Fallen Skies - Village Trouble


Miyo (emitter), Hinotori, Satomi

Date: March 14, 2013


After splitting up, Hinotori and Satomi ended up in the village of Chibaki where they continue the search for information on the meteorites, however, things get complicated as Hinotori gets involved in what appears to be a racketeering operation with surprisingly good intentions and Satomi tussles with some hunters who want to see a little skin in exchange for information.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fallen Skies - Village Trouble"

Land of Fire – Village of Chibaki

The group had split between Masashi, Ataru, and Soren, and the second group, Satomi and Hinotori who would be investigating the village of Chibaki. It had not taken the two long to arrive at the outskirts of the village, nor to get a good look at what they might find, as they were on a hill. Chibaki is small, consisting only of fifteen noteworthy structures, one of which appears to be an inn, another a blacksmith and craft shop, a general store, and a small restaurant. The rest are the homes of villagers or shopkeepers.

The village itself is populated by a rather sizeable amount of people, far more than one might expect for such a small town. It appeared that many of the outlying farmers and hunters had decided to come into town today, perhaps because of the meteorites that had fallen into the countryside the day before. If so, asking around for information might be easier than initially thought.

Satomi puffs out some stress while forming a couple of seals with her fingers: "Best not to walk in there dressed as nin." She says, her transformation jutsu transforming her into a common-wealth inhabitant of any generic village.

"Let’s change our appearance, listen in… try the restaurant or sake-bar in town. Most rumors should be there. Zero in on what we need to know, so keep your ears open." She thinks out loud, it's as if speaking to herself. She checks out her transformation a final time before headed down the hill.

Mingling with the visitors specifically, keeping her ears open. Making sure Hinotori keeps up, not really paying attention to him too much, it wasn't like a jounin would get her in trouble, nor did she expect any either. Slowly joining the stroll amongst the more travel-ish looking visitors, headed for the bar, while keeping her ears peeled for groups specifically endeared about the meteor. Rather listening to tone instead of contents.

It's been a pretty nice walk actually, Hinotori hadn't really been worried about not finding anything. But seeing as Satomi has created a few of the devices that would help both groups be able to find the meteorites due to the magnetic composition or properties. As they near Chibaki, he smiles a little bit, "Well seems like there is a lot going on." he smiles a bit.

Looking over to Satomi as she commented about blending in, quirking a brow a bit. Thinking on it then nodding his head a bit, "Pretty smart." he tells her. But then bringing his hands together, he was able to mimic the seals and "Henge." he says changing his appearance to look like a villager. Grinning a bit, "Sure, we can always ask about town and see what’s going on, but keep your magnet ready just in case we do find some that others may have missed." he tells her.

Having entered the village, the two would find various happenings that might be of interest, as well as people who might be better to ask than some. The most noticeable ongoing scene is a man, an apparent farmer by the looks of things, as well as his daughter, being harassed by five men who were nothing more than thugs and gangsters. The farmer and his daughter were clearly in some trouble, especially once one of the thugs grabbed the daughter’s arm and drug her over to him. She struggled, and the father attempted to get her back but was merely punched hard enough to knock him to the ground senseless before two of the thugs carried the daughter away. However, the man was not in the clear yet, as the three remaining thugs decided to kick him a few more times before they began yelling at him again.

Another scene of interest would be a set of hunters, just entering the opposite end of the village. They were armed for their task and carrying a variety of pelts and supplies, and as men of the forest, they would likely know if anything strange had occurred. They had decided to take up residence at the restaurant.

The owner of the general store had apparently gotten a rather rowdy customer, as he had decided to throw a scruffy-looking man out into the street and shoo him away with a nice, new pitchfork. The scruffy-man ran off, only after having gathered up a burlap sack he had with him. Perhaps he was a thief or some such, but the general store manager might know of anyone trying to sell the meteorites in town, so he might be a good guy to ask.

"Let’s split up…" Satomi says while headed straight for the restaurant. Failing to notice the commotion going on in town. Instead her eyes fall on the hunters while she lifts up her make-shift compass. Trying to determine if there's a small piece of meteorite close. She's look at whatever direction her device points. If it's into the restaurant to the hunters she'd head there, if somewhere else then obviously there.

Curiously gauging where she's to go. If the thing turns and twists all over the place she simply continues her walk to the restaurant, smiling and nodding at everyone once she enters, sitting down next to the smallest of the set of hunters, ordering a tea.

The village is bustling but as Hinotori walks along with Satomi, he was hoping things weren't going to be bad, because when such things like this happened, dumb things can happen. The village small but the number of people here is a bit startling. Taking in everything was seeing Hinotori looks over to Satomi as she speaks about splitting up, the most immediate issue was a group of thugs who is taking a girl away from her father, and now there are hunters coming into town. "Don't act rashly, I will take care of this." he says as he turns to look at Satomi who is already gone. Seeing where the girl went, he shook his head, "She better not do anything dumb." he says. Right now he wasn't going to allow the two thugs to take teh girl. "Hey, who's your friend." he says speaking to the girl.

Smiling a bit to hold her gaze and giving a knowing look to her showing that he is going to try to help. "Wait, what’s going on, why do you have my cousin?" he asks the two thugs.

The restaurant is packed with patrons, and so it takes Satomi a while to get her tea. However, despite her hopes that the hunters would be talking about meteorites, they seemed more interested in getting absolutely plastered and talking about their hunt, though there were mentions of suspicious things falling from the skies, if they knew any sort of information as to specific locations, they were not freely divulging it at this point, that or they all already knew and had no reason to speak of it

Hinotori’s decision to go after the girl, as well as his attempt at disguising his identity as a cousin, didn’t seem to go over that well for him. “Bugger off, son, this isn’t any of your business. She doesn’t have any cousins so don’t be a hero or her old man will get a nice, red smile, ya see?” The thug that spoke points back to the girl’s father who has been drug to his feet and had a knife to his throat, warning Hinotori that he should just leave well enough alone. “Now move along and no one gets hurt. A man has to learn to pay his debt.”

Satomi sighs while drinking her tea, glancing at her compass one final time, holding it somewhat close to the hunter next to her. "You guys hunting?" She asks as innocently as she can, drinking some of the tea she's got in front of her. She sends them a defusing smile of someone who's attracted to them rather than curious to divulge information. Using deception that's so very familiar to her. "I'm sorry, I saw your equipment and couldn't help but wonder!" She puts the compass down on the table next to her tea, turning her chair to the group a little.

She leans forward, flashing some of her cleavage while tactfully pickpocketing the hunter right next to her, slipping his coin-pouch into the pocket of a gigantic patron walking past quickly, before he'd even notice she did something, smiling again innocently. Always love having insurance policies!

Well he did find himself in a hairy situation but still kidnapping isn't happening, not here or there. Keeping up his smile and slowly moving aside from the guys. His one hand hidden slightly behind him, sighing a little bit, "What is the debt the man has?" he asks looking to the thug, "IF I can help pay that debt would you be willing to let them go?" he asks. Hinotori takes a good look at both men, then the ones that is holding the girl’s father, a flash of red hidden behind his eyes, but he controlled himself, he would help by not fighting if he could help it.

As Satomi attempts to seduce her way into the hunter's company, she finds her that her attempt at pick pocketing the hunter goes slightly awry when the very same hunter decides to take advantage of the rather sultry girl speaking to him and takes a nice feel of both of her breasts. "Ya, we've been out hunting for a while now. It's nice to see the local company has improved." Another comments as he throws back some more alcohol.

"Son, this isn't your problem. The girl is coming with us. We have no intention of harming her or whatever you think we might do. That man has got to learn his lesson. He practically owes us his entire farm, but the boss is just lettin' him go with twenty percent of his harvest this year. He says he can't pay because something happened. Well, the boss says we take his daughter and make him pay." One of the thugs informs Hinotori. "Just back off, we don't need to start causing trouble with people who don't need it."

Satomi drops the wallet when she gets groped, her eyes widening, smaking his hand off her breast with her left hand, about to reach for a kunai with her right, stopping at the last moment, sighing deeply. "Oh you think I'm pretty?" She asks him, promissing herself she'll slit his throat if he tries doing anything again. Strangly enough she's somewhat flattered by his comment, which is weird because usually she couldn't care less!

She leans back on her chair, folding her legs while glancing at the group. "Wait were you guys outside when those loud explosions went down? I thought I saw something falling out of the sky!" She says, widening her eyes while pretending to just be a dumb bimbo. "Oh I'd kill to meet a tough man who'd be brave enough to check out what those were! Any of you saw anything?" She asks, making sure to stay out of groping range, smiling warmly at the company.

Processing the information, "Well find something else or allow me to pay what the twenty percent is at least, don't take his daughter away from him. Splitting up a family isn't good and I dont' think she would like that nor he." he tells the thug. "You seem to have sense, if he came to your boss for help and couldn't pay, even your boss will see that he's having a hard time right now, and by taking his daughter will just ruin it even more for the man." he states.

Satomi puffs out a sigh, while glancing at him, smirking as she makes a couple of seals, mingling her shadow with the customer behind the person behind the groper, nonchalantly leaning back and smacking air, the man she shadow-imitationed doing the same, only bashing one of the hunters on the head, Satomi quickly reacting, letting the jutsu go and instead pulling out a kunai at a surprising speed, holding it to the throat of the groper. "A word or a flinch and they'll still be cleaning your blood off the floor."

She grabs him by the hair and quickly drags him back through the commotion, hoping it would turn into a barfight, pointing past the hunters should one spot her. "That man stole your coins!" She says, pointing at the big thug who actually did hold one of their pouches! She tries dragging the hunter out of the inn, pushing the kunai deeply enough into his flesh to pierce a bit of skin, drawing blood, hoping he understands she's … really quite serious.

Having a mission to complete, Hinotori looked to the men, then the girl, then back to her father. His eyes narrowed slightly at the man, he didn't like the fact taht the man has done this to his family. "Will she be ok and no trouble or pimping her out will be done?" Hinotori asks, his eyes looking to the thug he is talking to and those honey colored irises seem to darken menacingly. Hinotori didn't like this, but if he is given reassurance that the girl will be ok then he will back off.

Surprisingly, a barfight did not erupt so much as the hunters surrounded the man while Satomi drug the other one off and into the street. However, contrary to her plan, the rest of them soon join them in the street. The big hunter that she had a hold of grinned at her. "Girl, you're not making this easy on us. You're not just some village girl are ya? You're one of them shinobi with your tricks and stuff. Too strong for anything else."

The others began circling around her, cracking knuckles and brandishing knives and such. "You can let him go and do as we ask, get the information you want, and be on your way, or you can choose to continue like this, fight us, probably get injured and maybe take a few lives along with it, and then be in trouble with everyone in the area. I suppose you could also just leave and not learn about what you want, but without our help, you won't be finding anything." One of the other hunters stated, probably their leader as he seemed the best equipped and the brightest of the bunch.

For Hinotori, the thugs gave him strange looks. "Yeah, the girl has her options. She can wait for her father to change, or she can work to pay off his debts and support his addictions. We don't really care, but it's her choice. Now, if you don't mind, we'll be going." The thugs guide her away, and backing up their words, she seems to be going rather willingly and not putting up any more fight at this point. Behind them, however, the father starts yelling and demanding they stop before one kicks him and the rest follow the two with the girl, leaving him in the mud at the side of the road.

"Hmm, yea… nifty tricks…" She whispers, while taking a good look at the leader, focusing on how he looks, getting a good hold of the man she's got by her kunai, holding his arm. "How about you tell me now and you all live, or don't and you'll all die… well all but one, the remaining of the bunch will be tortured so hard he'll squeal for his mother loud enough for the spirits to hear."

She grins, her eyes scanning the crowd for the first one to show signs of aggression, ready to break the arm of the hunter in front of her, using his arm to vault over him, causing the other hunter to stab his Comrade, before Satomi does a substitution, expecting the rest of the group to charge her, ending up on top of the restaurant while she replaced herself with a barrel she found nearby.

Her shadow covers the ground broadly, splitting while she casts her jutsu, aiming to restrain. She intends to take out everyone but the leader, be it lethal or non-lethal.

Stepping aside and Hinotori allows them to go on about their way, he didn't want anything bad to happen with teh girl, he knew he was going to find out more, he has to. Hinotori didn't lke the situation but after this he was going to see more abotu this girl and see what he can do to help out as well as learn her father his lesson. Looking to the man, who is the girls father. "You've done enough." he says as he looks back to the other thugs, but he has to help the others within the village. "Yoru going to help me adn then we will work on getting yoru daughter back, I think it's in your best interest if you want to get your daughter back." he says. Knowing if he could find some of teh metorite, he may be able to help the man get his daughter back and set them up a bit more to be a bit on the more money aspect and be able to pay something to help pay the debt the man owed.

The hunters begin backing away from Satomi as she begins using her jutsus and making threats, and looked about ready to rout when she was had made it to the roof. However, none of them made attempts to attack her. They were not stupid. However, as soon as she steps onto the roof, golden chains erupt from the thatched roof of the building, passing through it as if they were not even there, however, as they quickly wrap around Satomi, they prove to be quite corporeal. As soon as she is bound, she finds her chakra gone and ending her jutsus, and then she is pulled down, slammed on her back against the roof of the building with Masashi standing over her,

"I put you in charge of an investigation mission, not an attempt to murder villagers." He shouts at her, scolding. "I'll be removing you from your lead position and will be taking charge again. Be glad I don't send you back to Konohagakure in chains like a criminal." He then releases the binding jutsu and hops down to the ground with the hunters. "I think you men have done enough here. Disperse."

He then turns back to Satomi. "While you have been fooling around and causing problems we have already found one of the meteorites. What have you done beside make threats and badger hunters?"

The farmer climbs to his feet as the thugs leave him, and looks at Hinotori while nursing his wounds. "My daughter is gone it's probably for the best" he comments, defeated. "I can hardly support her and my fields are ruined. I'll barely survive the year like this." The farmer looks at him, tears in his eyes, tears of being unable to do anything for himself or his family. "There is no way for me to pay back my debts now…"

As Satomi smacks onto her back she shuts up, trying to make seals but instead ending up incapeable of doing anything. Sighing in relieve when noticing it's a friendly nin, though a showered off one: "Me a criminal? Well listen here mister high-and-mighty, these guys were trying to assault - me -!" She puffs out a frustrated groan. Getting up while catching her breath and restoring her chakra.

"And you have the guts to call me a criminal, well I have news for you …." She then shuts up, biting her tongue while looking away in frustration, deciding it might not be wise to star off the jounin further. "I'll go find the Uchiha.." She stammers, pocketing her kunai. Jumping off with another arrogant, novad off groan. "I'll cut his nebula off myself - after - the mission.." She whispers to herself, ears burning red in frustration. A thousand ways of hurting the jounin passing through her mind.

Masashi shakes his head at Satomi. The girl had some strange thinking going on inside that head of hers. He was definitely worried that she'd end up as a problem later. He then turns back to the hunters who had gone back into the restauraunt and follows them in, intent on finishing her job.

The farmer, on the other hand, had broken down and was sobbing. "I love my daughter… how could I not? But… she is probably safer with them. They won't make her do anything she won't want to do… I… need a drink…" He stumbles to the side and then slumps up against the wall of the nearest building before sinking down to his rear. "I think I'll just sit here… and take a nap."

Hinotori nods his head, the man did love his daughter now it's time to help him get her back. "Let’s get you some water, come on, there is a restaurant nearby. Once we get that and some food in you, we will go to your farm and talk about what’s going on with your fields." he says to him. He walks over and holds his hand out to the man and offers him his hand to help him up, "Come on, we got work to do and your daughter to get back. Though when you do get her back, you look into her eyes you tell her you love her and that you will never do this again. You owe this to her and yourself."

Satomi quickly finds Hinotori from the rooftops, jumping down next to him, not directly looking, and instead crossing her arms. "They apparently found some meteors…” She says as if a stammer. Glancing at Hinotori and the man. Perking an eyebrow:

"So I see you didn't get groped and assaulted by your squad leader in a matter of minutes." She intentionally doesn't fill out the details, making it sound a lot worse than it actually is. Her ears still burning red while her blue eyes seem to be in fire. A cold aura emitting off her; easily recognized by anyone who spends at least some time with teen girls associated with anger and being insulted or even humiliated.

The farmer smacks Hinotiri's hand away. "No! Don't you get it? Even if she comes back she will just suffer… I have nothing left. The gods-damned sky fell on my property and obliterated my livestock, burned my fields, and destroyed my home! I have nothing left to support her with even if she comes back!" He makes an attempt to shove Hinotori away but misses and stumbles before falling in the dirt. He pushes himself back up with a grunt and begins shambling off as Satomi arrives. "Go look for yourself if you don't believe me. Just go east and you'll run into it. There's nothing left for me…" he grumbles and continues wandering off.

Hinotori doesn't move, so when the farmer pushes him, the Uchiha doesn't budge at all. Listening still to the farmer as he vents out his anger and frustration about his daughter being better off and with the sky having destroyed his farm. "I see." he says. Turning to look at Satomi who has made herself known and looking to the farmer, "Alright, with your permission I will go there." he tells him. Turning to look at Satomi, "Go with him real quick and let the owners of the restaurant and let them know he's not to have any alcohol, also take care of his meal." he states to her taking over and speaking to Satomi in a commanding fashion and still his voice is relaxed as normal. "Sir, please stay there, I will return and be able to help you more so." Then looking to Satomi, "Let’s go find the others." he says to Satomi.

Satomi does so with a nod, whispering to herself: "Oh great now I'm an errand girl… just great…" After returning a minute later she follows him without saying a word, headed for the rendezvous point with him. Furrowing quite obviously.

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