The Usual Suspects - Voice of Reasoning, Trial by Fist & Fire


Rise, Yori, Michiko

Date: March 10, 2015


A team consisting of Rise, Yori, and Michiko have been dispatched to the village of Ankokuso; one of the many villages rioting via 'Witch Hunts' sense news spread of criminal shinobi hiding among the populace. The team has been tasked with quelling the village using whatever means are available to them without risking the escalation of tension.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Usual Suspects - Voice of Reasoning, Trial by Fist & Fire"

Land of Lightning - Akokuso Village

All is not well in the Land of Lightning. Although progress has been made in the capture or execution of the escaped convicts plaguing the land, tension continues to rise among the civilian populace scattered throughout the land. Most recently it has even skyrocketed to the point a few have taken it upon themselves to deliver swifter and uncompromising justice to those they suspect may either be in league with the recent escapees or are in fact escapees themselves. And who can blame them when only recently proof was shown when shinobi forces openly engaged a criminal that had been hiding among them?

In both an effort to quell the self-righteous anger and fear of the people, as well as at the request of a worried village head, a team of Kumogakure have been dispatched to the village of Akokuso; a village ten miles southwest of Kumogakure, and straddling one of the few great rivers that allow for easy and relative quick trade throughout much of the southern portions of the Land of Lightning. The team in question were to first meet at the great gates of Kumogakure for a final debriefing on the mission, and to settle any last minute arrangements.
Among those assigned to the mission, Rise and Yori were given special assignments and a day's worth of preparing prior to the official mobilization of a team. Whether or not the provided time would prove to be enough will large remain up to the individual and good fortune. Rise stood waiting at the meet point, hand at her hip and eyes closed as if she fell asleep standing at some point. Only the rigidity of her posture says otherwise. Then again, the team were to meet barely an hour after the dawn with the expectation of getting to work as soon as they arrived at their destination.

Yori arrived right on time as usual, stretching a bit as he goes. He's getting used to early hours now and it isn't really a bother mentally. Physically he needs to be prepared though. And, well, since he knows who he's going on this mission with he really needs to be prepared. The boy bows to Rise as he nears and offers a "Good morning." Before stepping back slightly. Out of arms reach of scary lady.

Michiko hops down from her perch just above the two shinobi. "Rise-san, Yori-san. I'm glad you could do this mission." She glances between the two for a moment before saying, "Rise-san, you'll be active leader for the duration of this mission. I'll step in as needed, of course, but everything from here on out is your call." Including when to go. So with that in mind, she simply stands and waits for the order to move out, deftly adjusting the sleeve of her t-shirt so that something beneath it could be checked.

Yori does not receive much in the way of a reply, so perhaps the raven-haired woman had truly was asleep. At the very least he needed not worry about any weird or uncomfortable questions first thing in the morning. When Michiko on the other hand makes her presence known, heterochromatic eyes are open partway and regard the tokubetsu jounin. If the Shirokiri is concerned or surprise by her superior's choice, it certainly does not show in her face, or voice for that matter when she finally speaks. "As you wish, Michiko-sama." She says in her usual toneless fashion after bowing fully at the waist. Yori is belatedly given a similiar greeting in turn before rise gestures to a nearby stables.
"It is recommended that horses be used for such a lengthy journey. I have already purchased the use of two, and urge you to make use of them. However, neither of you are obligated to do so." She states, leaving out her own travel arrangements. "You are both well aware of our mission. However, if there are any questions or something that you wish to be discussed first, I recommend you do so now. Once we are there, we may not have the freedom to discuss what is on our mind freely. Beyond these points, you are welcome to wait until we meet with the village head for further discussion of what can and must be done regarding our objective." Rise states formally.

Yori bows to Michiko when she appears. At the question from Rise the boy shakes his head, simply preparing to move out. "I will take one of the horses for ease. Thank you Rise-san. I have no questions." He's read the briefing. He's just ready to move out and so goes to get his horse.

Michiko nods lightly and takes the horse that was provided. She knows the mission details as well as she could. Now the matter was how the village itself would react. "I've no questions, Rise-san. Please lead the way." The girl gently pats her horse to make it relax a bit before the journey. She doesn't have any obvious weapons on her, by the looks of it, and from her pack, she produces a book to start flipping through.

Rise regards and nods to each of them in turn after they spoke. Even before they get within ten feet of her with the horses, she makes a point of stepping back an extra foot or so before holding up her hand in hopes of warding the duo off. As if to explain her reasons for her, the horses grew nervous if they are forced to get closer, and at the five foot or less point, they would practically panic to the point of risking dismounting their riders. Hopefully, neither of the two are willing to press the point.
"Good. And… though it is perhaps unnecessary to say, please stay alert from this point on. I need not remind either of you of the very real possibilities that some of those that escaped have a considerable grudge against Kumogakure, and may be willing to do anything to satiate their desires." She warns one last time. By the time the woman has finished speaking, she has already made it to the gate itself and picked up some type of human shaped mound covered in bandages that was resting against it. Just what she intended to do with whatever it lies beneath the bandages is not offered up. Rise merely straps it to her back and takes off.

Nearly two hours pass before the team are finally reach a path overlooking their destination, fortunate enough not to encounter nothing willing or unwilling to hinder their journey. While not necessarily the most bustling village in the Land of Lightning, Akokuso is considerably large thanks to the river flowing nearby and even through parts of the village. In another few minutes, the team reach the gate itself, manned by a few guards that looked considerably wary of their approach. Unless Michiko and/or Yori are willing to try and pry a few things out of the guards, a few easy to answer questions and grudging directions given are the only thing to slow them down before they are actually allowed into the village itself.

Yori is not in charge of this mission and so leaves any guard questioning to the older two. The entire ride there he's on alert but is grateful that nothing interferes with their journey. He also doesn't push his horse too close to Rise after a first minor attempt. Once they're in the village he looks around quietly but says nothing, just observing for the time being the state of the place so he can be prepared should he be requested to speak.

Michiko didn't let her horse near Rise, knowing it would react as such around the Shirokiri. She had seen that happen to many times. As they move, she keeps an eye out for anything of note, though her attention is on her book until they get to the mile mark. Then it gets tucked away and her full attention is on the trio's surroundings. When they finally reach the village and dismount, the girl hops down from her ride and offers a small bow in greeting to the guards. A pulse of chakra has been sent out in search of anything, but she doesn't give any indication on what she's doing.

One of the guards, surprisingly enough, offers to stable the horse for the team. Rise had eyed him pointedly, but after a few tense moments, a brief nod is given to go ahead.
Both Yori and Michiko would detect some underlying tension in a few passerbyers, but nothing truly out of the ordinary. By probing deeper however, Michiko would notice that many seemed especially prone to working or simply moving about in tight groups, their hearts leaping a little whenever another group seemed to get too close. Everyone — including the guards — seem to be on edge, though a number of those that see the shinobi seem either to grow even more agitated or relieved.
Despite her own word of warning, Rise pays no apparent mind to her surroundings even as they close upon the village's head house. The team would find a dark-skinned and relatively more well-dressed young man paces to and fro in front of the house. Rise doesn't so much as order the team to stop, but instead simply stops a few feet away from the man, and calmly waited for him to take notice of their group. Thankfully, unless someone else speaks up personally, it doesn't take no more than perhaps a full minute more for the man to realize he is being observed. "Ah! You here! Good, no, perfect! And welcome also welcome to our humble village," He says, erring on the side of mirth in the end in tone as he bowed fully at the waist in greeting. "You all must tired. Or perhaps even thirsty? Ah, who am I kidding. Of course you are. Please please, come on inside." He says motioning them to follow him inside.

Yori does naught but follow in silence and observe. A slight, thoughtful frown forms as he observes the behaviour of the villagers but he says nothing, nor watches any group for long. Simply passing glances. When they reach the house of the young man Yori stops and waits behind Rise, being the leader and all, and just listens to what he has to say. He says nothing still and doesn't move into the house unless Rise does.

Michiko is also quiet for the most part, only giving passing glances to the various groups as she moves along. The girl is letting Rise take the lead here, in many aspects. She's watching her teammates just as much as she is the villagers, in all honesty. Should Rise go inside, she would as well, though not before.

The man doesn't notice that no one has followed him until after he opens the door. He regards them with a confused yet curios look, but doesn't try to goad them into action. Yet. Rise remains in place, having forgotten her position at first. Sensing the fact that the others were waiting on her belatedly, Rise straightens out a little before swiftly making her way forward and inside first, ignoring the relief that seemed to flood their greeters face along the way. The man waits until the last of them are inside before entering himself and closing the door.
"Its just this way." He says, motioning briefly towards the back end of the hallway before making his way inside. After little more than a minutes worth of walking, the team are allowed some freedom to spread out and have a seat in what can best be described as a traditional meeting room. The kind old warlords and village heads might be seen in. Though he takes what would normally be considered the position of a main speaker, he isn't so determined to have the team observe any particular ways.
"Oh *finger snaps* I knew I — *headshakes* It doesn't matter. I'm just glad you guys are all here. Things have been getting a little…. tense… I am Nagato Hamasaki, by the way, interim village head." He says warmly, and yet Rise canted her head to side in confusion. "Interim?" She asks. To which, Nagato blinks at her in confusion before chuckling heartily. "That's pretty much the case, or at least that's how it feels to me… Anyways… it is to my understanding you guys are here to help calm everyone down. Folks are still tense over what happened with our neighbor to the north. A test shame that they had someone like that hidden among them." He states simply. Rise doesn't so much as answer the question, but instead turns to Yori to start things off, oddly enough. Either that or to hand over any notes regarding measures meant to be taken.

Yori follows after Rise into the house and makes sure to hold the door for Michiko before closing it behind them. He continues on to the meeting room and takes a seat towards the back, not wanting to intrude. His hands fold on the table and he watches Rise and the interim village head in a silent curiousity. When the team leader looks to him he looks back, expecting her to start talking to the guy. It takes him a second to realize that she wants him to start. "Oh…uh…" He says, a little surprised before quickly reaching into his pack and pulling out some hand written papers. All copies of his notes based on some knowledge of the lesser escapees, the ones that have been detained, and what can be done to help better guard the village. A copy goes to the village head and Rise, since Michiko likely already has her own much more extensive copy of his notes.
"The first place to start would be to let you and your villagers know that Kumogakure is working very diligently day and night to track and detain these criminals." The boy starts, his voice surprisingly steady considering the uncertainty he showed only moments before. "We've already recovered a few and we have steady leads on a number of others as well, as you can see." He motions to the notes he gave the man. "We expect to be sending out teams as soon as they are rested to follow some of these more urgent leads."
"Secondary of course, I can inform you that what happened in the village to the north is not likely to happen here. That was the only criminal who would have any reason to come into this region at all. Not only do others not have a connection to the surrounding area, but we've not received the slightest hint of anything else wrong here." He just lets all that settle in first and waits to see if the man or the others have questions before moving on.

Michiko follows after the group, being mostly silent as she evaluates how the mission is going. A light bow is offered to the village's temporary leader, though no introduction is given from her as she didn't want to expose her own rank or anything. This was, after all, a mission that she was simply watching over and not doing much. As soon as Yori gets started, Michiko goes through his notes as well, though she had no physical copy on her. It was all in her head, since there was so much information that she didn't want to carry around the notes. A small nod of approval that could barely be noticed would show she was pleased with what Yori had decided to reveal, but otherwise she doesn't do much else. Yep, she's definitely trying to not jump in and let the others handle this.

Nagato offered a small, assuring smile in hopes of calming young Yori down. As he would soon find out however, the boy knew how to gather his composure quickly with enough time. The village head continues to reel for awhile from the sudden change, Until he can regain his composure fully, the man operates mainly on reflex. The papers passed over provide the means for him to gather his wits about faster, though it would be some time before he can speak again with clarity. Rise accepts the offered copies with a greater deal of grace, and incline her head in thanks. She too poured over the notes, though her eyes seem to hardly move as she went from one page to the next.
"We… Well this is some comforting news indeed my friend. If nothing else, we can start removing a few notices." Nagato nods in sagely manner to himself, then looked up to regard both Rise and Michiko. "Still, this may not be enough. Some might still think that because one of those escapees don't have a connection here, it'll be easier to hide in plain.. sight…" Nagato trails off there as his eyes zeroed in on the head shaking Rise. "Your people are scared, Nagato-san. From rumors, it has even been said that, I believe the term is, 'street justice' has been on the rise as of late. If this is true, any criminal in hiding will be less likely to wish to linger in the area." She states, giving Nagato pause for a moment. She made no mention of any criminals using the riots as subterfuge of some kind or a means to stir up trouble for Kumogakure, but perhaps that was already covered in the notes? In any case, Nagato turns to Michiko next and asks rather bluntly, "… And what's your take on all this miss..?"

Yori's notes are extensive on the information he decided to give which was very limited though it might not seem as such to the man. There's also some ideas for how to better prepare for this particular village, but as the man moves on Yori just sits to listen. Whew. Survived.

Michiko hmms softly when Nagato ends up turning to her. "My own take? Well, I believe this town has nothing to be fearful of, especially with the earlier criminal captured in the northern town. Kumogakure has stepped up its patrols and we've also been, as he mentioned," the girl gestures to Yori, "working very hard to track down the criminals. Our forces are not unlimited, but those that can have been sent out to capture the escapees. And none of them have been noted to be here. You can see in the notes, as well, that nothing odd has happened with the exception of your current village's status of hosting the 'street justice'."

Nagato off-handidly fiddled with the papers. It would perhaps take him a few hours to truly soak in all the information conveyed, but what was seen at a glance left him hopeful for the future. That much at least continued to be reflected off his person. Nagato leans back, keeping himself propped up using his free hand, and gazed up at the ceiling for a quiet moment after Michiko finished speaking. "… Notes are one thing, but it still might not be enough. Living so close to the river makes this place a bit of a target. Even with all the guards we have here, few of them have any shinobi training, the means to deal with the kind of stuff that escaped."
Nagato brings his head down and sighs heavily. "… I appreciate all you have done for us so far, but I am going to need some time to digest all of this and figure out where to go from here." He smiles apologetically. Rise furrows her brows and pressed her thumb into her bottom lip. "… Will a demonstration suffice?" Nagato blinks owlishly, then narrows his eyes. "Hmm… No. At this juncture, you're more than likely won't receive a good reception for it. Not yet at least." Rise quirked a brow, prompting the man to add. "I am not say whatever you all have mind won't help. I just rather not have an incident occur because some folks are so riled up that they'll take your performance as your wasting time instead of doing your job hunting the bad guys." Nagato admits, chuckling weakly.
"As you wish. We shall remain in the village for the day should you require our immediate assistance." Rise bows formally as much as her position would allow, then straightened out and rose to her feet. "Yori-san. Michiko-… san. Let us be off for the time being." She states calmly before turning to leave, leading the way out.

Yori just listens to what Nagato has to say at first, giving a small nod of understanding when he says he needs time. Of course he says nothing still since it is Rise's show. When the team leader speaks and stands Yori follows suit, bowing formally to the man as well before moving to follow after Rise and Michiko without a word.

Michiko bows lightly to Nagato, saying, "Thank you for your time, Nagato-san." She stands up and moves to follow after Rise. She hmms softly to herself as she makes her way out, considering how everything went. What could have happened to make that go better or worse. Overall, it could have gone much much worse.

Nagato's attention was already back on the notes offered earlier by the time Yori stands. He squints every now and then as if he could not quite make out something, but asked for no assistance before everyone has literal left the building. Just as soon as everyone was outside, Rise manages to pull aside one of the passing patrol officers regarding directions to an inn. The man is a little reluctant at first, though seeing the headbands belatedly elicited a less grudging and genuine directions.
Rise would motion for the others to follow. However, after barely the passing of a full minute, the Shirokiri begins to slow down a little and incline her head. If either of them are close enough or happen to position just right, the raven-haired woman was… troubled by something. Just as seemed on the verge of speaking, her attention jerks in the direction towards the northern eastern part of the city. Perhaps maybe mere seconds later, several columns of smoke begin to rise in the distance. The same direction their hotel that their hotel was supposed to be in…

"Follow." The word alone is the closest thing to orders given before Rise takes off running.

Yori follows along with the rest, once outside his attention again moves around the village and it's inhabitants with curiosity. Nothing lasting, just a passing look here and there to not make anyone uneasy. It's almost like he's sightseeing. When Rise starts acting like a skittish chicken the boy pauses and looks at her with a faint frown. He's about to say something when Rise tells them to follow. He doesn't question or hesitate as he runs after, eyes moving around to try and see what has set her off. He spies some people running in the opposite direction and for a moment ponders stopping to question them, but decides for now he better just follow.

Michiko frowns a bit when Rise starts acting strange, sending out a pulse of chakra along the ground. She starts to run when Rise does, saying, "There are people… Five… running just that way and heading away from the fires. They don't seem intent on stopping, either," she tells Rise, awaiting orders outside of the simple command. The girl glances over to Yori to make sure he's also with them, wondering if he notices anything else particularly strange, before focusing her chakra just in case.

Rise had caught a glimpse of something as well, but the majority of her focus remained tied on the fire. Hearing Michiko mention their being more forced the Shirokiri to mentally stop and reconsider her options. The choice was clear, though it meant being short-handed. "Michiko-san, keep heading in the direction of the fires. Help them put them out using any means possible, then find out what happened. Yori-san. You are with me." The duo are only given a few seconds to register the command before Rise slides to a stop, then leaps onto the nearest building. If all went well, Yori would follow her example, cutting down on time wasted trying to follow the apparently five runners.

Michiko would reach her destination well before Yori and Rise have caught up to culprits. Just as Rise feared, one of the three buildings was the inn, and by the sounds of things, a few people remained trapped inside…
"Pincer. Take them from behind." Rise orders Yori before pressing on even faster. If she could just get ahead of them in time, they might be able to trap them between them.

Yori stops and goes just like he was playing 'red light, green light', pausing with the other two before following after Rise. Again it was instant and without question or hesitation. He follows to the rooftops, running at top speed until Rise gives the order to pincer from behind. "Hai." He says simply, slowing just a tick so that Rise can get ahead of the men. The shinobi are faster the way they're going and for the move to work it has to be executed correctly. He is still going a good clip however and just watches for when Rise reaches her position. Only then will he drop down.

Michiko nods lightly and continues on her path, heading towards the fires and eventually skidding to a halt. She eyes the burning building and sighs just a bit. "Someday… Maybe…" she murmurs, a burst of chakra once more escaping her as she hunts for the people who may be trapped inside. Michiko makes a few handseals and cuts her finger, summoning Kimura to her side. The fox eyes Michiko as she instructs the black fox to check up on the other buildings, nodding lightly and darting off to check on one of the smaller ones while Michiko plans to look at the inn.
The Iwata also starts to make handseals that would prepare the earth to rise up around the buildings so that other ones would not be in as much danger burning down. The girl ties her hitai-ate around her mouth, double checking the locations she had pinpointed. To any bystanders, she would call out, "Help put out the fires and try to get ready for people with burns!" before darting into the burning inn.

The mysterious urge to curl her lips upward comes and goes between heart beats. Rise doesn't waste time trying to analyze it. Instead, her focus remains keenly on the task at hand. Cutting the group off proves to be the easiest part. Five Men. The three in the lead are at least willing to stop for a second and try looking around for options, but the two to the back are more than willing to try and ditch their friends by trying to rush back the way they came. Rise makes no effort to try and halt the duo, knowing Yori would intercept them. Whether or not he chose to do so violently first would be up for him to decide.

Those few villagers not fully gripped in shock do not need to be told twice to act. They are hesitant at first, and a little uncoordinated, but once the proper authorities finally arrive, some semblance of order is established. One of the smaller buildings prove to not have any occupants at the time. Someone sat before said building, crushed by the sight. More than likely, it was the owner. The same could be said of the other small building, though only without the crying owner. Chances are whoever owned it might not have simply been in at the time. Maybe a fortunate lunch break?

The inn still bares the signature of at least four people. Two of which seemed to be uncouncious, while the others were trapped on the second floor towards the center of the building.

Yori drops down when Rise does, raising a hand to signal they should halt, palm facing the pair that turn back towards them. "Stop. We aren't here to hurt you. We just have some questions to ask." It's all true. Of course he doesn't mention they're going to be detained for those questions, and probably afterwards, but leaving out small things never hurt anybody. He just hopes they listen and don't try anything stupid.

Michiko goes first to where there is the least amount of movement, grabbing the ones that were unconscious. She somehow manages to drag them to a nearby window, seals forming to make it so that earthen hands would outstretch and allow her to place the two unconscious people on them. The hands would draw the people into a secure holding that didn't try to strangle them or anything. Just hold them and protect them while Michiko moved to the second floor, moving swiftly and even drawing on chakra to increase her speed enough that she doesn't waste too much time.

So far, Michiko's plan goes off without a hitch. A little time consuming perhaps, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The only trouble that really arrives (not that having to enduring smothering smoke and the occasional falling burning debris wasn't bad enough!) turns out to be much of the hallway upstairs being consumed in flames, and the landing not feeling exactly 'stable'…

Though cut off for the moment, the men weren't willing to stand to listen. A brief glance to one another is about the only warning either Rise or Yori receives before being rushed by the men. What the group lacked in true martial training, they made up for it in being both relentless and well aware of each others strength and weakness as to cover for the other. Aside from that, there weren't above using dirty tricks even against a kid, though only Rise had to worry about dodging trash cans and bottles. The same man that barked out orders every now and then immediately tried taking off using the opening created by his allies.
"You were warned." Is all the Shirokiri bothers stating as she formed half a ram seal. A crippling wave of pressure seems to exude off her form, definitively crushing the spirits of the men unfortunate enough to have not slip past. But is it enough for thier leader…?

Yori frowns slightly when the men come at him without a word or even a bit of hesitation. He was trying to be nice about it and everything! But not, here they come, attacking him. The boy raises an arm, sleeve sliding back to show his vambrace, and while he blocks the punch that comes his way the coordinated attack allows a kick to slip in. The young Saito winces slightly before disappearing briefly from sight and coming up behind one of the men with an elbow, then aiming a metal covered punch towards the other.

Michiko makes a handseal when she sees the fire engulfing the corridor, mud filling the hall and smothering some of the flames. The chakra within the mud she created herself keeps it together and prevents it from falling apart, hopefully, long enough so she can get to the second floor. When she sees the people on the second floor, she would attempt to gather them to a single room with a window, using the same technique to try and get them all out of the building.

The weight of the mud strains the supports. Fortunately, once given time to harden and spread a little, the path is reinforced. The same cannot be said of the people she intended to rescue. Though grateful to be free, they are surpised, even outright taken aback by the sight of some little girl being the one to rescue them. Thankfully, they don't slow her progress to the point escape becomes impossible, and before long everyone is out of the building. Short of more assistance provided on Michiko's part to help put out the flames however, it isn't likely inn itself won't suffer severe damage. Not so long as the people's efforts are divided between trying to put out all three fires.

As good as they were at offense, the same cannot be said of the men's defensive abilities or endurance. Both are either knocked out or left daze thanks to Yori's strikes, putting them out of the fight. Only the leader truly puts up any real fight. The man is practically left coughing up blood in his efforts to resist what his mind was telling him was doom pressed down upon him. Eventually and unfortunately for him, both mind and body give into the jutsu. Once absolutely certain there would be no more fleeing or running away, Rise finally allows her hand to fall to the wayside. Now only their fears kept them squirming on the ground, awaiting the end.
Wordlessly, Rise began taking out ninja wire to bind the men, though stopped to offer Yori some should he need it.

Yori seems to move in near tandem with Rise as he draws out wire, giving a small smile and shake of his head at her offer of some. He quickly binds the two men he'd put down before lifting his shirt to check the bruise on his side. Ouch. Well, he'd had worse. "What now Rise-san?" He asks once the men are detained. "This wasn't any of our escapees, but it's still trouble. Should we go check on Michiko-san?"

Once Michiko is able to get everyone out of the building, she looks around with a soot-smudged face and grumbles just a bit, adjusting her hitai-ate so it's back around her neck. "This isn't going to work…" she grumbles. She looks around at the efforts to put out the fire, and Kimura comes darting away from the second building. "I didn't sense anyone inside the building," the fox reports. Michiko nods and looks to the two buildings, considering. "Let's try to focus on getting the inn's fire put out, then… The villagers can work on the two side houses and join in when they can." She tells the fox to start telling people while she moves to try and get water from the river to the buildings.

"No. Not immediatly." Rise states as she dragged her detainees over to Yori's. Though kind enough to not just toss them onto the others, no consideration is given regarding comfort. They would all just have to deal with their situation for the time being. "No. You will find the nearest officer and direct him here. Make certain that he brings others. Afterwards, check on Michiko and offer assistance." With that said, Rise settles in against the alleywall. Whatever may come of their actions, she would accept the consequence on her shoulders alone.

As for Michiko and those valiantly trying to put out the fire, or watch due to morbid curiosity, the division of work proves more effective with a shinobi assistance. It still takes a good deal of time for the fires to finally go out. Although no lives are lost, and the buildings remain standing, it would perhaps be a few weeks if not a month or so before the inn is back in business. What with all the mud, fire damage, and water damage that would require some taking care of.
If there is anyone that doubted the good intentions of Kumogakure shinobi, or their dedication to their work, they were in far fewer number by the time the sun finally sets. The next day's announcement regarding the information Yori provided the day prior adds the final nail to the coffin. The uncertainty and rage that filled the masses hearts, if but for the time being, has been quelled.

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