Wager of Entertainment


Eremi, Tsiro

Date: January 1, 2012


Two Genin from rival villages are placed against each other in a mission based on a bet between a Wealthy Merchant and a Noble.

"Wager of Entertainment"

Just outside Fort Kyuusen

Old Forest Road [Fort Kyuusen]
This winding road pushes its way through the forest, not far from the path that a stream takes through the woods. At one point, the road crosses the stream with a simple bridge.
The mission: Every year an unnamed noble from the Land of Grass makes a wager against a wealthy merchant in the same land and loses. This year he has enlisted a shinobi from Konohagakure to guard his home. The merchant has enlisted a shinobi from Kirigakure to attack and steal a specified item from the home. For sport, both have requested Genin ranked shinobi. The only rule is that no one is to die. The target is a small chest enlaid with gold. It bears the insignia of Kusagakure.
Receiving the mission, Eremi quickly made his way to the home, spoke with the noble about any more details that needed to be known then set up a spot near the chest. As he waited for whomever it was he had to defend the item against, he thought over in his head the point of this assignment. It made little sense to him, save for the village having a chance to make money, but he thought his talents could be used better else where or at least be used training. Some how, like every thing he's been tasked with, he feels like this was going to be one he might lose.
Tsiro was the Genin selected by Kirigakure. Without hesitation the boy made for Fort Kyuusen. He would stay there a few hours before setting out. Like his counterpart Eremi, the boy had some doubts about the mission and why his skills were being selected for this. He was not a stealthy type. He was the type that walked in and killed everything in his path. Thats where the irony was. The only rule was that no one dies. Kirigakure sent a Kaguya on a mission where killing was prohibited. That was like dangling naked people infront of cannibals and telling them not to bite.
As Tsiro approaches the home, he places his hands together in a number of hand signs. Soon a mist would start to over take the house. Yes, the boy had announced his arrival with the hidden mist jutsu.
In the position he had taken up, Eremi had no clue what to expect or when to expect his 'opponent' for the day. Then suddenly the mist settled in out of nowhere, it was mysterious and caused the boy reach for a kunai in response. He went over toward the window and glanced out side, just barely managing to make out a figure standing outside. That must be the attacker. "It's now or never." He said to himself, swallowed hard as he opened the window and hopped outside to meet the other. Once landing on the ground he was sure he was already spotted and the other was somewhat easier to notice now. "You…you're the one from the shores during the war." Quickly his eyes went wide wondering if it was a mistake to mention such a thing, surely it might enrage the other. "Anyways, my name is Satonezu Eremi and I have to prevent you from taking that chest." He held the kunai out in front of him.
The crimson eyes of Tsiro fall on the boy. He remembered him. The boy was rude and kicked him in the face last time they met. This time he had seen through the jutsu though he chose not to rush out and attack. "Kaguya Tsiro." the boy states. He then moves his hands once again. This time he steps back into the mist. He was attempting to use what was already there to hide his movements. He was trying to shy away from battle.
"It's nice to meet you." Eremi responded, then took up a defensive stance expecting the other to retaliate, but instead was shocked to watch Tsiro move back into the mist. However, as the other stepped back, Eremi moved forward following after and easily being able to see Tsiro's movements. Not wanting to delay this longer, he took the kunai in hand and threw at through the mist to start things.
Tsiro tried to dodge away from the kunai attack, but it sliced him on the arm. It seemed he was going to have to fight here. Bones start to protrude from his body, mainly his hands. This time he glanced towards Eremi. He ran forward aiming two slashes at him. "I guess this is inevitable."
Seeing Tsiro run forward at him after the bones began to protrude outwards, Eremi made a quick jump back to avoid the first slash, "I definitely don't remember you being able to do that last time." The next attack came, but he was too slow this time and the sword cut into him. Naturally he grabbed the wound as he jumped back a bit more to gain some distance. "Unfortunately so." He then rested his hands on opposing arms as he unwrapped the bandages some before flinging them forward at Tsiro and following behind it by jumping in the air with a few succession of kicks.
Tsiro grinned as Eremi admitted he had not seen the attack before. "If you had stuck around, you would have seen it. You caused it. Instead someone else paid the price." the boy states as he moves away from the bandages and then ducks under the kicks. He then moves forward aiming three more slashes at the boy, though the third was different. It seemed to have a flick of his wrist at the end of it. Tsiro had known better than to think Eremi would give up the mission, but you never know.
Eremi landed on the ground and stood up to another stance to face Tsiro, "Yes, I'm very sorry about what happened. I just got called away unfortunately." Then he shifted around as the bone attacks came once again. The first two easily cut him about his body and deep enough to hurt, instinctively he jumped and flipped backwards before any other attacks could be sent out. "That really hurt. You're indeed skilled." At that moment he thought about taking off and running, but he had to shake off that image he had for himself. He had to keep striving harder. With that thought in his mind, he rushed forward jumping in the air with the same kicks as the last time, just with more power behind them.
Tsiro continued to dance, just narrowly avoiding the string of kicks each time. "I have avenged every loss during the war. Except for one." the boy states. His mind takes his back to his first fight. Though he did not know her name, he envisions the very colorful Uchiha girl that had burned him with Naru. He had gone nuts with a depression after the loss. Then it had turned to anger and fueled him to become better. "I destroyed on the Uchiha three times. I have yet to meet the other, but her day will come to."
The crimson-eyed Kaguya then again lurches forward. This time he was using the bones like daggers and trying to cut at his opponent. "It is a mere bet. If you run, you will feel no more pain. Unless you have something more to give, this is just wasting time."
Eremi could quickly tell that the only way he was going to win this match was going to be with luck, his attacks weren't hitting and his dodges were hit or miss. "An..Uchiha?" He could only think of a couple, but one came to mind that same time during the war. That girl, Naru. He wasn't close with the girl nor anyone in the village really, so didn't feel anything different to hear Tsiro had beaten the Uchiha several times. All he could do was stay focused on the task at hand, jumping and dodging out of the attacks as they came his way.
But then he stopped, dropping his hands toward his sides at what Tsiro had to say about Eremi even trying. It hurt him and was almost enough to force him to quit fight right there and run away, "I…I can't give up. Not yet, I still have more to give." He charged forward, kicking once again.
The kick came forward and… it hit. There was a look of shock and pain on the Kaguya's face. It lasted only a brief moment as the boy recovered enough to dodge the second attack. "Not bad." is all Tsiro could say. He would not apologize for insulting the boy, though he never meant to. If it were not for his position in the village as a Kaguya, he would not have been here himself. The boy once more does some hand signs and tries to fade into now clearing mist. He was going to put everthing he had into trying to end this quickly.
Eremi was surprised the attack had actually hit, some of the luck he needed actually came into affect that time. Which was good, but when he watched Tsiro bring the mist about again, he wasn't able to keep up with the other this time. Nervously he didn't want to wait for an attack to come if the object was for the chest to be taken. So he glanced up to where he hopped out the window and jumped back up and into it. "It's still here." He glanced about the room then backed himself into a corner as he waited for Tsiro to pop out.
Tsiro was not far behind. Once Eremi got set, the boy came through the wall. The rules never said anything against destroying the place. Tsiro was also surprised to see the chest still in the room. He had pondered if the boy would rehide it. He looks directly towards Eremi and holds out his arm, a bone now clearly grown from his elbow. "You really should leave now. Last warning."
Eremi jerked, startled incredibly by the wall exploding and Tsiro coming through. This boy was nuts and he could only wonder if that's how all Kaguya acted. "I can't just leave. I can't." He ran forward as much as he could with what little room there was to work with. Suddenly he motioned as if he was going to jump up, but then shifted as he went for the chest to pick it up and take off running out the room.
The chest was all the matter to Tsiro. He quickly moved inbetween Eremi and the chest. He moved his elbow backwards aiming a single attack at the boy. He was not trying to do him harm, but to let him know that he was no longer messing around. With his other hand he grabbed the chest. "This competition is over. Let it go."
Eremi's eyes went back at the sudden flash of Tsiro's speed getting between him and the chest. He tried to slow down, to come to a complete stop before the elbow hit but was unable to and instead was hit with enough force that the bone pierced into him and dropped the boy to his knees. "Ok, ok." He'd sniff as he tried to hold back the tears. "You win this mission. Take the chest, it's yours." He'd punch the ground then roll onto his back.
Tsiro nodded his head as the boy gave. "You are quite a taijutsu user. Most never actually touch me." is stated before the Kaguya makes his exit from the home. He does not stick around just incase there was more to the mission. He takes off towards the road. His goal was to make it to Fort Kyuusen before Eremi had changed his mind about giving up.

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