever :| The girl was sick of being used as a target, so she actually ended up having a bit of chakra surge through her limbs as she avoided the second strike, though just that small usage of chakra was hard on her. She should get that network of hers fixed… She would scan the room, relying on senses other than her eyesight to try and figure out where the flame-user was, and then she would strike out with her sword to try and hit what looked to be him. …

COMBAT: Saki attacks target 1 with ARC-SLASH with a roll of: 31
COMBAT: Saki attacks target 1 with ARC-SLASH with a roll of: 45
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandit roll(s) Flame Dash vs. Saki (31) from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Skilled Bandit roll(s) Flame Dash vs. Saki (45) from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Saki
COMBAT: Shuuren heals Shuuren for 2301 with BODY SHEDDING.

With the bandits on the run, Shuuren is at last able to take a moment to get himself back in decent shape. He'd like to capture all of them for questioning, but there are more important matters to attend to right now… like not bleeding out or succumbing fully to poison.
In what would be pretty scary to watch for a moment if one looked his way, Shuuren tilts his head back and opens his mouth, and it opens wide enough that it literally becomes like shedding skin and a new, completely whole Daimyo steps out of said skin. Even his suit is in tact and completely spotless. It's as if his injuries never happened in the first place. "Much better," he says as he looks down at his hand, which is there again somehow while yet somehow still being under a pile of rocks inside that door mechanism. Can he grow a new one just like that? Of course now he must let himself rest a moment before the next step. He almost looks like he has a migraine or something, but it is likely the work of the toxin that has had plenty of time to course through his veins by now, especially since he had to take time to fight and used at least one high level jutsu to sever his arm and free himself from the jaws of the mechanical snake.

The bandits seemed to depart. Great! Ryuusei had finally managed to… Assist slightly. That brought her a fair amount of happiness, even as the cursed seal radiates outward around her neck, even appearing on her face somewhat… Unacclimated to the feeling of a different chakra in her network, she only seemed to be able to turn around and make sure the Daimyo was alright. "Yukata…" She says as she brings her hand to her chest and closes her eyes a moment. Things seemed to be rather safe now, and… In short order… Ryuusei would collapse against a nearby wall and close her eyes, almost partially asleep and struggling to stay awake.

Saki managed to hit the fire user once, but then it was all over. The fire-user basically disappeared after being hit. *FROWN* But it is what it is, apparently… The small group would, if they could, be able to continue evacuating the various books and scrolls from the Library without any further incident. If questioned, the librarian would not be able to explain the odd door in the back that was shaped with serpents upon it. She had 'never seen it before in her life, nor heard of it prior to now'. A mystery that was likely crafted by the Order of Darkness… Maybe someday Shuuren would learn about it more! Of course, if he chose to inspect it then, he would discover the 'door' was not a door at all. It was merely the wall sculpted into what he assumed was a door. How deceiving :|

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