Virus Outbreak


Hiroyasu, Nariko, Sachiko, Miyo, Hiei (Emitter)

Date: September 9, 2013


A team is tasked with investigating what looks like a virus outbreak of the weirdest kind. They arrive on scene and battle zombies and a zombie shinobi. Or at least that's what it seems on the surface.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Virus Outbreak"

Small Village Northwest of Konohagakure

It's being called the first joint mission between the two allied nations of the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning. Yotsuki Kenshin, Kumogakure Jounin and father of Yotsuki Hiei, is here in Konohagakure for the Chuunin Exams and it is him who the selected shinobi meet outside the office of the Hokage. Standing with him is another Konohagakure Jounin and Kenshin seems to have a scroll in his hands. As he looks at the assembled group, he clears his throat to speak. "I'll get right down to it. It's been decided that this mission would consist of shinobi from both Kumo and Konoha..with one exception." His gaze slides over to Sachiko before moving back to look at the group. He passes the scroll over to Hiroyasu. "Northwest of here is a small village that is experiencing a..unique problem. There appears to be an epidemic that causes those that contract it to..well..die..but they don't stay dead..exactly. Or at least that is the rumor. Your mission is to investigate this occurrence and help these people find a cure. If a cure can't be found.." He pauses. "..then the village must be quarantined. Permanently." He turns to look at Hiro. "Katayama is your team leader for this. Mostly because of his medical expertise. The rest of are you assist him as needed." He moves to walk close to Hiro and murmurs so that only he hears. "Don't screw this up, Katayama." Ah frown passes his face before it goes slack again. "The scroll contains a map that will guide you to the village. Dismissed."

It was a surprise a little first that Hiei's father would even look at him, let alone begrudging assign him to a squad as lead. "Yes Sir" Hiroyasu says and that is all before looking at those who were arranged with them, well it was quite the collection. "Questions?" he asks looking at them, lets try to get that out of the way first..

+ Miyo is very excited to have been called forth for a mission, and it is rather obvious from the way that she is behaving that she is about ready to go over the top. Bouncing up and down slightly, rising to her toes and lifting slightly off the ground before dropping back down, causing her robes to swish around her and her ridiculously long ponytail to bounce back and forth. Her fists are balled and swinging back and forth in front of her. She looks down the line of other genin and notices Hiei. She was a bit familiar with him. The others were mostly mysteries to her. She suddenly felt a little out of place.
For all Miyo's excitement at a mission, when the jounin mention that there are people dying and coming back to life, Miyo immediatly calms down, and even looks a bit intimidated. After a recent go against some ghosts, Miyo is not too pleased with the prospect of seeing more dead, or for that matter, dying… She practically hides behing the other genin, hoping to be left behind. "N-no, no question!" Miyo squeaks as she slips behind Hiro.

With the eye sitting on her shoulder, Sachiko saw the glance and just raised an eyebrow at the look she got. Yeah, so what? She was the odd one out. How'd she even get here in the first place…? Something about… being requested or whatever. In any case, she muttered, "Hai," when the man tells them how it's going to work. Shaking her head at Hiroyasu's offer to ask questions at that point, she took a glance toward Miyo and mumbled something to herself. "Let's just get this done, yeah?"

Standing behind everyone looking at Kenshin, was Nariko. She crossed her arms on her chest as she listened to the mission. Then when she hears Hiro is in charge she looks at him and nods. ~Good choice, cause I suck.~ When asked if she understands she nods. "Yes, sir."

The journey to the village of the damned is not difficult. The map takes the group along a small stream, which eventually turns into a swamp. There are mosquitoes, snakes, and even more insects, some of them the stinging kind. As the sun begins to sink below the horizon, they move out of the swamp, the village becomes visible. On the surface is looks just like any other small village. There are houses and a larger structure in the middle that looks like it might be a meeting hall of some sort. However, the one thing they might notice is that there are no people milling about. The fields are unkempt, the livestock are wandering around unattended. It's hard to believe that there is anyone here at all.

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Hiroyasu nods his head when there no questions, and took the group to the village via the path on the map and was miserable the whole time at least his traveling cloak keeps some of the bugs out. He whispers to the others, "We need to be quiet.. stealthy if possible.." trying to treat it like it was an infiltration, not like he knew how ~zombies~ acted.. He pauses for moment "I can see, about 10 people in the middle building.." he says with a nod looking to the others.

+ Miyo is not one to stray far from safety when she is afraid, and so she sticks near to Hiro, the one given lead for the time being, as she figures he is the most reliable. She seems twitchy, every suspicious sound recieves a glare from her as she scoots along swiftly. She might even seem as though she could send some sort of ranged tool flying towards anything that caught her attention with how nervous she is. "What do we do?" She asks Hiro when he mentions the people in the building. "I'd rather not get a disease…"

Sachiko just wandered after the group until they came to the village. She heard Hiro, but… she stared at the ground. "Hmm… That doesn't sound good. Glasses, I highly suggest we keep moving. I hear… scratching. Could just be bugs… could be something else." She then chewed for a moment and spit out an ear, pressing it to the ground and leaving it there if they do decide to move on. She didn't say anything to Miyo, though. Always the dramatics with that girl.
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Hiroyasu nods to Sachiko when she reports some intel, "Thank you, Sachiko.. yeah lets try to make it to the building then.." he pauses and looks at Nariko "We may need some herbal medical supplies.." he says touching her on the shoulder "Could you get us some herbs" then he explains what he is looking for, knowing she isn't squeamish about getting dirty.. "Let's go, Nariko will join up with us later.." he looks at Miyo. "We keep our wits about us, use your eyes, ears, nose, touch.. your training will be instrumental" then again it was konoha, she probably has been trained to their standards.. "Let's go" he says in a hushed tone before trying to make a quick shinobi run to the building.

+ Miyo nods to Hiroyasu. She could manage that… she clenches her fists… she could totally manage to keep her wits about her. However… as she follows behind Hiroyasu, dashing swiftly behind him, she lets out a little squeak of surprise when she suddenly sees the ground bulge upward in front of her, as if something is trying to break free. She immediatly stops and practically backpedals away from the strangely moving earth, her left hand going to the sword poking above her shoulder. "Katayama-san! There is som-" she trails off as she catches movement along the edge of the area, around the outside of the houses. "There are others here…"

Sachiko narrows her eyes at Miyo's response. Standing behind her, she shoves the girl forward. "Building. Now." Sure, Hiroyasu is in charge but this just doesn't seem to be going very well. That said, she shifts toward the building herself, letting the eyeball from her shoulder drop to the ground to survey since she hopes that whatever movement she saw from that building… is not anything to be worried over. "Definitely not bugs," she offers to Hiroyasu who is probably a bit ahead.

Hiroyasu turns to Miyo when she calls him by his proper name.. it dawns on him they didn't introduce before leaving town.. or even discuss their strengths.. he sighs at that personal fail in leadership "thank you… now Listen to Sachiko.. go.. I'll cover you" he couldn't let them be taken or hurt because he wanted to be the first to safety ~nuh uh, not on my watch~ he says stomping the ground as the loose debris, rocks, and gravel leak from the ground swirling around his fists in anticipation. "Earth Release: Hollow Earth Bullets" he says slowly backpeddling to cover their flank while they hopefully cover his. "Move move.. to the building.." he huffs waiting for it, why is it always waiting for it.. that is the most difficult.

+ Miyo lets out another squeak when she suddenly recieves a shove from behind. If Sachiko had not said anything, Miyo might very well have whirled around and gone on the offensive against her before even realizing what was going on… thankfully that didn't occur, and Miyo grumbles before making her way to the building she was supposed to be moving to, hoping that nothing bad would happen to her. She does, however, draw her sword now, just incase…
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Sachiko does indeed move rather swiftly — at least for the lazy girl she is — to the building and immediately spits up another eyeball, having been chewing as she hurried. Once at the building, she raises her hand with eyeball between her fingers and attempts to look inside.

Nariko runs into the swamp and looks for this leafy blue flower thing or something that Hiro asked her to find. She returns and shrugs. "I don't think I can find it." She raises a brow. "Umm..what did I come back to? I think the ground is freaking out." She thumbs at the ground. She looks as Miyo and Sachiko run towards the building. "Hiro, what do you want me to do?"

As the last sliver of sunlight eases behind the horizon, the ground suddenly explodes around the perimeter of the village. Humanoid creatures with rotting flesh rise up out of the ground. If Nariko hadn't returned when she did, she'd be on the wrong side of that line of flesh eaters. Some of them have been dead for what looks like weeks, some of them are freshly dead and ooze black blood from different orifice. Finally, another one rises up out of the ground, only this one is different. There is a glow in his eyes sockets, and he is dressed in remnant, rotting clothing. He is still wearing his forehead protector, and it is the symbol of the Village Hidden in Sand.

When Sachiko peeks inside of the building with her eye, she sees humans holed up inside. There are a few adults, but a lot of children. There are a few supplies inside, such as food and water, but not much. Now that the sun has gone down, they have boarded up the windows and barred the doors. The children are crying and seeking comfort with the few adults remaining.

Bang~ Headshot when the first zombie* nearest to him rises from the ground, He glances over his shoulder, they haven't gone into the building why haven't they gone into the building "Is it locked?! we don't have time for this… for the love of the goat ogre" Hiroyasu raises weaving signs, and the ground beneath Sachiko and Miyo slowly begins to rise up in columns "Earth Release: Rising Earth Columns".. he sighs from the exertion "Get to the roof!" he says before waving to Nariko "Come on! Lets go! Nariko! but uh.. wipe your feet first you'll track in mud!" he shouts trying to keep the situation tense but manageable.. He waits for her to join them, he needed to keep her path clear.

+ Undead? Ghosts were bad enough… ghosts could possibly just be some jerk using genjutsu… but zombies… nope. Nope nope nope! Miyo shakes her head, hoping that they'd go away, and when she opens her eyes again, she is not at all surprised to see the undead encroaching upon their position even further. She groans and then let's out a surprised squawk when the ground suddenly rises up, raising her to the level of the roof. Thankfully, Miyo had managed to get her footing stabilized before she fell down, and hops off onto the roof, hoping it doesn't collapse. She looks back to Sachiko, wondering what the weird suna-nin was planning to do.

Sachiko growls. Did it really take them that jockeyed long to get to the building? Besides that, what boomers can't notice /shinobi/ coming to their door? As she's wondering these things, the columns rise up and she grunts, balancing herself. Shifting to step onto the roof, she raises her hand to look over the 'zombies'. She makes a rather disgusted face, but… that headband. "What the smoker?!" Any fear is forgotten as she stares. Go figure… she /really/ shouldn't be on this mission…

Nariko watches as people sprout up and then looks to Hiro. "I didn't know you could plant and grow people!" She took the cue from Hiro and started running. "No time!" She gets closer to Hiro, her left leg extending to reach into his hands and push herself up towards the roof. As she makes her jump she doesn't quite make it onto the roof, clinging onto the edge with her hands. "Help me up! Please!" She starts to kick her feet below to try and get a grip on the side to help her up to no avail.

As the group of shinobi make it up to the roof, the undead looking humans begin to surround the building from all sides. Some of them begin to bang on the boarded up windows and screams can be heard inside from the humans barricaded within. The undead shinobi makes a gesture and the undead minions rush the building all at once. Some of them move towards Hiro, and they are not the lumbering, slow type either. They move much like how a shinobi would. A couple of them jump up on top of the roof and attack Miyo and Sachiko. Meanwhile the undead sand shinobi with the glowing green eyes begins to make hand seals and Hiroyasu would feel his chakra increase. A fist made out of sand rises out of the ground and then moves towards the house with the intention of breaking down the door.

urgh.. what is that.. what did she step in.. "I said wipe your feet first! Nariko!" he whines as his hands are now caked in swamp muck.. "If I get any leeches, You don't want to know what I am going to do with you!" Hiroyasu snarls, as his compulsive nature overrides his better senses.. "Help Her up!" he can't really tell that they are engaged as he himself is having to fend off the unwanted advances of an jilted corpse.. He pulls out a seal which summons forth a blue wall of chakra which hums as the Zombie beats against it mercilessly. "Incoming!" he shouts before taking another seal from his cloak hurling it into the path of the sand fist.. he didn't really have enough time to prepare any chakra in advance so he skimps on the jutsu hoping it would withstand the assault of sand. The blue circular shield begins to form right as the sand slams into it.. there is a bowing and flexing of the barrier as the two jutsu battle for surpremacy… at one point the barrier cracks slightly before rebounding sending the sand washing across the ground.. He reaches into his cloak, and begins to fast hurl small seals which burst into blue flames and fly like kunai.

+ When Sachiko notices the undead suna-nin and makes her particular exclamation, Miyo turns her head a bit, taking note of it. "Did you know him or something?" She inquires, before turning back to observe the happenings. The zombies were closing in, the big-bad zombie was powering up some sort of lazer or something, and Nariko and Hiro were still on the ground, well, Nariko was soaring through the air and almost miss entirely, and cling against the edge of the building.
If things weren't already a lot to take in, the zombies were not just slow zombies, but fast, ninja zombies that managed to leap up onto, or climb up onto, the building with them, and attack! This was completely unacceptable, and as the zombie rushes towards Miyo with the intent to attack her, she quickly tosses her sword into the air, flipping it up and over the top of the zombie's head before she, herself, disappears, body-flickering around it towards where Nariko was struggling to climb onto the building. As soon as she reappears, she snaps her hand up, latching her dexterous fingers around her sword's hilt, before whirling and slashing out at the zombie so fast that the first strike was nearly imperceptible from the second.
She hoped to have detered the zombie, perhaps decapitating it or chopping some arms off or something, as she trusted in Benisakura's keen edge. Miyo hoped that particularly because it would open up some time for her to turn and help Narko. She'd quickly kneel down at the edge and reach over, taking ahold of Nariko's arm with her hand and trying to pull her up, or at least assist her in the endeavor. "Come on! Ain't got much time!"
While busy trying to pull Nariko up, Miyo glances up towards the undead Suna-nin in time to see him fire off his laser, launching a big sand-fist towards the structure they were on. Well… that wasn't good… hopefully it didn't collapse the entire structure beneath them. She quickly redoubles her effort in trying to pull Nariko up. "Gah!" She grunts. Thankfully, Hiroyasu manages to stop the sand fist during their struggles.

Sachiko scoffs. "NO! Of course not, but…" All she could think about was Kuoroke talking about how he was forced to forget people that died. "This is what happens, old man!" Then she whirls, feet slipping on the roof as she moves out of the way of the undead attack. "Stupid…" Her feet skid, chakra clinging to the surface so she doesn't slide off. Reaching up, she lets her eyeball entangle in her hair before she reaches out to grab the zombie and toss it off the roof… maybe. She notices then… success or failure, that Miyo's got Nariko on the roof and she nods her head. Good… Tarnishing her hunter behavior by helping someone up wouldn't have done her any good. Such insanity…

Nariko looks as the zombie things run and jump onto the roof. ~Why can't I be awesome like that? No time to mess around! Get your fat booty up there!~ grabs onto Miyo's hand and helps to pull herself up. "Thanks." She says as she reaches the roof, bringing a leg and her other arm onto the roof. She takes a short breath before standing and making a defensive stance, waiting for their next move.

The Sand Ninja grunts loudly as his sand fist is halted by Hiroyasu's barrier, keeping the people inside safe from harm and stopping the house from being destroyed. The chakra seals impact not only one, but two zombies as they are impacted in the forehead and simply turn into dust. Miyo also has a degree of success when her sword strikes take the head off the zombie that attacked her, it's head flying up into the air only to dissolve before it even reaches the ground. However Sachiko has a small issue when she moves to grab her zombie and it just barely slipped out of her grasp, thanks to the black blood oozing from it's body. Makes it a little slippery to hold on to! When the zombies are dispatched, more move in to take their place as they leap up onto the roof. Two more join the one that's already there as they attack Miyo and Nariko respectively. Hiroyasu is swarmed by five zombies all at once. If they couldn't take him down one by one, they'd simply use superior numbers.

Hiroyasu groans pulling out two more seals holding them in two either direction forming two circular halves which completely encircle him in a protective glow of blue.. "Kinda.. overwhelmed down here guys!" he says throwing holding a seal in his hand the glowing the blue as he uses the piece of paper like a dagger stabbing at as many as he can… before leaping up to using what little chakra he has left in reserve to walk up the wall to join his team on the roof.. "Don't let them swarm the person next to you.. Miyo And Nariko.. your battle buddies.. Sachiko your mine.." he says trying to create battle lines but it seems more or less moot at this point.. another leadership failure, he was going to throw himself in the lake when they get back rather than face Hiei's father..

+ Miyo frowns at Nariko when she criticizes herself, and when the other kunoichi is pulled onto the roof of the building, Miyo looks to her. "Your butt isn't that fat…" And then gives her a reassuring smile before looking back to Hiroyasu and the sandshinobi.
What to do? It didn't take a introll to figure out that that Shinobi was the person to take care of… However, she had things to deal with here… Hiro was down there and being overrun, if nothing else, and she was tempted to leap down and help him, but she raises his barrier and then comes towards them. That left her available to do other things…
Like stop herself from behind slaughtered by zombies! As the zombie moves in on her, Miyo ducks under its grasp, and quickly stabs upwards with a kunai she manifests from inside of her right hand's sleeve, then stabs upwards, ramming it up underneath the zombie's jaw before giving him a good kick to the chest to send him, hopefully, over the edge of the roof.
When Hiroyasu mentinos she and Nariko are partners, she was about to nod when she sees another zombie making its way for Nariko! She couldn't let her new partner be slain by a zombie on her watch! She quickly body-flickers inbetween Nariko and the zombie, flicking her blade outwards like lightning, removing the creatures grasping arm's before going for a more deadly strike. "Got you covered…" She states and nods her head towards Nariko.

Sachiko makes a face of disgust at the feeling of the oozy blood on her before she wheels around to avoid that thing coming at her again. "Gross," she mutters before kicking at the zombie this time. "Get off!" Adjusting herself to back up toward the middle of the roof again, she glances at the others… Is she the only one really struggling? Probably… Sorry, Ishino, training hasn't fully paid off just yet. At least she isn't getting her butt beat… "Glasses! You okay?"

Nariko was about to do some of her witchy magic Hiro enjoys, but the Zombie thing is stopped by Miyo who protects her. She is almost shocked by the whole thing, trying to figure out what is going on. "Umm..Again, thanks." She looks down to Hiro and then back to Miyo, shrugging. "Alrighty then.." She looks back at the zombies, her arm charging with electricity. Yotsuki lightning attack ho! She extends an arm and points towards on Zombie, attempting to send it bouncing through more.

For the moment, the Sand Ninja is content to watch his minions at work. As Hiro's barrier deflects the attacks from the undead, his dazzling array of chakra infused seals strike with deadly accuracy, cleanly dispatching more of the zombie minions. Miyo's counter attack against her opponent goes off without a hitch as the zombie falls over, his body fading into dust until there is nothing left to hit the ground. As Sachiko delivers her kick, her zombie lifts it's arm to block, but it falls off, allowing her to connect and send him flying off the top of the building, his body also fading to dust on the way down. Nariko's powerful lightning attack fills the entire area as she manages to take out the rest of the zombie minions. Now the Undead Sand Ninja is the only one left to deal with as all of his minions seem to have fallen. He holds out his hands as sand floats up from the ground to form twin sand scimitars in his hands. He spins them around his body and strikes a fighting pose, seemingly waiting for the shinobi to make their move.

Finally a breather "Yeah I'm okay Sachiko.. Nice hit" he says taking a moment to gather about him his wits, his breath, and his chakra. Hiroyasu double checks that everyone is in the clear before doing what he must, because he can.. He pauses taking a deep breath before closing his eyes, there is a sudden shift in his stance and his eyes open slowly being swallowed by an inky blackness which coats them completely before a pair of seals replace where his pupils should be.. "We need to push him.. I'll take point.." he says before leaping off the roof and charging towards the one obviously behind this.. probably..

+ Miyo nods to Nariko again, accepting her thanks with a big smile. She then turns and watches as the hoard of zombies are mercilessly obliterated by the lightning. How impressive! However, Miyo was not to be outshone so easily! She was tired of these zombies, and she'd have her revenge on them for making her so scared earlier! So, Miyo sets out to begin the assault on the dangerous zombie guy, performing a set of handseals as she drops down to the ground from the roof, kicking up a gout of dust and sand as she lands in the pile of dirt from the suna-nin's earlier attack on the building. As soon as she does, she performs another set of seals and slams her hands against the ground, creating a large seal which rapidly snakes out towards the enemy, threatening to ensare them!

Sachiko nods her head toward Hiro, but she doesn't move from her spot. "I'll just get in the way," she calls. Barely able to take out one of those tanked minions… Yeah, right, as if she'll even hit the leader… Even so, she reaches in her shirt and produces a single kunai, just in case…

Nariko shakes her head at the zombies. "You don't hurt my friends and get away with it." Now that is the Yotsuki way. She watches as Miyo seems to wrap up the ninja dude. She surges more lightning through her arm, extending both her arms out in front of her. "Now isn't this a shocking development." She sends bolts of lightning out towards the ninja dude.

The Sand Ninja takes his stance, ready for Hiroyasu as he begins his charge, but it was Miyo's master sealing ability that did the trick. The chakra drain causes him to loose focus on his Henge and with a *poof* there is now a very human looking shinobi there. His forehead protector is still from Suna, but there is a line drawn through it. With wide eyes, he watches as Nariko uses the Yotsuki's favorite element to shock him to his knees. "Ugh..Uzumaki.." He grunts. The sand clone zombies weren't enough to drive them away like it did the others. For now, he is at the mercy of this group. His body twitches and shivers from Nariko's lightning attack. His upper chest and arms are burned and singed.

Before he could even reach the guy, Miyo in some kind piece of awesome is using the Northern Heavens Seal.. She must have been stalking Uzumaki Amiko to pick up that one… "Good job!" he shouts before pulling out two seals throwing one on each side of the guy being held by the advanced seal, the seals burst open twin vortexes with tendrils which draw and rip off chunks of the man's chakra right out of his network as painfully as physically possible.. Hiroyasu has two more in reserve in case he had anything left up his sleeve or attempted to get away. "Light him up!" he shouts.

+ Miyo can't help but smile as her technique latches onto the zombie-nin and effectively removes his combat capabilities, allowing the others to pummel him senseless if they so chose. However, she did not expect him to turn out to be a rather normal shinobi! She immediatly turns to Hiroyasu. "What is going on? I thought he was… was a zombie?" She looks back to the man who has been thoroughly zapped and drained of chakra. "I don't get it…"

Sachiko watches as they reveal the true shinobi beneath. "Guys! H-hey, wait…" She hesitates for a moment before hopping down from the building and walking over. "Don't kill him, would ya? I… well, maybe…" She knits her brows together, looking at Hiroyasu. "Maybe I can earn some of Kuoroke's respect back… if I bring a missing nin back to him," she utters uncertainly. Would it work? Probably not… but it does look like she desperately wants to try.

Nariko hops down from the building, doing a flip in mid air before she lands feet first. She wants to do as Hiro says, but she also wants to give Sachiko want she wants. She shrugs and walks up to the guy. "Sure, I won't kill him." She moves her arm back, pulling her hand into a fist before pushing it forward and into the side of the guy's temple.

A scream comes out of the mouth of the missing Suna nin as Hiroyasu very painfully rips chakra right out of his body. He slumps over, breathing hard until Nariko throws a shot towards his temple and then he simply slumps over, his body sliding to the side until he falls into the dirt, unconcious. He can be tied up with a little ninja wire and he'd be ready for transport if that is indeed what Sachiko intends to do with him. With the fighting over, the villagers peek out of the windows, watching as they see that the zombies were in fact sand clones and the zombie master was none other than a normal shinobi.

Mission Complete.

Hiroyasu pulls a length of wire from his belt and ties up the guy with a little effort, "Sure thing Sachiko" he says picking up ninja from the dirt and placing him sitting upright against the wall of a building.. "Is anyone hurt?" would be his first question to the group looking between them offer each a fist bump.. except for Sachiko the last time she missed it completely, so he pats her on the shoulder "You can tell that Kuoroke guy, you brought back one of his forgotten does not exist people" yeah he remembers that conversation.

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