Watch out, Nari! It's hard!


Goh, Nari

Date: Feburary 15th, 2010


Goh imparts some of his wisdom

"Watch out, Nari! It's hard!"

Konoha Lake

Konoha Lake! Is there no greater place to train for the lazy shinobi? Unlikely. Goh finds himself waiting at this amazing training spot by himself, sitting on his rear, leaning back on his elbows. Feet are crossed at the ankles, where he lets out a big loud yawwwwn. "Mmm.." He gets out quietly, shaking his head just a bit. Of course, he's called Nari here to do some special one-on-one training! But with the Genin haven't not yet arrived, he's just taking advantage of the quietness. Sometimes it pays to be early.

Walking down the path, the girl eventually made her appearance. Step by step, she brought herself to plop down beside her sensei and glance over at him with a grin. "Konnichiwa, Goh. I trust we have something amazing planned." In her hand, she held a small book, easily mistaken for a diary. As far as that went, she never saw the point in a journal, as she wrote stories and poems about her experiences instead of venting to an inanimate object.
"Oooh, there she is." Goh gets out, waving to Nari as she approaches. "Of course! It's always something amazing when I'm invovled." The blonde replies with a chuckle, shrugging. "First thing's first. We're going on a mission soon to find Mushi, a legendary healer. The Hokage has taksed me to take Team Awesome to the borders of Kirigakure." Standing up, he stretches a little from side to side. "..I guess I don't need to tell you that this place can be pretty sketchy. We're just hanging around the borders, really. But!" And just like this, he produces a piece of card out of practically no-where. "..first, I'm going to teach you some ninjutsu."
Mushi… right. "Kirigakure?" Nari sounded a bit disbelieving, but blinked at him as he continued. Tilting her head at the card, she gave it a curious look before looking back up to him and grinning. "Ah, okay. How is that going to aid me?" She asked, motioning toward the piece of card as she stood up as well, putting her book in the bag and tossing that to the side. Setting her hands into the Rat seal, she focused some of her chakra and then looked at him expectantly.

"Yep. Kirin, Satoru and a few Genin are headed to Sunagakure to look for her too. In case she's not there, we're off to Kirigakure and meet with some of the Seven Swordsman, and they're to look inside the village for us. We'll just hang on the outside." With a firm nod, Goh stretches a little before he gives Nari the card. "This is a special chakra-reponsive piece of paper. Put your chakra into it, and the way it reacts will give you the reading of your elemental nature." Pause. "Do you know about natures? Anyways, from there, we can teach you some nifty techniques!" He nods at this, folding arms across his chest. "..Toukai has his shadows, Kasumi has her taijutsu. All that's left is for you
to find your niche."

This was all well and good, though she wasn't sure how well she'd react to the Kiri nin. Bah, she'd never met one before… how bad could they be? Taking the paper, she stared at it blankly before raising an eyebrow and humming thoughtfully. "Yeah, I know about affinities. I wonder why I was never given one of these before." Shrugging, she grinned at the mention of her fellow team members before closing her eyes and concentrating her chakra toward the paper. A pause, where she slowly opened her eyes to peek before the paper was instantly shredded, causing her to blink softly. "So…" Looking at the remains of the chakra paper now being blown away in the wind, she shook her head in awe.

"Shredded..Erm.. which one is that again?" Oy, it doesn't sound as if he's very competent! "..sounds like wind nature! Wooaahh! That's a rare one, for sure! Not many people have wind as an elemental nature, yknow. To be honest, I'm sorta jealous." Goh grins widely at this, bringing his hands together to clap. "Of course, this means that I can't teach you any techniques from my own aresnal. But! I have seen a few in action. And as far as I'm aware, some techniques are similarish anyways." Hmm. "From what I've seen, you'd be best as a ranged fighter."

Nari couldn't help but chuckle at him, but the Wind Nature took her by surprise, and it was evident. A slightly confused aura was now set over her, permeating even her smile. Uncertainly, she reached up to scratch the back of her head. "Yeah, rare… Who /is/ going to teach me? I don't know anyone who can." A ranged fighter, that was fine with her. Giving him a nod, she hummed softly and started trying to figure out how much research she'd need to do if she couldn't find a real teacher.

"Well, I can help you a little bit with that." Goh replies. "It just so happens that Satoru, an Uchiha Jounin can use wind. Well, he can use a whole bunch of different elements. Crazy strong guys. Erm, anyways. Yeah. He has a few wind techniques. Well, at least one that I've seen in action. So! What I'll do is research into some techniques, then get back to you. For now though, I should give you some practice at finer chakra control." Ahem. "..we're gonna learn Tree Walking! Something all Genin need to do. Helps you focus chakra better, yknow?"
"Oh, good…" Sighing as she realized she didn't have to worry about how to learn this, she looked up at him and nodded. "Ah, wonderful. It is a good thing to know." Nari took a deep breath and suddenly remembered who he was referring to. "Satoru-sama? I could ask him myself… he was going to teach me Water Manipulation if that had been my affinity, anyway."
"Oh, if you like. That might be your best bet then." Goh nods at this. "But like I said, he's gone all the way to Sunagakure, so I'm not really sure when he'll be due back. It's at least three days away." Sighing briefly, Goh rolls his head back a little as he peers to the sky. "..but it's up to you. Maybe you could teach yourself some techniques? Anyways!" Turning on his foot, the Jounin moves up to a tree, letting his hand touch the trunk lightly. "Tree walking is very important for a shinobi. If you want any hope of advancing as a Genin, it's good to have." Sticking to the tree as he walks up it effortlessly, Goh puts hands on his hips as he goes back down. "..simply gather chakra at the bottom of your foot and try it! Too much chakra and you'll break the surface. Not enough and you'll slip off."

Nodding as he reiterated the Uchiha was all the way in the Land of Wind, she hummed. "Well… I have to master the element first, don't I? I'll focus on Tree Walking… and maybe something else if I can figure out something to learn." Listening to his instructions, she watched him as he showed her how it was supposed to work. "You make it look easy…" Nari hated that sometimes. Walking over to the tree, she examined it before focusing her chakra to her feet and attempting to take a step onto the tree. It's quickly evident to her, when she almost kneed herself in the stomach, that she had used too little. Back to the drawing board.

"Heh. I sure do!" Goh flicks a thumb up. "Anyways, I'll leave you to it. And you're right, you do need to control the element before learning techniques. This should help with that." The Jounin nods a bit, before beginning to stride away. "I'll leave you to it! I'm gonna head off and grab some pickled vegetables. Don't hurt yourself too much." There's a short laugh at this, before he moves to depart.

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