Wanted: Kawakon


Kirin, Kuki, Yuzuna

Date: 28th May, 2010


Kuki leads a small team into Fuuma in search for a wanted man in the bingo book.

"Wanted: Kawakon"

Fuuma Basin [Fuuma Alley]

The Land of Rice Patties, one of the few places that had ninja inhabitants that more or less did not put too much effort in war. Instead, they had dug their way into the industry while still putting a bit of time in the ninja world. Well, the Fuuma at least managed to that, eventually erecting their smog filled little city from the ground, making the rest of the world looking like it was still living in the rock-headed caveman era.
Today we would find three young ninja making their way down the Fuuma Alley, which was obviously… much more than an Alley now. The stench of the city already burning the nostrils of the sweet smelling Kukiko from when it was simply a blurry black dot off in the distance. She'd tolerate it for a while, though eventually her nose would give in and she'd raise a hand to cover her nose and mouth, giving off a quiet little. "achoo." Her hand would lower to reveal a frown, "Sadly, it seems like this place lives up to its reputation… A refresher, despite the details being rather simple. Find Kawakon Ihida and kill him. Don't worry about being overly discrete about it but, it'd be better to not draw attention or be seen at all. Though if things go south, remember… whatever happens in Fuuma Alley, stays in Fuuma Alley." Kukiko grins and continues down the path.
This man had suddenly appeared in the Bingo Book recently, put in by the Hyuuga without any true reasoning behind it, though most seemed to accept it without question a wealthy amount of money put on his head too. Though, if Yuzuna read up on her clan's history she would've known the Kawakon name and well, if Kirin simply just delved into random history. The Kawakon are a supposedly a extinct clan, at first the surname was thought to be a coincidence until the man slipped up and revealed the feared Kawakon powers. The clan was almost feared as much as the Uchiha and Senju clan and go figure, they were also in the land of Fire.
The clan lived almost entirely off of their massive chakra pools if they wanted to. The heart could stop completely if it felt like it, the brain could keep going while being removed so long as it was connected to the head. They were known as immortals, the only thing killing them was boredom when they simply decided to die… which rarely happened. They used this skill to take on unnatural amounts of enemies without ever falling… until the Hyuuga came into play. Given their ability to disrupt and shut down chakra they were hired on the opposite side whenever the Kawakon came into play. The Hyuuga beating the opposing clan into what they assumed were extinction though now one was back, it was decided that they need to clear up the trash before the clan expanded and gotten into their chaotic ways again.
Now this one, seems to be hiding in the criminal haven of Fuuma Alley, where you weren't judged unless you messed with the Fuuma themselves, though it was almost guaranteed if this man went anywhere else he'd be faced with death, a shame he revealed himself!
Eventually they'd get to the large gates, the nearly blinding neon lights within the city flickering off and on as drug addicts and aristocrats walked the streets, doggish men and sleazy women were not hard to come across at all. Whistles and flirtatious words ringing out from both genders towards the group composed of a two beautiful females and a handsome man. Kukiko would simply look straight ahead, "Don't pay them no mind. You already saw his image in the bingo book, look for him and him alone… try to avoid using any ninja techniques for now, like I said try to avoid attention. Sadly, that means no Byakugan unless you're out of sight Yuzuna." Of course if she did use Byakugan, the man would be quite easy to find given their ridiculous levels of chakra.

Having only heard rumors of this place before around the village and over the shoulder of fellow Jounin, Kirin was rather anxious to accept accompanying Kuki and subsequently Yuzuna, anything that would serve to open up new experiences, new faces to remember and a new locale to see with his own eyes. After all, they were here to keep a low profile… and so Kirin wears nothing but his own casual clothing… a short sleeve black shirt, some see-through netting composing of his upper chest… and some simple black pants that aren't baggy but tight and low cut above his ankles… some plain sandals worn on his feet; the only thing unusual perhaps would be Kirin's wrists, which seem to have two scrolls wrapped around them, so his wrist each bear a kanji. One for "Sword." and one for "Water."
As Kuki would sneeze, "Bless you, Kuki-san." Kirin would mutter, staring ahead with an unblinking gaze… lest he miss something important. There's plenty of time to look at your eyelids when you're dead, after all. As Kirin walks in between Kuki and Yuzuna… he glances around at the simply almost unheard of slum that's allowed to collect here, a hub where you wouldn't find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy! Though, Kirin doesn't heed Kuki's warning, instead his complacent glance meets that of the two beautiful females… and the handsome man, though Kirin's thoughts are his own… he can't help but wonder in a moment of passing insight, how their lives have been up unto this point… though the pity is fleeting, he can't be concerned with their lives no more then he would raising and setting the sun. "Hnf." Kirin looks back ahead, glancing over at Kuki as he walks. "What an interesting place." Kirin glances back ahead of him as he walks. "Well then, ladies. The next alley we see, or empty building… you should both use that technique of yours. Honestly, I've no doubt he already knows we're here."

Walking steadily as she follows her older cousin's lead, Yuzuna shifts her covered head slightly, pale eyes barely glancing from under her hood to those wandering the streets. Her shoulders tense subtly from the attention one dirty and ragged man gave her, grinning darkly as his tongue flickers behind the void of missing teeth. She presses her lips together as she turns her attention straight ahead, finding it difficult to keep her senses aware of their immediate surroundings without being repulsed by the lowlife that thrived throughout the streets. "Hai." Yuzuna murmurs simply to Kukiko in reply to the command. She wasn't planning on using the Byakugan out here. It always drew unwanted attention, and being unnoticed is key for the moment. "With as much chakra as he might have, would it not be possible that he has henged into someone else entirely to avoid detection? Or has he become that careless?" she murmurs again in low tones, enough only for Kirin and Kukiko to actually have heard anything at all. Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes slightly with focus.

"Interesting, yes, I believe that could describe it and I suppose you're right. If he went out of his way to hang around here, he must be well aware he's being tracked." He /was/ initially found around the Land of Earth after all. Kukiko would continue to casually look about, ignoring Kirin somewhat as to using Byakugan because honestly she wanted to hang around here a bit longer than was necessary, it was much more interesting than the Hyuuga Village to say the least. Of course, logic would slowly start to pound away at self indulgement like her mind was trained to perform. 'The more time I spend fooling around, the more time he has to get away…'
Slowly falling deep into thought, the words of Yuzuna would echo about in her mind for a good 10-20 seconds before taking them in. Kukiko would blink a few times before giving a delayed response, "Ah, right! Henge, they honestly have trouble performing that kind of thing. Anything that requires concentrated chakra honestly, most of their jutsu are very wild and explosive… it was rather odd when you came across one that wasn't a fire or lightning manipulator." Kukiko would casually ramble before sighing, "Well, might as well just get this done… Byakugan." Veins would spread across the side of her face, her eyes momentarily going crystalline though she would quickly grasps the sides of her head.
Through gritted teeth a well suppressed scream of pain would gently squeeze out as a little, "Guuuh…" As the Byakugan fades away, the advanced Doujutsu simply met with a blinding 'white light; around the entire area. "And… it is with good cause that he cannot henge. Don't use any techniques involving chakra sight, this place has some barrier about it." A trickle of sweat rolls down her forehead, as she continues to fight off the initial shock of pain, taking shallow breaths as she looked around. "We'll have to split up. If you find him, do your best to get him away from the area, we do not need any unnecessary casualties."
Explosive jutsu never bode well with civilians.

Kirin keeps his pace, although he's taking everything in as much Kuki and might have his interest piqued with the very abstract people here, he still can't help but state the obvious. Keeping a straight face, Kirin filters out Kuki and Yuzuna talking to each other paying it no mind, everything is going according to procedure. We walk, we use the Byakugan, we find, we fight, we leave. Kirin's eyes snap to Kuki as she seems to be in some form of pain, he stops and turns to face her… his hands clench into fists reflexively; ready to help her in some way if need be… but the time never comes, she seems to be handling herself. Kirin relaxes as she begins to speak again, his brows creasing slightly. "A barrier. Then he knows we're here, as much of a rivalry your two clans had… I'm surprised we overlooked this possibility." Kirin sighs, half-turning back in the forward direction of walking. "This won't do, we just lost our advantage." he says out loud, stating the obvious.
"Alright… if we divide this place into three sections, one of us will find something unusual. We also have to consider this barrier has a source." Kirin raises his right hand into a seal, and a clone poofs into existence beside him… immediately it leaps high into the air and disappears over the roof of a building, set to search and destroy. Kirin takes a few steps and turns around to face Kuki and Yuzuna. "I've no way of knowing you'll be in trouble if you are, we'll have to think of a way to draw our attention. This just got a little risky." Kirin turns as he moves his hand into a seal once more, flickering out of view with his body flicker.
Meanwhile, Kirin's clones scour the area at high speed… occasionally dropping down into a crouch before standing in front of curious onlookers, who are more or less impressed with his agility, as commonplace as it may be. "Ten thousand ryo to anyone who knows the name Kawakon." Kirin would intone loudly, waiting only a few moments before breaking into a sprint again… himself and his clone alike. Very, very soon, his tactics will switch… drastically… one thing is for certain, casualties of war or not, destruction or not… he can't hide here forever, especially if there's nothing left standing to hide in.

Yuzuna arches a thin brow at her older cousin, though only remains silent within their group as she waits for Kukiko's reply, if any. Though when she does, the younger Hyuugess frowns mildly for a brief moment, taking it into consideration. Her thoughts linger for a moment before her pale eyes look towards Kukiko as she activates the Byakugan. The moment was quick and fleeting, though Yuzuna is already at her cousin's side, her arms holding her shoulders when Kukiko suppresses the intense scream of pain. Her eyes harden as Yuzuna snaps her head slightly, looking around them instantly for any other signs of threat. "While all of use have sight-based kekkei genkai." she utters darkly, as if her words were a string of curses. Clenching her jaw, she looks between Kirin and Kukiko, pale moonlit eyes narrowing before she shifts her weight to kneel on one knee along the dirty cobblestone road. Quick in movement, Kirin's clone dashes off as Yuzuna sets her knapsack in front of her and starts searching through it, discovering what she needs as she pulls out a handful with what looks like fireworks, the tails attached to sealed tags. Standing straight, she holds them out in front of her, "Without personal radios, this will do." Yuzuna murmurs. "If you are in trouble or find the Kawakon, pull the tag. It will ignite and the rocket will explode in the sky. It will signal the others."

"I figured they would've developed something after all these years. It's probably one of the reasons he's been able to slip by us for so long…" One usually doesn't know how truly lame the Hyuuga are until they can't use their Byakugan. At least the Uchiha exist fine enough and then excel when they get their dojutsu, the Hyuuga? Well they live and breathe Byakugan. Lucky for Kukiko, if fighting had come into play, she had multiple other styles to depend on.
As the fireworks were supplied, she decided to give a back-up backup, "In case we see him and he doesn't see us, I'd rather not go the fireworks route so…" She would magically conceal the fireworks… somewhere, in that skimpy clothing, somehow. "As for keeping together, Kirin-kun I do not know your chakra limits, though if you can form two Shadow Clones to watch me and Yuzuna from a distance, it would be much appreciated, they can relay the message if any of us find him… if you cannot handle that, then we will simply have to hope for the best with these fireworks." Hey wait, Kukiko's actually using his name and not even in a mocking way! Probably the lack of the all seeing eye has humbled her.
"Yuzuna-chan. Take care of yourself, this is a foolish risk though I feel it is necessary. I don't want to be the one to lose you." Well whatever the case, they split. Kukiko taking a much more calm approach than Kirin.
'A man trying to erase his troubles. Usually attempts to bury the sorrow under drink upon drink of alcohol, or within the chest of a woman.' Kukiko would smile as one particular sign catches her eye. An image of a woman on a pole, one part of the sign flickering off as the other flickered on, imitating the movement of someone sliding down a pole. To the left in cursive was the bright, glowing, pink name Toshida's. "Hrm, well that just about covers both departments. I suppose I'll start here." Kukiko would take a step forwards, Kukiko pushing the door open. A black-haired, brown-eyed woman stepping through the door. Adopting the strange clothing style that exists here against the younger woman in the area, most likely adopted from the land in the west. A tight fitting black t-shirt, jeans and some sneakers. Though just like her usual clothing, it still caused eyes to attract and the big man himself would be the first to great her.
Big, yeah, that's one way to describe this sweaty mouth breather as his sticky hand grabs Kukiko's, raising it up and giving it a gentle kiss. "Welcome to Toshida's… I'm Toshida. I'm assuming a lady like yourself is in search of a job… or do you swing that way?" He then grins, "If you are looking for a job /and/ swing that way , I can really get into that." A haughty, snorting laugh would follow as he gives Kukiko no chance to respond, dragging her along. "Right this way, to my special quarters. I see a bright future for you girl."

Kirin's clone and he scour the town, though as of now his primary tactic is a lure of money for -ANYONE- who knows anything about this man. After heading to the northwest and northeast respectively, Kirin and his clone end up covering enough ground they end up arcing back towards each other and meeting up… just as Kirin is his clone and his clone is him, their thoughts are the same… and thus they are lead to the same spot. As they notice each other on separate rooftops, a silent ode is given to this fact… and they both flicker off the rooftop to land in a crouch once more in an open area that seems to be the back of 4 large buildings, six alleyways splitting off in different directions… a dark and gloomy place to be sure. Raising into a stand in unison with his clone, both of them pivot on their feet and take a step backwards and into each other… more or less standing back to back - their coordination is second to none, since they are one and the same person. Though he's surrounded by various vagrants, gangsters and thugs… Kirin intones again, "Ten thousand ryo for anyone who knows the name Kawakon." Kirin waits… and just before he's about to leave, someone speaks up?
"Uh, yeah. I know that guy, kid." says one of the street thugs, by his tone and demeanor… he obviously doesn't think too much of Kirin. "But um, show me some money. Are you guys twins or shit?" the thug laughs, a few of his other gangster friends laugh in unison with him… making some snide remarks that can't be made out - Kirin narrows his eyes lightly, slowly shifting his eyes to the thug that spoke up… even though he's a trained shinobi, Kirin is only seventeen… and looks like a young man nonetheless… no one these guys would be beyond mugging if it were not for his training… and well, who he was born into being. Kirin's clone flickers out of view. "…There is no money, tell me what you know." Kirin says calmly, fully expecting cooperation.
"Tsst, no money?! No fucking money? You want to come around here talking about money and shit man, and then your just gonn-" Kirin's fist finds itself buried in the mans stomach, leaving him unable to speak and finish his sentence… caught in the moment of the initial blow, the man heaves over in pain; Kirin's knee raises with excellent force… blood splays in all directions as the mans nose is shattered, he falls back on the ground holding his nose. "I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! I DON'-" A single kunai stops softly sunken in the mans neck, he falls silent… and will scream no more. "That's unfortunate," Kirin says calmly, raising his eyes to the other thugs present - they look at him like he's a towering monster slavering sickly and about to devour them, they trip over themselves and scramble away as fast as possible. Kirin sighs loudly, looking over to take a glance at one of the alleys… only to see someone apparently having watched the whole ordeal, but they don't look like the others, something about them is different. They aren't afraid. They turn and run down one of the alleys… and Kirin simply raises his eyes to meet with his clone, watching from a rooftop vantage. Kirin raises his hand and performs a hand signal, and the clone disappears out of sight. Afterwards, Kirin scales the tall buildings in a series of three to four ping-pong jumps from one building to the parallel in a matter of seconds… reaching the top, he scans out over the town for any signs that Kuki and Yuzuna are in trouble.

Moving quickly through the streets, Yuzuna doesn't need her Byakugan to see the shadow of Kirin's clone leaping across the rooftops as it follows her, though her attention is centered towards her surroundings, pale gaze sweeping back and forth as she passes simple huts of merchandise. Not even ten minutes pass before she slows her pace slightly, narrowing her gaze as through the short noren curtains of a sake bar, the hut only big enough for the countertop to occupy six stools. A few big men boom with laugher as one pours another saucer of sake for the other, though on the far end another man sits alone, shoulders hunched, though a definite flush in his face from alcohol. The Kawakon. Yuzuna clenches her jaw, keeping her pale eyes on him as she stands apart from the crowd. Silently she lifts her right hand, signaling to the clone that is now doubt watching her, pale eyes never leaving her target. And there she waits for Kukiko and Kirin to return as her backup. Perhaps if he's intoxicated, he would be easy to subdue.

Toshida closes the door behind the two, causing the previously blasting music to simply be a dull thumping in the background.
o/` nooo… o/`
Toshida turns about, dropping down into a very wide set seat, slowly leaning back as the chair groans under his fat. His sausagy little fingers lace together as best they could as he prepares to talk business. "So quiet… most of the girls were like you at first but, you’ll grow to love this place… You'll grow to love /me/." Kukiko would open her mouth to speak only for the man to continue on, "I'd usually ask to see what you can do but, with that body I'd say you could go out there in a wheelchair and people would still enjoy the show, now come a little closer."
Kukiko would listen, moving a bit closer, looking rather confused. "Of course there is one favor I ask of you before I put you under my roof." His next action? Causes Kukiko's eyebrow to perk, she had initially planned to question him though that wasn't the case any longer. Toshida's mind would go blank, everything black for a moment before he drifts into la la land having lovely dreams of whatever fat Toshida's dream of, just a little taze he should wake up just fine!… she hopes. She'd settle relax in the area a bit, peeking out from the one sided mirror that made up the western wall of the room. Holding up the picture of their target while looking down into the club below.
o/‘ I’m goin' down down down doooown. And I just cant believe my first love wo-o/‘ "Aha…wait, no. Ugh." She’d then glimpse over to the women dancing half naked on the stage to the upbeat song. "That's terrible, it sounds like a child singing." Which it was, one of Toshida's many kids, the man figured the boy's gonna see them at some point of his life, why not now? It made Kukiko feel like wanting to do more than simply taze the man, though that might put him into cardiac arrest. "He's not here…"
Kukiko would glance back at Toshida before casually stepping out of the door, running out quickly and pretending to cry. One of the guards grinning, glancing over to the other next to him. "Looks like the big man got shut down once again." The other guard smirks glancing over as she leaves. "She'll come around again eventually girls 'round here have nothing better for them. Can't wait til she does come back though." Guard A would punch Guard B in the arm, thinking nothing of going to check on Toshida assuming he was wallowing in the depression of the disgusting figure of which he is, he didn't like people interrupting him during his times of grieving, leaving Kukiko with more than enough time to get away.
o/‘ GONE GONE GONE (gone)IM GONE o/` Bursting through the door, she’d quickly shift from a crying run as Club Girl #23 into a casually walking Hyuuga Kukiko. The door quickly shutting behind her. 'Interesting, I guess a large waste of time.' Flickering from the spot, she'd appear on the roof and scan the area quickly, noticing Kirin running in one direction, seeming to fall out of the boundaries of where was supposed to be searching and slipping into Yuzuna's. Apparently he was on to something.
Her body would slightly lean forwards, the muscle in her legs tensing before she bursts off again quickly clearing the roofs with kage level speed as she closes in on Kirin, she doesn't say a word, she simply follows along not saying a word for now to avoid alerting whatever he was chasing that there was yet another. The man would then break at a full run, not knowing that even Kirin was still following him, assuming he lost the teen.
"Hey man, you gotta get outta here. There's people looking for you man. There like ninja dude! Ninja dude man ninja!" What? Yeah, that's the same thing Ihida thought, not to mention his drunken haze wasn't helping. There would be a bit of a delay the alcohol causing the info to get jammed up until… until…"SHIIIIIIIT." He'd quickly get up, turning about and instantly seeing the white eyes of Yuzuna through the blur of it all and… his blush is gone? His eyes, they become cold and focused as he simply chucks his saucer at the Hyuuga girl before taking a few steps forwards. "So, looks like ya found me. Though I'm curious, what're you gonna do about it." He runs a hand through his graying brown hair, "What can you do that many of your clan before couldn't. I'LL KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT HERE!" Okay he was a little intoxicated. He throws a punch at the air, dust kicking up from the ground, bystanders getting knocked aside as an invisible wave charges at Yuzuna.

Kirin stands atop the roof, continuing to look out over the town… he doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary… so he waits. After all, he gave his shadow clone the locate and kai signal, so he would know what the clone knew moments after. Kirin's clone however, stays stealthily trailing the run-away witness. He mostly stays on the rooftops, whisking from shadow to shadow without so much as a sound - he's even had practice trailing Hyuuga in this fashion… keen on the tiny blind spot their doujutsu is known to have, at an angle from behind and above. Shadowing a civilian though? It was nothing.
Kirin crouches down as the man seems to slow, finally entering a building. A mere moment later Kuki would arrive next to him if she chose to. "Kuki-san, I'm going to release, I received that signal. I'll be here in a few moments." Kirin raises his right hand into a focusing seal and poofs into a cloud of smoke.
Kirin blinks firmly, the experiences flooding his mind. He breaks into a mad dash towards where he remembers Kuki, vaulting from rooftop to rooftop only to land back into the same mad dash… his arms trailing behind him, his feet in constant nearly blurring motion. After a few minutes, Kirin can see the building… but he still isn't sure where Yuzuna is, and he didn't get to ask Kuki when he had the chance… it looks like this might be it.

Yuzuna narrows her intense opal eyes, now noticed it seems as the saucer of sake is chucked in her direction. She doesn't even need to dodge it, taking note instead of the sudden focus in his gaze. The corner of her lips tugs slightly, though she silently steps out a bit further from the shadows. Shrugging her slender shoulders, the long robe falls from her arms to pile on the ground. "Simple." she murmurs lightly. "Show you what a real Hyuuga looks like." Her sharp gaze narrows as she blurs with sudden speed, pushing off to avoid the invisible wave as the man's arm thrusts through the air, as if he were punching a real person.

One in earshot, Kirin would begin to speak, or who she assumed to be Kirin would speak up. Taking in the information she'd nod, "Ah, one of the clones. Understood." Cutting through the smoke of the poofing clone, Kukiko would leap into the air, clearing multiple buildings at once while gaining altitude to look out for Yuzuna, just as she hears a crashing sound. "I imagine with my luck…" Kukiko would look over to see Yuzuna being the one who was under attack, though she would also notice that the attacker was none other than Kawakon Ishida. "As expected, it seems as he's as strong as the best of them." It may be more of a challenged than she had wanted, so she stops in order to attack more precisely, instead of blindly rushing into death. "Where's Kirin…" She'd impatiently look around, she'd just have to hope he was closing in, Yuzuna most likely couldn't keep this up.
Just as Kukiko was about to attack, the man would look the Hyuuga Jounin's way. "Just gonna stand around and watch eh?" In a blur of handseals he'd quickly turn his head to face Kukiko, his mouth popping open for a split second as a wild fire explosion launches from his mouth, causing the earth to shake and a heavy, hot breeze to form from the after burn as the attack rockets towards Kukiko. Though as intimidating at this attack seemed, she wouldn't show an ounce of fear, at least she could defend against head on attacks easily without Byakugan. Though the Hyuuga solution to taking someone his clan was utterly crippled by the barrier jutsu that was up in the area.
What does Kuki do in this situation? She'd charge straight into the fire, "Kaiten!" The fire would collide into the nothingness about here, swirling around in the middle as she cuts through the middle of it, while the two extremities carry on and slam into the building, causing a massive explosion. The framework of the building roaring as it bends in the direction of the fighters, slowly making its way to crush them all. Random city dwellers running this way and that to get out of the way as Kukiko continues to fall, spinning and discretely letting off four kunai before she landing in a crouch. One hand raising up in a seal before her face. 'So much for not bringing attention.' As this thought crosses her mind, the explosive tag laden kunai would erupt, a well timed set of explosions to cause the building to split off in four different directions, falling about the fighters.
Kukiko would rise up with nothing but, a bit of dust on her person. "I don't think they'll appreciate you taking out buildings, be a bit more of a ninja and tone it down a bit hmm?" Her request wasn't really taken well.
"HAHA F*** OFF!" He'd then cross his arms in an X over his chest, closing his eyes and a high pitched churning sound would resonate from him, "Die!" Kukiko would squint at him, knowing what was going to happen and she quickly puts herself between Yuzuna and Ihida. "Kaiten!" She'd shout out and kick off the ground, the floor beneath her getting torn apart as he chakra powers on forming a small bubble of protection as Ihida lets off a massive bubble of destruction, too caught up in not getting caught to worry about chakra conservation… not like his clan had to worry much, then again, they never really tossed around A-ranks in succession so when the churning stop. Debris would kick up everywhere a massive sphere of visible chakra erupting around him, Kuki's Kaiten technique forming a little tunnel of protection for Yuzuna as everything in the immediate area is blasted back, breaking windows and business stalls all about the area. As the thick smog itself even parts in the sky above for just a moment.
Kukiko didn't seem too happy about this as she slowly eased out of the spin, her lips pursed. Now how are our heroes going to get through this… find out next time on Naruto Mush Z!

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