Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Michiko (emitter), Arashi, Seiko, Heero

Date: December 30, 2015


A team of Kumo-nin are sent out to grab a cart that’s gone missing

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

Land of Lightning

The team of Arashi and Seiko is something that Michiko is apparently encouraging, as the two have been sent to escort Heero to save some building materials. But who would be traveling in such horrible snowy blustery weather?! Well, when the materials were scheduled to be sent out, it was pretty nice weather. Some sort of cold front came through, though, and they ended up getting stuck in this frost-awful snowstorm with far too little supplies to try and hunker down. :( Fortunately, the company that was sending off these supplies kept a lot of tedious records about where their shipments went and when, so they sent word off when it looked like the weather was about to make a turn for the worst. So yeah… Now Arashi, Seiko, and Heero were looking for a cartful of building things, and it'd be very very hard to see more than a few feet in front of you because bad weather and all that.

Heero had his typical hammer with him, but he had on a few additional layers of clothing to fight the wind and snow. This was bad weather and he was probably going to be hauling this cart they were going after. Heero would stay behind Arashi and Seiko, letting them lead on to where the area should be at. He'd do his best to try and help keep a look out, but, well.. that's not really his forte. Either way, he was there and surprisingly happy, despite the weather.

Arashi came prepared. He is used to sudden changes in weather, so for himself he had a coat that he was now wearing. "Seiko. You able to see anything through all this?" He himself couldn't well with his own eyes, but he didn't exactly need his eyes. A mist was surrounding the area as they walked showing him exactly what he needed to see. Hopefully. "I won't know for sure it is OUR cart myself, but I would be able to see a cart maybe."

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a REVEALING-MIST…43

"Not really, no," Seiko says, grumbling a bit as they walk along. They probably should have brought a sensor along for this, but apparently Michiko thinks he and Arashi can handle it, or at least she wants to see if they can. "If all else fails,I can go closer. I don't have a hitai-ate or anythig, so I won't be recognized as a shinobi."

Except for the very loud wind, there's little sign of anything but snow! So much fun, right? The group probable feels pretty cold what with all the wind and snow blowing in their faces. The group would know that the cart was supposed to stick to the main path, so as long as they followed the (invisible … thanks snow) trail, things would be A-OK!

Heero listened to Seiko and Arashi talking ahead of him. Shaking his head slightly, although it'd be hard to place under the hood of his cloak, he'd speak up. "They know we're friendly. So ain't gonna be hostile if we show up. We just need to get to them and help them get back to the village. The dang weather just making that really difficult. If we stick to the trail, they should be right ahead of us, right? I don't know of an area for em to pull off and hide or nothin."

Arashi looked between Heero and Seiko. If he could see them both well. "I can see somewhat. The snow forms a bit of its own natural mist, and I just help it along. I use that same mist to see where we are going." Speaking of which. "Like that branch that you are about to trip over Seiko." He glances towards Heero's voice and frowns a bit. "Yeah. We can deal with weather." He would use the mist to sense the area again.

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a REVEALING-MIST…31

RPCOMBAT: Seiko defends against with a PERCEPTION…20

"So we just wait and hope to find them basically," Seiko says with a shake of his head. He ALMOST steps over that branch, but Arashi telling him distracts him, and his foot clips it, sending him tumbling down the path in a series of flips to land on and sink into a large bed of snow.

Well, it looks like Seiko happened to bump into something! Notably: the cart full of supplies they were looking for. How lucky! But the person that was supposed to be delivering it is nowhere to be found! D: There's a pair of horses locked to the cart, and they're trying to hunker down in the snow.

Heero stares after Seiko who tumbles off into the snow, ending with a thud that sounds like.. a cart? The knicker of horses confirmed it, having Heero head off in that direction as well. Looking around for the person, Heero shrugs and gets behind the cart. Pressing himself, that strength was put to use to lift the cart out of the snow and walk it forward, pressing the horses to move as well and help get it back onto the path. "We need to find the driver. Leavin someone out here would kill em."

Arashi follows Seiko down slowly grinning a bit. "Good job Seiko. I knew you could do it. Now about this person that seems to be missing." Arashi would get to looking around the area now. "Hmmm… I wish more came out on this mission with us. We could leave some behind to look while the others took the cart back. With just me and Seiko guarding it probably wouldn't be great to leave one alone behind." The mist spreads through the are to tell Arashi what is in the area.

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a REVEALING-MIST…29
COMBAT: Seiko focuses 4406 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Seiko attacks target 1 with TEMPEST with a roll of: 23
COMBAT: Seiko attacks target 1 with TEMPEST with a roll of: 32

"Son of a…" Having collided with the cart, Seiko picks himself up and dusts snow off a bit before looking around. "If we wait too long, he'll die of frostbite," he points out then brings his hands into a seal. A moment later, the wind in the area suddenly picks up to an extreme and starts to blast the blizzard away temporarily to clear their view for the time being so they can try to find the driver. "I probably should've done this earlier.""

Seiko sorta saves the day! In a sense… Because all of the snow got diverted to somewhere else temporarily (including the snow on the ground…), it's quite easy to see a very frozen body that's all curled up. If anyone checks the body, they would sense the pulse is very very very faint, and if he doesn't get warm soon… »;; The horses sort of rear at the sudden gale and try to go off, but they don't like the look of the storm, so they stay where they are unhappily.

Heero was also holding onto the cart and while he might slightly give ground to the horses, he was dug in to make sure he kept the cart. Once they settled down, he'd put the cart down, eyeing the body. "Well that ain't good. Either of you got a light?" Looking between Seiko and Arashi, he frowns, then shrugs. "Load him on the cart. We'll go fast as we can to get him back to the village. It's our best and safest bet."

Arashi was already picking the man up carefully. "Yeah. No fire. Best I could do would be something with electricity. Could probably cause a fire if we had wood or what not, but it wouldn't help for travel." He set the man in the cart, and climbed in with him. "I will keep an eye out using the mist from in here, and keep an eye on him. Seiko you keep an eye on the outside. Heero you just work on getting us back quickly, so this man doesn't die."

Well, the former Storm Brigade guy is useful sometimes! "Got it," he says with a nod and hopes on the caravan. "I'll keep the path ahead clear." With that he brings his hands into a seal and makes the wind turn to start clearing their path toward Kumogakure. He's going to have to rest after this, but they can't afford to be slowed down by the weather right now.

With Seiko clearing the way for the group, they all manage to get back to Kumo safe and sound. Though that poor frozen lump desperately needs medical attention sooner rather than later. The guards at the gate would assist whoever to get him to the hospital. Other than that 'small' issue, the mission was finished without a hitch. Yay~

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