Fudo, Yuzuna

Date: March 1, 2013


After going through his first real training as a shinobi, Fudo stumbles upon the private training of Hyuga Yuzuna as he rests. When she is finished, they talk and share food as Fudo gains more understanding of the new world around him.


A lake in Konohagakure

It had been a long time since the last there was enough time. Training took backseat to missions, but training was that rare opportune time for solitude, to focus thoughts and be completely enveloped with silence and nature. The water barely shifted beneath her bare feet, not even a ripple as it barely acknowledges the presence of someone walking along the lake's surface. It felt like merely seconds of stillness, or perhaps an eternity before the lone figure abruptly blurs with sudden motion, flying across the lake with each secure step as she shifts her weight, flipping her body to press her hands downwards. Her hands land on the surface of the lake, chakra sticking her hands as she flips herself right side up once more, feet keeping herself from falling into the lake itself.

Worn out, utterly drained, completely exhausted, and every other phrase that simply spoke to Fudo's current condition was all that was on his mind as he slowly stumbled in to the area. His shoulders and torso were kept high and straight, but his legs were weak, and one of his eyes were closed in muscular pain. He ended up sliding against a tree, finally getting some rest as he was unable to get home, and then he would notice someone upon the water. Both of his eyes would open as he watched her move. Was that even a person? The graceful movements and control, the speed and proficiency of her body following exactly what her imagination conceived… Fudo began to think he was hallucinating. For now, he would simply stare at the vision. If he was simply imagining it, he would enjoy it while it lasted.
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After flipping three times across the surface of the water the figure flips partway again, her fingertips pushing against the water as her legs lift into the air. She holds this stance for several moments, keeping her balance even before slowly bending her legs and shifting her legs backwards, her feet landing evenly before her back straightens. She releases another slow breath, and striking pale lavender eyes open with the shift of her weight once more, pushing off sideways and jumping upwards in a sideways flip in a practice dodge.
The vision releases a slightly labored breath as she moves in a blur to her left, landing on her hand and pushing upward into the air in flip, body angling in the air as her feet land on top of the water, chakra along the bottom of her feet sticking. Moving with her momentum, she releases a small bit of chakra from her right hand and leans into the spin as her hand cups and dips into the water, releasing it in a steady stream around her, water droplets sparkling in the pale moonlight around her slender frame as it forms a ribbon while she spins.

@emit %r%t It was very hard for him to keep up with her, his eyed, even as they focus completely, just were not up to par to see someone move like that quite yet. Still, she was stimulating enouh for him to try in his silent facination under the tree that allowed for him to rest, so all of his effort went in to watching her move and flip and some how even while landing with all of her weight upon the water, barely disturbing it at all. She was indeed very much like a leaf, floating on the wind and then barely making the water ripple when she finally did land in the water. He noticed that she seemed to use circular movements, whether that be vertical or horizontal, and that when she had the water trailnig behind her movements, this became far more apparent. His eyes would stop straining now, his focus complete as he calmly watched her. He could see her now, clearly. He allowed his entire eyes to see her, instead of just his pupils and his focus. She had taught him without even trying, a commendable thing that he would remember about whom ever this flawless vision ended up being.

It was very hard for him to keep up with her, his eyed, even as they focus completely, just were not up to par to see someone move like that quite yet. Still, she was stimulating enouh for him to try in his silent fascination under the tree that allowed for him to rest, so all of his effort went in to watching her move and flip and some how even while landing with all of her weight upon the water, barely disturbing it at all. She was indeed very much like a leaf, floating on the wind and then barely making the water ripple when she finally did land in the water. He noticed that she seemed to use circular movements, whether that be vertical or horizontal, and that when she had the water trailnig behind her movements, this became far more apparent. His eyes would stop straining now, his focus complete as he calmly watched her. He could see her now, clearly. He allowed his entire eyes to see her, instead of just his pupils and his focus. She had taught him without even trying, a commendable thing that he would remember about whom ever this flawless vision ended up being.

The figure spins with her momentum, using it to push herself away with some distance before her feet touch the surface of the water once more, slender arms curling downwards in a smooth dip as she slows with a curve of her back. A quiet moment passes as her chest rises and falls with heavier breathing, poise lingering before she relaxes her slender arms to her sides. With a slow sigh, she lifts a hand to her forehead, wiping a thin sheen of sweat from her pale skin with the back of her hand. "I am starting to wonder about the young men from the village." she idly murmurs quietly to herself out loud. "Or my luck for training alone is very poor perhaps…" The young Hyuuga releases a slow breath as she lightly shakes her ebony head at herself. It couldn't be helped. The village the size that it is, people often bumped into one another, even a solitude place like this. Turning her head to glance over her slender shoulder, her dark lashes blink slowly as sharp powder lavender eyes focus instantly on the person that is leaning against the tree nearby.

"What is it that you wonder?" Fudo would ask as he met her gaze smoothly, not seeming surprised by being noticed by one such as her in the end. And he had changed his mind, she was not like a dancing leaf. No… she was more like a wind swept petal from some exotic flower just barely gracing the waters surface and adding vibrant life and color to the other wise uniformity of the whole. "It was not my intent to disturb your training, nor to spy on you. Though, it seems that spying on you would be difficult to pull off." In fact, Fudo began to wonder if she enjoyed being watched when all was said and done, or was he just lucky to only be noticed at the end? In either case, he ddin't even feign attempting to stand back up, remaining exactly where he was.

The young woman watches him for a silent moment or so while he speaks before she smoothly turns, her bare feet light upon the pond's surface as she approaches the tree where he sits. She lightly shakes her head, the long length of her ebony hair waving gently back and forth with the motion as she lifts hand to brush through the air, as if brushing away his words. "I do not doubt your intentions, whatever they may be. And I'm sure if you had intended to spy you could have been more discrete, but you had not." Her feet finally touch soft ground, but her attention is acutely on the boy as she comes to a silent stop in front of him.
Sharp pale eyes quickly scan him over, looking for any injuries that would be otherwise life-threatening, but finding none. He just looked like a boy that had pushed himself to the limit and found himself here to rest, if by accident or fate who can tell. After that Yuzuna then observed that he looked a bit younger than herself, but not by much. Just old enough to be smarter than he lets on. After a quiet moment or so her expression softens subtly and a small smile tugs at her lips, just enough to barely be noticed. "You appear to have endured a long day."

The vision came in to focus, drawing closer as she would forgive him in her own way for being present during a moment of privacy she desired for herself. Still, Fudo was aware of her desires, even if he was not truly apologetic for disrupting something he was not aware of. He would have watched her bare feet a moment, noticing that from head to toe she was without flaw, sculpted and maintained as if she was to be measured by all on appearances alone. He had to wonder if she was someone important. But what was most amazing was discovering that these warrior women that could perform feats he didn't even realize were possible until a few days ago tended to be so well taken care of physically.
His eyes were pack upon her subtle, soft lavender ones, once again reminding him of the color of a flower petal as she would begin to… smile? He had to look at the soft pull of her lips in order to tell if it existed or not, but he was rather sure it did. "Today, I learned what it is to be a shinobi. Well, the first lesson." he said to her with a calm but direct tone. "I have never experienced anything like it before. I want to see how far it goes."

The directness wasn't anything of a surprise, but the answer itself earns a brief flash of subtle surprise in her pale eyes, lasting only for a moment before fading away completely. He didn't appear so young to have had his very first lesson as a shinobi, had she mistaken his age? Her gaze focuses quietly with thought. No, he was older than what was normal for academy graduates, so this boy must have certain special circumstances to begin his training later than others. Whatever they were, she doubted it was because he's a late bloomer. "I see." Yuzuna murmurs simply, without asking further details. Whatever it was that he felt during his first lesson must have been intense, to be in the shape that he was in right now, and he was still standing. Metaphorically speaking.
She spins lightly on foot with a graceful turn, a practiced motion with steps that lead her to a nearby tree where she promptly bends down to catch the handle of a satchel. Then with it in hand, she turn once more and retraces her steps, calmly lowering herself to sit on the soft grass just a few feet from where Fudo rests against his tree. "The first lesson is always the hardest." Her slender fingers deftly open the top of the bag and she reaches in long enough to pull out a box.

The girl moved with such precision. It was as if it was drilled in to her and was now second nature. She hadn't wasted a single movement since he laid eyes on her. This showed that she was both very thoughtful and exceptionally well trained. However, what she did atop the water… it seemed to him that maybe there was a part of her that didn't want to be so trained and proper. A part of her that wanted to fly free and be something else. Of course, he knew nothing about her, but she had earned his curiosity. The currently unnamed young woman would be remembered for her actions more so than her words. "Mind, Body, and Soul. Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu. The elements. My element. Focusing chakra through tenketsu points in order to produce a countless number of results. Pushing your body through everything, even mundane tasks, to build it up as well as the chakra network within. Taking nothing for granted and striving with every breath. Tools. Weapons. Movements and styles. Kekkei Genkai. I have not heard of most of these things before, let alone trained in them. And the things I knew something about were shown to me as new variations and applications I hadn't had an opportunity to consider." Fudo explained as he watched her and her satchel not far away. "Training in them all… was enlightening."

Sitting with her legs tucked beneath her and back perfectly straight, she sets the box in her lap as she lifts her pale lavender eyes up at the boy and calmly lifts a slim brow at him. "That is certainly allot of material to cover for your first lesson." His sensei must be a drill sergeant if he expected him to remember all of that after the first day. But then again, this boy didn't look like he would have trouble remembering any of it either. There was something in his dark eyes that appear to be constantly absorbing whatever was around him, always taking in new information and analyzing it like a puzzle. Such talented young people through are usually spotted quickly and pulled into special shinobi training at an early age, which only brought about the question of his again again.
Her pale eyes watch him a moment or so longer before her expression visibly softens and she looks down to the box in her lap, slender fingers easily sliding back the lid to pull out… a rice ball. The onigiri is held out to the boy for him to take out of her hand, "After all of that, I'm sure you already know then about balance. As much training that you endure, you must allow your body to have just as much rest. And that includes food."

"I have to admitt, it is a lot. I am glad I took it upon myself to study anything I could find first or I would have been lost a few times during the training." Fudo says as he acknowledges the effort he has put in as well as the observation that she was making. Her offer of the onigiri was also noticed, and he didn't take too much time accepting it from her graciously, bowing his head even though it did look a little painful for him. "Mmh… thank you." he would say, maintaining his countinence despite the hinderance of his stiff and sore body. He would begin to eat, taking back in the vitamins, nutrients, and energy he had long since expelled from his flesh and mind earlier in the day. "I am curious… so far as I have seen, a lot of people prefer to train i nthe open where everyone can see them. I am not sure if it is due to pride or community or both, but in your case it seems you do not want that. I may be presuming much of you, but from what you said, it seems that you prefer to have as few eyes on you as possible." His bites were actually quite small as he seemed to savor and actually taste the food instead of scarfing it down even though it was clear he was hungry.

With another onigiri for herself, Yuzuna gently lifts a brow at him once more as she listens with quiet amusement, pausing thoughtfully when he explains that he had gone out of his way to study whatever material he could find. No doubt there must have been volumes upon volumes on the broad subject of shinobi life, but why would he go out of his way to learn so much on his own? Had he been that desperate for knowledge or was he simply a thorough student? Perhaps a little of both?
When he thanks her for the rice ball her thoughtful expression softens once more and the young woman dips her chin with a small nod. He tried so hard to seem aloof, but there was no mistaking how hungry he was. Not under a keen gaze. It was obvious that the boy wasn't a Hyuuga but with the exception of his eye color it was difficult to say otherwise. "I am a bit curious to see how your tree walking lesson will go." Yuzuna murmurs lightly, before closing her eyes and taking a small bite of her own rice ball. Perhaps hiding a hint of a smile.
His observations… they were enough to give her pause, her dark lashes fluttering softly as her pale lavender eyes look back up at the boy, observing him while he observed her in turn. "Hm." Taking another careful bite from her rice ball and chews it quietly, allowing a quiet moment to pass between them before swallowing gently. "That is a very acute observation, on both parts. There are many in the village that are simply more outgoing, more comfortable around one another and they feel that there's no need to train alone. There is more entertainment when training is with friends, and there are more benefits such as knowing one another's abilities also provides advantages when fighting alongside in the heat of battle. Comradery is extremely important and can make the difference between life and death at crucial moments.
"As for myself…" Her expression softens, but also becomes unreadable as she reflects. "As I said, a very acute observation. My clan has many internal politics, traditions, and daily conflictions that make it nearly impossible to have a moment's peace. There is always eyes watching, always people around, and always work to be done, so for myself training like this is more than just simply training." A gentle smile tugs at her lips. "Balance is important. As much work and effort you put into life, you also must allow yourself the chance to relax to not overwhelm yourself. Training here allows a certain sense of freedom and provides clarity and concentration."

Slowly rolling his muscles, flexing lgihtly every now and then as not to grow too stiff to move, Fudo continued to eat slowly as he looked towards Yuzuna and listened to her. The expectation of his tree walking session was interesting to him, primarily because he at first didn't understand the significance of it. However, it only took him a moment to grasp why it mattered. "Applying chakra to a localized area. I have learned how to do that much. However, I think that tree walking would have more to it than that, other wise… I cannot see how it would ever work." He didn't ponder on that subject for too long. Other than the obvious benefits for travel, there was the idea that it would have a lot to do with chakra control and proficiency in the end which could lead further down the path on that merit alone.
Listening to her explain the reasons for training to gether, and then her preference, as well as recieving a light compliment, he would consider her words carefully. She was right in a few profound ways. Team cohesion, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of allies, motivation and drive, rivalry; all of these were sound reasons to be public about their training methods and abilities. Guidance was perhaps also another reason that it was done, for critque and assistance during and after.
The explination she gave about her own situation however, as he finished half of his meal, would draw his brows together lightly. The young woman was burdened, but she was not the type to complain. Instead, she did something like this to unwind and to have her few moments to herself. At this point, Fudo did feel a little guilt in taking the moment from her. His brows settled back on his head properly as he nodded towards her. "Balance is important." Fudo agreed aloud. "I have heard about different clans. How they all have their own way, and sometimes even have genetic inheritance that helps to define their capabilities. It seems this world, the world in the shadows, has existed for a very long time."

Her expression relaxes some in what Fudo would come to recognize more and more as her smiling expression, one gentle and light and never without reason. "It does. To tree walk it takes allot of practice with chakra control and distribution along the bottom of the feet. Too much chakra and your feet break the surface, and too little chakra you simply fall off. And since this would be your first lesson, technically, it is the most important. It is part of the the foundation that everything else is based upon. However, I am sure your sensei will cover this material with you soon enough."
Yuzuna watches as his brow knits together with thought, after hearing her explanation about why she chose to train on her own at times. But he appears to come to terms with something else and settles the back of his head against the tree, repeating her words back to her. She had to be careful. Offering guidance to young shinobi is one thing, but she didn't want to inadvertently steal a pupil away from his teacher. Especially if they had a much different path or teaching method set for the boy. It would just confuse him in the long run and maybe inflict unintentional long term damage.
Still, her expression softens subtly once more as she listens to his observations. He was so curious, it was as if wanted to absorb everything like a sponge. "Much longer than we can remember perhaps," Yuzuna agrees, "But the Great Nations have only existed for eight years now, and some of us still remember what it was like before." she lowers her chin with a small nod. "The Kekkai Genkai. Its different between clans and each specializes in some sort of jutsu or another. Having those kinds of different abilities able to work together is beneficial to everyone. We are able to live in a village with relative peace because we are also able to defend ourselves efficiently."

He would grow used to her very soft and gentle changes. It was as if such small things defined her more than anything more overtly obvious. Still, he was getting used to her smile, thus he may not disconcerted if she ever stopped. "Once again balance. I see that this will be a reoccuring theme." Fudo stated as he finished his rice ball finally, a couple of pieces of rice stuck to his bottom lip as he continues. "But control is important. Without it, I imagine that not only would you end up pushing too far and exhausting easily, but you may end up doing unintended damage. I suppose this is the most important lesson I will learn indeed." Fudo agreed with her as his gaze fell upon her own again, only drifting when her features softened to reveal that ever persistant smile.
"This village… is only 8 years old?" Fudo questioned. It must have been a monumental undertaking to create such a village in so short a time. The collaboration of many must have been done. Either that… or there were gods that walked amongst even these increadibly strong mortals. blinking slightly, Fudo would look around at the are, at the whole thing. He considered the homes, the buildings, the resturants and training areas. He considered the villages for the clans he'd heard of and the Uchiha clan one he lived in with his sensei. As he had thought from the moment he arrived, this place was more like a walled city than a village. It would have taken 20 years for most people to build something like this to such completion. Inhaling deeply, he would refocus his gaze upon the girl before him and say, "My name is Fudo. I would like to know your own."

One single chuckle escapes her soft lips, "Without balance it is difficult to grow to our fullest potential, but I am sure you will find this theme emerges in many other forms in life now that you are aware of it." His surprise that the village was so young was a bit entertaining, his dark eyes drawing his attention toward the horizon where the rooftops of homes and buildings were visible, including the mountain which the village is settled against. He saw all of this in a new light now, perhaps. "All of the great villages were formed eight years ago, we are only one."
The boy exhales an audible breath before refocusing his attention on her, once more straightforward as he introduces himself and even requests her name in return. It was pleasantly amusing to her. "Fudo." she repeats lightly, her expression softening just before she closing her eyes, bending at the waist in a respectful bow towards him. "I am Hyuuga Yuzuna, main branch and sole heir of Hyuuga Hikaru. However, 'Yuzuna-san' will do just fine." she murmurs. The curve of her back straightens and the powder lavender eyes look up quietly into his own dark gaze, radiating a hint of gentle warmth.

"I am sure that lesson will be useful. I do not plan to limit myself to anything in particular. At least, not until I find something I cannot reach." Fudo stated with a strangely innocent confidence. He believed in himself, but he wasn't at all cocky about it, just certain. "All of them… at the same time." Fudo would say as he thought about that. That means politically, what ever the situation was, there was a sudden shift of power and change in how the world operated from that point on. If this was a village of collaborating clans and peoples, it was likely the others were too. If that was the case, does that mean that these clans and peoples did not always get along or share the same territory?
Fudo's pupils dialated a bit as he realized the gravity of it all. Of course they hadn't. That is why they are considered seperate even now. Seperate villages, blood lines, techniques and abilities. Even still as she had mentioned, there were still in clan politics and issues to be resolved and managed. This peace was new… brand new. Less than a generation old. But then… why had he not heard of the wars and battles in his life time? Shaking his head lightly, Fudo took Yuzuna in once more after hearing her introduce herself and noticed that she how bowed to him. He was surprised by her courtesy to him, and after she introduced herself, he would do the same, bowing at the waist with a slight groan of pain as he exhaled, "Yuzuna-san." before easing back up and looking in to her eyes as she radiated that warmth towards him. He would, for once, smile just as softly as she tended to back at her.

Yuzuna blinks her pale lavender eyes at him for a short moment before her soft lips part with a small breath, shaking her head lightly at him, "You do not need to push yourself so hard just to return the courtesy, Fudo-san. There is no point in making you endure pain. We are merely introducing ourselves." Still, her expression softens with that small, subtle smile while he in turn smiles back to her. Reaching for the box in her lap, the young woman leans forward and sets the box closer to him, containing a half dozen more carefully prepared rice balls. "Here. Take these, have as many as you like. I rather share them than have them all to myself in any case."

"Thank you again, Yuzuna-san." Fudo said with a slow, controlled breath as the pain subsided. Taking up on of the perfect looking rice balls, Fudo began to wonder as he looked them over carefully. "You made these, didn't you?" he asked as he began to eat more. He didn't comment on the pain he was in as it was part of the cost of training. However, he did seem to be back to normal by now as he appreciated the company of his new and first real friend. "The Hyuga have a village of their own if I remember correctly. I think they all had pale eyes, but they are usually white. Yours are a little different. A softer color like the pastel of flower petals. Are your eyes important to your clan?" Fudo asked as he gazed in to them once again.

Once more the boy proves how observant he is, almost catching Yuzuna off guard again as she pauses. "I suppose I have been found out. Curse your cunning." Was she teasing him? I think she was actually teasing him, the light-hearted jest murmured lightly as she watches Fudo take another rice ball. Her dark lashes bat slowly as her pale eyes continue to watch his movements, a brow lifting with his shift of topic. He had been studying the color of her eyes? That's an unusual detail to focus on. "Correct. It is more like a district of the village that is set aside just for our clan. The Uchiha also have a village, the Naras, and others. As for our eyes… yes, they are important to the Hyuuga clan. Eye kekkei genkai, or Dojutsu, is something that we share with the Uchiha clan. And perhaps the leading reason why there is still a little bit of a rivalry between the clans even now. One always thinks they are better than the other." Yuzuna gently rolls a slender shoulder with a small shrug.

Fudo lightly raised a brow to her teasing him and his brilliant deduction. That was a side he hadn't seen of her yet, amongst many he was certain. Still, given her personality, he didn't think that she was one to joke with others often. So, he took it as a compliment, but not at all the one that she had said aloud. "These rice balls are meticulously crafted by very attentive and precise hands. It was not difficult to figure that much out." Fudo said with a second light smile. "Doujutsu…" he would say gently, nodding a bit. He had seen people react to Narusegawa's eyes, and he was starting to understand more and more why. "I understand." Fudo nodded and then added, "That seems like an over all good thing, competition between those who are gifted brigns out the best in people." he would finish up his rice ball a bit quicker this time, taking another look at Yuzuna as he would begin to stand. "I think that I should get some proper rest, or I will not be able to throw in my budding abilities amongst the likes of the Uchiha and the Hyuga any time soon."

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