Verge of Darkness - Researching the Curse


Shuuren, Roku

Date: February 21, 2016


Roku comes to check on Shuuren down in a lab where he's been doing some research for some days now.

"Verge of Darkness - Researching the Curse"

Secret Passageway

Late in the night, Shuuren has found himself still in a lab under the palace doing work. By now he's probably lost track of exactly how long he's been down here, having been testing and analyzing the blood he collected from the monk before and after his transformation for quite some time now. Of course, given the drugs the monk had to be injected with for it to work, there's more work to do separating out what's unique from what is usual and what is simply particles from what the man was injected with.
After looking through his microscope, the Daimyo looks back to a scroll and starts making notes. Interestingly enough they seem to be in code for a code he doesn't have to look at to know, but it keeps absolutely anyone else from knowing what he's writing about, the same practice he does with his medical charts.

Its been long enough that Roku has to come down to check on the Daimyo since Shuuren has locked himself in. And it shows a bit given that she hasn't been in her cell..for several days. The woman knocks on the door, and then walks in. She places a cup down, and then pours some tea.
Roku doesn't say anything. She adjusts her glasses, but doesn't bother to read Shuuren's notes. Its in code, and she knows she can't read it. She blinks a few times though. "Master? Does this involve that new project that you said could cure my…chakra poisoning?"

As the cup is set down, Shuuren looks up to Roku and smiles in thanks. At her question, he looks back to his notes and says, "Not quite. This is something that will add extra power to what you have as well as allow us to communicate a bit better for combat strategy and such, though it will add that extra power without drawing it from the power given by the star." He picks up the cup she poured for him then, taking a few long sips. "I've got the concept of how it works, but I've got to figure out the recipe for replicating it."

Roku looks at Shuuren a long moment. "Well, why note just get it from the source?", she asks. "Instead of trying to copy it?", she says. The woman adjusts her glasses once more. Roku smiles slightly. "But how does it help with my style solely involves using the power of the Star?", she asks. "I mean, Are you talking about me using….my body?", she asks. THere's a blush there…

Taking another sip of his tea, Shuuren smirks a bit at the woman's words as he puts it down. "That's not quite how this works. It's not something I can fully explain to you right now, but, trust me, it'll be a nice power boost for you. It's actually something I'm working on that my newest archenemies now that the yakuza I was fighting are gone use, a rather interesting concept, but a dangerous one. I'll have to practice it on some other subjects before I test it on anyone I particularly want to keep around. If you're not prepared, it'll kill you."

Roku looks at Shuuren a long moment. "I'm dead anyways. What do I have to fear from Death?", the woman asks. She takes a moment, and looks at Shuuren a long moment. Its clear that there's a bit of tension from her, but she withstands it. "Let us not kid ourselves. You do not let me go on many combat missions cause the more I use the Star, the closer to death I become."

"Without me you would've died a long time ago. That's true, but I plan to slowly make you able to withstand it more and more," Shuuren says, nodding to Roku before he takes another sip of his tea. "And there's no sense in poking death with a stick until I've tested it out on subjects that are disposable like the mercenaries that were working with that monk and helped him annihilate an entire village just to try and get to me."

Roku nods her head a bit. She takes a deep breath for a moment. "So…you're saying that I'm not disposable?", she asks. The woman kinda eyes him a moment.

"You have more value than trash like them," Shuuren replies, smirking at the woman again as he takes another sip of the tea to finish it off. He then looks back to his microscope, exchanging slides out and then looking into it as he adjusts the lenses a bit. Through this he's able to confirm some earlier theories, that the seal apparently creates a certain foreign enzyme in the body. This is likely what allows its bearer to passively gather natural energy and keep it in enough focus that it doesn't kill the user, at least not instantly like the chakra alone normally would. "If you were utterly disposable, I'd let you rot in your cell instead of allowing you the type of freedom I have to begin creating your own life."

Roku stands off to the side. She stays silent as she watches Shuuren do his work. She does bring a sandwich to Shuuren.

Shuuren continues to study for a while longer. When Roku brings the sandwich, he smiles up at her again and eats it. He pours himself another glass of tea and sips from it again before making some more notes on the scroll. "I may need to go directly study the subject a bit more to fully understand how this works, but I think I'm pretty close," he says before finally standing up and stretching a bit.

Roku nods her head a little bit. "Is the subject here, or should I make arrangements for transportation?", she ask. THe woman stands there, watching Shuuren a bit as she adjusts her outfit.

"He's locked up in a cell being tubefed," Shuuren explains as he turns to grab his scroll, rolling it up and fastening its binding before stuffing it in the pocket of his coat. He steps out of the lab then, waiting for her to exit before he closes and locks the door. Once that's done, he steps down the hall to a section of cells that is not nearly as pleasant as the one Roku stays in. The one he opens has a bald monk laying in it strapped to a bed and being fed by a tube just like the Daimyo said. "There's nothing to worry about. He can't even move his mouth or jaw, much less his arms or legs, right now."

Roku nods her head a bit. The woman stays behind Shuuren, making sure that Shuuren is between her and the monk. "If its all the same, I'd like to be behind you.", she says. The woman bites her lip a little bit as she watches the monk.

"You can wait outside if you like," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders. The monk does give them a rather devious look, but really there's not much he can do other than make his attempts at taunting them right now. The Daimyo is focused. He steps over and places a hand directly on the seal, closing his eyes as he runs a diagnostic jutsu and uses his sensory ability to try and pick apart exactly how this seal works.

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