Wake Up Call for Drowsy Voice Gang


Chitose, Itami

Date: June 2, 2013


The Drowsy Voice Gang is causing problems in Sukoppu Machi, so Chitose and Itami go to investigate. The place was a mess and needed some cleaning up. Unfortunately, the Drowsy Voice Gang returns and seeks to cause more trouble. Chitose and Itami have to put an end to it before the gang exacerbates the problems they started.

"Wake Up Call for Drowsy Voice Gang"

Unknown location

The Land of Wind is still tense with the threat of people popping out of the sand and threatening individuals at any given moment. It's a great deal for Sunagakure to take on, but they can manage. They're tough and aren't known for taking disuptes lightly. With this in mind, Itami decides to look into the Drowsy Voice gang along with Chitose to see if she can put a stop to the problems they cause. Contrary to their name, the gang is terribly loud and disruptive. A band of misfits that bring destruction with them.
Evening is approaching as they both arrive at Sukoppu Machi where they were last spotted. Spotted as in, caused destruction. Entering inside the place, there was water tossed aside with pieces of wood laying in the mess indicating it was once a trough. Hay is sitting around, some of which has been lit on fire lifting smoke into the air and not much else. Some walls are chipped and windows are busted among other things.
"Senseless destruction," Itami remarked to herself while rubbing at her brow in agitation. "This increases our work load. I wasn't exactly looking forward to this."

A look around as they arrive and then Chitose hmms and looks at the destruction, "I believe we have a serious issue." She nods her head, "There's definitely a lot of destruction about." She then glances at Itami and then at the area, "It's always when the destruction and distraction is greatest that the rats make their move." She chuckles, "It is what it is. We'll deal with this lot quickly enough, right?"

"Indeed," Itami states. "This is serious. I know they have a tendency to be rowdy, but perhaps it's on some sort of scale. Low to high, uneventful to dramatic, cold to hot," she could keep going with that all day, but the point was made. "I assure that we will deal with this lot soon enough. For now, we should probably help to get this place in order. We won't have to do too much, mostly just put out the fire and get the smoke cleared from here. The rest can be handled by the others. We can do some questioning while we're at it," she explains to Chitose while looking around to survey the damage once more.
There was a fire in a bunch of straw that could risk spreading. Despite the fact it wasn't exactly burning in the sense of fire, the straw was turning black which meant it could get worse. The water troughs would need refilling and the oasis is a dangerous trip with random enemies popping out of the sand to attack people… "Want to try for the oasis first? It may be the more troubling of the two before us," the council woman asks of Chitose.

"I agree." Chitose nods and then smiles at Itami, "I believe we are better off going that route." She then hmms, "I also spoke with Suterusu." She nods her head at Itami, "He has agreed to keep his hobby to himself." She then looks over toward the oasis and then back at Itami, "Do you have a way to get the maximum amount of water back?"

"Good," Itami smiled, but it waned slightly in reference to Suterusu. "You've spoken to him. That's…part of the good news," she started and continued listening to what Chitose had to say. She hadn't expected to hear such a thing, but when she did she smiled, "You would know him best, hm?" She smiled. "I'm glad you were able to get through to him. Granted, I figured there would be no…ending of his hobby, so to speak, but at least he was agreeable and that's about all I can ask for up to this point," she nodded. "Thank you for speaking with him. I'll deliver the news to Shemri once we return to the village. For now…I can't say I have any bright ideas about water. As I said, I hadn't expected to run into this problem, but there's probably something around here that may be able to assist us. Considering it isn't destroyed…" She checks about once more, but there doesn't appear to be anything in particular that can possibly have water routed back to this place quickly enough. She considers for a few moments. "You think it's possible to channel the water here?" The oasis isn't too far away.

A hmm, "Possibly." Chitose shrugs and tehn looks at her, "I'm not going to be of much help in this endeavor though." She nods her head, "I'm not really that great with any sort of elemental jutsu yet." She then looks toward the oasis, "And even if I was, it's wind, not water or earth that I have an affinity for." She looks back at Itami, "I thought perhaps you might have known something…unless you plan to dig a trench."

"Wind can get the water moving fast enough, I imagine. Push it downstream and into the well in waiting," Itami offered. "I do plan to dig a trench. Making that many trips back and forth would only encourage me to drink the water, not to deliver it," she joked. "So, if you're up for the challenge, first things first… Mind clearing the air in here? It's getting a little—" Just as she began to finish, there was a loud crash and a woman came flying back toward them, sliding against the ground covered in water. She'd just come from the well and was escorted by a couple guys who wished to assist. They were disposed of quickly enough.
"Hey, hey move aside! Boss is comin' through!" Some scrawny guy yells as he enters into the place. "Yeah, he likes for his path to be clear and you were in the way. Now you're all soakin' wet! 'Sides, thought you'd all have this place cleaned up by now. Boss made it clear that he wanted it back to normal when he returned. I don't think he's gonna like seein' this very much," some bigger and taller thug speaks with a raspy voice.
The Boss walks in with a bored look on his face. He's some fat guy, balding with the remainder of his hair wraped around his head. "There's too much smoke in here. I can't breathe all that well," he says while blowing out a puff of smoke from his cigar.

A blink as she watches things happen, confused as heck as she watches the woman crash and then Chitose looks toward the scrawny guys. She stares for a brief moment before looking toward Itami. She then looks back at the fat guy who comes walking in, smoking a cigar. She stares at him and then tilts her head, "Ok, is this the guy leading the gang of jerkwads who did all this?" She seems to be confused, "I mean, none of these guys seem that impressive."

"Yep," Itami replied with a shrug. "You hear what he says? He says there's too much smoke in here!" The scrawny one speaks. The bigger guy cracks his knuckles. "I got this…" He proceeds to handseal and performs a simple wind jutsu that blows everything back and away from the three gang members. Whatever fire was in the straw is probably being fed and sent over the rest of the small settlement to burn elsewhere while broken wood flies around and manages to strike a few unlucky people that are trying to escape. On the plus side, the smoke is gone, having left the opening at the top of the dome. This exposed the two shinobi that were in the area right now.
"Hahahahahaha! Look at that! The smoke's gone! Can you breathe better now, Boss?" He asks as he gives the guy a few smacks on his back in a friendly manner. He chokes on his cigar in response and spits up ash in the process. "You idiot! I would've if you hadn't've smacked me like that!" He punches the scrawny one in the face. Considering the number of bruises and scars, it's safe to say this happens often. "Now that it's clear in here…Eh?" He spots Chitose and Itami. "You could've tried harder. Those two over there should've been blown away. They must not understand who we are…"
The men jumped in front of their boss and began to do their signature pose. "We're the Drowsy Voice Gang! Forever restless, forever sleepless!" Aaand, that's the end of that. "…Well, one of them can use wind. That counts for something, right?" Itami continued from where she left off.

"I…only know defensive use of wind jutsu." She glances to Itami. She then shrugs, "Lets just kick these guys teeth down their throats." She nods, "I'm really thinking these bozos are just, well clowns." She then hops down from her perch and rushes forward, attempting to put her out stretched hand right into the windy guy's gut before spinning around and lengthing her arm to get more momentum and backhand him hard across the face, "Time to put these guys down for their nap."

"Oh. Well, I guess we'll work that out when we get there," Itami states as she looks at the men and then back to Chitose. She'd follow the girl's lead and proceed to attack the men. Since she was dealing with wind guy, she'd deal with the mouthy guy. He'd put his hands up in a defensive manner and wave them saying, "W-w-w-wait! I was just jokin'!" Nah, he wasn't joking. Just as she went in for the 'kill' she'd find that her hand didn't do much against him. Her punch would just enter right into the guy and bounce back. He smirked and even laughed. "Ha! That stuff won't work on me! I've went and had my body worked on. How do you like it?" He asked while wiggling around. The wind guy was knocked out and down before he got back up and dusted himself off. Guess they weren't bozos after all. "Hehehe. These guys are the best in my crew. That's why they're with me," said the boss. Admittedly, he had no jutsu of his own, so he relied on these guys to do everything for him.

A blink as she watches that and then she looks toward Itami, "Well, that's my main trick." She states as she takes a step back and then looks from one guy to the other before shrugging, "It's either that or…well, I have one other trick up myself but I tend not to use it." She then turns and sends a few kunai at the guy, "How about something sharp instead of my fist?" She hmms and flips back a few to put some distance.

"I wouldn't want you to use that trick, myself. Not here, at least," Itami admitted. As Chitose attacked the wind user once more, Itami seeks to do something else to deal with her wiggling friend's problem. She opts to slow the guy down with some wind. All that modification won't be able to escape some wind that keeps him pressed down, after all. "I think I might have some wind jutsu to teach to you when we get the chance, if that's alright?" She inquired of Chitose before initiating her skill.
Meanwhile, "Shear, what are you doing? Stop messing around with her. She's only a little girl. What can she do to you?" the Boss asked after having been stricken with sharp kunai. He was mad, of course. "Sorry. I'll make this quick," he states and runs forward as he begins his wind jutsu once more against the girl.

As the gust comes in, Chitose makes a quick hand sign and her own wind blocks his. She then shakes her head, "Sorry, but I'm better." She then turns and quickly sends her right arm in again for a smashing punch before turning into another step to send another punch. She then shakes her head as she whips a quick kunail underhanded at the man, "I may be just a little girl but you really shouldn't underestimate your enemy. It's unwise."

"Flops!" The Boss calls as the guy is held under by a constant wind. "What the heck is goin' on here? You guys are supposed to be the best I've got!" Shear keeps himself busy trying to defend against Chitose and her arm strikes as well as her kunai. He's got jutsu to use, but he's not exactly a fast mover. She hit a lot harder than he first thought. What the heck was going on here? The blow to his side caused him to wince and the second to his other made him buckle. The final strike he managed to endure, causing him to grin and snicker, though uncomfortably.
"You're gonna pay for that," he gagged out before using the best move in his arsenal. "Wind Vortex Technique!" He called out the name of the attack.

And simply put, Chitose simply spins aside from the man's attack, watching it blow past her and she shakes her head, "Probably best not to call things out before you do them." She nods her head and then spins around to fling another kunai before rushing in and punching her arm out, extending it far past its normal reach before pulling it back and turning her other arm into a quick whip that she bends backwards before bending forward to whip into him almost like a tentacle, "I think it is about time we end this." Sh e nods and then looks around, "So, am I doing this alone?"

Shear seemed dumbfounded. How was this girl getting one over on him? "Th-that's not how this is supposed to work! I'm supposed to be the one that beats yo—Oooh!!!" Shear didn't finish his statement as he was cut with a flying kunai across the cheek and was now taking punches that…were her arms bending?! He didn't notice that before, but now that he has, it's clear that he feels he's messed with the wrong person.
"No, you're not alone," Itami replied as she was still fighting against flops. The guy was resilient, if only because his body could take a bit of a beating and get away with it. "Nice job against that guy, though," she offered to Chitose with a thumbs up.

Cracking her neck to the side after that, she looks at the man she just flattened with two well placed fists before looking to the fat boss, "So, we done here or are you going to give up? Because, you see, I'm not even breaking a sweat." She nods her head, "Heck, I'm not even trying at this point." She nods her head, "But if you wanna keep going, I'm perfectly alright with that." She then just gives the man one last across the face, Shear that is, just to make sure things are done.

Shear is left with bruises all about his body as well as scars, welts and bumps from the damage he took from Chitose. It was safe to say he was down for the count, especially with that extra smack against him. The Boss had just finished his cigar, a bit earlier than usual because he smoked the rest of it in nervousness. All he had left was a nub that fell out of his mouth and to the ground where the rest of the ashes fell.
"Uh, uh, no, no, no. I don't even want this place cleaned up anymore. It's…too much of a hassle," he remarked then whisteled to Flops saying, "Hey, let's beat it! This place is of no more use to me. "Yeah, yeah, I got it, but just lemme get one good against this one here! She's barely managed to do anything to me, but use a little wind!" He stated and then turned back towards Itami who sliced him across the face with her hand. He wasn't sure how she did it, but he just had claw marks across his face. If he stayed put, he'd have more. "Flops!" The Boss called. "Yeah, I'm comin'!" He ran off to the guy and he struck the Drowsy Voice gang's pose with one man down. He'd then run back and drag Shear with him to take off to someplace safe.

"Come back again sometime, bring more guys." Chitose states as they run before looking over at Itami, "Do we need to bring them down or are we done here?" She hmms at her before looking at the retreating trio. She then sighs and turns to look around at the various bits of damage here and there. She then sighs and shakes her head, "This is…well, annoying." She states even as she looks at the area before looking back to Itami, "I guess it is time we get back to helping the people here truly clean up."

"I think we should go after them eventually. They may seem like dopes, but even dopes know things," Itami offers to Chitose. "But for now, I think I'll go ahead and take your advice. Let's get back to cleaning up here," she sighed. She still wasn't looking forward to this and by this point, the fire has managed to spread to other places, causing smoke to rise up in the air /again/. "It didn't feel like we were fighting them that long," she grumped. "I think we should take care of the fire first, this time around, 'else this place will probably burn up and that won't be pleasant."

Looking at the area, Chitose nods and lets out a sigh, "Fire spreads far too quickly." She then looks at Itami before saying, "Though I'm not sure what I can do to help." She s hakes her head, "As I said, I'm not good at that." She shrugs, "I can try to see what I can do to see if any of the locals will come out and help with a bucket brigade, best I got."

"That'll do. Thank you for your help on this mission. As such, you will be provided proper payment that goes along with these types," she nodded. "You needn't worry about helping, though. You've done more than enough for this mission. You can rest up if you'd like and I'll handle things from here. I'm going to need your help in tracking those three down soon."

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