Warehouse Confessions


Nori, Hanone, Miyo, Naru

Date: March 4, 2013


After the last mission where several ships went missing, the number of ships accounted for didn't add up. One of the Captains had actually deserted the fleet with valuable goods. This mission's objective was to capture the Captain and his crew and make him confess why he deserted.

"Warehouse Confessions"

Land of Fire Dock, inside a cargo warehouse

Naru was given a list of certain people to include on a follow-up mission from a previous one. In the mission debriefing, the team would learn about how Nori, Miyo, and Hideaki joined a shipping company's crew to determine why several of their ships went missing during shipping runs. While the issue was found, the number of ships that went missing didn't add up to the number of ships that they found (or were told about by the might reef spirit that looked like a squid…ahem).
One ship and their Captain was found to have deserted the shipping company, with all of the supplies, and was traced back to these very docks. The Captain is currently inside a warehouse with the cargo he stole. Apparently the Captain's crew is inside too, so they must have been in on the heist. It is very important to find out why the Captain deserted his company, and what he intends to do with the cargo.
Nori is already at the docks, waiting for everyone else to arrive. It looks like he may have been the one doing some of the surveilance work.

So the stage was set leaving a group of Konoha shinobi to investigate and apprehend a possible thief and criminal… They were given quite a bit of information and found themselves out of sight and not too far away fro mthe warehouse where this thiefing captain resided. Did he even know he was being sought after? " This mission isn't entirely offensive but it can get ugly very quickly depending on the reasons for this captains thieving activities," Narusegawa spoke softly from amongst the branch of a tree, hidden away in the forests which wrapped around the docks. "We will take things slow and not be aggressive ourselves. If we can sneak in there we might be able to pick up on some conversation that they might not want us to know about," Naru informed, a plan was hatching in her mind as she scratched the bottom of her chin. "Hmm, any questions?"

Miyo was somewhat surprised that she received an order to go another mission, however, after reading it, her surprise was gone and replaced with a basic understanding. She had been part of the initial investigation, and it made her a reasonable choice to have along even if she wasn't that talented as a shinobi. Well, unlike some of her student comrades she had met at the academy, she was smart and didn't care to be a hero. She could serve a purpose easily enough, but it wasn't on the front lines. Miyo knew to stay back and out of the way so that she didn't distract her comrades and to observe. That was her mission.
When she arrived at the meeting place, she had her dark robes on and to the hood up, her entire body aside from her feet hidden inside of the darkness. While she had her sword across her back marking her as someone who could be a threat, it was impossible to tell who she was, and that would keep anyone away from her. Hopefully.
While she waited and listened to the leader's words, she found herself staring up at Naru. So, that was Narusegawa. She had seen her once before when she was at the training ground with Fudo. Miyo had heard a lot about her but had not yet had a chance to really meet her. It would be interesting to finally meet this seemingly legendary shinobi. "No, no questions from me."

Hanone and Genjuu are crouched side by side, both of them are sniffing the air as they attempt to pick up the stranger's scents. She looks over at Miyo and then Naruo as she listens to the explanation. While she hasn't met either of them before, and hasn't exactly had the best experience working in a team, she had a good feeling about this mission. From what she's heard whispered around the village Naru wasn't exactly a pushed over, still strangely enough she hasn't heard much about her other partner here. She nods at Naru in understanding once she's finished "Fine, we can try it that way, although as a warning stealth ain't my strong suit..Nor Genjuu's..can't think of any questions..you?" She looks over at Genjuu, the dog shaking his head, before she nods once again "Yeah no questions from either of us..we'll follow your lead. Whenever you're ready."

Nori shakes his head. Naru's plan so far seemed good enough to him. The kid states, "I've been monitoring their coming and going. There are currently six people inside, one of which was the Captain. An additional four are out right now. The Captain is in an office area, while four of the others are gathered at a table, maybe playing cards. The last is walking the perimter, probably acting as a guard."
Nori looks over to Miyo and nods, "Hideaki-san is on another mission. We'll keep you safe Miyo-san." Nori also looks over at Hanone, "Yamanaka Nori…pleased to meet you."

"We all shouldn't have much to worry about, just a captain and his crew. I'm glad to have each of you with me today," Naru spoke softly, smiling at Hanone, someone she had met not to long before the mission and the student Miyo who was a good source of information about the mission. With a grin towards Nori she leaped fro mthe tree she was nested in and began to move forward, brushing off her ribbon like clothing and pushing forward towards the warehouse. " If stealth isn't a strong suit we shouldn't risk it, it will only bring negative attention to us…though perhaps Nori's expertise can push us in the right direction? What are the chances of singling out one of those sailors? You might be able to take one of their bodies and perhaps they will give you information they wouldn't give us," Naru suggested, finally leading the way towards the warehouse.

Miyo pushed back her hood and nodded to Hanone after she introduced herself. "Uzumaki Miyo." She then looks to Nori who had been on the previous mission dealing with these sailors with her and frowned when she heard Hideaki-sensei wouldn't be showing up. She had wanted to ask him if he had made any progress with Satomi even though she knew he hadn't. It still entertained her to ask. However, Miyo did not respond to Nori, just nodded and pulled her hood back up.
As Naru began making her way through the trees, Miyo followed on the ground. She did not have the proper training to move through the trees effectively, but she was quick on her feet and was able to move through the forest quietly. Miyo knew she could outrun most regular people, but keeping up with the other shinobi was another thing all together. She hoped she wouldn't lag behind too badly.

Hanone looks between Miyo and Nori, nodding before introducing herself as well "Inuzuka Hanone, my buddy here is Genjuu. Glad to meet ya both. She does have a point..you all are able to swip swap with people's minds right?.." Hanone follows Naru's lead, not exactly waiting for a response from Nori, she begins moving towards the same direction as she's heading, with Genjuu remaining a decent distance away with Miyo so as to not be spotted by the sailors while still within reach to jump into a fray should anything happen. A large dog like him could draw attention afterall. After finding a suitable spot to stop and scout, she remains alert, waiting on Nori or Naru to make their moves. This was definitely a change from Hanone's usual tactics, run in first and ask questons later, perhaps a good change though.

Nori shakes his head. "I might be able to gather some information, but I need someone to hold the crew-member steady before I do it. I've worn a lot of my chakra down by watching the crew, otherwise I'd just lock them in place…but I can't do that and hold them long enough to gather the information." Know thine limitations. Nori drops down to the forest floor along with Miyo. He can tree-walk, but it is safer to have a buddy.
As the team approaches the warehouse, presumably from the back-alley as that provides the most amount of cover upon approach, they would note the guard patrolling the inside of the warehouse through the windows. There is a door up a little ahead of him that he is approaching shortly. For Nori to do his thing, one of the others will have to step up and pin him to the spot somehow.

The team had an interesting setup and it appeared as though most of their weaknesses were made up by other means. " Hmm, Hanone-san, perhaps you can sniff out to make sure no one else is coming? Miyo-san you can do the same okay?" It was probably the best bet to make sure nothing went out of hand to assure all of their safety. She huffed lightly and began to work her own jutsu. Her eyes peered at the man's direction as she attempted to lock him down with her genjutsu and bring him to his knees. Aside from the kneeling his vocie would be swepted away as air is forced to leave his lungs more or less choking him so he couldn't speak shout or yell…

Miyo complied with Naru's request and moved into a relatively good position to visually track anyone who decided to come into the area. From where she was, she had a good view for sure and was relatively well hidden, her only problem was being unable to do much if someone actually showed up. She clenches her fists and waits, taking long, deep breaths to keep calm.

Hanone nods at the orders looking over to Genjuu to signal him to help Miyo keep an eye, or in this case a nose, out. Hanone closes her eyes, her nostrils flaring as she smells the air for any new scents arriving. So far nothing out of the ordinary, just their scents and the sailors who were already near by, which was good for them. Genjuu nudges Miyo with his cold wet nose in an attempt to reassure her, before holding his head up high to sniff the air as well. His behavior does not seem to change, so it can be assumed that he cannot smell anything nearby as well.

While Genjuu's nose detects no one coming, it is Miyo's short stature and ability to hide in a good location that make her detect that the coast is clear. When the guard opens the door and checks the surrounding yard, he spots Naru. That is all it takes though, for his eyes lock onto hers and he falls to his knees. Nori makes the Yamanaka hand-seals and takes the man's mind over. He quickly falls, hopeing Hanone will catch him and let him down gently.
Once Nori is inside the man, assuming Naru relenquishes her reign, Nori bows his head and then heads into the building. Naru would hear Nori's voice perk up inside her mind. He is speaking directly to her mind using telepathy, and he is describing exactly what he is seeing..but unfortunately only to her…for now. <The warehouse is fairly loaded with cargo. You can come in. I can see the others at the table…and it looks like…great spirits, they're all passed out drunk.> The transmission cuts out for a moment before it kicks back in, <Yup, completely passed out. Won't wake up even if I poke them. Well…do you want to all come in? There are four of them. We can tie each take one and tie them all up.>

It was a little weird for Nori to be speaking with them mentally but nevetheless it worked. She huffed one more time as her genjutsu managed to take it's hold over the man and of course she no longer had to worry about keeping her hold. With everyone more or less being drunk, or at least according to Nori she nodded and began to lead the way further into the warehouse, finding this to be the perfect time to go snooping around. "Alright, let's all go inside and tie them up with whatever we can find… If we have the group captured it makes taking on the captain even easier. Sound good?" Of course the question was more rhetorical unless anyone else had an idae for the team.

Miyo creeps out of her hiding place, and met up with Naru in preparation for the infiltration of the warehouse. She had not really anticipated such a straightforward plan. Just running in and tying them up seemed pretty tricky. Naru must have some crazy skills up her sleeves or something. However, Miyo did not question their leader, but merely nodded her approval of the plan. Wasn't really her place to say otherwise.

Hanone blinks and fumbles for a moment as Nori falls limp before catching him and holding his unconcious body rather confused. "Eh guess that's one of tha' downsides of being able to swip swap hm?…" She grumbles to herself glancing around thinking on what to do before gently placing him on the ground and covering him with leaves to help him remain hidden while they head in there. With one last sniff of the air, Hanone nods to Genjuu moving on ahead towards the warehouse with the others. She attempts to glance around inside before snickering quietly. Genjuu's demeanor seems quiet, but paranoid. His ears are flattened and his tail hangs low as he remains close to Hanone. "They are out cold aren't they..shouldn't be too hard to find some rope or twine in there…"

Nori will be grateful that Hanone helped him fall gracefully later. The crew-member that Nori is in control of is standing directly over the passed out sailors. All four of them are in various positions…slumped in their chairs or draped over the table. Sailor/Nori whispers, "The Captain is in there. Someone should watch for him while we tie these guys up. They are all really passed out, look." Sailor/Nori pokes one of them, and the man barely budges with a snore. The young Yamanaka chuckles lightly and then nods. "I always have some rope in my burlap sack. If you go back to my body, you'll be able to find it. Can you do that please Hanone-san?"

"Sounds like a good idea, you certainly come prepared don't you Nori-kun?" Naru couldn't help but to slightly tease, motioning about the area with a light flicker of her eyes, a pale crimson hue began to take up her usual Halloween like gaze. The rush of her sharingan began to take in subtle details, making sure she could react if there was any sudden movements or possible a trap. "Miyo-chan, know how to tie a knot?" Narusegawa asked curiously, volunteering herself to keep a close look over the Captain's quarters and make sure he wouldn't slip away from them. She was as quiet as could be, burying herself lightly in the darkness of the warehouse.

Miyo nods. "Hai. I can tie knots." Knowing that she would be left to deal with the prisoners, Miyo moved closer to them, watching them intently to make sure that none of them suddenly woke up. Hopefully it didn't take Hanone too long to get the rope to her so she could tie these guys up. "I'll probably need some assistance just in case one wakes up when I start tying them up."

Hanone peers over at the Sailor Nori has taken hold of and sighs "That would've been nice ta think of before hand, but I'll be right back." With that Hanone quietly leaves the warehouse to get the rope from Nori's burlap sack. Once she returns she hands the rope off to Miyo, crouching down by her side watching just in case one of them woke up. She didn't want to take her duties away, but still never know whether or not they would wake up from their alcohol induced coma. Genjuu quiet tip toes about, exploring the warehouse for himself while he waits on the others to be finished.

Sailor/Nori shakes his head, "I've controlled enough people to know that I need to tie them up or else I have to deal with them when I've lost my control." He shrugs, which is odd, because the mannerism is distinctly Nori's, but it is coming from this stranger he is inhabiting. Sailor/Nori nods to Miyo, "I'll stay behind and help you tie everyone up. Then you can tie up this body and gag his mouth. That way I can return to my own body…I'm getting tired." He frowns.
Once Hanone is back with the rope, Sailor/Nori and Miyo start the arduous task of tieing everyone up. Sailor/Nori states to Hanone, "Yeah, well…I would have looked awkward carrying in rope to ask my crewmates some questions." All is silent for the entire tieing time, which is good. Just as Sailor/Nori is finished getting tied up and gagged…and once Nori let's go, the Captain walks out of his office non-challantly. He yells to his crew, expecting them to be drunk, "Hey you slugs, wake up!" They don't budge. The Captain suddenly catches sight of Naru and blinks. "Who the heck are you?" The Captain immediately flies forward, drawing his sword, and slashing at Naru.
A second later, Nori comes crashing through the door, "The other three crew-members are here…" and with that he falters in his step and falls to the ground. "I'm fine…just…over-exhausted." Sure enough, three others show up. One is a youngster, about Miyo's age, and the other two look to be experienced sailors. They take out their own swords when they see their Captain wielding their sword.

Narusegawa wasn't at all interested in having a prolonged battle, especially between herself in the captain. The drawing of his blade and swift slashes swept through the air, and with Narusegawas trained eye her body was easily able to side step away from the fresh sweeps of metal and to exact her counter attack against him. With a slight snap of her fingers the man could feel himself covered steel tight ropes, attempting to hold him in place and restrain him. Those ropes however were invisible to the naked eye… a ninjutsu that would prove a little difficult for him to break out of. " I want some questions answered or I'm going to have to kill you," Narusegawa spoke darkly narrowing the gleaming gaze of her sharingan upon him. "I don't have the patience for criminals and "traitors" so speak up," Naru demanded while shifting her stance back, she noticed a few other sailors revealing themselves prompting Naru to offer a nod to Miyo, Hanone, and Nori, she offered some thoughts to Nori…uttering The words. "Don't hold back" pre-emptiveness was key and if they could knock them on their backs the diplomacy would be in their favor.
RP: Naru transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.

Miyo took the rope from Hanone and began typing up the sailors in constrictor knots, glad none of them woke up during the process. If they woke up, they weren't getting out of those chairs without help, that was the wonder of the constrictor knot, sometimes it was impossible to undo without cutting it. "Alright, they are tied up!" Miyo informed Naru and the others just before the captain ran out of his office and began assailing Naru.
The captain was not the only one however, and soon there were several other sailors engaging them. Miyo was somewhat worried, but they were just people. They were not trained shinobi, and even as a student she was well-off in comparison. Using her left hand, she pushes back her hood to give her better visibility and raises her right hand, placing it gently on the hilt of her sword before crouching down slightly in anticipation. Anyone coming at her would be in for some trouble.

Young Sailor roll(s) Vertical Slice from 3 to 12 and get(s) a 5. - Rolled by: Nori

Hanone rolls her eyes at Sailor/Nori before stating, "Ya coulda said somethin' before ya passed out though. That way I coulda gotten it when I was back there.." She sighs and continues observing as the rest of them are tied up. When the Captain comes out Hanone immediately assumes an offensive stance on all four beginning to gather her chakra, her eyes gaining a feral appearance to them as her nails turn claw-like. Genjuu's demeanor changes entirely as well, the usually happy face twisted into an angry snarl with his ears and tail pressed down as he approaches the newer arrivals in unison with Hanone. They both attempt to circle around the two more experienced sailors snarling as they attempted to push them back through sheer intimidation, cutting them off from their weakest link like wolves hunting their prey. This would hopefully give Miyo an advantage should she need to jump into the fray.

COMBAT: Hanone focuses 2000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!
RP: Hanone transforms into HELPER-GENJUU.

The Captain is snagged by invisible ropes and he grunts, "I'm not telling you anything wench." Ooh, such negative words for someone who is so not in the position to talk back like that. The man whimpers after a moment of struggling when he realizes he can't break the binding.
The young boy sailor draws his own sword and leaps at Miyo. He comes down at her with a vertical slash and then thrusts forward once his footing stabilizes.
The two more experienced sailors just look between eachother and the Inuzuka pair. They aren't going to be scared off that easily…they're experienced after all! So, they too team-up and attack. The first man swings a sword at Genjuu, then slides to the side and the second man slashes at Hanone.

Young Sailor roll(s) Vertical Slice from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nori
Young Sailor roll(s) Thrust from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Nori
Expert Pair roll(s) Genjuu Swing from 8 to 25 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nori
Expert Pair roll(s) Hanone Slash from 8 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Nori

The Captain was quite locked in place, his resistance to offer up any sort of information only allowed a slight grin to come over her lips as she peered down upon him, her eyes met with his and it was then her genjutsu began to take place. "If you aren't going to talk then your crew and yourself is goin to perish, I suppose you won't have any problems going /down/ with your ship," Naru commented, suddenly the man is engulfed in a invisible stream of blades, the pain and attacks was enough to remove a hold over him but now he had to deal with this mental laceration, slicing him from head to toe in a matter of seconds, if it hit he would notice blood pooling out of his body as if he was stuffed into a meat grinder.

RPCOMBAT: Miyo defends against with a BLOCK…9
RPCOMBAT: Miyo defends against with a BLOCK…17

Miyo hadn't really wanted to get into a fight with someone, especially not a deadly fight. However, this boy was obviously out for blood. As he leapt through the air, a generally poor tactic, Miyo attempted to draw her sword but was unable to get the blade entirely free of the scabbard before he connected with her. She did, however, manage to bend her body to intercept the blade of his sword with her own, stopping herself from taking heavy damage but the sword clubbed her hard on the shoulder sending a pang of pain through her arm.
Miyo did manage to get her sword clear of its scabbard as he pulled back and went for the stab, and when he did, she used the palm of her left hand to redirect the blade and twist her body, causing it to catch her hip a bit. It hurt, but didn't draw blood thanks to her robes. Angered by her attacker, Miyo showed no mercy, laying into him with her sword while her left grabbed the bottom of the scabbard, pulling it free.
The first strike was a quick horizontal across his body at shoulder height followed up by the scabbard towards his knee before she brings the sword back across and then follows up with another diagonal slash with the sword in a ridiculously quick and precise manner.
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…15
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with PHYSICAL…16
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with DOUBLE-SLASH…10
RPCOMBAT: Hanone defends against with a DODGE…20
RPCOMBAT: Hanone defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…44
Young Sailor roll(s) Parry from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Nori
Young Sailor roll(s) Dodge from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nori
Young Sailor roll(s) Roll from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nori
Hanone's fanged grin grows wide as they attempt to fight back her and Genjuu only to have them easily jump just out of reach from both sword strikes. The two of them seemed to hold the advantage in this instance, there were very slim chances that the two sailors were as connected and in sync with each other as they were. "Our turn mates.." Without much notice Genjuu barrels into one of the sailors closest to him, attempting to overpower him to the floor and snap his jaws firmly around his throat. While Genjuu distracted his friend, Hanone charges towards the opposite sailor attempting to headbutt him in the gut to knock the wind out of him and possibly make him double over.

RPCOMBAT: Hanone attacks with DOG-TACKLE…18
RPCOMBAT: Hanone attacks with SHARP…26
RPCOMBAT: Hanone attacks with PHYSICAL…28
Expert Duo roll(s) Dodge from 8 to 25 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Nori
Expert Duo roll(s) Dodge from 8 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nori

The Captain screams out in bloody murder as Naru forces his mind to see himself getting sliced and diced multiple times. There's also that pool of blood he's seeing. He feels weakened by the mental anguish and gurgles out, "Fine..fine…I'll tell you what you want to know." So much for the Captain being a tough nut to crack."
Miyo's attacker is struck by the horizontal swing of the blade. The young Sailor brought his sword up to parry the attack, and while it partially did, blood still spurted out of his chest. Miyo may have cut the tissues holding his ribs apart even. The scabbard hit his knee, sending him to the floor, where he used his momentum to roll out of the way. Still…with his bleeding ribs, he's hurting. None-the-less, he feebly tries to attack once more by throwing his sword at her. Take THAT!
Genjuu's leap to doggy-pile on top of the expert is successful and the dog's jaws wrapped around the sailor's throat is enough to stop the man from moving. The same could be said about the other expert because Hanone must have a strong head. The man doubles over and wheezes for breath. Now just to tie them up.

"If you had nothing to hide then we wouldn't be fighting in the first place," The Uchiha analyzed with a light shake of her head, still even with the mention of finally speaking up she wasn't entirely convinced. Reaching behind her she tugged loose a glistening blade of glinting metal, igniting the steel with a stream of vibrant electricity. " Alright, I'm going to end this…" Naru commented, though suddenly pressuring the Captain to scream out and confess; bringing up what exactly happened with the stealing. She huffed slightly and turned her eyes back to the group behind her, "Nice work everyone, that wasn't too hard now was it?" Naru asked with a smirk.. All of them were down and getting tied up. All they needed to do now is take them back to Konhoa…

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